Are Onions Good on a Candida Cleanse Diet?

Onion are Anti-fungal

Onions especially raw onions can be a strong anti-fungal, and you could be persuaded to use them in an anti-candida diet.

However in Hanna Kroeger Healer's experience many people test negative on a Food Ok/Avoidance List for some or most kinds of onions, and also garlic. The die-off from ingesting these raw foods can be too difficult for the body to process and can aggravate the liver.

A Food Ok/Avoidance List is a comprehensive list of foods: vegetables, meats, grains, fruits, teas, spices which a person can eat while the body is healing. Following the list gives the body a chance to cleanse naturally and improve it’s energy.

It may only be after some time of avoidance that a person can eat onions again after reducing candida, building immunity and especially improving liver function. The use of natural health supplements to heal the liver would be needed.

Acid Reflux A Sign of Avoidance of Onions and Garlic

If you obtain even the slightest amount of acid reflux, after eating a small amount of onions, you may wish to avoid them for many months both raw and cooked.

Immunity Disturbed by Onions

If you pay attention to your tongue's coating, you may find that if you have been eating onions for a while, even if they are negative for your body, your tongue's coating may change to a whitish coat. This is because the die-off disturbs your body.

Sometimes if you eat even a small amount of them late at night, you can feel your body being disturbed by them. You will feel unwell before going to bed, and wake up in the morning with that frothy even thin white coating on your tongue.

This whitish coating can indicate your immunity is disturbed, and you cannot handle the onions or their stong die-off.

There is no reason you may not feel well while eating them during the day either.

However, at night it is often quiter in bed, especially if you give yourself some extremely quiet relaxing time before falling asleep.

Can your Liver Handle the Die-Off?

The liver is the organ of detoxification in the body, and it is constantly detoxifying everything you breath and eat, and including any yeast toxins in the gut. When you eat onions, your liver has to process the fungal die off, and kidney's are often involved as well to excrete toxins through the urine.

Does Eating Onions Disturb Your Sleep?

If you eat onions and you awaken between 1:00am and 3:00am because of it, especially to go to the bathroom to urinate, you can be fairly certain they are not well processed by your body.

You may also awaken between 3:00am and 5:00am which is the lung time. In this case then, eating onions has disturbed your lungs.

Another reason for onions disturbing your sleep is they are warming or heating to your body. So if you eat a hot curry dish, with lots of onions, with either lamb, chicken or red meat, you may find yourself unable to stay asleep because of the accumulative heat of this dish.

There is another way that onions can disturb the sleep and that is causing tossing and turning, and also dreams to be remembers. Often times strange dreams, or disturbing dreams that would otherwise not occur. This dreams disturbed sleep can often occur because of other foods you eat as well, or too slow a digestion.

Are you Eating the Correct Onion?

There are several varieties of onions, and some people do better on sweet onions, some people test better on purple onions, or red onions. Some people test better on shallots.

Are Raw or Cooked Onions Best

There can also be a distinction of digestibility between cooked onions and raw onions. The weaker cooked onions can be more helpful to the bowels, and more easily digested.

Even if you cannot tolerate onions in general, you may be able to get away with eating a small amount of them in the early morning and allow the body to detoxify their anti-fungal effect throughout the day. This can be especially true during the months of February, and March, when the liver energy starts increasing.

If you eat them and you become constipated then you may have to remove or reduce your intake of onions or garlic.

In general if you find that the integrity of your nails is worse, rather than better and therefore smoother, you are best to avoid them.

A Food Sensitivity Reading is Best

A Food Sensitivity Reading is really a Food Ok/Avoidance List.

It is also worth mentioning that a Food Ok List also tells you that you can eat something one or twice a week, and the type of food. Maximums are often given.

For example you could eat something only a maximum of once or twice a week, with a separation of at least 3 days. This information is much better than saying you have to avoid it altogether.

Some people have done a Vega or Electo-Acupuncture reading to determine the foods they are sensitive too, and therefore they need to avoid. However, these readings can be grossly misleading and inaccurate. That is because they are testing the resonance of some type of food for that particular time of day, rather than in general. A Food Ok/Avoidance list is much more sophisticated and can be requested in a Vibrational Reading.

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