Natural Healing Weight Loss 101

Natural Healing for Weight Loss is Really About

Most women may currently be more interested and attracted to information regarding long term weight loss, or regarding weight gain caused by eating certain foods, or information regarding the reasons for weight gain and how to make the right food choices to reduce unnecessary weight gain.

Hanna Kroeger Healer will explain the basic principles of how long term Natural and Vibrational Healing can help Heal roller coaster weight gain and weight loss cycles, what foods can cause weight gain, and help you to understand the role Healing the adrenals, thyroid, and strengthening the kidneys has on weight management.

Hanna Kroeger Healer will be discussing hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, cleansing the artery pathways, fungal mycotoxins, the choice of foods to reduce weight gain, and a simple onion-anti-fungal cleansing weight-reducing test-diet. Performing this simple onion-anti-fungal cleanse may show the powerful weight reducing effect of reducing a proliferation of fungal mycotoxins in the body. This once-a-week onion-anti-fungal cleanse can also show you an obstacle some people can have in reducing or avoiding weight gain. Hanna Kroeger Healer will discuss the principle of Vibrational Resonance as it relates to picking the frequency, quantity, and timing of this onion-cleanse, and extend this information to help you understand the Vibrational Readings Hanna Kroeger Healer performs. Information will also be given about an addiction to sugar in its many forms that many people have.

Hanna Kroeger Healer will also discuss the recent hypothyroidism difficulties of Oprah Winfrey and my observations.

Medical Disclaimer

Please note the information on weight loss and weight gain on this web page is not an endorsement of the onion-diet-cleanse or any other Natural Healing method for any particular purpose. Please also note that the information contained here is also not intended as medical advice, and is not to be taken as medical advice in any way. Hanna Kroeger Healer advises people to always consult their medical doctor before undergoing any cleanse or using Herbal Formulas or before embarking on a long-term program of Natural and Vibrational Healing. Always discuss the use of Herbal Formulas with your doctor before proceeding on a program of Natural Healing.

Hanna Kroeger Healer does not give medical advice, and the information here is not to be taken as medical advice. Always consult your medical doctor about any health concerns or about any medications you are taking.

Oprah Winfrey's Hypothyroidism Diagnosis

Once of the most famous people in the public eye with long term difficulties with cycling weight gain and weight loss is Oprah Winfrey. In this year of 2008, Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz have been inspiring Americans to lose weight, and set up a plan to help Americans lose those extra pounds.

Hanna Kroeger Healer will discuss important observations of Oprah's difficulties with hypothyroidism since her diagnosis in 2007 and discuss the possible early signs of fatigue in the summer of 2006 possibly related to her hypothyroid diagnosis in 2007.

When Oprah was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I was eager to follow along watching her day time TV show, and what Dr. Mehmet Oz would say about this medical diagnosis. I was eager to see what if any Healing would occur. I am exceptionally eager to learn more about Oprah's hypothyroidism to decipher the real reasons behind this medical diagnosis and to help her Heal it.

I watched eagerly in January 2008 for new episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show for new information about her hypothyroidism and to see whether this disorder would resolve. I was astounded when she announced in January 2008 that her thyroid was normal. My thoughts were saying to me: "This thyroid imbalance is not normal, this temporary resolution is just because of sun exposure, and I don't think she has really understood where the hypothyroidism came from." My thoughts were also saying to me: "How can medication make the thyroid normal? What did she really mean? Does she really understand what is going on with her body?"

Oprah's Facial Tan in January 2008

I noticed that her facial skin showed a wonderful tan glow when she appeared for her first new show of 2008. I believed she had spent some time in South Africa on vacation during the previous few weeks leading up to her appearance on that first new show of January 2008. I believe she got some sun, probably for the sake of getting some Vitamin D, and when she came back fungus in her body was inhibited or restrained and therefore the possible reduction of fungal toxins in her body (mycotoxins--more on mycotoxins later) were causing her thyroid to be less perturbed.

Its also possible she went back to an ancestry diet and did not eat or drink any soy products. So, as a Natural Health Practitioner, I thought she just got lucky, was blessed and really did not know the real reason for possibly her thyroid test coming back normal once she got back from South Africa.

The medication she may still have been taking may not have been the correct dosage anyway. I think the result of saying her thyroid was normal was a gross over-simplification of her health difficulties and what led up to the diagnosis.

Again after the diagnosis of Oprah Winfrey's hypothyroidism was announced on her daytime TV show, I became exceptionally intrigued, and it led me to ask the Angels and myself what may be the real cause for her hypothyroidism, her hypothyroid diagnosis, and why she may think her thyroid is normal.

From my previous experience taking H2 blockers (specialized stomach acid reducing pharmaceuticals) some 15 years ago beginning early on in University I know the masking effect of pharmaceuticals. I know how easy it is to take pharmaceuticals for several years but not know the long-term consequences, and not realize the underlying imbalance is still there.

As a Natural Health Practitioner whose majority of clients are currently women, I have strived to observe and understand some of the subtle symptoms women complain of -- initial symptoms which some women may not be aware of which can indicate a path opening up and being followed leading to full blown fatigue, exhaustion, adrenal exhaustion, hormone imbalance, and perhaps medical disease in particular hypothyroidism being diagnosed. Weight gain is common with hypothyroidism with weight loss being difficult. Over 20 million American women have thyroid disease with more than half remaining undiagnosed.

Women and Fatigue and Bodily Awareness

One of the most intriguing ways that women who begin to communicate symptoms of severe fatigue is when women say, "I want to go home!". When women say this, the tone is usually in exasperation as if in a struggle with their own lacking energy levels.

Another saying is "I want to spend more time on leisure, and reduce working." Said, yet another way is "I want to retire early!" When women communicate in these ways in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and especially if they lack physical energy, they may be experiencing abnormal fatigue. It's also possible that curtailing daily energy expenditure will result in sub-clinical hypothyroidism or adrenal insufficiency never being diagnosed much less full blown clinical hypothyroidism being diagnosed. When perimenopause and menopause begin there is also further reason that fluctuating hormone levels and treatment with HRT will not resolve any sub-clinical thyroid disease and even continue to hide it.

As a Natural Health Practitioner I have observed some women in their daily work lives struggling with fatigue, or lack of sufficient energy, and wondered to myself is this true fatigue or temporary fatigue due to loss of sleep or lack of rest. Is the lack of energy a sign of some other physical or emotional imbalance derived from hypothyroidism or adrenal depletion. Fatigue is one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency and is one of the first and most notable symptoms.

Exhaustion and Fatigue -- Are They the Same?

Exhaustion may also be a difficulty in women's daily lives. But exhaustion is different than primary fatigue. Exhaustion involves depleting your body, your physical, emotional, and mental energies, and also usually includes depleting your adrenals.

The adrenals which sit on top of your kidneys are very powerful stress glands that exert some very potent hormones. Exhaustion of the adrenals causes adrenal insufficiency, a condition not commonly medically recognized that can result in difficulty generating energy, recovering from over-work, and difficulty coping with day-to-day stress to name as few symptoms. As well weak adrenals often manifest as swinging blood sugar levels especially after high carbohydrate meals.

Adrenal exhaustion is also commonly called adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, or adrenal depletion.

Exhaustion, however, can also involve depleting your life force energy, and can manifest noticeably as mental fatigue, i.e. inability to think--that is mental exhaustion. Inability to think, which is probably better explained and understood as slowed, labored thinking, is mental exhaustion and is therefore not the same (but can manifest) as a lack of focus, lack of clarity in thinking, or poor memory.

Exhaustion therefore involves mental, emotional or physical over-exertion. Even though physical exhaustion manifests as fatigue, when you are exhausted you have used up more of your life force energy or adrenal energy than your body has time to create. In reality many people suffer from overlapping causes of fatigue, and exhaustion is only one of them.

Again, exhaustion can also be tied to the ability of the adrenal glands to function properly. Exhaustion however can be mental, emotional, or physical and can be Healed with homeopathy and a long term plan using Vibrational Supplement targeting the adrenal glands and the thyroid glands.

With physical and mental exhaustion you may also feel that your body cannot actually absorb life force energy, and therefore store that energy. You may feel like you cannot fully breath or create energy on a minute by minute basis from that breathing. Working the majority of time in front of a computer or at a desk and not breathing properly is one potential cause of physical and mental exhaustion. Gentle daily walking with an observant natural breathing pattern can create life force in the body.

Usually for most people exhaustion is temporary and it can therefore be relieved by just sleeping enough, resting enough, relaxing enough and eating good meals with sufficient protein and a varied diet. Your lifestyle must be adjusted in this way for a several days in succession, such as for example a week or two or even a month. Exhaustion is a temporary bodily condition, a state of being stuck in not being able to rest, and not being able to absorb life force energy, and not being able to generate energy to physically, emotionally or mentally function.

Adrenal Insufficiency (Adrenal Exhaustion)

Although I already have briefly mentioned adrenal insufficiency I will provide a more thorough definition for clarity. The adrenals (the adrenal glands) sit on top of the kidneys, and are powerful stress combating glands that exert potent hormones. When you fight to generate extra energy to work many hours a week, or late hours, your ability to work and recover quickly will depend on the strength of your adrenals and how well they recover and are fed.

When your adrenals begin to function poorly on a long term basis, weight gain can result. You may not be able to cope as well with stress which can lead you to fatigue and anxiety. Later on, even a little bit of stress can through you off -- that is through you into exhaustion. When a person's adrenals are exhausted they may need to follow a low glycemic index diet, or a blood sugar stabilizing diet such as the Zone Diet.

In fact the worse your adrenals are functioning, the higher the insulin spike after high carbohydrate meals, such as those containing bread, potatoes, flower products, pasta, etc. Without the addition of any high quality protein to stabilize blood sugar you will have insulin spikes, and probably gain weight. When you feel weak, or have headaches after these types of meals and maybe even sleep disturbances, you have a wake up call to Heal your exhausted adrenals!

When Oprah and Gayle were coming to the end of Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure in 2006, my ear distinctly tuned in to hear Oprah say, "I want to go home!" I believe she was exhausted. Was this verbal statement one of the first signs of impending fatigue for her? I believe that when people get out of their ordinary daily or weekly routines, do not sleep in their own bed, and travel frequently whether by vehicle but especially by airplane, any underlying adrenal insufficiency, or hypothyroidism can become unmasked. Are you aware of any decreasing energy levels? Are you aware of a struggle to produce energy?

Airplane Travel disturbs Body Subtle Energies

I am convinced that the body's subtle energies are disturbed by airplane travel. We all know that airplane travel requires an adjustment to the new time zone based on our internal clock.

The body also has energy meridians (subtle energies), invisible pathways of energy channels that traverse the body which are used to feed the organs and glands and communicate with the outside world! Points along common meridian channels are commonly stimulated by acupuncture and acupressure techniques to adjust and balance these internal energies.

What is important for me to explain is that when you are very tired, chronically fatigued, suffering uncontrollable weight gain, when even your ability to go for a walk is strained, its easy to accept a medical diagnosis of hypothyroidism and lunge vehemently toward starting thyroid medication. But what are the real reasons behind a thyroid disorder, and have you depleted your adrenals? When the thyroid is treated for hypothyroidism, if there is any underlying adrenal fatigue the adrenal glands can be further stressed and weakened. In fact in this case, they adrenal glands need to be treated first or along side the thyroid glands which can be done successfully with the vibrational supplements.

Soy Products and Hypothyroidism

There is a considerable scientific evidence that commonly consumed forms of soy based drinks and products disrupt thyroid function. In the book, "The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food", Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, a clinical nutritionist, and researcher shows scientific evidence to support the fact that soy products are not safe and are not a health food for the body. This evidence is seemingly contradicted with the use of soy products in Asian countries. However, most of the soy consumption in Asian countries may be fermented soy products. I recommend that people who have hypothyroidism or fatigue do a trial of avoiding soy consumption from all food products. Soy is also used in energy bars as well.

Consider also this: Soy is energetically a cooling food, and also increased consumption for example by vegetarians, vegans, and those following the blood type diet may cause long term imbalances in the body where you can begin to feel cold, or an aversion to cold. These two symptoms are coincidentally similar to hypothyroid symptoms. Asians who live in warmer climates, may also consume more fish products, vegetables and spices, therefore not eating soy in isolation and balancing the cooling effect of any daily soy consumption, and have an increased natural iodine consumption. The mineral Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid function and a deficiency of it will cause hypothyroidism.

Now on to one of the most important informative sections of this Natural Healing for Weight Loss 101: Mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins (Fungal Toxins)

Mycotoxins are the toxins produced by any fungal organism which includes mushrooms, molds, and yeasts. Not all fungal organisms produce mycotoxins. Fungi is the plural of one fungus. As anyone who has cultivated wild mushrooms knows, not all mushrooms are edible, and that is because of their toxins -- the mycotoxins. Eating an inedible wild mushroom can have adverse effects on human health.

When fungi proliferate under the right conditions, they colonize and mycotoxin levels increase. There are various kinds of mycotoxins with specific types and levels of adverse health effects on humans. There is research on those ill effects.

There are are certain mushrooms however such as the great reishi, or cordyceps that are powerful medicines especially when used on a long-term basis. These two mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What I will mention here that is extremely important is that fungi infect crops, grains, etc and the mycotoxins can then appear in our food chain. For example poultry eat the grains containing the mycotoxins and then when you consume the poultry you consume the mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins Cause Weight Gain

Dr. A. V. Constantini, M.D. is a retired medical doctor and medical researcher. He is an expert on the disease causing properties of mycotoxins. He was formerly a clinical professor at the University of California, School of Medicine, and also worked with the International Research Center for Mycotoxins in Human Health (formerly the World Health Organization's Collaborating Center for Mycotoxins in Food --1994-1998).

According to Dr. Constantini, because the body wants to keep the ingestion of mycotoxins away from the important cells of the body, the body will manufacture fat to bind to the toxins and store them away from the organs or glands! In other words eating mycotoxin laden foods can cause weight gain!

When you consider the mycotoxin content of the foods you eat, and that some people can have a hypersensitivity to these toxins, and are unable to naturally detoxify them, as well as consider that mycotoxins in the human body have the ability to cause toxic damage to the kidneys, liver, and probably other glands, a circular downward spiral of health can occur. A poorly functioning endocrine system specifically the adrenals and thyroid can result.

After consuming mycotoxin containing foods for years you may have weak kidneys (showing up as a weak will), weak adrenals, and you may get diagnosed hypothyroid. You may also start experiencing insulin spikes after meals, begin to have exhaustion, and of course experience the dreaded uncontrollable weight gain.

More human diseases are now being linked to human mycotoxin consumption. More commonly noticeable to people may be a yearly cycle of weight gain and weight loss with medical diagnosis of some type certainly imminent when age hits 50. Its no coincidence that most people usually get medically diagnosed with at least one disease by the time they hit their 50s.

When you also consider the change of seasons, you will see that people can have yearly fluctuations in weight because in the winter the kidneys are fed energy, and in the summer there is the low point of kidney energy. When in the winter your kidneys are naturally fed energy, you may lose weight without any effort because these toxins are naturally excreted. In the summer if kidney energy is low without taking in sufficient sun or eating the right foods, you may gain weight! So, the mycotoxins in us humans will naturally ebb and flow out and into the body respectively and weight gain will yo-yo on a yearly basis. Perhaps some people have this roller coaster on a season by season basis.

Your ability to naturally excrete off these mycotoxins therefore can be related to how well your thyroid, adrenals, and kidneys, and liver work. The liver being the main organ responsible for detoxification. The adrenals and thyroid because of their function in creating metabolic energy. As well, the quality and quantity of water you drink, the amount of regular vigorous exercise you perform can have a profound effect on gaining weight or losing weight when consuming foods with mycotoxins. As well even the amount of sun you take in and the quality and freshness of the foods you eat will affect your mycotoxin load.

The quality of the water you drink will first will have an effect on the natural detoxification of mycotoxins because some waters promote better digestion and also not allow the mycotoxins to stay in the body and become bound to fat. They naturally cleanse the toxins away from your cells. If you offer your body a natural way to excrete these mycotoxins it will remove them quickly! The second most important fact about water consumption is the amount of water you daily consume that naturally detoxifies.

Because some scientists believe our food supply is becoming more contaminated with mycotoxins it is possible that the increased incidence of hypothyroidism and diabetes are the result. Depriving ourselves of sunshine can only increase the incidence of disease.

Mycotoxin Food Sources

Cook yourself a simple small meal of brown rice without any vegetables and you may notice that you get a little fat! Why? Because there can be invisible mycotoxins on the brown rice! Another reason can be the relatively high glycemic index of the brown rice.

Depending on how the brown rice was processed and how long it was stored there may be a significant amount some mycotoxins ingested.

You may also be aware of an immediate reaction to the ingestion of mycotoxins. You may feel temporarily disoriented, have an increased urge to urinate, and need to drink more pure water. Some people may also experience a high glycemic index insulin spike not well controlled by depleted adrenal glands and there you have two reasons to put on belly fat. A seemingly healthy meal. Both grains and nuts can have these hidden, invisible microscopic mycotoxins on them. I have also experienced the mycotoxin content of cashews and similar nut butters, such as almond butter. Again, depending on how they are stored and how fresh the nuts or grains are the mycotoxin content can vary.

There can be many more sources of mycotoxins and even the storage of food, or the way food products are made can introduce or increase the mycotoxin content. Since mycotoxins are microscopic, they are not visible to the human eye. However, if you eat enough of foods containing them, you may feel their effect as mind boggling weight gain because you did not eat any bad fat. Eating foods containing sugar feeds any fungus in your body which will increase their fungal mycotoxins. A low sugar diet is essential to reducing the fungal mycotoxin load of the body.

After many years of eating mycotoxin containing foods, for some people, if your body is unable to naturally detoxify the mycotoxins or you have not done any Natural Healing to cleanse the toxins out of the glands or organs you are likely to be diagnosed with a medical disease. Some people can be so sensitive to even the smallest amount of these mycotoxins in foods and not know it.

Here's a list of common sources of mycotoxins. This list is by no means exhaustive!

  • Legumes
    • Peanuts (may be heavily contaminated and highly addictive)
    • Peanut Butter
  • Nuts
    • Almonds Raw (possibly slight)
    • Cashews (may be highly addictive)
    • Pecans
    • Walnuts
    • Brazil Nuts
    • Pistachios
  • Nut Butters
    • Almond Butter
    • Cashew Butter
  • Seeds
    • Sunflower
  • Juices
    • e.g. Apple Juice
  • Grains
    • Rice
    • Rye
    • Wheat
    • Corn
    • Corn Chips
  • Oils
    • Sunflower oil
    • Cottonseed oil (may be commonly used in potato chips)
  • Dried Fruit
    • Apricots
    • Figs
    • Etc
  • Eggs
    • Poultry Eggs
  • Meats
    • Pork
    • Cured Meats
    • Poultry
  • Milk products
    • Butter
    • Yogurt
    • Cheese
  • Alcohol
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Spirits

Please note: I am not advocating removing any groups of foods or severely limiting food variety for the sake of reducing mycotoxin loaded foods. Awareness of these foods containing mycotoxins and any bodily reaction is recommended. Everyone needs a nutritionally balanced intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, proteins, and fats. I will discuss how to use an anti-fungal diet to naturally reduce the body's mycotoxin load.

Eating Mycotoxins in Food for Long Periods

You may be surprised to note that many foods that are on the above list and you eat regularly contain mycotoxins. Most foods which are stored for a short term or long term basis are common sources of mycotoxins, the most common being grains. Processed foods and snacks for example dried snacks can be loaded with mycotoxins. Peanuts are probably the most mycotoxic foods around. Second may be corn. Corn chips are also probably consistently loaded, and they also contribute to constipation.

Again, including these foods on the list does not mean you should avoid them in any way. The list is only meant to bring awareness to these toxins. In particular notice which foods, including nuts, grains or seeds you may be addicted to because of their mycotoxins. The concentration of these toxins on these foods can be very low, but for some people very detrimental. Keep in mind when you must really have that food, like those corn chips, or pop corn you may be addicted to those mycotoxins.

Eating Fat Free Yogurt can Make You Fat

Yogurt and milk products are also common food sources of mycotoxins because cows are commonly fed a grain diet. You may eat fat free or low fat yogurt with or without fruit, even completely plain yogurt and experience seemingly unexplained weight gain. The weight gain may be caused by the mycotoxins in the yogurt. Have you eaten yogurt regularly lately and experience weight gain?

A Daytime TV Show Host and Her Weight Gain

Another well known daytime tv talk show host who has a cooking segment on her show mentioned this year, very briefly, how her behind (buttocks) grow and shrink in size on a regular basis! She gains weight on her behind! I think this is a very intelligent observation probably based upon observing the changing difficulty in wearing the same pair of pants (probably jeans) month after month at different times of the year.

What causes that unwanted weight gain?

When mycotoxins are consumed in everyday food, depending on the type of meals that are made, there can be more or less of them. Depending on the kinds of foods eaten, or the source of the foods eaten there can be more or less of them! For example if you eat more cheese products, or pork products for several weeks at a time you may experience the weight gain. Consider again also that the type, and amount of water that is consumed on a day to day basis can also makes a natural difference in any "fat growth" or "fat loss".

It is not necessary therefore to simply gain just belly fat but fat anywhere on the body when consuming foods containing mycotoxins. Remember as well, that women's breasts are composed of fatty tissues, and therefore are a natural hiding place for these toxins.

Mycotoxins Can Cause Autoimmune Disease

Human consumption of mycotoxins may also be a potent cause of autoimmune disease. According to Dr. A. V. Constantini M.D., "the auto-antigens found in so-called auto-immune diseases are actually mycotoxins." Dr. Constantini has said, "The antibodies are produced to kill fungal cells, not our own cells, but the result is that they kill our own cells too since they have fungi in them."

What are some autoimmune diseases besides hypothyroidism? Scleroderma, diabetes, lupus, ankylosing spondylitis (also called rheumatoid spondylitis) are also autoimmune diseases. In fact, I believe many people have undiagnosed autoimmune disease that contributes to ill health and reduced energy. While there may be genetic components to these autoimmune diseases, the true cause may be triggered by a natural inability of the body to remove fungi, and mycotoxins.

As well, our lack of regularly taking sunshine, and therefore vitamin D production may also be responsible for these auto-immune diseases. Another important point to make is that mycotoxins can accumulate over time as you age. Your tissues accumulate fungus and mycotoxins. All that beer, wine, and spirit drinking you did in your 20s and 30s when you did not sleep and therefore rebuild your immunity could have caused that autoimmune disease 10-20 years later. The connection is probably very difficult to make because autoimmune illnesses are not normally acute illnesses generated by potent poisons causing symptoms of illness such malaise, poor energy, poor sleep, and physical disability that show up within days. These types of autoimmune illness can take 5-20 years to manifest and be diagnosed.

Mycotoxins Are a Cause of Hypothyroidism

Since hypothyroidism is now widely regarded as an autoimmune condition, it stands to reason that among the many other causes of hypothyroidism mycotoxin consumption and the inability of the body to naturally detoxify them may be an additional cause of thyroid disorders. In fact mycotoxins are probably a potent cause of hypothyroidism coupled with lack of nutritionally available iodine, and other potent poisons invading and disrupting the thyroid function. Women who more commonly also eat yogurt several times a week, or bake with butter, and do not get adequate sunshine may be more susceptible to thyroid difficulties! Scientific research looking at long term diet may be able to establish a connection with the mycotoxin load of the diet and health difficulties including other autoimmune diseases as well as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease.

My Experience Healing My Thyroid

A couple of years ago, I embarked on a mini program using Natural and Vibrational Healing to begin to Heal my thyroid. I had a remarkable experience. I was not "clinically diagnosed hypothyroid", but I had thought an improvement could be obtained in my digestion and immunity by Healing my thyroid. I had taken just one bottle of a vibrationally targeted supplement for the thyroid in a previous winter two years earlier, and noticed a significant improvement in my body's ability to heal minor cuts -- the cuts healer more quickly. Remember the thyroid controls metabolic rate and therefore has a profound effect on immunity.

I also knew from speaking with a local medical researcher how profound the influence of an even slightly underfunctioning thyroid gland can have on the body's metabolism and immunity. What I uncovered was startling, discomforting, fatiguing but most certainly not surprising!

I had again used the same vibrationally or energetically oriented supplement to feed my thyroid gland except this time in the deep of summer and this time several bottles of the same formula in sequence! When I began using this supplement in the summer time of all times, I began to experience considerable fatigue! What was happening?

As a Natural Health Practitioner, I know that when you vibrationally target a gland or organ with the correct supplement and feed it well, that gland or organ can throw out its internal poisons. Sometimes when those poisons are detoxified, you don't feel that anything is happening but you will feel better much later. You will especially feel much better later if you continue to use Natural Healing to fix other imbalanced organs and glands and detoxify them. In other words rebalancing one gland or organ with a few bottles of a vibrational supplement allows an easier time to heal or detoxify some other area of your body, or improve your digestion, your energy, sleeping ability and so on, and get even more poisons out. It's also a necessity to clear the poisons from any gland before later doing any rebuilding. Without detoxifying the adrenals or thyroid of their poisons, and rebuilding them, you can never achieve proper function for these glands and achieve easy long lasting weight loss!

In my case those poisons thrown off by my thyroid were heavy metals! And because I did this vibrational healing in the summer without directly supporting my kidneys, or adding additional supplement support to help easily eliminate the heavy metals, I felt considerably fatigued! I was meant to feel those heavy metals leave the thyroid's tissue. That was part of my healing.

If anyone has ever displaced heavy metals out of your tissues or glands you may know what the bodily process of excreting them feels like! You may remember how potent any fatigue can be! Displacing heavy metals can feel like that anvil Will E Coyote tries to drop on the Road Runner but ends up somehow dropping on himself! A Vibrational Reading can help excrete only minimal poisons at a time, whilst opening up elimination channels to create a path for getting rid of poisons.

I believe the experience of beginning Healing my thyroid was meant to help me understand the exceptional difficulty people can have in Healing the endocrine glands and why taking certain supplements to feed these glands does not cause true Healing. I also believe the experience was meant to help me better understand the true nature of my own Vibrational Readings, their necessity, and the profound help they can have on people when followed properly! In my case I used increased yogurt consumption, and qi gong energy healing to keep my kidney energy up and excrete the heavy metals. This practical Healing experience was definitely for my own highest and greatest good!

Vibrational Harmony and Vibrational Resonance

In the first CD of the CD Set "The Secrets Of The Power of Intention", Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about being in Vibrational Harmony with source energy. He speaks about Vibrational Harmony and and he later goes on to say we need to ensure there are Vibrationally Harmonious Energies in our surroundings, in our lives. Those energies include the people we socialize with, the way we think, the position of the furniture in our homes, and so on.

I like to refer to Vibrational Harmony as Vibrational Resonance. Have you had a childhood friend or sibling or currently have a friend who is vibrationally resonant with you? Every time you speak with that person you feel as if your spirit is lifted, and you resonate at a higher energy, be that physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. If you are even luckier or have worked at it, you may have a relationship in your life which is a synergistic partnership!

When I perform Vibrational Reading for clients the supplements, flower essences, even other healing modalities, eating methodologies, exercise frequency are fully vibrationally resonant with the whole person's being. Even the current season and the change of seasons are taken into account. Vibrationally resonance can change dramatically for people when the season changes. The seasonal energy and available foods can have a profound effect on any imbalances. For example, you may benefit greatly from eating fresh blueberries in the summer months, but eating them in the winter in a previously frozen state may have a negative influence and imbalance your energies. In other words, there is no vibrational harmony and your life force energy goes down. Simply put when you eat something, your life force energy either goes up or it goes down. Blueberries just so happen to naturally increase kidney energy and it's wonderful that they are available fresh in the summer when kidney energy is not so naturally available from the season.

Anti-Fungal Onion-Cleanse Weekly Diet

So having explained vibrational resonance and the affect of season changes bear those principles of Vibrational Healing in mind while I discuss this anti-fungal diet cleanse.

As mentioned previously mycotoxins are fungal toxins in the diet, toxins that are toxic to organs and glands, and are stored in the body in fat. Give the body some help to cleanse them, and you may loose some weight. The key question however is: "Is this onion-cleanse vibrationally resonant with your current state of health, your emotional and mental attitude, any mood swings, your bowel toxicity, your bowel tonicity, your current energies (yang and yin), and also the current season?"

Onions are a warming vegetable. Both onions, leaks, and garlic are also anti-fungal. Cook the onions according to the instructions here the night before to ensure that you eat this simple soup at 7am, no earlier. Here's the instructions:

  1. Use 2 medium sized onions, with no fungus inside them when peeled.
  2. Cut the onions into smaller length wise pieces so that you can make a soup.
  3. Cook the onions on low for about 1 hour until the onions have been softened.
  4. Use good spring water in the soup for best results
  5. Add some herbs or some spices to spruce the taste up
  6. Add some coarse gray coarse sea salt to get some minerals and for taste.

If you have performed this cleanse correctly and you are able to fast on spring water for a few hours, you may get a bowel movement within 2-3 hours. You may also begin to feel the cleansing effect on your body. You may literally feel as if you are losing weight by the minute! But make sure you avoid sweets and sugar in any form!

You may feel an increased desire to drink water. If so follow your thirst. Avoid eating sweets, or foods containing yeasts, fermented products, or sugar from any product whatsoever!

For some people, this onion cleanse is ill advised -- particularly for the season they are in, but also ill advised for some people in any season of the year. In other words this cleanse may not be vibrationally resonant with you. These people may be allergic or sensitive to onions, have a deficiency of yin energy, have an excess of yang energy (be too hot even in the summer time and winter to try it), have a deficiency of minerals or their sleep will be disturbed if they try this too late in the day. Eating too many warming foods in the summer can cause temporary insomnia.

Another particularly good reason for any difficulty with this cleanse is a large amount of toxins you may be unaware of that can cause any congested elimination channels to be even further stressed or congested! This type of eliminative "congestion" stress can cause further constipation, skin breakouts, a firing up of pain due to an autoimmune condition etc. Use the cleanse at your own risk.

However, if you do use the cleanse learn well from it! You may feel your body reducing for a limited time. You may also get further cravings.

Remember do this at 7am. In the spring or early summer you may be able to do this cleanse more frequently, such as twice a week or with more onions. The type of onions you use will affect this cleanse and perhaps make it stronger or weaker.

You can try this cleanse in the Spring, or in the Fall if you cannot do it in the winter. There are several other keys to this cleanse:

  1. Avoid eating anything after the soup especially sugar, sweets, or meat, and just eat the soup if you are hungry.
  2. Limit the amount of time you cleanse to about noon time.
  3. Keep drinking pure spring water after eating the soup.
  4. Get some gentle exercise, or relax and get some sun to further inhibit the toxins.

Some people performing this cleanse will uncover the hidden "yeastie-beasties" in their gut, or any fungus that can cause them uncomfortable feelings, and strong cravings for sugar, cheese, wine, beer, or other foods which feed or contain mycotoxins. I call these bodily feelings, the "heevie-geevies". You will feel like you've just got to eat a particular kind of food! That feeling may be an addictive feeling. Be aware of those craving feels. If you were very strict with this cleanse and get those feelings, congratulate yourself. You have just confirmed very important source of toxins in your body!

In other words any addiction to mycotoxins will cause your body to scream for some of these addictive foods! Avoid worrying if you cave in. That just means you need more natural healing to detoxify them out of your body. At the very least you may discover a very important source of difficulty you will need to conquer to prevent or Heal illness and possibly lose some weight! Avoid being surprised or getting down on yourself if you find after doing some cleansing that eating some fruit causes you to gain some weight back again! This information is more confirmation that you may have a high fungal and mycotoxin load in the body. Note: This anti-fungal cleanse diet is not recommended on a long term basis.

Probably the biggest craving people will have after performing this cleanse is for sugar. Sugar is hidden in many forms. Certain fruits are more sweet than others.

If you feel a dry mouth or dry throat after doing the cleanse, you may have a yin deficiency and doing this warming cleanse is not advised especially in the summer.

Vibrational Harmony of the Cleanse

For some people two onions will be vibrationally resonant with their body and after drinking spring water and fasting only on this soup for the entire morning, you may feel a sense of losing weight. For other people, adding a particular vegetable and decreasing the onion to only one can increase the fibre in the soup and make it more strongly resonant. The important point here is that if the soup is vibrationally harmonious to your body then your health will improve. Your body will thank you for cleansing some toxins.

Some people can do this cleanse on a weekly basis, other's on a biweekly basis (i.e. twice a month). Some people may even be able to do this cleanse for an entire day. Depending on the season you are in, some people can do it two days in succession but only in the morning. Whatever choice is best, paying attention to your nutrition is vitally important when cleansing. Drinking spring water and ensuring adequate mineral replenishment is also exceptionally important.

One thing that can happen to people when taking this cleanse is that they unmask an addiction to sugar - a constant craving for sugar. You can become a temporary sugar seeker, seeking sugar in foods such as sweet fruits, cookies, ice-cream, sodas, and hidden in many other food products.

Avoiding Sugar in any Food Product or Form

In February of this year Dr. Oz went on the Oprah show to suggest that people cut back on sugary drinks like sodas. The series is called, "Prescription America" and I think is intended to help Americans loose weight, avoid empty calories, improve their health and end the obesity epidemic in America.

Dr. Oz suggested you cut these drinks out of your everyday life for 2 solid weeks. The reasons was that sodas contain much sugar, and the typical calorie count of a soda is over 100 calories. Therefore reducing that 100 calories can cause a significant weight gain over a one year period. But consider the information I have just presented on the weekly onion-cleanse and its potential to unmask a sugar addiction and that sweets feed fungus in the body producing more mycotoxins: I expect that most who drink sodas have a sugar addiction and therefore will eat ice-cream and therefore will substitute the sugar in ice cream for the sugar they are avoiding in the sodas.

How much sugar is contained in your ice cream? Have you ever tasted a soda or ice cream at room temperature? At that temperature they are usually unpalatable. You just do not want to drink or eat sugary products that are not cold. So as the title of this section says, Avoid Sugar in any Food Product or Form. Pay attention to the glucose-fructose in some beverages, and in other sweet food products.

Diet For Cleansing Mycotoxins

So, what kind of diet do I need to do to reduce mycotoxins and fungus in my body you may be asking?

First I will mention the water you drink daily. There are many kinds of water. Some bottled water is merely filtered tap water with the addition of a few minerals. I recommend that people who want to lose weight use spring water on a long term basis. The amount of water you drink in a day, and the whether you drink naturally mineralized spring water can have a profound effect on your ability to keep yourself from gaining weight when eating mycotoxin laden foods and also keep yourself nutritionally balanced. I do not advocate that people reduce the foods they enjoy eating on a regular basis if they contain mycotoxins unless they are addicted to the foods or the toxins.

In my Healing practice, if mycotoxins and fungus are a cause of disease or weight gain in the human body or are necessary to be detoxified then the reading will usually go about reducing these toxins slowly so as to avoid disrupting lifestyle.

I recommend that people eat a diet as low in mycotoxins as possible, avoid foods which are highly mycotoxic, and add anti-fungal vegetables and more vegetables to counteract the toxins in their food. However nutrition must be paid special attention to, especially so that people who have autoimmune diseases get better.

A Comment about Recent Diet Research

Recently a study conducted in Israel by Prof. Meir Stampfer was released examining the weight loss effectiveness of several diets, a low carb diet, a low fat diet, and a mediterranean diet. Although the study does not provide significant information for women since there were few women who participated in the study, the majority of participants had weight loss. The Mediterranean diet showed the most promise. When I hear about results such as these I always think of the mycotoxin content of the food as well as calories consumed being an important aspect of weight loss. Perhaps the food was fresh and low in toxins, as well as low in carbohydrates and these circumstances had an effect on the weight loss?

A Comment About Oprah's recent 21 day cleanse

Recently, towards the end of May 2008 Oprah Winfrey also went on a 21 day diet cleanse. This 21 day cleanse involved eliminating sugar, alcohol, animal products, caffeine, and gluten. From the standpoint of a diet laden with mycotoxins, the foods eliminated are definitely ones which are on a low mycotoxin diet. However, following a low mycotoxin diet is not the same as following an anti-fungal diet. This diet also however contained nuts which I indicated in the above list, also contain mycotoxins. This diet may be more of a meat free cleanse rather than a mycotoxin free cleanse.

As well, cleansing gradually for 21 days while I it is excellent and most beneficial is usually not enough time to shed those pounds, and may not be enough time to unmask any possible addiction to eating sweet foods or mycotoxin laden foods. Since some nuts can be a source of mycotoxins, especially peanuts, and cashews, weight loss is not so easily acquired on a short cleanse. A more thorough elimination of toxins and the addition of good protein sources such as fish and high quality low mycotoxin meats, the addition of more onions might be more beneficial depending on the season and the person's nutritional needs. The idea of being a conscious eater is a wonderful one. Eating with bodily awareness is essential for improved conscious eating as well.

Good Information on About Weight Loss Interferes

Here is an article On about Five Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight and my comments and clarifications.

Continual excessive stress can cause your adrenals to become weak and you can also have an excessive amount of cortisol, one of the adrenal hormones being put out. Weak adrenals can also cause over-eating, and fat to be created on your belly. Weak adrenals also may cause more symptoms during menopause or perimenopause because the adrenals supply estrogen as well. Another source of estrogen is nice to have. The point I am making is that with excessive weight gain caused by stress, the stress may be excessive, but the adrenals are responsible for keeping you well able to offer resiliency toward that stress. Also I would like to say temporary excessive stress like having to write that article every month for the magazine you work for is not the same as continual excessive stress such as for example caring for children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no break.

Your perception of the stressful daily events may trigger more release of adrenals hormones than your body can handle especially if you do not exercise to "walk them off". I love what Dr. Wayne Dyer has to say in the Secrets of Power of Intention CDs: "I intend to live a stress free life."

My second comment is about prescription drugs that treat depression and other ailments or disorders in which one of the side-effects is weight gain. Some physicians, and specialists such endocrinologist, gynecologists, and especially psychiatrists, etc know that using some anti-depressant medications over a long periods of time can cause your thyroid's function to degrade -- to become hypothyroid. They may typically see this because of weight gain, and other symptoms. There is however, a mind body connection with the thyroid that some doctors may not understand. The question I would ask if I were antidepressants is: "Is such a degradation in thyroid function going to be helped with thyroid medication?" Hanna Kroeger Healer recommends that people talk to their doctors about gradually removing any medications they are taking when embarking on a Healing program set out in a Vibrational Reading.

Succeeding at Weight Loss

In summary while eating a low mycotoxin, and even anti-fungal diet is the best way to naturally lose weight in reality much more needs to be done for people especially when in their 40s or 50s to ensure good metabolism and avoid any possible diagnosis with medical disease. A low mycotoxin diet needs to be followed for a minimum of 3 months with herbal support for the glands and also ensuring adequate nutrition. The current season and season changes will most definitely affect the ability to detoxify sufficient toxins. Vibrational supplements resonating with the whole person and the season are always needed.

Any underfunctioning thyroid or adrenal gland needs to be healed usually also while you detoxify. When the organs are weak, they will need to be supported, and with vibrational supplements that is entirely possible. Rebuilding the glands after detoxification of poisons will need to take place afterward. Sometimes rebuilding is most beneficial concurrently to bring the gland back to optimal function as soon as possible to relieve symptoms, feel better, and get the body back in balance.

I've mentioned the wonderful experience of healing of my own thyroid gland. True Healing of the endocrine glands is complex but very rewarding once the toxins come out of the glands and the endocrine glands are rebuilt. Seeking a plan of Natural and Vibrational Healing for underfunctioning glands, digestion, and to overcome difficulty losing weight is the best choice that can be made for your Health.

Explore Vibrational Readings today.

Published: August 2008

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