An Angel Health Reading by Hanna Kroeger Healer will help you:

  • Get Better, Feel Better, Stay Better and of course Look Better!

  • Take Charge of Your Health and Get Healthy!

  • Cleanse your Body of Poisons, Drug Residues, Metals and so much more with Gentle Non-Invasive Techniques.

  • Increase your Vitality, Energy, and Well-Being!

  • Tell you which supplements are the right ones!

  • Tell you what kind of Eating Methodology would be best!

  • Tell you which cleanses may be beneficial.

  • Tell you which Healing Modalities are necessary and would give you the most benefit.

  • Prevent costly Medical Disease.

  • Strengthen your Digestive System

  • Restore and Strengthen your Immune system.

  • Heal Chronic Candidia Yeast Infection

  • Help you take better care of yourself even if you work long hours.

  • Help you first handle Stress better and later help you Eliminate all Stress in your life.

  • Reduce and eventually Eliminate all Pain in your life.

  • Deal with your Symptoms first with Natural Healing, and then work towards Vibrant, Sustainable Health by going deeper into your Healing!

Who is Hanna Kroeger Healer, Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano

Hanna Kroeger Healer is a Vibrational Healer and Natural Health Practitioner of the Reverend Hanna Kroeger School of Natural HealingHanna Kroeger Healer provides the most advanced Vibrational Readings to improve, regain, or maintain your health! Whatever the symptoms of ill health or poor health you have, or whatever medical disease you may be diagnosed with, Hanna Kroeger Healer can help you Heal it!

Vibrational Readings give information about you and the supplements and remedies which can increase your health, vitality, and energy.  A plan is set up to clear causes of ill health.

Here's an example of Vibrational Resonance or Vibrational Compatibility

Have you ever walked into your local supermarket or health food store and reached for a Nutritional Bar, an Energy Bar, or a Protein Bar? 

Some supermarkets carry over 20 different kinds of nutritional bars! 

The choice increases every year. 

Which one do you pick?

They can have such a nice and colorful packaging. You don't have the time to check out each one's nutritional information, so what do you do?  You can use your intuition.  You can intuitively feel which bar is the best for you. 

What you are actually doing is this: You are picking up on which bar is Vibrationally Compatible with your body and your needs at that time of the day.  There can only be 3 out of 20 that are vibrationally compatible! Depending on the time of the day, and your activity level, and your nutritional needs, you should pinpoint only 1 out of the 3 choices for increased energy.  That's very specific! The right bar should increase your energy and provide the most vibrational compatibility!

What happens if you pick one of the wrong Energy Bars?

  • You may gain nutrition from it, but it doesn't improve your energy, or supply any necessary nutrients

  • You are allergic to one or more ingredients and you don't get the pick me up you wanted.

  • The combination of ingredients is not easily digestible and your energy can be brought down.

  • The digestion of the bar can bring your energy down because there are certain additives or preservatives which your body cannot digest efficiently or at all.

Everything you ingest either singly or in combination with other ingredients is either going to energetically enhance your well-being or decrease it. The same kinds of physical reactions can occur because of the ingestion of supplements or even simple foods you are taking!!!  And the decline of your energy may not be noticeable until it's really a problem.

The readings that Hanna Kroeger Healer performs are much more sophisticated than this simple Energy Bar example but the idea is the basically the same. The Vibrational Readings are designed to catch needs and causes of ill health on a much wider scale and can help you deal with many unforeseen problems! 

Get On A Path To Vibrant Health! Begin a Vibrational Reading Today!

By providing you with a plan with the right supplements, and Vibropathic™ Remedies, Energetically Targeted Herbals, Bio Energetic Herbals you can prevent or Heal many causes of ill Health.

Hanna Kroeger Healer checks over TWO THOUSAND high-quality professional supplements including the famous Reverend Hanna Kroeger remedies.

Each supplement Hanna Kroeger Healer picks Vibrationally Resonates with you and your current state of Health, and the Season and will increase your Health.  All supplements Hanna Kroeger Healer pick are prioritized!

They all work synergistically, and when one is finished the next one begins its powerful Vibrational Resonance to Rebalance your Health even further.

A Vibrational Reading is a Health Plan that works!

Look at how clearly the information is clearly laid out in a “Vibrational Reading Remedy Staging Plan”

Explore the Vibrational Readings section to gain a better understanding of how the readings work and give information clearly!  There's a lot of information in them. Each vibrational reading is completely individual to you!

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