About Hanna Kroeger Healer,
The Practitioner

Master Healer, Vibrational Healer, Natural Health Practitioner, Clinical Iridologist, Qi Gong Practitioner

The Practitioner Hello! My name is Salvatore Crapanzano. I am a Master Healer and a Natural Health Practitioner of the Hanna Kroeger School of Natural Healing. I am also a Certified Clinical Iridologist (C.C.Ir.).  I graduated in May of 1997 from the Canadian Institute of Iridology in Toronto.  I was born in Toronto, and attended Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute for my high school years.

I have a great deal of personal experience and expertise in Natural Healing. I have created the most comprehensive and sophisticated Vibrational Readings, including the Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan, and the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Readings in North America.

I utilize Hanna Kroeger’s Remedies, including the famous, Vibropathic™ Remedies and the Bio-Energetic Systemic Formulas® as their basis. 

I teach my clients how to become sensitive to their bodies, and to what is necessary to achieve vibrant sustainable health.

I have helped many people Heal Systemic Candida Infection, and Chemical Sensitivies.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or Environmental Illness is something I Healed myself of, and it was very, very difficult.

In order to work with me, it is necessary to learn to work in Synergy, so that both our vitalities can be increased.

I am also a  practitioner of Qi Gong (Chinese Energy Healing) and a student of Sclerology. More on what sets Hanna Kroeger Healer apart from other Hanna Kroeger Practitioners.

In 1997 I attended Reverend Hanna Kroeger's Peaceful Meadow Retreat in Boulder, Colorado to study with her personally.  I had such an interesting time at the retreat.  Hanna allowed me to drive her car, and perform errands for her around town.  Hanna asked me to pick up a blue light bulb to shine on her map of the United States.  I was allowed to stay between courses at the retreat to engage in some quiet relaxation.  It was during this time, that I was able to see Hanna work on the telephone and also dowse in real time for people while they were on the other end of the phone line.  I was very lucky to study with Hanna that year and take her courses.  A year later in 1998 at the age of "80 something" she passed away.

While I was at the retreat I was able to pick up on the "active" dowsing that is able to give you results quickly and easily.  Hanna herself got up from her desk one day, and exclaimed "You've got it!."  Such a personal endorsement for my dowsing abilities was very exciting.  I am very sensitive in receiving information via dowsing for clients.  Often the pendulum that I use allows me to listen more attentively and pick up much information about how to help clients improve their energy, vitality or well-being. Even if you have poor health or a stubborn infection, help is only a reading away.

I believe that as many details as possible are very important in giving a person information on how to regain their health or prevent future health problems.  For example, did you know that drinking too much coffee can imbalance your liver's ability to detoxify? If not corrected, years later this imbalance can lead to disease somewhere seemingly unrelated in the body! These details are very important.  Often times in a first consultation (after I have finished the whole set of readings), I will be asked questions on what foods are good or bad, and explain more about what is happening in a client's body.  I pick up on more information which would allow a client to tip the balance of ill health back to health faster or increase their vitality more quickly.

My readings provide a quick and cost effective way to dramatically improve your health in the least amount of time possible.  To gets results requires a commitment and understanding of the readings.  In certain cases and for brief periods (2-3 weeks) some products will need to be taken in tandem. Otherwise, most products are taken one after the other at the correct dosage that ensures compatibility with your body.  You may need to take several bottles of a particular product. A concentrated effort ensures quick results.  When vibrationally compatible health supplements are found a client can feel better in a shorter amount of time. The readings go deeper into more root causes, while providing quick and long lasting relief as soon as possible from symptoms.

My readings ensure results in a quicker period of time.  One of the reasons the results are quicker is because the readings provide very specific information as to what is reducing your energy and what can enhance it.  It is also because of the use of the Systemic Formulas®, and Hanna's Formulas when needed. The Systemic Formulas are great for Rebuilding, Re-Energizing, and Restoring tissue function.

Often times, I create a Food Avoidance List that tells you what foods are reducing your energy and sometimes preventing any healing. The Food Avoidance list is available for an additional cost.  The Food Avoidance List when followed will further enhance healing in a shorter period of time. Another reason for quicker results is that the Flower Essences can take care of negative behavioral patterns and perceptions which limit the enhancement of your life energy. Another important reason for achieving quicker results is the appropriate dosages of the supplements. If you are taking too much, your body will loose energy, and if you are not taking a sufficient amount, your body will not be able to heal as quickly if at all.  Some of the dosages depend on your lifestyle. Flower Essences provide a way to heal your emotional and mental bodies and also provide support for your life direction in your journey to wellness.

 For more information on the readings, please see the Vibrational Readings section.