Seeking and Achieving Vibrant Sustainable Health


The Intention behind this and other newsletters to come is as always to provide you with clarity and information about getting yourself on that path to Vibrant Sustainable Health, staying on the path to Vibrant Sustainable Health, and how to know if you are on that path! This web page is lengthier than usual. It is intended to give you information, which you can use immediately, and use over several months, allowing you to feel good all the time especially about your improving health!

One of the things Vibrant Sustainable health means, is you know how to better take care of yourself, and you avoid disease as the months and years go by. 

This newsletter issue is jam packed with vital information and suggestions to quickly bring to you powerful awareness to improve your life, get better sleep, feel better about yourself, and have better direction in life.

Hanna Kroeger Healer is committed to helping you navigate through what works to improve your health and what does not. This also means knowing what is cost effective, and what is not, and what can be used synergistically to bring about Vibrant Sustainable Health in the shortest period. The 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Vibrational Readings, which Hanna Kroeger Healer performs, are One of the Best Methodologies of Healing in the World.

Hopping From One Practitioner To Another

Do You Hop From One Practitioner To Another, over-spending money, perhaps a friend persuades you to go see so-and-so, or you feel you need to see several practitioners at once? Do you reluctantly end up in the medical doctor’s office?

I believe this “practitioner hopping” is quite common. I believe people do not spend enough time with a certain type of health practitioner, even if that practitioner is fully resonant for that person. Remember the Vibrational Readings are about Vibrational Resonance with everything.

In the first kind of Vibrational Reading that Hanna Kroeger Healer performs, a client can request to check one of more types of practitioners that they may have seen and feel are vital to them. If a practitioner is going to help you Heal then you can continue with them or request their services again. There can be a limit to the number of useful visits, or no limit at all. Alas, another practitioner may not be helpful at all. Even the first type of Vibrational Reading is quite powerful without other “practitioner synergy”, because it is synergistic with the seasons.

One type of practitioner in the first type of Vibrational Reading is usually the maximum. Examples of other types of practitioners Hanna Kroeger Healer is speaking about could be Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu, or some other type of bodywork. 

The basic Healing principles used in the Vibrational Readings are Natural Healing Principles working to bring your body back to balance. Remember specially targeted (Vibrational) supplements are used to rebuild and re-energize organs, glands, and detoxify. Since there can be a powerful synergistic effect that can come up between the Vibrational Readings and other practitioners, some of which may be the only way to truly and deeply Heal a health difficulty, the matching, and frequency of visits to other health practitioners is vitally important!

Do You Do Just Spiritual Work?

Do you just do spiritual work? It’s vitally important and wonderful to do the spiritual work as well so you can ensure you feel good for the rest of your life, but it is also fundamentally important to focus on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Seek Vibrant Sustainable Health By Following The Four Agreements

In the book, the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, he mentions we have Agreements, which can make you suffer. He says we must replace these Agreements with others once we break each one. This book is a short read, but very powerful, and profound information at only 138 pages for the English version. Read it, and re-read it again, and again!

It is my belief that one type of Agreement that causes a person to suffer is represented by a compulsive negative thought. One of these is mentioned in the book, the Four Agreements. Most of us also have spontaneous negative thoughts as well, and these are probably what Dr. Daniel Amen may call ANTS: Automatic Negative Thoughts. We all have negative thoughts at least once and a while. I believe they are part of the human experience. 

If there is anything standing between your need to obtain a Vibrational Reading, and your ability to become a client, it may be you are making some assumptions, and perhaps those assumptions are based on your way of thinking, your beliefs, and your conduct of life.

Excuses Be Gone

Do you have one or more excuses keeping you from going forward with a Vibrational Reading?

How about these: “There is a Stat Holiday coming up?” or “I’m planning to move soon.” “This is not a good time to start.” 

It may be essential to change some way of thinking or seeing things. Besides fundamentally following the Four Agreements, one of the best and quickest ways is to read and take action on the wisdom in one of the most recent books written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s most recent book is called Excuses Begone.

Most of us can use a little thought change! Dr. Wayne Dyer also has a PBS special for Excuses Begone! Check your local PBS station’s listings, under Dr. Wayne Dyer: Excuses Begone. You can also get some daily inspirational messages from his web site.

I believe Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Don Miguel Ruiz are also Master Healers, and I also believe they are Master’s of Breaking Agreements in people that are based on suffering. Remember that Following the Four Agreements is a requirement of obtaining a Vibrational Reading. I joyfully and passionately attract my clients to Follow the Four Agreements and Seek and Achieve Vibrant Sustainable Health

Healing Any Difficulty Focusing

Do you have any difficulty staying completely focused on your work or home life all day long? Do you suffer from Energy Dips at any time during the day? Are you easily distracted? Do you have a plan in the morning only to realize you did not focus on much of it during the day? The Vibrational Readings are fundamentally able to help with improving focus, because often a weakness of one or more organs or glands and the resultant weak digestion can be the cause.

Stay Relaxed and Tranquil Throughout The Day

Stay calm, relaxed, and tranquil throughout the day. Seek solace if you need it. Be Calm, Peaceful, and Tranquil.

Did you know it is possible to work effortlessly, staying completely relaxed, completely calm and tranquil all day long? You will probably get more done this way, and you will most certainly feel more energy at the end of the day!

Stay Calm When Getting Out of Bed

Stay Calm throughout the day. Especially Stay Calm when getting out of bed in the morning. Give yourself 15-30 minutes to get out of bed in the morning. Set your clock for 30 minutes before you usually wake up if necessary. Then roll out of bed carefully.

Be Grateful for all you have, and feel good.

It’s no coincidence that medical science has found that cortisol (an adrenal hormone) increases in many people right when you get out of bed, and for some probably right when they wake up. For some it’s chronically elevated all the time!

Avoid chronically elevated cortisol — it’s disease causing. Avoid hitting the “panic” button at any time in your day. 

Dr. Christiane Northrup’s perspective on some Adrenal Hormones and Perimenopause

For an excellent, detailed and well written article from a female doctor’s perspective on the adrenal hormones, including cortisol, and the life difficulties needing to be Healed for the woman, including a very revealing discussion of the perimenopausal effects of adrenal-exhaustion, please visit, Dr. Chistiane Northrup’s free Article on Adrenal Exhaustion.

By the Way, Click the A at the top right corner several times to increase the size of the characters to your liking.

There is a lot that I agree with in this article, and I especially love the part about taking in regular sun, and listening to your body, however, I know that there is more to Healing the Adrenals and the Thyroid than this article mentions, and in particular for people who have had stress since childhood, male or female, there are likely going to be other more serious illnesses such as chronic candidiasis, multiple-chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, or fibroymyalgia lurking, possibly waiting for awareness.

Also, you could be in perfect health, and have zero stress, and if you have eaten a lot of high carbohydrate meals you will likely weaken your adrenals more. The foods you eat do play a significant role too.

Coincidentally, rest and exercise, are two things that may come up in a Vibrational Reading to Heal the adrenals, and the thyroid gland although most of the time the Vibrational supplements are all you need for a few months.   Rest, exercise, and sun can only help Heal the endocrine system faster. More information about the benefits of Healing the Adrenals and more is included in my web page entitled Weight Loss 101.

With a Vibrational Reading, and Vibrationally Targeted supplements, there is no need to do any blood tests, and there is no need to take any kind of pharmaceutical grade hormone such as DHEA.

What is necessary is patience while your adrenals, thyroid, and possibly other endocrine glands Heal and begin to function better. You can always look at diet more completely and in more detail in the second reading, the Full Vibrational Reading lasting 9 months of work. Both of these readings are reasonably priced, and have exceptional value. See Cost and Benefits.

Avoid Worrying

Avoid worrying. It’s ok to be concerned, and then express that concern. Worrying is useful only if it leads you to an awareness of what concerns you, and then expressing, delegating, or taking action to resolve that concern as quickly as possible. If it’s not your concern then let it go. Worrying actually reduces your digestive power. Avoid worrying.

Remember Pain is a Symptom

Pain is one of the most important and early warning signs of the possibility of ill health. The intention of a Vibrational Reading is to Heal all sources of pain. My concern as a Natural Health Practitioner is that people are taking pharmaceuticals, and even natural supplements, which can alleviate the symptoms of pain (in other words treatment), but not Heal the underlying cause. There are many supplements available which do not Heal any underlying cause irregardless of whether there is pain.

Here’s a poignant example illustrating the treatment of pain with natural supplements and the power of a Vibrational Healing.

Natural Supplements Treating the Symptoms of Pain in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Years ago, I had the privilege of observing a person over several months take a natural health supplement intended for weight management. The supplement worked on the Kidneys, Liver, and water retention, probably thyroid, and adrenals as well, and therefore also probably burning fat — a very impressive complex herbal formula. It worked slowly and subtly as most good formulas do.

After this person took this formula on a regular basis for several months (about 3) they noticed their intermittent but terrible wrist pain (probably undiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome at the time) had completely disappeared!

Poof! Just vanished, as if the pain had never existed! Their look of astonishment was from a person who had no idea why the pain had vanished. Perhaps they had begun to have faith in the power of Natural Healing! They noticed that their daily physical chores, their regular physical exertion performed over several years, which was naturally thought to be the cause of the pain, caused it no more! What happened?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a painful disorder. This particular formula is no longer marketed, probably because, it did not always vibrationally resonate with the client, and if it did, it resonated only for a brief period and therefore results although interesting were doubtful because they were not on the mark. One formula does not fit everyone, and therefore would not resonate with everyone. A broader perspective on weight-loss and healing the adrenals, and thyroid can be found on Hanna Kroeger Healer’s Weight Loss 101.

This supplement superficially alleviated the pain from the carpal tunnel syndrome by possibly removing excess water in the body, possibly superficially alleviating the effect of years of a high-sodium North American diet, and by providing some nutrients to the thyroid and adrenals.

This natural health supplement did not deal with any Deeper True Healing in this case. When discontinuing the supplement, shortly thereafter because of the lack of Deeper True Healing and most likely also a lack of diet change (a lack of reduction of bad sodium and also a lack of increased use of natural potassium in foods) the excruciating pain returned to this person’s wrists in a few short months. This person went on to have surgery for this pain and probably had the carpal tunnel nerve removed.

The Benefits of Testing Supplements Vibrationally

Now here is the most important and interesting part. When this person began the Natural Health Program some supplements were vibrationally tested, and the results as I will explain here are extremely fascinating and eye opening. I must note that the weight management product was not vibrationally tested.

An inexpensive but vibrationally resonant mineral supplement tested on this person — that is it tested positive. It contained a Krebs Cycle Balanced Mineral Complex with Vitamin D and additional digestive aids. Unfortunately, this supplement was taken only for several months as was the weight management product, and then both were discontinued. The cost of the mineral supplement was significantly less than the cost of the weight-management product.

Twelve years later, this particular person is now taking pharmaceuticals for osteoporosis, high blood cholesterol, and as a worrier they have been prescribed anti-acids medications as well to treat ulcers. The same twelve years later, the same mineral supplement still tests so strongly resonant with this person! Why is that?

Could all the pharmaceutical drugs have been avoided by taking this one mineral supplement for several years? Could the high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and occasional need for anti-acid drugs been completely avoided by taking just the one mineral supplement? Could the carpal tunnel syndrome, the painful wrists, and the surgery have been avoided by just using this one supplement on a regular basis? 

I wholeheartedly think so. These pharmaceuticals could have been avoided and it would have been extremely likely. This person’s bones needed minerals, their diet was probably acidifying, and the mineral supplement hit the mark on many health-improving angles at once.   This is the power of Vibrational resonance.

At the time the Health Program was started, I intuitively picked this mineral supplement out myself. I know the mineral supplement was what this person’s body needed, and was in fact one of the fundamental reasons for all their health difficulties.

It is truthful to say that beginning a Natural Health Program with a Vibrational Reading for this person today would be more sophisticated than taking just one supplement type on a regular basis.

As well, it’s extremely important that I comment and look at this person’s diet. Considering their diet alone then, from that standpoint, perhaps this person’s blood type did not match the diet followed, and therefore this person did not absorb minerals easily from the group of foods they regularly ate (diet methodology).

The food cooked could have been low in minerals, or the combinations of foods eaten reduced the absorption of minerals this person’s body needed. If you haven’t done so, take a look at a previous newsletter article and web page on food combining to learn more about the benefits of food combing.

What Would this person’s Vibrational Reading Look Like Today?

The above person’s experience is a simple but typical and fantastically revealing example! Examining what a Vibrational Reading for this person would look like allows Hanna Kroeger Healer to explain some of the healing dynamics of a Vibrational Reading.

When a person starts on a program created by a Vibrational Reading by Hanna Kroeger Healer, the Reading usually points someone to take a bottle of one kind of supplement, e.g. for the thyroid, finish it, and then go on to another supplement, e.g. the adrenals.

However, there are Vibrational Readings where one or more supplements usually tests positive throughout the whole reading, for example throughout the whole 3 months of work. There is great significance in this! That supplement then either treats or Heals a fundamental underlying issue, alleviates symptoms ASAP, or allows other supplements taken concurrently to work synergistically with it, to get that supplement to work even more deeply and more quickly so.

The procedure or process of a person following a Vibrational reading is like examining and possibly rebuilding the underlying foundation for a house, and then possibly erecting a better structure, or even doing just some renovations on your kitchen, bedroom, etc. In reality it’s rebuilding and re-energizing the organs, clearing congestion in the body and in the meridians.

In addition when a Vibrational Reading is done, because you may also take one or two supplements at the same time, the synergistic effect reduces the need for a fundamental supplement to be taken for such a long time — in the above person’s case for example, a Vibrational Reading that points to work on the stomach, thyroid, and adrenals could have reduced the dosage and long-term need for the mineral supplement. For example, they may start taking it twice a day, morning and afternoon, and then after 3 months of working on the glands, it dosage can go down to only once a day in the evening.

The intent of a Vibrational Reading is always for you to feel better as quickly as possible, and prevent and Heal ill health as soon as possible.

Remember again, that if you have pain, while your pain can go away with some natural health supplements you’ve taken, your underlying imbalance, whether physiological, or chemical may still be there.

Conduct of Life To Improve Your Health

Do you have conduct of life, which keeps you on a path to improving the health of your emotional, mental, and physical bodies on a daily or monthly basis?

What I as Hanna Kroeger Healer, a Natural Health Practitioner will always want for my clients is exceptional and proper conduct of life to stay on a path to Vibrant Sustainable Health. This desire of mine is where Following the Four Agreements comes in — more information shortly.

What Vibrant Sustainable Health Means

One of the things, vibrant, sustainable health means is that you can plan and do anything you want, you can fly all over the world, and you are sensitive enough to your body to compensate for the change in time zones, loss of sleep, and know what to do, or what to take to get yourself back in balance, and possibly who to see to get back in balance.

Acquiring these health benefits does not necessarily mean you have to take supplements, although there are many that are quite helpful, but it could also mean energy work, or daily meditation, or something as simple as self-acupressure.

Sensitivity to your body is extremely important and what I am talking about here. Sensitivity to your body means sensitivity to energy as well, since each organ and gland has it’s own energy vibration. Sensitivity to your body is vitally important in achieving Vibrant Sustainable health and maintaining it. Sensitivity to other positive exterior sources of energy is also vitally important.

Vibrant sustainable health also means you can plan and do anything you want, you will never miss a day of work, and you will always have the ability to deliberately attracting everything you want in your life. And this is true, no matter if you are single, have a spouse/partner, and no matter how many children you have.

Two Phenomenal and Simple Exercises

Here are two simple exercises you can do to feel extremely good and are intended to take you to blissful awareness of your body.

Spend a Whole Day In Bed To Start Getting In Touch With Your Body

Take one day a week, plan it ahead of time, and stay in bed all day. The results are amazing, and there is no long-term work involved. 

Another option is: if you get up early such as 5 a.m. and you can afford to stay in bed for a couple of extra hours try that instead. You will determine your level of restful sleep, and how well you can rest at other times.

If you have a spouse have them cook for you on that day, or if you are single, cook your own meals the day before and reheat them for yourself. Take care of any pets, and children of course.

It’s ok for your spouse/partner to join you lying and resting on your bed, but you must only talk to yourself internally. This restful day is also a good way to spend some time with yourself. Be sure and not sleep as it may disturb your sleep later in the day. You may find the need to go out an exercise and then come back. If you do, congratulations!

Allow whatever thoughts you have to come into your mind and leave you!

Notice your ability to rest. Notice any restlessness you have! Do you become more restless as the day progresses?

Feel any Pain or Inflammation You Have In Your Body

Feel any pain you have in your body. Feel any inflammation you have in your body. Remind yourself of any pain or inflammation you had when at the office or at home sitting in some other room. Sometimes these pains come when you are inadvertently exposed to some toxins in the air in some room. Do you notice any connection?

Is your spine straight? Stretch your body. Do you have full range of motion?

Are there any ill effects of bad posture in your body?

Do you feel any rise in blood pressure or dizziness as the day progresses?

Do you have any tendonitis, or bursitis, or boomeritis (non specific tendon/ligament) inflammation that is still looming?

Do you love your surroundings? Is there sufficient fresh air in your bedroom?

Do you feel a lack of fresh air in your bedroom, or any indoor air pollution?

Do you know the sources of any indoor air pollution?

This is probably the most important room in your home, and this is the room you should be getting all your rest in, during the day and especially at night.  

Incidentally, some people work in retail stores in malls, and other environments where there are gaseous toxins in the air. So when they get in bed to sleep at night, this is the only time and place they usually can detoxify. Regular exercise and proper nutrients are also useful. Some people cannot go to malls or certain stores because of the off gassing of chemicals in the air.


Do you always sleep with the window closed, even in the summer?

You may need more fresh air in your bedroom at night.

Is your space tranquil? Do you have a nice view? Are there any trees near your bedroom window to provide you with energy and oxygen?

Do you have some plants, which naturally detoxify chemicals in the air not only in your bedroom but also throughout the house? Here’s 7 Ways To Detoxify Your Home Naturally.

Feel the Energy moving around in your bedroom, not the air, but the energy.

Do you wish your bedroom were Feng-Shui’ed to allow the smoother flow of this energy or chi (invisible energy)?

The main purpose of this exercise is to put yourself in touch with your body and attract you to realize you may need to rest more!

Rest. Rest. Rest. Rest.

I believe we all need to rest more, a lot more. Rest is a Neglectful cause of Ill Health that is checked on the first physical cause of ill health, Neglect in a full Vibrational reading.

Look At Some Pictures of Yourself When You Were Younger

The other phenomenal exercise to do is look at some picture of yourself when you were younger. 

Do you see how happy and loving you were then? That’s what I want for my clients. This happy and loving child-like nature is part of the Toltec Path To Freedom that Don Miguel Ruiz talks about in the book the Four Agreements.

How about some pictures of you when you were 18 or 19. Did you have a slimmer body then? Focus on that vibrant, Vitality filled body. Focus on that zest for your life!

What It Also Means To Have Proper Conduct In Life

Having proper conduct of life in my Hanna Kroeger Healer Healing Practice also means you develop exceptional wisdom, exceptional intelligence, exceptional judgment, exceptional honour, and you share those skills and how you acquired those character traits synergistically with your spouse/partner and all your friends.

To arrive at these or any other astounding positive skill means your life will easier, exceptionally joyous — blissful.

Repetition Makes The Master

It is especially important for me to point out here, that In anything that is worth having in life, especially exceptionally positive character traits as discussed above, and following the Four Agreements habitually requires repetitive action, continual re-evaluation of the response, and to be in touch with your emotions -- to always seek the good positive emotions.

Vibrant, sustainable health is also about feeling good all the time!

It’s all about feeling the good emotions. Anyone who has done Law of Attraction work especially watched the Secret DVD by Prime Time Productions, or read “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” by Esther and Jerry Hicks knows the power of feeling good and feeling the good emotions.

Visualize vibrant sustainable health for yourself, and also being grateful for having the health that you now have. With gratitude for your health you can have more of it.

Here’s some more vitally important information on simple techniques to improve your health and some questions that can come up after a Vibrational Reading is performed.

Drinking Juices, Milk or Other Non-Spring Water Beverages

If you are going to drink juices (or some other non spring water beverage), or you like to drink juices, when you have purchased a Vibrational reading ask Hanna Kroeger Healer to see if juices are ok, and what kind of juice may be ok with you.

It may only be ok to drink them between meals. Some juices are pasteurized and they are probably not ok for you. Any kind of beverage such as milk, fruit juice, a combo fruit juice, or soy beverage could be either good or bad for you.

It’s usually not ok to drink fruit juice during meals because any sugar content will likely cause a food combining no-no or it could spike your blood sugar. As well, if it’s ok to drink juices use naturally sweetened juices with grape juice, etc., i.e. avoid the glucose-fructose, and other sugar substitutes on different store brought juices. 

Assumptions About Spices, Seasonings and Foods You Eat

Don’t assume that individual spices you use on a regular basis such as for example oregano or basil, etc or store bought natural seasonings are good for your long-term use, and don’t assume they aren’t good for you.

There are of course many spices, but let’s examine the regular use of basil as an excellent example of a spice perhaps being good for you and demonstrate clearing assumptions as it relates to healthy foods or spices to eat.

If you consume basil on a regular basis, for example you use it in cooked tomato sauce and you think you are sensitive to it, you may assume that all basil is negative to your health. But it could be only dried basil is negative for you. Fresh basil could be fine or vice-versa.

And perhaps Thai basil may be even better for you. And perhaps dried basil is only good/bad for you during the summer. It could be there is a spice you use that is exceptionally good for you and vice-versa. Why is this so important?

If you use a seasoning mix, or certain spices regularly in a meal (maybe even occasionally), and your body rejects them, your body is sure enough going to have a tougher time digesting the meal you eat. Are you paying complete attention to your digestion?

If your digestion takes too long in the evening, you can disturb your sleep and maybe even have heartburn.

As we age, most of the energy we lose is from the meals we digest. It’s common sense that the less energy you use digesting your meals, the longer and healthier you will live — you will head towards Vibrant Sustainable Health more quickly and stay there.

Conversely using the correct spices could improve the digestibility of meals. It’s so incredibly important that you digest your meals as quickly as possible, undisturbed by anything in them that could upset your digestion, even just a little bit. This digestibility is covered more fully in a previous newsletter: Natural Healing With Food Combining already mentioned on this page.

Your digestion is your life, one source of your vitality, and is comprehensively Healed in a Vibrational Reading.

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Ask if you are getting enough protein and how much is appropriate for you? Ask what sources of protein are best for you. Do you eat or drink soy? Is it positive or negative for you? Are you on thyroid medication simply because you have been drinking or eating soy for so many years? Do you need a protein source for breakfast and within one hour of getting up? 

Can You Eat Eggs on A Regular Basis?

Can you eat eggs on a regular basis? Which brand is best for you? Eggs are a great source of vitamins, minerals and protein.   How many eggs can you eat a week?

Are you using a Vibrationally Resonant Yogurt?

Is the Yogurt you eat one you can use on a regular basis? Should you only eat it for breakfast or lunch? Are you eating enough of it each day? Can you eat any milk products? Are cheeses ok for you?

Is Red Meat Good For Me?

What about red meat? If you think it’s not good for you, maybe it is actually good for you? You may be the type of person that could thrive on red meat, in some quantity. Maybe you need red meat only once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. Maybe you need beef broth on a regular basis instead?

Are The Foods You Eat On A Regular Basis Good For You?

Don’t Make Assumptions About the Vibrational Resonance of the Foods You Eat either on a regular basis or only occasionally. Here’s an example. Perhaps you like Canned Pink Salmon, but it is negative. Perhaps you eat tuna fish or some other fish several times per week, but you are over-eating or under-eating it.   Tuna fish and some other fish contain mercury, which is a heavy metal toxin. Even though they are good sources of protein, they may usually be limited to a few times per week.

As sources of protein go, perhaps tuna, and some other fish can only be eaten in certain months of the year, or only a week at a time with breaks in between.   These questions can or cannot apply to you. 

The answer to these questions depends on how much ill health you have, how quickly a Vibrational Reading allows you to get better, and whether mercury or some other heavy metal is a difficulty. You could have reasonable good health, but heavy metal poisons are your limiting factor in healing glands or organs completely. For example your occasional anxiety is a result of some heavy metal poison circulating.

There is probably no one that does not have heavy metals in their body in the entire world. Some people are much more sensitive to heavy metals than others.

These are the more in depth questions, which usually come up in the lengthier Full Vibrational Reading where the 7 Physical Causes are examined!

Remember the Vibrational Reading and the answers to the questions are channeled in from the Angelic Realm.

The fewer assumptions you make, and the more questions you ask the better.

Truly there are some people who can only eat some foods for only one month at a time, or a season at a time until they are better. When their organs and glands have strengthened, and they have detoxified of certain poisons, then they can eat a greater variety of foods.

Do You Have A Therapeutic Veggie To Increase Your Health

Perhaps there is a veggie such as asparagus, which if you eat some of everyday becomes therapeutic for you (improving your health)? Did you know that asparagus contains glutathione, considered to be a master anti-oxidant of the body? 

Asparagus Contains Glutathione

Asparagus contains glutathione, which is normally made by your cells, and a deficiency of which most assuredly spells disease looming or in progress.  The production of Glutathione in your body requires specific nutrients to be absorbed and utilized by the body. 

A Diet Example Which is Good For You But Not Really Good For Your Blood Type

Here are two quick examples of how diet can work against you or for you depending on your blood type food compatibility. At the end of this section I’ll give you an example of ill health that can happen if you are not following the correct blood type diet for a certain percentage of foods you eat.

Let’s say you eat Brazil Nuts on a regular basis because you know they are high in the mineral selenium. You happen to like them, and you know selenium is a very important mineral. Is regular consumption of Brazil nuts doing you any good?

Are you aware of any reactions? I’m not talking about just too much selenium, which can be toxic, but I’m talking about the fact that Brazil Nuts can be contraindicated in your blood type. Going against your blood type for too many foods you eat, can be like driving a vehicle in reverse of the natural flow of highway traffic or if you are lucky just in reverse of city driving. Have you ever seen this in a movie?

You could really be putting yourself in harms way and damage your car. You should know what you are doing in the long term! Your blood is your life! Wherever your blood circulates in your body, nutrients arrive and there is life! 

Incidentally I’ve seen a totally Vegan powder source containing brazil nuts and several other ingredients which tested positive as a whole when brazil nuts tested negative on it’s own. This is a fascinating example of Vibrational resonance in a complex powder form when one ingredient tested profoundly negative!

The important point here is that whatever you are eating on a regular-basis should resonate with you on a long-term basis, otherwise it would reduce your health on a long-term basis usually in some insidious way that you may notice only years later. For example years after eating the wrong foods, you are not getting enough nutrients in the body, and indirectly your ability to sleep is disturbed. Because it did not happen overnight or over a year, but several, you may decide to blame age. Don’t. Don’t blame age for anything!

An Ill Health Example Resulting From Eating the Wrong Foods

Here’s that example of a non-subtle way of how eating the wrong foods can decrease your health. If you are extremely lucky you have had this happen to you.

People Hosting Strep and Staph Infections

Most people have had a strep or staph infection at some point in their lives and required anti-biotics. How about blaming diet, and lack of rest, insufficient sleep, over thinking, and overworking, or overworking without the appropriate supplements to compensate for possibly reduced immunity?

While I am on the subject of strep or staph infection, have you ever gotten close to speaking with someone, and you realized they were just exuding some toxic substance from their throat? This is not just bad breath. That is perhaps a strep or staph infection they are hosting just waiting to find another host. Depending on your immunity and the nutrients you have in your body, you will either get it or not. Avoid it.

With some people you don’t even need to be that close to them, you can be at one or two arms length. They are just harboring the infection.

Know Your Blood Type and What Foods Are On It

Knowing what your blood type is and what foods you can and cannot eat can save you needless suffering, and increase your health for years to come. And this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning picking your foods! I am not saying the Blood Type diet is to be followed strictly. It could be that 25% or more of the foods you eat should be blood type specific. It could be the foods you avoid because of incompatibility with your blood type as I’ve already mentioned that are more important especially because they are negative for you.

Unfortunately with diet there are always exceptions, because people have many imbalances, and diet (eating methodology) is complex. That is where supplements come in to correct imbalances more quickly. But knowing what foods are beneficial to you is about staying on the path to Vibrant Sustainable Health.

Second Example Concerning Whey Powder

If you are a regular consumer of energy bars, because you work out regularly, or you take protein powders for quick energy or for a quick breakfast and you know that they contain whey, consider this. You could be using whey on a long-term basis and provoking your body to have a big reaction to it because it’s against your blood type. Maybe you are sensitive to it for some other reason, perhaps over consumption, or your body just cannot process the amount of whey you give it.

The same holds true for any ingredient in your morning protein powder. These products are usually excellent, however, it does not mean they are excellent for you on a long-term basis. It could be only for a short-term basis. It could be that vibrationally another is more positive for you. It could also be that you need to rotate one with another so as not to become sensitive to any ingredient. This is like cycling one week for exercise, and then running the following week to avoid injury.

There are specialty natural whey supplements that I use for naturally increasing glutathione in the body.   These could resonate on people only once or twice a week, everyday, everyday twice a day or not at all until later, or just not at all ever!

Sometimes it’s the source of the whey that makes the big difference. Goat whey works better for some people, and then perhaps only a particular brand. These choices are the domain of the Vibrational Readings!

Do You Drink Teas Daily?

Drinking Teas during the day or night also may or may not be helpful to you. They could resonate with you or not. My concern is that a tea you’ve been using on a regular basis is feeding into a pattern of ill health, whether or not that pattern of ill health is manifesting as symptoms you are aware of. Perhaps it’s contributing to some health difficulty you have? Perhaps a regular tea is keeping symptoms at bay?

Drinking that tea you like or purchase when its negative for you may be like always trying to put the square peg into the circle on a wooden board. After doing it so many times, you may damage the board, and have the awareness that something is wrong.

Some of these teas can be helpful after a certain type of meal when you actually feel a need for it, or only after a dinner meal. It’s the teas you drink on a regular basis that could be sabotaging or improving your health. Ask which teas you use which may be good for you or bad for you?

Avoid Eating Hot Spices

Anyone who has ever seen a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, in Traditional Chinese herbology or acupressure/acupuncture may have been asked to stay away from spices. There is good reason for this. I’ve already talked about some common household spices like basil, and oregano, but here I’m talking about hot spices, or spices that taste hot, but actually are not internally!

Did you know that wild oregano oil used as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal is a “hot” spice, but is actually internally cooling?

Spices can be so “internally” warming or so cooling, that they could boost your immune system up or down, and imbalance it. You could imbalance yourself to the climate you are in or to the season you are in.

Spices are complex and powerful herbals in my opinion and because of their common use on a long term basis they require a good deal of knowledge and Vibrational resonance to get right.   They are often useful at the season change or just in a particular season. The majority of us in Canada and America do not eat in season and this is one underlying fundamental reason for the possibility of progression to ill health — it can contribute to an energy imbalance.

A Vibrational Curry Blend Powder

I personally use a curry blend powder, which is store purchased, already mixed up, and seemingly mild and very pleasant tasting. I use less of it in the summer because it is so warming to my body, but I love what it does for my stomach. Because I usually eat a lot of fruit, I use this powder on poultry, in meatballs, or with some fish and it really hits the spot. It often balances my body in the direction of health. There are other benefits to it as well.

Recently I felt the need for some of this curry powder on its own, so I just put some of it in a capsule and ingested it with water. I felt my stomach feel better right away! That is how sensitive I am to my body.

Soon after I started using this curry powder over six months ago, I noticed it actually turned out to be a Vibrational formula targeted to the stomach and spleen. A mini-Vibrational formula if you will.   I don’t know the history of this formula, but I can imagine that years ago, someone discovered that a certain combination of these spices made their stomach feel better, warmer, more vibrant! And I think after much mixing and trials, the perfect formula was born.

You may also have an under active stomach. Complex Vibrational herbal formulas can be found in spice form but I believe they are rare. The point here is that these kinds of spices could interfere with your long-term well being even if they are used occasionally even if they are Vibrational formulas. If they are used occasionally, they must be standardized and mixed the same way all the time.   Ask if you can use them at all.

The Vibrational supplements that I use with clients are Vibrational formulas, but they work faster, are more cost-effective, and work more powerfully in the short-term and long term.

Sexual Activity Needs To Be Regulated

Here is more information that you may need to live a long healthy and Vibrant life.

Speaking about Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a Natural Health Practitioner, a few words need to be said about regulating sexual activity. Sexual activity needs to be regulated both for men and women, but especially for men. It’s a fallacy promoted by modern medical science that men in their 40s, 50s or 60s should have sex 3 or more times per week. This misinformation is actually a tragedy waiting to happen. It may be beneficial in the short-term, but not in the long-term.

Most men and women need to learn to perform the exchange of energies more appropriately specifically during sexual intercourse, since for men there is a great loss of energy and nutrients, which needs to be replaced. This loss of energy, and nutrients is one fundamental reason that men may not live as long as women. 

If this is a difficulty for you as some men and women do genuinely have high libidos, supplements may need to be chosen vibrationally to compensate for loss of energy and sexual activity may need to be curtailed until there is deeper healing, and a better understanding of the exchange of energies. I want to stress that sexual activity can be deeply healing not only for the exchange and balancing of the yin-and-yang energies, but for emotional and mental healing.

Drink The Right Kind of Water

Here’s a bit about drinking the right kind of water I want to mention since it is a requirement in following a reading. Water is the foundation of your health. Water is the major constituent in most of the body’s tissues. Water also has a vibration on the body, and will profoundly affect your health over a long term.

Do you drink spring water all the time? Do you drink the correct type of local spring water?

How To Ingest Capsules Properly

To take capsules properly, you may need to always stand up, on your own two feet to take them — i.e. stay upright. Take them with water always. Take them slowly if necessary.

It’s often better to take capsules with warm water but not too hot. Warmer water is usually more appropriate especially in the early morning when capsules are taken first thing. This is usually the case especially for people who drink hot coffee or tea to wake their stomach up first thing in the morning.

Drink plenty of water after you have ingested the pills and they go down. Drink only spring water unless some other beverage has been approved.

Some capsules need to be taken on an empty stomach, while the majority of others can be taken during a meal. You can even temporarily stand upright when you are eating your food just to take capsules. If you are taking pills upright avoid bending at all, and avoid talking. Sometimes taking your pills and swallowing some food is better.

When you are a client, ask when in the morning is the preferred time to take your first supplements — i.e. when you first arise, or 30 minutes later, after 7 a.m. etc.

Many Vibrational supplements Hanna Kroeger Healer uses come in liquid concentrated extract form as well. If it’s necessary to take the liquid form, your reading will indicate so. You can also let Hanna Kroeger Healer know ahead of time if you would like liquid supplements.

Do You Spend Enough Money and Time on Improving Your Health?

Do you spend enough money and time on both prevention and/or improvement of your health? Are you slowing down your aging by taking the correct supplements, and supplements which are positive and re-energizing to your body?

Do you spend much money on purchases such home renovations, clothing, accessories, new furniture, trips, haircuts, cosmetics, etc, and neglect spending money on your health? How about spending more money on your health?

In our society, we all must spend much, much, much, much, much more money on our health and always seek Vibrant sustainable Health. We need to spend more time learning to become more sensitive to our bodies, and energies, and seek the correct foods.

Clearing Your Assumptions: Following the Four Agreements

Keep in mind when you follow the Four Agreements and clearing your assumptions that what you focus on grows. Make sure you are focusing on what you truly want. 

Here’s an example. You might be thinking to ask someone “Have you misunderstood me?” 

In our society we need to focus on understanding. The question to really ask is, “Do you understand me?” Perhaps you might also ask, “Do you fully and completely understand me?” So you focus on understanding, and understanding grows. I believe this is one of the paths to freedom and peace in society.

Another point is Avoid clearing other people’s assumptions and taking responsibility for other people’s actions.

Want To Feel Better, Feel Good, and Get On The Road To Vibrant Sustainable Health?

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I look forward to serving you on your road to Great Health!

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