About Reverend Hanna Kroeger

At the very core of my Vibrational Readings is a System of Healing called the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health. While I have much improved, organized, and made such a System of Healing easily understandable, the creator of this simple, elegant, comprehensive, and yet very powerful system is the late Reverend Hanna Kroeger. Hanna Kroeger also created the Vibropathic™ Remedies and her Energetically Balanced and Targeted Herbal Formulas. I use these formulas fundamentally and extensively in my Vibrational Readings. It is therefore with all due respect that I tell you a little bit about Hanna Kroeger's early life, and how she came to be such a recognized Healer and Helper of people with the methods of Natural Health.

Reverend Hanna KroegerHanna Kroeger was a missionary who devoted her entire life to helping people with the methods of natural healing. She developed many world famous formulas for helping cure "incurable conditions".  A devout, religious woman she worked with boundless energy and helped anyone in need.

Hanna began her training as a nurse at a young age in Germany. It was while studying at a hospital in Dresden, Germany that she was primarily exposed to the methods of Natural Healing.  She first studied Natural Healing under Prof. Brauchle, a doctor who helped cure people with Natural Healing. Prof. Brauchle helped cure children with leukemia with an egg mixture and love.

Hanna eventually settled in Boulder, Colorado in 1952, where she opened up a "Health Food Store". It was one of the very first in the United States and offered many nutritious foods. In Boulder, with her family, she began the long journey to develop Herbal Formulas based on her knowledge of Herbs. She began to study specific Herbal Combinations, their effectiveness and their ability to target certain systems of the body.  For example in Hanna Kroeger's modern day Herbal line there are 3 formulas for the Kidneys.  One targets the Left Kidney, and the other the Right Kidney. The third is for over all Kidney function. Another of her famous Herbal Formulas targets only the Reproductive System in Women. These formulas are examples of the first Vibrationally or Energetically targeted Herbal Formulas.

By the 1970s her Herbal Formulas were becoming in great demand and she founded a company to manufacturer the formulas: Kroeger Herb™.  It was because of the effectiveness of these Herbal Formulas that she gained notoriety.

When I visited Hanna in 1997 for my training, I was amazed at her vibrancy and her dedication to teaching. She would have a devotional service on Sundays and then check many people who needed help afterwards.  She did this using her simple Pendulum, her great wealth of knowledge and her Intuition. When teaching, she would often exclaim knowledge that would help people get out of being stuck in suffering. She always stressed "Help One Another." 

Hanna had a self-less dedication to people's health and well being that was very inspiring. I believe that at the core to Hanna's beliefs and principles was the belief that no disease is incurable.  I believe this principle was what gave her much motivation to create new products.  Hanna's also created a set of Natural Products that helped with conditions off Ill Health by using Vibrational Targeting.  These Natural Products are called the Vibropathics™

It was while I was at her retreat during my training that I saw her helping people every day.  At 2pm she would come out and sit at her desk. The phone would begin ringing with people in need of help.  She would take her pendulum and do a Psychometric Reading right there and then. A few minutes after completing the Psychometric Reading, she would give advice on what remedies to take.  People from all over the United States would call her.

Sadly, it was only 1 year later, that she passed away at the age of 85. I feel very fortunate to have spent some time with her at her retreat and to learn to dowse from the originator of the formulas.