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Candida Overgrowth or Candida Infection?

Many people associate the term candidiasis to include candida overgrowth in the bowels which is obviously out of control. Obviously if you have candida overgrowth and you eat sugar or some offending carbohydrate, it will feed the candida overgrowth in the bowels, and you will feel ill all over. Lots of people have candida overgrowth and do not feel right, do not sleep well, have poor blood circulation, look pale, and have chronic bowel issues.

This candida overgrowth is usually due to anti-biotic over use, or something else which has disturbed the normal Bowel Flora.

Candida overgrowth can then cause leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability), where more allergies are created from food particles entering the blood stream.

A Candida Infection is defined as a pattern of organ and gland weakness which causes the Candida to stick around forever unless you start to take Bio-Energetic supplements and often change the diet, and then take enough probiotics of course.

A Candida Infection is not a medical fungal infection as per defined in medicine where this opportunistic organism is infecting the weakened immune system of someone hospitalized or with pre-existing immune deficiency.

The Candida Infection Pattern is a very difficult thing to get out of, and can be likened to getting stuck in an empty grave in a cemetery. Falling Into An Empty Grave When You Have A Candida Infection Because of Low Organ EnergyWhen you take anti-biotic’s you can end up in a cemetery, where life is not so good. If you don’t do enough sooner or later, there will be an empty grave you will fall into, and your life will be even more miserable. This is because of the Energetic Aspects of having a prolonged Candida Infection. What I am saying is a Candida infection reduces organ and gland energy. Taking probiotics and doing a Candida Cleanse Diet can get you out of the grave and get you walking and feeling better again, but it may not get you out of the cemetery, so you can have a good quality life again. For some people the ladder they build (a supplement plan and food diet plan) to get out of the grave they fell into is so weak that they just fall back into it.

Getting Candida Overgrowth Over and Over Again

The reason I’m mentioning all this is because if you keep getting Candida overgrowth over and over again, you have an Energetic Pattern which allows the Candida to come back again or just not leave at all. Then you could hit a brick wall, where you get further constipated, loose sleep, and feel a lot of anxiety. It is the organ weakness and imbalance that keeps you stuck.Man Holding a Paper Clip Board You actually have a Candida Infection, and perhaps you have it in your blood as well as a bona-fied medical infection.

Some people just cannot take enough probiotics to get out of the Candida Infection. They don’t have the gland or organ strength to do so. Some people cannot even take more than 1 probiotic capsule per day and stay well, much less get well.

Only when the Adrenals and/or the Thyroid Gland, and the Liver is energized, rebuilt and immunity is improved can you get to a better feeling place; out of the grave and walking freely again.

Why Probiotics Make a Candida Person Sicker?

Some people cannot take the probiotics because of the displacement of the Candida in the bowels requires energy which their liver or other organs do not have to give. Reduced energy then means more symptoms. Hence the supplement programs to clear out Candida Infection and RESTORE the Whole Body to Health are quite complex if they are to work in a continuous period of 5+ months. They require several months of work because of multiple supplements taken concurrently to support the organ and gland energy.

And killing candida yeast in the bowels with yeast killers may work for some people. If there are heavy metals as the cause of the Candida infection, using yeast killers will cause all sorts of bad reactions. Using yeast killers then causes your liver to be over-burdened, which produces symptoms. Then when you feel the provocation of the symptom pattern you have, you become fully aware of the state of your body and the recirculating heavy metals which Candida was nice enough to hold onto for you!

So it is important to understand the difference between Candida Overgrowth in the Bowels, and a Candida Infection. Hanna Kroeger Healer specializes in helping people over-come Candida Infection and restoring their lives with a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan and the Systemic Formulas ® (The Ones That Work) .

A Candida Cleanse Diet Is Really...

A Candida Cleanse Diet is really a Candida Calming Diet. It starves the Candida; The Candida in the bowels dries up and then it does not bother you as much. If you then add probiotics you can crowd it out and get it out of your bowels gradually — over a period of months. If you try to take too much probiotics at once, and I'm sure many people have done this in the hope that the Candida would just go away in just 2 weeks, you probably noticed it did nothing for you, except temporarily give you better bowel movements. You must follow food combining sufficiently to succeed at reducing the Candida Overgrowth in the bowels and calming the Candida monster down.

A ugly and hungry looking Candida Organism

When you add anti-candida foods or herbs, such as garlic and onions, which may not work too well to begin with, you have a anti-candida diet, because it can really kill the candida. Usually you have to add some powerful herbal formulas which seek to really incapacitate or inhibit the Candida overgrowth in the bowels to stop the Candida from multiplying. The same herbs are usually anti-parasitic too. But if you keep eating things with even the slightest sugar in them, or too many carbohydrates which don't digest quickly enough (perhaps because you don't follow food combining), and you feed the candida, the candida will never dry up, and and it will keep poisoning your gut and immune system with it's nasty toxins!

Sure enough, we can do research that finds out that candida's toxins in humans mimic formaldehyde poisoning, or are just as nasty as inhaling nail polish, but that is not the point, to deliberate on how harmful candida's toxins are. The point is to get well, and follow a good enough diet to do so, so you can return to work, or feel much better, and finally end up having the courage, the money, dedication, and focus to eliminate this infection.

When you add strong yeast killers, you are really going to blow up the Candida in your bowels, and then you have to process the die-off as well as possibly some heavy metals too. But you have to have awareness of what is going on in your bowels, and the possible release of heavy metals, and you have to calm the yeast down as much as possible before taking the strong yeast killers.

Are you in Denial About Your Work Environment?

Some people work in offices where there are a few things that work against them, and can hinder their progress at getting rid of the Candida Infection for good.

If you live at home, and your home environment is free of chemicals, perfumes, formaldehyde off-gassing, and is a "safe-house", then your only concern may be your work environment.

Let's look at some possible hindrances or obstacles to Healing that can be in your work environment.

  1. You work in an Office Building, and everyone is wearing perfumes, colognes, strong smelling shampoos, or even under-arm deodorants, and strong smelling laundered clothing and you need to avoid them, and contact with these persons as much as possible.
  2. You work in an office building where there is Monday morning invisible mold spores exposure in the air, and perhaps you start coughing every Monday morning as soon as you sit down to start working at your desk.
  3. You work in an office building where there is constant mold spore exposure from the air vents, even worse then #2 above
  4. You work in an office building, and you regularly have group meetings in a closed room, and your manager, or leader writes on a white-board with strong smelling markers which off-gas chemicals, and give you brain fog.
  5. You are on office employee who eats out for lunch all the time, where there can be added sugar, breads, msg, low quality protein, and your nutrient and fiber intake is also in question.
  6. You work in a Mall, and you start in the mornings, and you start to feel a really bad sore throat, and you look at your tongue in the mirror, and you see it is yellow and greasy (indicating gall-bladder) problems.
  7. In any of the above circumstances, you could get a pain shooting down your left or right inner leg, which no medical doctor understands.
  8. Working in an office, or mall gives you brain fog, slight mood swings, increases your allergies, and constipates you.

If you are asking your colleagues at work, whether they can smell so-and-so person's strong shampoo, or strong deodorant (and what you really mean is that smelling it even slightly makes you feel sick to your lungs and you can't breath), and they just look at you, like they don't know what you are talking about, and like you must have been born on mars, or some other planet but moved to earth just after you were born, it's probably because they are healthier than you are, and it's because your health may be unstable, or going down hill.

You have to be honest with yourself about whether you can work in your work environment with the symptoms you have. Chances are good that you can, if you take the correct supplements, drink spring water, exercise slightly, sleep well, and start immediately with a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan with Hanna Kroeger Healer.

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How Many Fruits To Eat in One Day?

The number of fruits to eat per day varies from 2 to 5. Some people should not eat any fruit at the beginning of their Healing program. Some people can eat grapes, and the amount of grapes which counts as 1 fruit is 6-8.

Lemons and Limes: Can They Be Used/Eaten?

Most people who have Candida think that Lemons and Limes can be added to dishes, or used in a drink, but these two citrus rarely test positive for people especially at the beginning. They can be added after about 6 weeks of food avoidance re-establishment work.

One reason may be they are cooling and have a negative effect on your digestion (the Spleen in TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine). The secondary reason is that they are going to reduce liver-energy. They are cleansing to the liver and reduce liver energy. More cleansing means more energy reduction. Less energy for rebuilding. Rebuilding energetically rather than cleansing is always necessary.

So although they are not supposed to “feed” the candida, the net result will be negative. Cooling means that your meridians are cooled, which is not good, because then there can be congestion in the meridians. The Spleen likes warmth. So even yogurt can cause difficulty with the Spleen.

In general it is important to get some sour in the diet and sweet as well. So, complete avoidance of these is not good.

A well formed Candida diet also changes based on the persons progress, and this is what a Food Choices/Avoidance list shows when working with clients.

Rotating Foods Is Extremely Important

There is a rotation of foods as the body is restored to energetic balance. As the body is restored to balance, more foods can be eaten, and some which were eaten in the first few weeks are then removed, or stay. Eventually after several months of energetic supplement work by taking the Systemic Formulas, the organs and glands of the body stabilize. Probiotics are continually taken. Sometimes the probiotics are changed after 2 months.

Look To a Vibrational Reading For Long Term Healing

Candida sufferers almost always have thyroid and adrenal difficulties, as well as heavy metal toxicity.

Learn more about obtaining Vibrational Readings to begin Healing Candida.

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