Sports Injuries and Boomeritis

Natural Medicine to Heal Sports Injuries

Do you have Boomeritis? Are you injured because of a problem with your tendons and ligaments?

What is Boomeritis?

Boomeritis is a term used to describe the inflammation, pain, and possible tendon, and ligament degeneration that many people in the baby boomer years experience. There are often joint aches, arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries that are never able to be healed by conventional medicine.

The good news is these injuries can be healed, and joint tissue may be able to be regenerated by special supplements targeting the area. Most of the time an underfunctioning digestive system is a major culprit.

Concentrated efforts on a long term basis can heal these injuries! In general boomeritis can be used to describe tendon, ligament, and joint pain in people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s when the digestive system and the liver become underfunctioning in the majority of people.

A vibrational reading will set up a program to heal multiple causes of injuries. For the rest of this page Hanna Kroeger Healer will describe a homeopathic remedy that is very powerful for healing injuries.

Sports Injuries

Do you love to sports, playing tennis or running marathons and triathalons? Are you one of those people who thrives on being athletic and has nagging injuries or wish injuries to heal much more quickly?

Read on, and I will tell you of an amazing remedy to heal injuries.

Since I have been playing tennis consistently since 2002, I've discovered that most tennis players loose their sharpness very early because of toxins in their body. I also believe that leaky gut syndrome also contibutes a large part in the rate of healing injuries. This is because leaky gut syndrome affects your body's ability to heal, and to absorb nutrients properly.

I believe that professional tennis players and other avid players can play much better tennis by using natural healing techniques.

Using Homeopathic Arnica Montana 30CH For Sports Injuries

I've heard over and over again, this professional tennis player has these injuries and its taking a long time to heal. Well the answer is a Homeopathic remedy called Arnica Montana.

Arnica Montana 30CH should be taken in a 30CH dose to heal slow healing injuries.

How Often To Take Arnica Montana?

I also recommend it be taken several times during the day and then stopped for one day.

Arnica Homeopathics Comes In Different Forms

Most homeopathicsI can be purchased in a liquid and alcohol base or as little pills called granules.

If you have difficulty taking the pills because of sugar content, Its recommend people take the liquid base. The opposite is also true, If you cannot tolerate or do not wish to take the small amount of alcohol in the liquid form, then the granules are fine.

Cost of Arnica Montana

The cost is usually under $10 dollars for a small bottle or 200 granules.

Use Natural Healing to Improve Athletic Performance

Its recommend that any person wishing to improve their tennis game or athletic performance use Natural Healing to clear toxins out of their body and follow a comprehensive rebuilding program to strengthen the organs, glands and tissues. The difference can be amazing.

To learn more about the vibrational readings that Hanna Kroeger Healer performs for people in Canada and the United States please see the vibrational readings cost and benefits section.