The Way of Natural Healing by Hanna Kroeger Healer

A few years ago, there was an athletic man on a Canadian talk show who talked about how he ran every single day with such joy that he was not aware of fracturing many bones in his feet. 

Needless to say, he had to stop running for a short while after he learned of the tiny fractures. The focus of this newsletter is four fold, a discussion of the true origin of the symptom he mentioned on that show, its Healing, the way of Natural Healing as it relates to nature’s seasonal cycles and, and some in depth information on how the Vibrational Readings, Hanna Kroeger Healer performs, work.

The symptom this man had after running everyday was becoming “cold”. This isn’t just feeling “cold” in the muscles or bones when running, but feeling cold all the time.

The Symptoms of Aversion To Cold, Need of Warmth, Love of Heat

To be more precise about it, he manifested an aversion to cold or a need of heat or a love of heat. He chose to wear a wool sweater because of that aversion to cold. He wore it for two years!  He even wore it in the summer time! His patience for his Healing was extraordinary.

From a medical standpoint he may have developed an under active thyroid gland or hypothyroidism, but his symptom of needing warmth and feeling cold probably would not go away from just treating his thyroid medically and would probably be the fundamental cause of his thyroid becoming hypoactive in the first place.

Group of Cold Sensations: Common in The Elderly

The group of cold sensations: cold hands, cold feet, need of warmth, love of warmth, aversion to cold, fear of cold, are also extremely common in the elderly.  Elderly people, who have one of more of them, often need to have their food warm or hot all the time.  They rush to bring that meatloaf to the table as hot as can be, wanting to eat as soon as everything gets out of the oven. They also may love to eat warm or heated pies and avoid eating cold food at any cost.  Any of these cold sensation symptoms could have started when a person is in their 40’s and in a very subtle probably unnoticeable way.

Other Signs and Symptoms of Needing Internal Body Warmth

If you have a love of warmth, and are not aware of it, you may often feel a need to wear a sweater, love going to the sauna, or when something is being baked in the oven, and you open the door to check on things, you may notice that you feel good about that oven warmth, perhaps even feel like you want to live in the oven, wishing your whole residence was 400 degrees Fahrenheit!

Cold Clammy Sweaty Feeling After Exercise

Perhaps also after vigorous exercise when you have sweated significantly, you may have noticed a cold clammy sweaty feeling over your body, in particular your chest and back, and you cannot wait to get into dry clothes.  This is more noticeable in the winter. Perhaps you also dislike the cold winter weather, but dislike it even more when it’s cold and wet.

Based on his account on this now retired Vicki Gabereau daytime TV show, this athlete took some two years to Heal his aversion to cold! Why is that true?  What exactly causes an aversion to cold? How did this man Heal his need to stay warm all the time?

The True Cause of Needing Warmth

This man had created a deficiency of warming energy in his body, which is stored in his body and not necessarily directly related to his thyroid function.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s called Yang Energy. Because of his constant running everyday, he burned this energy up faster than replenishment from food or the seasons or from getting it from the sun. 

The Body’s Functions Are Governed by Different Energies

There is more than just physiology, natural hormones, and chemical reactions going on in your body.  Your body’s functions are governed by energies.  And there are many kinds of them.  Each organ has its own energy.  Besides that we have an internal warming energy as just discussed, and a cooling energy.

From a medical standpoint, there may be nothing wrong with frequently eating cold food, i.e. never heating foods up, but from an Energetic and realistic or practical point of view, there is much that can go wrong.  Your hormones could become imbalanced because of the resultant warming energy becoming used up and then deficient.

What Foods Naturally Increase Warming Energy

The abundance and accumulation of this warming energy is also naturally related to the current season you are in, and the foods you eat. In the winter you can get more of this warming energy by eating more onions, garlic, and ginger. In summer you naturally get more of this energy so you may want to reduce these foods. Other foods that are a source of the warming energy are butter, beef, lamb, and chicken. 

Cinnamon Is One of The Most Warming of Spices

Ever bake a pie with cinnamon, one of the most warming spices?  There’s an old cold remedy that use cinnamon twigs.  Cinnamon is used with good reason! Anytime you have a cold or feel cold, you could be using cinnamon to warm you up!  Clove is also a warming spice.

Summer Provides Yang Energy Naturally

Summer also provides this warming energy naturally by being in its presence.  In addition there is the sun just waiting to hand some of it over to you.

Do you feel better in the summer, and prefer the summer season?

In the summer time we use more foods such as fruits, watermelons, salads, and cold soups to keep us cool.  Health is just as much about balance with the seasons as it is about keeping in balance internally.

Eating Too Many Warming Foods Can Cause Insomnia

Almost everyone has imbalances. As anyone who has eaten too many warming foods such as onions without balancing them knows, their over-consumption can lead to insomnia.  In fact, it’s almost a certainty that many people are unnecessarily suffering from insomnia because of an over-abundance of this warming energy, not necessarily caused by eating onions, but perhaps by eating too many warming foods, too much beef, etc, and their body not being able to compensate for it internally.

Another Example of A Warming Energy Imbalance: Eating Spicy Foods Causing Insomnia

Have you ever gone out to eat a very spicy meal and found that you could not sleep at your usual time for a day or two or even a week after that?  You may have been left wondering what is mentally bothering you when in fact it was the spicy food you ate last week. Your acute insomnia could linger.

Some Cooling Foods To Balance The Warming

Were you attracted to eating oranges, apples, cantaloupe, yogurt, salads, cucumbers, avocados, tofu, spinach, pomegranate (also juice) and other energetically cooling foods until you were able to fall asleep at your regular time again?

The Impressive Healing of the Athlete

Getting back to the Athlete who wore a sweater for two years to Heal the aversion to cold he developed, what was impressive about this man’s Healing was the amount of patience, his relaxed nature, and his positive attitude towards Healing. 

What Healed The Athlete’s Aversion to Cold?

What probably Healed this aversion to cold over two years was his regular diet with perhaps some modification (including some more warming foods intuitively in the winter), proper rest, not over-exercising, and going through two summers to get that warming energy restored in his body.  The two-week period around the summer solstice is the most effective, opportune time to heal a deficiency of warming energy!

This example was chosen because of the profound long-term effect and necessity that the seasonal healing, true healing, has on the body and its internal energies.

Does Natural Healing Happen Overnight?

You may have the preconception that Natural Healing can happen overnight.  You probably got this preconception because taking pharmaceuticals like antibiotics when you were young usually made you feel better in a short time.  Then you may get mentally hooked on the idea that pharmaceuticals could help you quickly feel better. 

But if you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s, you may now understand the limits to medicine’s ability to help you stay well, and Heal or prevent some chronic medical condition, detoxify poisons out of your body, and strengthen and restore your immune system.  You may want your energy, your vitality, and your deep sleep back too.

How Natural Healing Works: The Circuit Breaker Analogy

Here’s an analogy to demonstrate to you what you can expect from Natural and Vibrational Healing. Have you ever seen an electrical switch box (also called circuit breaker panel) with its many switches and fuses? If you have ever blown an electrical breaker in your home, and tried to turn it back on, you know that it is actually a little difficult requiring some force to turn a switch back on.

Turning on a blown circuit breaker definitely isn’t like turning on a light switch. Natural Healing is like that because it often takes perseverance over several weeks to generate the force just to turn an internal switch back on.

An Example Relating Natural Healing of an Underactive Thyroid

Now imagine that in your body somewhere there is a circuit breaker panel, and there are some 2000 switches in it.   As we age, we blow some of these fuses, each and every year, but it isn’t until we hit our 30s, 40s or 50s, that we begin to notice there are a few “lights out”.  Then you may seek Natural Healing, because a lot of those “lights out” means you have some fatigue, are exhausted, or you can’t sleep well, or think as well.

Switching those circuit breakers back on takes some work!  And where do you start?  Which one do you turn on first? This analogy is a good one because it actually does take some force to turn a breaker back on.

To continue with this analogy, you can imagine grouping the switches that are off into categories of ill health, which Hanna Kroeger Healer uses in the Vibrational Readings. These categories are called the 7 Physical Causes of ill Health.

Those 7 Physical Causes of ill Health are

  1. Neglect
  2. Trauma
  3. Congestion
  4. Heavy Metal, Chemical and Environmental poisons
  5. Parasites
  6. Infection
  7. Miasma and Residue of Childhood Diseases

The Power and Intuition of the Vibrational Readings

Here’s an example of the power and intuition of the Vibrational Readings that Hanna Kroeger Healer performs.  Let’s say you are lucky enough to just have hypothyroidism, and you have heavy metal and chemical poisons (which almost everyone does nowadays), and a fungal and low-grade infection.  There is congestion in the thyroid gland: fungal, chemical and metal poisons and all the endocrine glands are under functioning, and not in sync. That means the pituitary (in your brain), the thyroid, and the adrenals are under functioning and not talking to each other properly. Those under functioning endocrine glands explain your fatigue, being prone to exhaustion, and poor sleep. 

The pituitary, by the way, makes TSH, or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, which tells the thyroid to produce more thyroid hormone. Doctors nowadays test your TSH to see if your thyroid is normal, and most doctors will wait until it reaches a critical level before prescribing thyroid medication for an underactive thyroid.

Other specific symptoms a person such as this may have are: you frequently have infections, poor sleep, some weight gain, trouble losing weight, non sustained energy during the day, high cholesterol, and you have no energy for exercise.

What Would a Vibrational Reading to Heal the Thyroid Look Like?

Would the Vibrational Readings just point to rebuilding and turning on all the endocrine glands first and then start detoxifying your body from there?  Or would they point to turning the endocrine glands on just enough to improve the metabolism, and then deal with all the poisons that your body wants to get rid of, and then keep working to get your organs back into balance, heal your digestion, and even your digestive tract?

To continue to use the analogy of our circuit breaker, lets say there are 20 switches pertaining to your thyroid that are off, and that you need to turn back on to get your thyroid completely working again.  What would happen if you tried to switch them all back on at once?  Well, if we continue with our circuit breaker analogy, it’s physically very, very hard to push 20 switches back on, all at the same time!

A Thyroid That Hasn’t Worked Completely For Over 10 Years

Lets say it’s been about 10 years since your thyroid actually worked well, completely by itself. The reason it’s so hard to turn those 20 switches back on, realistically is because fixing the thyroid completely, while it would give you the energy back you want, is highly likely to generate energy that would not last at all!  There are almost always going to be other priorities before getting your whole endocrine glands working again.

Consider it a gift if you can’t turn those switches back on!  Those 20 circuits might all blow again, and you would have 5 other thyroid circuits blow as well, making your situation even worse.  The reason is fixing your thyroid can causes your body to turn every cell on completely, burning up fat, and increasing carbohydrate metabolism, and also turning on your body’s ability to detoxify full throttle. The detoxification part can be the most difficult and limiting part.

How do we keep the same poisons (toxins) that the thyroid gland has thrown out, and since its working full throttle now, is also asking your body to throw out from all your cells, from re-circulating, interfering and shutting it back down?

How do we keep those poisons from just going to some other organ and causing congestion there too?

How are those poisons going to get out of the body?

Is your liver up to par to do this detoxification?

Do your organs of digestion need some rebuilding before your endocrine glands?

What nutrients and supplements will you need?

What order do you need to take these supplements?

Are you exercising to naturally increase your body’s ability to detoxify?

To use our circuit breaker analogy again, what kind of internal rewiring has your body done in the last 10 years that you may not be aware of which makes it difficult to turn your thyroid back on completely?

These decisions are taken care of by the Vibrational Reading, to provide a plan to rebalance your body and to provide you with the energy and supplements in the correct order to feel better as quickly as possible, deal with symptoms first, all the while getting those poisons out of your body comfortably.  And getting some of these poisons out and rebuilding your organs and glands takes time, patience, perseverance, focus, perhaps regular exercise, and last but certainly not least, a positive attitude!

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