Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information

Q. Do I need to be present to have a reading?

No. It is not necessary for you to be present.  Even if you are present it is necessary to pick up on your vibration by focusing my mind on that intention. Picking up your vibration can be done at a long distance all around the world. Usually I prefer to speak with a client briefly over the telephone to make it easy to pick up your vibration. I may also have seen you in person before as well.

Q. Why do you not use or need a client's saliva for a reading?

I was trained by the Reverend Hanna Kroeger and two clairvoyants in Canada. The sole purpose of the saliva is to be able to dowse it for the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health.  The Reverend Hanna Kroeger would do a psychometric readings over saliva or live over the telephone speaking to the person without any saliva..  The single commonality between these two is focus and intent. Focus and intent allows one to focus and therefore pick up on a person's vibration to pick up the Aura's Energies.  The saliva can be two weeks old, and your body may have changed slightly in that time, so it is not the saliva that is being tested, its actually your vibration that is being picked up, no matter where you are.

Q. What is the average time to cleanse parasites and what kind of supplements will show up for me on a Parasite Cleanse?

Most people who come to see me have several parasites, such as roundworms, and then also the microscopic ones such as cryptosporidium, giardia, protozoans.

Some people have both a tapeworm, and roundworms.

The parasite cleanses are long-term gentle cleanses with formulas to support rectifying any imbalances along the way. They are NOT heroic, 30 day take 100 pills a day cleanses, because the body will likely not be able to deal with the die-off, there are energetic issues to be solve first, and the parasites will just come back again anyway in this case.

That being said, a tape worm cleanse can take anywhere from 30-90 days with the average recommendation being 60 days, of taking a supplement to destroy the tapeworm.

A commitment is required because once the cleanse is started, it should not be stopped due to constant egg hatching.

It's important to state that some people have some kind of digestive imbalance, and need help to detoxify heavy metals as well sometimes before, sometimes during the cleanse.

Parasite cleanses often have additional supplements to make them work fully, like a liver supplement, and additional supplements to detoxify the die-off.

Some people can have a Candida Infection along with a parasite infection, and the cleanse is more sophisticated to deal with the parasites, while not entrenching the candida infection.

Some people will already have immune deficiency due to the parasites, and need additional supplement to support and rebuild the immunity along the way.

Sometimes you just have to deal with the Candida Infection first, and be patient about achieving much better health.

This sophistication of the VRSP given for a parasite cleanse allows the client to work more easily, earn an income, and continue with the cleanse on a daily basis.

We give you a plan to kill the parasites, and stay well, NOT a plan to kill the parasites, and hurt the host!

You don't have to take time off of work just to do the cleanse, but you do need to be able to consume clean water daily, and perhaps do a little work to ensure your digestion is great.

So, how long does a typical roundworm cleanse take?

A roundworm cleanse can take anywhere from 2-5 months with concurrent rebuilding, and detoxification. As mentioned above several different supplements are taken, and there is concurrent detoxification.

Appropriate professional supplementation is used to keep the channels of elimination open.

Many people have taken incomplete cleanses, that don't get rid of them all, and have never considered rebuilding. This leaves you open to them growing back again, and a energetically weakened body.

Some people have taken parasite cleanses which are supposed to kill all of them: roundworms, and tapeworm at the same time, and we believe this is a dangerous proposition for an already toxic body. Often the problem with low-quality cleanses is that the parasites in the migrating stage are not destroyed, only to hatch again in the intestines.

Are there any contraindications for doing a Parasite Cleanse?

Women who are pregnant or who are currently seeking to get pregnant should not undertake a parasite cleanse.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Results will typically occur within the first 2 weeks of starting to take the anti-parasite formulas. Some of the first signs can be a feeling of something "popping" in the abdomen, and finding dead roundworms in inside of the stool. These looks like long strings of bean sprouts, or long-thin toothpicks.

Is One Reading Enough to Clear a Tapeworm and Roundworms Together?

A VRSP normally lasts 5+ months, but some have been done which are over 6 months long. The precise number of days depends just on what is created and which is needed by the client.

The plus sign in the 5+ months indicates that a VRSP is not set up perfectly to only contain 5 months. It really ends when the last Stage of the VRSP ends and the goal is completed.

And since the client's goals are taken account, and other manifested or unmanifested health issues are also taken into account, especially if they are urgent the VRSP length can vary.

It's therefore possible that a tapeworm cleanse can take 5 months, and the additional cleanse for the Roundworms is too long to fit into one reading because there needs to be additional rebuilding after a tapeworm cleanse. Therefore an additional VRSP needs to purchased. Please keep in mind that the cleanse is designed to work as quickly as possible, and be as cost-effective as possible. Any travel requirements also need to be planned ahead of time to ensure the success of the cleanse. Travel during a cleanse, for example visiting family, or relocation to another geographic area for temporary living may require additional supplements to stablize the body.

If I start a VRSP to Cleanse Parasites will I necessarily start the Cleansing Right Away?

Since a VRSP can clear many different causes of ill Health, and if there is an urgent need to Heal something else, you may not start the anti-parasite formulas right away.

For example if the reproductive system of a woman needs assistance because of an HPV infection, or some work to fix the cycle is needed, some formulas will be given for that.

For a man, perhaps the function of the prostate needs to be improved, and some fungus cleansed before the anti-parasite herbs are taken.

For both sexes, the use of rebuilding supplements at the beginning may be needed to ensure the success of the cleanse. This could be for 2 weeks, or 1 months.

There is no set one-size-fit- all supplement plan for a tapeworm or roundworm cleanse. Each client is very different with different constitutions, blood type, prior existing conditions, and symptoms. Every Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan comes out differently for each client. Each plan is completely individualized. These cleanses are often very sophisticated and lengthy and as such they can involve the transitions of the seasons as well. Many factors, some unknown and subtle are often taken into account while doing a professional parasite cleanse by Hanna Kroeger Healer. For more detailed information on the Vibrational Reading Supplement Plans, please see this page: VRSP Details

Why is it so important to test on Supplements I am using in a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan (VRSP).

Many people who come to me are using supplements, which are of high quality, with organic ingredients, hypoallergenic, and often pretty expensive.

On the one hand, a supplement can be essential to daily health, but on the other hand its ingredients could test negative. A vibrationally negative resonance. This does happen.

This supplement could be changed to something that is more resonant, more long-term and perhaps less costly.

More often though with clients, a supplement is just low resonance, and is of no real value in helping the client regain health, detoxify, rebuild tissues, restore energy to the tissues

People who are often taking glandulars may find that the professional supplements manufactured by Systemic Formulas and used with clients are more effective, and they test more vibrationally resonant with the person. If a supplement is more vibrationally resonant it will benefit the client.

Occasionally clients will be using supplements which are highly resonant, and they are very helpful short term and long-term.

We check for both Hanna's Herb Shop® supplements, and the Systemic Formulas®, because Hanna's supplements are great for removing viruses right away, specific parasites, rather than a group of parasites, and can make it much easier for the client to stay well while cleansing. Systemic formulas can be used to strengthen organ and tissues, and balance energies as well.

With over 200 supplements in the Systemic Formulas line, there are a variety of supplements to help the client get well.

Occasionally we do test a client on other high quality supplements available at on-line stores and use them in a reading. These are available at great on-line stores in the USA, and Canada.

I've done a lot of Candida Cleanses  and Heavy Metal Cleanses over the years, to get rid of Candida. What makes your approach different and work?

Most people approach a candida infection eradication, as kill Candida in the gut, blow it up, and deal with the detoxification needed.

This methodology usually has serious repercussions, such as burning in eyes, because the liver energy is low to begin with, or kidney pain because metals are being thrown off into the body.

But there is a different approach that can be used first, and that is rebuilding and re-energizing, and concurrent detoxification to cause cleansing which comes from the fact that a bona-fide Candida infection is really an Energy Deficit Disease.

Can I Purchase a VRSP and then start 2 weeks later?

Yes. If you purchase the VRSP, you can ask to set a start date 2-3 weeks later.

If you want to start immediately, the only time would be a 2 days wait for the VRSP to be done, assuming it can be scheduled for the next day after payment, and the report to be emailed to you in pdf format, and of course the wait for the supplements to be shipped to you.

To start the process of requesting a VRSP, please follow the link to Read the Request a Get Acquainted Session Telephone Appt web page.

How Do I Find Out More About the Vibrational Reading Supplement Plans?

More details on the Vibrational Reading Supplement Plans can be found here: VRSP Details.

More details on the Vibrational Readings in general.