How To Use Circu Flow®, Heart Disease and Adverse Reaction or Side Effects to the Circu Flow® Kroeger Herb® Product

About Circu Flow and Coronary Artery Disease

The Kroeger Herb® product called Circu Flow is an excellent balanced Herbal Formula for cleansing the arteries and veins, and is particularly effective for cleansing the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries are those arteries which directly feed the heart muscle itself rather than for example arteries which feed your legs, your liver, or any other gland, organ, or part of your body. Coronary Artery disease (CAD) is common in Americans and Canadians. CAD accounts for a great percentage of Heart Disease patients, Heart Attacks and a great many deaths each year as well. CAD is also a cause of Heart Failure, usually a progressive disease in which the Heart slowly fails to do its job of pumping life-sustaining blood and oxygen to every part of the body. The Heart pumps blood through a network of vessels that are 60,000 miles-long (97,000 kilometers long).

Disclaimer about using Circu-Flow

This web page is for people who are currently taking, have taken, or wish to take the Circu Flow formula to cleanse the Coronary Arteries and also the whole Artery and Vein vessels in the body. Another reason for this web page is to explain why performing long term work by asking for a Vibrational Reading is much more wise and will succeed in Healing many forms of diagnosed or undiagnosed Heart Disease.

Medical Disclaimer

Please note the information on this web page is not an endorsement of the Circu Flow product for any particular purpose. Please also note that the information contained here is also not intended as medical advice, and is not to be taken as medical advice in any way. There are many types of Heart Disease and causes of Heart Disease. If you wish a diagnosis of Heart Disease of any kind you may wish to visit your physician and a cardiologist for medical testing. The information here is mainly about Coronary Artery Disease, its diagnosis, symptoms of Heart Disease in women, and the use of Vibrational Readings to Heal certain types of medically diagnosed and undiagnosed Heart Disease. Always discuss the use of Herbal Formulas with your doctor before proceeding on a program of Natural Healing.

Vibrational Compatibility (Vibrational Resonance)

Sometimes Herbal Formulas do not work because they are mismatched to current health difficulties or priorities, and sometimes Herbal Formulas can make someone worse. Most of the time people are taking only marginally (10-20%) effective programs based on one or more herbal formulas.

Vibrational resonance or compatibility is extremely important and essential.

Sometimes Herbal Formulas succeed in solving Health Issues which are not even seemingly related to the original purpose of the Herbal Formula. Solving a seemingly unrelated and seemingly minor even unsymptomatic Health Issue can begin a process of Healing Heart Disease.

This seemingly unrelated Healing as well as synergism, and timing with the change of seasons is a fundamental aspect of Vibrational Readings and also an important aspect of Healing any medical disease, including Heart Disease. Hanna Kroeger Healer will explain how Vibrational Readings can help the Healing of certain types of Heart Disease with the proper use of the Circu-Flow formula. Hanna Kroeger Healer will also explain how to typically use the Circu-Flow formula properly. Long-term healing is an essential aspect of Vibrational Readings. The Healing in a Vibrational Reading lasts a minimum of 9 months.

Many people may wish to take this formula to prevent any recommended or required medical procedure or surgery such as an angioplasty, or bypass surgery, or the placement of a stent in one or more of the coronary arteries. Most people who require angioplasty or bypass surgery may have been taking statin drugs or other cholesterol lowering drugs to prevent the arterial plaque from growing. A small amount of people may have familial hypercholesterolemia, a genetic disorder in which cholesterol levels are chronically very high. Hanna Kroeger Healer's Vibrational Reading allow other causes of Ill Health that are contributing to Heart Disease to be Healed.

How the Circu Flow Formula is Normally Taken

The Circu Flow bottle contains 270 capsules, and the formula is recommended by Kroeger Herb® Products to be taken 3 capsules 3 times daily before meals with 2 Table spoons Aloe Vera Gel. The 2 Table spoons of Aloe Vera Gel is normally taken with each 3 caps of Circu Flow and also 3 times daily. The Aloe Vera Gel is also manufactured by Kroeger Herb® Products.

Kroeger Herb® Aloe Vera Gel is also intended to and may also help to Heal the Arteries during and after the Circu Flow cleansing process. Using a different Aloe Vera Gel than Kroeger Herb® usually alters the dosage of the Aloe Vera Gel.

Each bottle of Kroeger Herb® Aloe Vera Gel contains 32 Fluid Oz, and 3 bottles are normally required at the dosage of Aloe Vera Gel just mentioned. This is an example of cleansing and rebuilding at the same time. If there is more damage to the Arteries slower cleansing will be needed. Slower cleansing means that likely more than 3 bottles of Kroeger Herb® Aloe Vera Gel will be needed.

An Proper Way to use the Circu Flow Formula

Notice above I carefully choose the wording, "intended to", and "may also help" to Heal the Arteries. Every person is unique. Artery disease is also about inflammation and there is much that medical science has not yet understood about Healing Cardiovascular Disease or preventing Cardiovascular Disease. The reason for the difficulty is because medical disease in the Cardiovascular system does not exist in isolation of disease in other parts of the body or in the whole body especially after a person's age reaches 50. This is also especially true when a person has more than one medical disease. Usually a person's digestion and dietary habits are also to blame. Usually there are also liver and gallbladder problems and also inflammation.

Cleansing the arteries at the rate recommended above may not be appropriate, i.e. it is always wise to start slowly and then increase, especially if you are over 30! If you visualize one artery as a water pipe that somehow has a gumming material stuck to its insides, ask yourself the question, if I take this gumming material out all at once, how can it exit the body entirely?. It may need to be processed to a safer material, it may need to go through your liver, and in some form it may need to eventually make it through to your bowels and be evacuated out. Aloe Vera Gel also has an significant laxative effect on the body which will most likely be beneficial in the cleanse.

For some people, the dosage of Aloe Vera Gel may have to be reduced because of a cooling effect or a laxative effect and therefore the dosage of the Circu Flow may have to be reduced as well. That means a longer cleansing period.

For some people there is so much Artery and Vein damage and congestion that a normal course of 30 days treatment may need to be done up to 6 times, and most likely not in succession.

The length and complexity of the Circu Flow cleanse depends on the severity of any medical disease, your liver's ability to detoxify, any bowel or intestinal problems, the amount of active low-grade inflammation in your body, the amount of damage to the blood vessels, and many other possible factors. Artery disease is also about damage to the Artery walls as well as plaquing of the Artery Walls.

Often times, a simple additional supplement or two will come up in a Vibrational Reading that will allow not only a much smoother process in Healing the Arteries and Veins without any adverse reactions, but also a more successful Healing.

One of the purposes of a Vibrational Reading is to find those additional supplements, determine the appropriate amount of time Circu-Flow that can be taken and the frequency and dosage with which it can be taken.

Here's an example of the effect of the change of seasons on performing a circu-flow cleanse: its possible that whilst beginning the Circu-Flow product at a low dose and a change in season occurs, the dosage of the Circu-Flow can be increased, and the requirement for an additional supplement may be reduced. The reverse can also happen. Success or failure in Healing the blood vessels may be a direct result of taking some other supplements in conjunction with the Circu-Flow cleanse.

Using Circu Flow Formula without Aloe Vera Gel

Using the Circu Flow herbal formula without Aloe Vera Gel is strongly not advised unless recommended by Hanna Kroeger Healer in a reading. Its possible that a reading will give some information about dosages whereby in the morning or evening just the Circu Flow pills be taken on their own. However this is an individual reading.

Taking the Circu Flow and the Aloe Vera cleanse without a complete program addressing liver, colon, digestion will only give marginal results. Your body will not completely cleanse the plaque without a synergistic program, and you will most likely will just end up strengthening your Heart instead.

Heavy Metal Poisoning and Cleansing with Circu Flow

Its is also possible and highly likely in certain people with Heavy Metal Poisoning that a much slower progression of Circu Flow combined with heavy metal detoxification may be required. This particular requirement is necessary due to heavy metal poisoning which is common, and to most importantly prevent any recirculating Heavy Metal poisons. For some people bowel issues, intestinal issues, transit time, and liver weakness will have to be dealt with first before any type of cleansing. The possibilities are truly endless.

For example, taking 2 caps Circu-Flow 2-4 times a day with an appropriate amount of Aloe Vera Gel may be initially recommended for a 40 year old man and possibly women too. This dosage and frequency (number of times per day) may be required for several days and perhaps weeks. The dosage can depend on your exercise level and your level of fitness among many other factors already mentioned. The Circu-Flow formula is not a substitute for exercise. Visualize the arteries becoming free of the gumming on their inner surface, and therefore only a smaller amount can come out initially and then you can proceed faster. Hence the need for a smaller dosage.

For some with a great deal of blockage in the coronary arteries for example over 75%, a dosage of only 2 caps once a day for several weeks is the most appropriate. There may be a danger to using a dosage that is larger than your body can process. If this low dosage is required, then there will surely be more supplements to take to stabilize the body before and during the Circu Flow Cleanse.

Adverse Reactions for Circu Flow Cleansing with Pharmaceuticals

Hanna Kroeger Healer readings also indicate that for people who are regularly taking certain pharmaceuticals Circu-Flow may not work at all, and people will have adverse reactions by taking Circu-Flow.

If you are taking pharmaceuticals, you are strongly advised to discuss the possibility of taking the Circu Flow cleanse with your medical doctor or specialist who prescribed the medications. This medical supervision is also recommended when a Vibrational Reading is given.

Rebuilding During and After Circu-Flow Cleansing

It may be necessary to take just the Aloe Vera Gel and some other Natural Supplements after the Circu Flow Cleanse is finished. The purpose of this post-cleansing is to provide a period of rebuilding. For some people, rebuilding must take place during the Circu Flow cleansing process and also afterward as well. A vibrational readings can show a period of cleansing, a period of rebuilding, a period of rebuilding the liver, then a period of tonification of the bowels, and then a period cleansing again, and so on.

Meal Timing of Circu Flow Cleansing

The recommendation to take Circu Flow before meals often means taking the dosages 1 hour before meals, or 1 hour after meals for most people. If a dosage is taken 1 hour after meals that dosage should still be 1 hour before the next meal. In other words there should be at least 2 hours between meals. Depending on the speed of a person's digestion, and the ability to follow the rules of food combining to speed up digestion, the rule of 2 hours between meals may need to be lengthened. This two hour rule may also limit the number of times a day you may take the Circu Flow formula, especially for people with under-active adrenals, diabetes, or hypoglycemia. Timing before or after meals is very important. I recommend my clients get a simple pocket or key-chain timer that costs about $8-$10. A regular routine and patience is very important and mandatory when doing long-term Healing work with Vibrational Reading in Healing the Heart and its network of vessels. The same is true for any other type of Healing.

Other Cleansing Reactions

Its important to note here that a cleansing reaction is not the same as an adverse reaction. So, having explained that dosages may vary by the individual, it would make sense that not taking the correct dosage especially at the beginning may cause you to have an avoidable cleansing reaction. It is also possible for you to feel some temporary memory loss or brain symptoms while the cleanse is taking place. It may not be at all appropriate to expect yourself to perform at full intensity "brain wise".

Hanna Kroeger Healer recommends that clients who are taking pharmaceuticals perform the Circu Flow Cleanse only with prior approval of your medical doctor, and perhaps even with the active supervision of your doctor as well. Certain medications may contain small amounts of metals which may be disposed of in the body quickly but which may be kicked around by the Circu Flow Cleanse. Additionally those people who are on antihypertensives (blood-pressure lowering medications) may require a gradual reduction of the dosage. Some people who are prescribe antihypertensives may also be prescribed diuretics.

Current State of Art in Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis

Please note again the information on this web page may not be up to date and is not to be used as medical advice. The Science of Cardiology and the medical diagnostic methods are constantly changing and undergoing much research. The current state of the art in Coronary Artery Disease diagnosis is cardiac catheterization, also called an Angiogram or Coronary Angiogram. A catheter is often inserted in an artery in the mid-section and is threaded to the heart. A die is injected and used to monitor any visible plaquing of the coronary arteries. An angiogram is therefore a radiological invasive study of the coronary arteries. Some people show very little or no blockage of the Coronary Arteries when in fact they may have systemic atherosclerosis. Systemic atherosclerosis means you have plaquing of the arteries throughout the body. In other words, you have a false negative from the medical test angiogram.

According to Dr. Steven E. Nissen, Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, Angiography does not tell the whole story, i.e. it does not show all the damage in the coronary arteries, nor show systemic atherosclerosis by principle. Dr. Nissen helped pioneer IVUS, intravascular ultrasound. Dr. Nissen demonstrated that even though an angiogram could show only a few blockages, there could be plaques everywhere in the body in the upper and lower extremities.

Women, Heart Attacks and Heart Disease

According to some current day medical thinking, Heart disease in women is a silent killer with symptoms that are difficult to recognize. I believe that some of these symptoms may often be ignored for common every day ailments. A Heart Attack is not evident because of the common expectation of the crushing chest pain thought to be a sign of a Heart Attack. a Heart Attack can occur when one or more of the major arteries which feed the Heart Muscle are blocked. Heart Disease is still the number one killer among women.

Heart Disease Research Focuses on Women

Heart disease research is focusing on women now. Almost 1/2 million women die of heart disease each year in America. Its the number one killer of women today. Women are much more likely to die of Heart disease than breast cancer. Women have reduced rates of Heart Disease until they enter and go through menopause. The reason may be the reduced bodily storage of iron during the menses. According to medical thinking, once a women goes through menopause within ten years the heart disease rates are caught up to those of men. Women may often have silent heart attacks or mild attacks.

Possible Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Women

  • little bit of jaw pain
  • little bit of shoulder pain
  • little bit of back pain
  • pain radiating down the arm
  • listlessness
  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath
  • pain that feels like stomach indigestion
  • night sweats, or waking up in the night sweating
  • aversion to cold (Yang deficiency)
If you feel that you have had a Heart Attack, IMMEDIATELY go to your nearest emergency room for an exam.

TCM Subtle Symptom Clues of Heart Disease

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers at least one important sign of heart disease, in particular Coronary Artery Disease. When the heart is disturbed, for example there is a lack of adequate oxygen to the heart muscle, there can be disturbing dreams during the night, inability to sleep. This is insomnia related to Heart Disease. Sometimes if you go running, walking, or power walking you may feel out of breath and think nothing of it. It can however be your heart telling you it is unable to pump enough blood to keep up with the activity level. Once the plaquing in your coronary arteries reaches a certain percentage, you will begin to feel some symptoms.

Women and ECG (electrocardiograms)

Some women have an ECG (electro-cardiogram) that is normal but there is actually underlying Coronary Artery Disease. Current medical thinking about symptoms of Heart Disease in women is that two-thirds of women who die of a heart attack never have had symptoms of Heart Disease.

Hanna Kroeger Healer believes that "lack of typical symptoms" in women is more of a question of the existence and awareness of the subtle symptoms women experience.

Hanna Kroeger Healer also believes these symptoms can change during the differing seasons, intensifying or diminishing as well. This makes it more difficult for women to detect bodily symptoms of heart disease depending on how in touch they are with their body.

Hanna Kroeger Healer believes most people are not sufficiently in touch with their heart physically or emotionally: their heart's desire, and therefore their heart's physical symptoms. Palpitations may also be one of the first notable signs of Heart Disease of any kind, but especially Coronary Artery Disease. Palpitations are sensations of forceful beatings of the heart, or a sensation of your heart beating that you would normally not hear during the typical noisy day.

At night however, when there is quiet, you may notice the palpitations more readily. The heart is an "emotional" as well as a physical organ. I believe matters of the heart, prejudice, emotional discomfort, excessive and prolonged grieving can result in accelerated Heart Disease.

Infection of the Heart Muscle

It may not be commonly known that infections past and present can play a part in damaging the Heart Muscle subtly or obviously. The classic common example is Rheumatic Heart Fever which typically starts with a strep infection, usually requiring antibiotics, and may damage the heart valves. The cumulative effect of uncontrolled, unknown, and possibly unsymptomatic infections can damage the Heart Muscle. Be aware that lymph node enlargement may also be a sign of your body fighting an infection.

Some obvious symptoms of damage to the Heart Muscle may be a feeling of shortness of breath, a feeling of reduced ability to breath fully, a feeling of lack of oxygen, dizziness, lightheadedness perhaps especially during physical activity.

Other Potential Risk Factors for Heart Disease

An underfunctioning gallbladder or gallbladder disease may be a potent and therefore significant instigator and contributor of Heart Disease. The gallbladder is a sac that lies underneath the liver which stores bile fluid for use in the digestive process. Since the body contains energy meridians which feed organs, the liver-gall-bladder pair being one of them, then it makes sense that energetically the gall-bladder's function can be disturbed. In fact people who have trouble getting to sleep between 11pm and 1am may have difficulty with the body's ability to digest fatty foods due to an underfunctioning gallbladder. The culprit may also be eating too many fatty meals before evening sleep, and lack of sufficient and suitable physical activity. It may just be common sense that eating fatty foods with an under-functioning gallbladder may cause excessive fats to enter the blood vessels and contribute to atherosclerosis (plaquing of the arteries). I believe that with additional problems of calcium metabolism, heavy metals intoxication, an large bowel needing tonfication, the plaquing of arteries is certain to occur.

For more information about Heart Disease in America, purchase the DVD from PBS video:

The Video Preview is no longer available but here is the link to the original web site "The Hidden Epidemic - Heart Disease in America: Video Preview"

Some transcripts are still available here: : "The Hidden Epidemic - Heart Disease in America". There are 10 Chapters, and the total length is over 1 hour. This program contains excellent graphical representations of the coronary arteries, cholesterol in the blood, and the use of statin drugs to diminish blood cholesterol. A 40+ year old female patient with familial hypercholesterolemia, the treatment involved, and resultant Heart Disease is also is examined.

For more information on the producer of the above PBS documentary and what purposes she had for creating the documentary, visit: Elizabeth Arledge: Meet the Producer at pbs .org.

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