Candida Cleanse Diet

Here is information for you which you can use to reduce candida in your bowels, and get yourself out of constipation.

Note that when Candida is long-term and keeps recurring you need to look into a vibrational reading to begin Healing Candida with Bio-Energetic supplements.

Follow Food Combining Strictly

The most important thing about the candida cleanse diet is to follow food combining as strictly as possible.

Food combining allows your digestion to improve, and very quickly reduce the ability of yeast in your intestines to feed on anything you eat. When you follow food combining you may feel like you did not eat anything. This is a good feeling.

The results of food combining will be evident after 3-6 weeks. The longer you practice food combining, the better for your liver and your gut. The yeast in the intestines will dry up. When the yeast dry up they will not be fed anymore, and they will starve, and thus they will not exert their toxins which produce all the symptoms.

For further information read Natural Healing with Food Combining

Foods You Can Eat on an Anti-Candida Diet

  • Meats/Fish

    • Red Meat
    • Fish
      • Sockeye Salmon (Fresh)
      • Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon
      • Pink Salmon
      • Mackerel
      • Cod
      • Tilapia
      • Tuna (Albacore) May Be Limited Due to Mercury Contamination
      • Tuna Flaked White (Watch Out For Soy Based Broth)
      • Rainbow Trout
      • Shrimp (caution as can be contaminated)
    • Poultry
      • Turkey (No Skin)
      • Chicken (No Skin)
        The quality of chicken can vary widely because of the toxins in the meat. Some chicken is cheaper and contains more toxins. Antibiotic free is better.
  • Vegetables

    • Cruciferous
      • Broccoli
      • Cauliflower
      • Bok Choy
      • Gai Lan
      • Cabbage (if on your blood type)
      • Kale (well cooked in soups is good)
    • Carrots
    • Turnips
    • Green Beans
    • Peas Frozen (these may be too sweat)
    • Parsley (in soups)
    • Cilantro (in soups)
    • Peppers (Green, Yellow, Red)
    • Squash (be careful of digestibility)
    • Zucchini
    • Lettuce (Green Leaf, Romaine)
    • Beets (like potatoes though, see below)
    • Tomatoes
      • stewed tomatoes are often good
      • raw tomatoes may be too difficult to digest, although great for alkalizing the diet
      • can feed candida though because of their acidity
  • Oils

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
      (use only cold pressed extra virgin only) high quality (this is anti-fungal), use a few teaspoons on food to make it more palatable
    • Flax Oil, use Raw and not for cooking
    • Sesame Seed Oil
    • Peanut Oil (usually for a short period)
      A few people will not test on EVOO, and need some other oil.
  • Nuts

    • Almonds Raw (use sparingly if you feel malaise- contain invisible mycotoxins)
    • Almonds put in water for 8 hours makes them more digestible and can reduce toxins
    • Hazelnuts (Filberts) may be fine, but be cautious of their digestibility, and rotate
  • Seeds

    • Pumpkin Seeds (use carefully due to fat content)
      - are high in zinc
  • Jams and Berries (see comments at end)

    • Blueberry Jam
    • Blueberries (Fresh)
    • Raspberry Jams
    • Blackberry Jams
    • Apricot Jam
    • Morello Cherry Jam
    • Peach Jam
  • Yogurt

    - Use Natural Probiotic low fat (3.9% or less) and non-sweetened. Generally speaking the less ingredients the better.
    Vanilla yogurts sometimes can be more digestible.
  • Garlic

    • may be ok, but may be too powerful, use with caution
    • look at your tongue coating after eating garlic since you can have a reaction
  • Onions

  • Apples

  • Fruits

    • Cantaloupes (freshest possible, as the skin may contain moulds)
    • Kiwi (may be fine)
    • Grapes (Organic only, red preferred)
    • Pears
    • Mangoes
    • Papayas
    • Peaches
    • Nectarines
    • Citrus
      • Oranges (use with caution)
      • Lemons, Limes
      • Grapefruits (good for the gallbladder)
  • Fruit Juices

    • not advisable due to pasteurization and sugar content
    • freshly squeezed and small amount may be acceptable
  • Cheeses

    • Cheese are usually contraindicated on a Candida diet, however some may be beneficial for the calcium and benefiting the heart
  • Soy

    • Eating small amounts of soy may be fine as long at as it’s pure and in a meal with veggies, but most clients to not test on Soy at all, and it affects the thyroid gland.
    • Soy based products should generally be avoided though.
    • Soy Drinks usually DO NOT test for a client either.
  • Rice

    • Some Rice may be fine, however caution is in order as these are high glycemic index
    • Brown rice often contains mycotoxins (mould toxins) which can make you feel worse
  • Rye Bread

    • may be fine as long as its natural. E.g. some are sold in plastic packages with slices of 12 and contain many preservatives, depends what you can tolerate
    • some rye bread is not yeasted, such as sourdough rye and that is best
    • some people will not be able to eat any flour based products, rice, or soy for the first 6 weeks

It’s usually a good idea to remove the skin on poultry because you may be unable to digest the fat due to a weak gallbladder.

Berries are often very beneficial for people who have candida, and if they can be put in pure yogurt you may be able to tolerate the sugar. Some are available pre-blended in the USA. The berries provide energy to different organs. Blueberries may be the best for Candida because most people have weak kidneys causing chronic candida.

Some foods may be too cooling for you, such as citrus, mangoes, guava, papaya, as they may not be grown locally and used out of season for most of the year.

Other General Rules While On the Cleanse

  1. Avoid exposure to perfumes
  2. Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke
  3. Make sure to stay in well ventilated rooms
  4. Be cautious about being exposed to mould spores in your home, or at work coming from the air vents
  5. Sleep with your bedroom windows open and with adequate ventilation
  6. Stay away from car exhaust
  7. Avoid exposure to household chemicals of any kind
  8. Find out the sources of formaldehyde in your home (this is usually from modern furniture not made from real wood), like desks and cabinets, and remove them from your residence. Your exposure to them will keep candida fungus growing in your body, and will hinder your healing!
  9. Use a Natural Laundry Detergent with no scent
  10. Use only Natural Clothing such as 80-100% cotton, avoid 'easy care', 'wrinkle-resistant', 'durable-press' treated clothing which may be exposed to formaldehyde.
  11. Don't move in to, or live in a residence with new carpeting, or new building materials, or recently renovated.
  12. Avoid using paraffin wax candles
  13. Avoid stores in malls with high chemical exposure
  14. Make sure you have at least one bowel movement a day
    (if your bowel movement is late in the morning you need help)
  15. Avoid Raw Food
  16. Cook your Food Well (since your digestion may be weak)
  17. Watch for an over-beating heart after eating certain foods. This may indicate an allergy or food sensitivity.
  18. Rotate your food groups as much as possible.
  19. If you are being exposed to mold spores from inner walls of bathroom for example, remediate as soon as possible, or move to a better residence.

Avoid These Foods

  • Breads

    • Rice Bread
    • White Bread
    • Whole Wheat
    • Some Fresh Store Purchased Breads contain sugar and could cause you to have symptoms
  • Potatoes

    • May Increase your candida yeast Infection
  • Nuts

    • Cashews (high in mycotoxins)
    • Peanuts (high in mycotoxins)
    • Peanut Butter (high in mycotoxins) even the natural stuff
  • Nut Butters

    • Nut Butters often have more concentrated toxins, and should be used sparingly. They will often make your pancreas worse over the long-term because of the need for it to digest these kinds of concentrated fats.
  • Chips

    • Potato Chips (constipating and hard on the gallbladder)
    • Corn Chips (constipating and mycotoxins)
    • Chip Snacks
  • Vinegars, or other similar Condiments
  • Pasta’s and Flours

Other Considerations on a Candida Cleanse Diet

It’s important to find out your blood type diet while you are on a cleanse. Your blood type can tell you which foods may be good for you on a long-term basis, and which ones are not good for you on a long-term basis. For example, chicken is ok for many blood types, but is not ok for Blood Type B.

As you can read in this testmonial, the use of the Blood Type Diet to Heal a Candida Infection, and rotating foods can make the difference between coming out of a candida cleanse into health or staying stuck in it because of eating the wrong foods.

Some people who think they have candidiasis actually have a deficient Spleen-Pancreas (term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine). Candida overgrowth and candidiasis (the infection) are two separate things, although related.  See Advanced Topics in the Candida Cleanse Diet for a more thorough explanation.

Long-term candida infection sufferers will have weakened their immune system and organs, and have a Yang Deficiency and have to be extremely cautious about being exposed to certain chemicals.

Avoid hair dyes, nail polish, and other chemical exposure. The exposure could weaken you immune system and cause your candida to stick around even longer. Also, the issue is the reduction of organ energy to detoxify such chemicals and poisons.

A Tip on How To Eat Yogurt

In the winter time, or in general when it is cold, it may be useful for you to add a warming herb such as cinnamon or turmeric to your yogurt. A small amount would help keep your digestion warm.

Take A Proper Probiotic (Acidophilus)

High potency milk based products if you can tolerate them are best. For best results take them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 30-60 minutes. Drink plenty of water. Drink only spring water. For the most resonant type of Probiotic, and dosages, a Vibrational Reading is necessary.

Attention To Changes In Mood, Energy

Pay attention to the changes in mood, and energy, and regular bowel movements as the season changes, and after you are in the the new season. These returning symptoms could indicate your weakest organ. Most people who have the candida infection will go through periods of improved well-being around January - February, but as the summer approaches and Kidney Energy is needed, feel worse.

Indications of Poor or Weakened Digestion

Look for food in your stool that is undigested, or partially undigested with the naked eye. After you eat leafy greens, you may see them in your stool. These are definitely foods to avoid.

Look To a Vibrational Reading For Long Term Healing

Candida sufferers almost always have thyroid and adrenal difficulties, as well as heavy metal toxicity.

Learn more about obtaining Vibrational Readings to begin Eradicating the Candida Overgrowth Infection.

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A Recent Happy Client after a Vibrational Reading and 5 Months of Supplement Work with the Systemic Formulas to begin Healing Candidiasis:

R.F., Male, 37 years old , New Jersey, NY, June 2013

I worked with Salvatore for the last 5 months, and during this time I was able to heal a number of scary physical problems that I believe were beyond the capability of all doctors I’ve seen to heal successfully.

I have been ill and getting worse since childhood because of long treatments with oral antibiotics. Some of main symptoms included major bloating and gas, chronic headaches, nausea, vitamin deficiencies, and an inability to gain weight even though I was always too thin. I had long-standing pain in my left side associated with digestion that was so painful for so long that I developed scoliosis because of it....

Five months later, my health is much better. We used a large number of different supplements, mainly from Systemic Formulas which are of the highest quality. The Ga Adrenal formula helped to heal my adrenal fatigue much faster than I thought possible....

Read the full testimonial by RF here.

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