Healing the Adrenals, Speaking Up, and Saying No

This month I had the privilege to speak to a woman whom I encountered serendipitously. What an amazing day I had using the LOA (Law of Attraction)!

As we spoke about Natural Healing and I expressed my passion for helping people Heal their lives and Heal and prevent medical disease she mentioned that she had worked as a nurse in a medical clinic for over 30 years. I became very excited to ask her an extremely important question! I asked her if she had also found what I had observed to be true about Healing in medical science – that there is essentially none.

She agreed that in her experience as a nurse working at a medical clinic she had not seen anyone get better. In other words, medical science is not about Healing. It is principally about diagnosing and treatment. In my general observations about medical science, I have found the majority of people keep getting sicker, and sicker, getting diagnosed with more medical diseases, and conditions of ill health, and consuming more and more pharmaceuticals.

If by the time someone reaches the age of 50 you have avoided getting diagnosed with even one medical disease and are not regularly consuming at least one pharmaceutical, you may consider yourself not just very lucky, but exceptionally lucky! Of course the more Natural and Vibrational Healing you have knowledge and use of, the luckier you would also be!

I have been to this medical clinic where this nurse worked, and I respect the large amount of work the nurses and doctor's assistants perform there to assist each person in his or her medical care. I fathom them to be on the front lines of the medical system doing all the hard work, and I have believed it to be this way for several years.

In my conversational encounter with this nurse I demonstrated my abilities to sense different bodily energy, and therefore picked up the strengths or weaknesses of glands and organs in her body. I used my mind to focus and pick up the energy or vibration of several organs -- the stomach, the liver, and one of the glands that I want to talk about here, the adrenals. The adrenals are part of the endocrine system that also contains the pituitary, and the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is behind the neck, and the pituitary is in the brain. Each adrenal sits atop a kidney and secretes powerful hormones. The adrenals are our stress-busters!

Her adrenals were quite weak and not working very well at all! As I received this information I was astonished but not surprised that her body was not directly showing me this weakness. She looked superficially to be in reasonably good health but not exceptionally good health. So her body was not showing me any physical symptoms of adrenal weakness, such as fatigue, chronic anxiety, or being easily startled. In other words her body, her body language, her personality was not obviously showing me the profound adrenal weakness I had sensed.

One thing that did surprise me after I did an energetic reading of her adrenals was that she mentioned her brother had Addison's disease – a medical disease characterized essentially by total failure of the adrenal glands. No one should want to have Addison's disease, nor to even be in any position to be diagnosed with Addison's. When she told me this, I immediately wondered whether this was a familial medical condition, i.e. an inherited tendency to weakness, which in her brother's case had gone to total failure, and in her case was being compensated by perhaps good sleep, rest, nutrition, detoxification, avoidance of stress, a good attitude, a loving and understanding husband, and so on.

The question that I asked myself immediately after I parted ways and went on with the rest of my evening was, "What kind of manifestation does this person have of weak adrenals?"

I realized after understanding our encounter, and another amazingly eye-opening serendipitous mini-intervention by another woman as we were talking, that there are at least two very mind-blowing manifestations of her adrenal weakness. One of them is the inability to speak up, and say what needs to be said, and the second one is the inability to say "no" politely and directly.

For some people speaking up, and saying no, or saying what is on your mind is nothing difficult. It was encouraged in the home and family life and even if the adrenals become weak later on in life some people can still speak up assertively and even very forcefully when needed. For others it is very difficult and not part of their personality at all.

However, weak adrenals can cause an inability to speak up, which can cause further stress, and further weaken the adrenals! Speaking up or saying no, even politely can be perceived as a stressful event!

What was also mind-blowing about this encounter is I also realized that people with weak adrenals will often attract other people to intervene on their behalf to say no or read their body language and speak up for them. This use of the Law of Attraction is mind blowing! Does anyone know of any friends who have this difficulty of speaking up or saying no? They probably need Healing of their whole endocrine system!

Again, what was fundamentally mind-blowing about this encounter was that any person, irregardless of gender can have trouble speaking up and saying no because of weak adrenals. I need to explain clearly that I am not necessarily talking about an assertive "No!", but even just a simple polite "No.", "I'm sorry.", or a gesture of body language indicating "No.", or "I've got to leave.", etc.

I went even deeper with my analysis wondering about some people who spend countless hours reading self-help books, or spend much time with a psychologist, or a psychiatrist possibly analyzing why they cannot say no, and receiving support and psychological training to learn to say no. I am not knocking psychotherapy of any kind whether given by a psychologist, or psychiatrist, or psychology or psychiatry for that matter.

But what I am saying is that Healing the Adrenals, or Healing any gland or organ in the body can greatly benefit and probably succeed in avoiding the need for seeing a psychologist, and even make the psycho-therapeutic process succeed even faster if not guarantee success.

The reality is that many people have weak adrenals causing the inability to sufficiently speak up. This information is a very powerful Healing concept. Just as we need nourishment, rest, sleep, etc to live, we also need proper functioning adrenals! This knowledge can give each person insight into how they or any of their friends with weak adrenals can get better and exert their will.

While I have given a single perhaps "personality" manifestation of poorly functioning adrenals in reality there are also hundreds and probably over a thousand medical diseases where poorly functioning adrenals and stress precipitate illness. In other words, poorly functioning adrenals while not diagnosable as a medical disease are a powerful fundamental cause of other medical diseases. This is simply because the immune system and therefore detoxification is considerably influenced by a proper functioning endocrine system.

Here is a possible scenario which will also further explain why this particular Healing Reality is true. If in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood, there is chronic stress, it is highly likely that a person's adrenals are going to become weak. Although the whole endocrine system, including the thyroid is probably going to be weakened, when the stress is thankfully gone, a person can remain with the perception that speaking up is wholeheartedly a stressful event, and even futile. Even after the stress is gone the adrenals do not rebuild and regenerate. Every such "situation" then activates the adrenals within the body. If this adrenal activation is continual, then there is likely past trauma that needs to be Healed as well.

Trauma is one of the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health. It is about a part of your mind and therefore thoughts living in the past. It is profoundly important to heal Trauma because our thoughts affect every cell in our body. I want to also mention that obtaining a Full Vibrational Reading gives you enough information and a long term plan (Vibrational reading) any person needs to prevent and Heal many medical diseases. This is true because most medical diseases, any medical condition, or any other chronic condition of ill health requires long term disciplined Healing. There is comprehensive information in Hanna Kroeger Healer's Full Vibrational Reading. Even the Partial Vibrational Reading can get you started on your Healing path when the adrenals and the endocrine system are the priority.

For those of you who have or know someone who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), EI (Environmental Illness), Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Pain, Healing the Adrenals, the Thyroid and the "stress response" is one of most important keys to Healing these illnesses and getting off a possible slew of supplements.

I also want to mention that Flower Essences are Vibrational Remedies which are very powerful Healers in themselves . They can be used to Heal Trauma and the emotional, and mental behavioural patterns just discussed. When all aspects of Healing are in synergy including following the powerful Four Agreements, Healing can occur even faster!

Remember Attract Healing in every aspect of your life and in your daily life!

Remember, invest in your Health!!!

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With Love and Gratitude,

Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano

Hanna Kroeger Healer


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Published: October 2008