Candida Overgrowth Infection Treatment

Candida Overgrowth can affect your whole system

How To Treat and Eliminate The Candida Overgrowth,
Chronic Candida Infection,
Restore Your Immune System,
So You Can Have a Normal Life Again!

Candida can be healed permanently and you are going to learn the best way to do it quickly and permanently even if you've been sick for a few years!

Are you Sick of Having To Do the Candida Diet Over and Over Again?

Do you want to get out of that energetic "grave" you fall into when Candida Overgrowth becomes body wide Systemic also called a Systemic Candida Fungal Infection.

The term Candida fungus is often the cause of many fungal infections when Candida Albicans opportunistically invades the tissues, such as the mouth or genitals.

But we are going to discuss the Candida overgrowth in the gut that poisons your immune system gradually, not necessarily showing up as thrush.

I am going to write about the Energetic aspects of Healing a Candida Overgrowth Infection that can deal with even the most deeply entrenched illness.

And get you well quickly and easily...

If you've had Candida for a while, for a few years, and yet no practitioner, no specific anti-candida diet, no rotating of supplements, no rotating antifungals, no medical intervention has worked for you there is still a more sophisticated way to get help!

Several Factors Involved in Treating Candida Overgrowth Infection

What is going to work? Are you optimistic about being well again?

Can You Feel What it Feels like to be well again?

So, you seriously want to know What is Going to Work?

Here's the answer: “Your ability to Heal completely and quickly from a Candida Overgrowth Infection depends on the Energy of Your Organs and Glands!

Because when you have this infection and its toxins are hurting your body, your organs and immune system's energy becomes depleted.

WHAT did you say? You mean probiotics and antifungals, and anti-candida remedies are not going to do it?

Not if you want a sure thing, and to ensure you are taking the correct path to wellness, and to be well enough again not to revert back to what you felt like before you started cleansing!

A sure thing can take more time than just doing an anti-candida diet and rotating a few antifungal supplements!

Said another way: Healing Candida depends on the restoration/support of:

  1. the immune system
  2. the endocrine system (Adrenals, and Thyroid)
  3. the digestive (stomach, and intestines)
  4. intestinal micro-flora (microbiota)
  5. eliminative (colon)
  6. and hepatic (Liver)

You want the sure thing, even if it takes more time, so you know you are actually well for the rest of your life!

What's Your Life Like Now?

Are you allergic to perfumes, and scents?

Do you not sleep properly, and wake up unrefreshed feeling like you are a ton of bricks! Sleep, what sleep, you feel like a Zombie in the morning, taking half the day to feel better!

You hate having to stay away from bread like it is a plague and being unable to feel completely social with your friends who can eat and drink whatever they want unhealthy as it may be, and feel ok the next day.

While you would feel awful the next day!

You hate having to do the anti-candida diet over and over again, so you don't feed the yeast; you can't eat jams, marmalades, and not even a sip of juices!

Orange Juice for breakfast? Looks good on those TV commercials! You had it years ago. Syrup on pancakes? Forget it! You'll be on fire internally!

That internal fire is called inflammation!

It's when Candida awakens and starts feeding on what you just ate.

There's got to be something that works because you so desperately want your life back right?

Wouldn't you just love to know which supplements to take, to get the Candida under control, keep working, or return to work, gradually getting better, and finally be free of it?

Actually knowing you are getting better, and week by week arriving at that destination you set your mind to, where you can finally eat some no-no foods that show you that you are significantly better. You need that plan right? Do you really want that plan?

Candida Overgrowth Infection Treatment Factors: Immune, Adrenals, Thyroid, Leaky Gut

There are so many people teetering on a full blown Candida overgrowth infection, and there are so many causes that “lock you in” besides the fundamental overgrowth in the gut:

  • adrenal fatigue,
  • birth control pill usage by women,
  • chemical exposure,
  • emotional stuff,
  • digestion poor
  • heavy metals from Amalgam fillings in the mouth,
  • leaky gut,
  • root canals,
  • spleen energy imbalance.

And if you have just one, you'd be very unique! I frankly would be very astonished, and I would think you don't really have a Candida overgrowth Infection, although you would probably have Candida overgrowth and some symptoms!

I'd like you to understand, with a bona fide Candida Overgrowth Fungal Infection that I'm writing about you are actually locked into it, and that is a serious health difficulty because it is very difficult to get out of it!

I'm going to discuss the Energetic Aspects of healing a Candida Fungal Infection, it's symptoms, getting it under control right away, and then tell you why die-off and taking strong yeast killers is not a good thing.

Here's what in-depth information is on this web page:

  • What Candida Albicans is
  • What causes Candida Albicans overgrowth
  • The difference between Candida overgrowth and a Candida Fungal Infection
  • Energetic Signs of Organ Imbalance/Depletion
  • Digestion, Spleen Energy, Dampness, Overthinking
  • The 3lb-Gut-Flora Giant's Power
  • Symptoms of a Candida Infection
  • Root Causes of Candida Overgrowth
  • How to Reduce Candida symptoms as quickly as possible
  • Why a Candida Infection may be so difficult to Heal
  • Heavy Metal Release during Die-Off
    (Why strong Die-off Reactions During a Cleanse are not recommended)
  • Die-Off Reactions: Avoiding them, and using Rebuilding and Re-energizing to cleanse

What is Candida Albicans?

In our alimentary tract (the whole eating canal of our body) there exists good bacteria (often called flora) and bad bacteria.  Candida is one of those microscopic critters (pathogenic flora) in our digestive tract that can get out of control. This is usually because of previous antibiotic use.

If Candida overgrows it begins to poison your immune system and then can pass into the bloodstream.

It can then change into the mycelial fungal form, thus becoming invasive and infecting your tissues. Thus it becomes more difficult to eradicate.

Candida can then cause noticeable symptoms or illness.

Candida produces toxins that can cause a myriad of health difficulties and symptoms.

It is associated with many illnesses, symptoms, and can be the cause of some illnesses.

Some open-minded medical researchers also believe that the yeast Candida is implicated in the fungal growth of tumors.

The Difference Between Candida Overgrowth and Infection

When Candida Albicans overgrows in the intestines due for example to antibiotic use reducing beneficial flora that is what is defined as candida overgrowth.

Candida turns from a commensal organism, (not harmful, and benefiting from living in the gut and mucosa) to a pathogenic or harmful organism.

When Candida infects the host tissue the unicellular yeast-like form of Candida Albicans switches to an invasive, multi-cellular filamentous form.

When Candida or other organisms in the gut overgrow and become pathogenic, this is often also called intestinal dysbiosis.

The result is an imbalance of bowel flora, or the bowel ecology which begins to make you feel sick.

However, Candida Overgrowth is specific to this one species of intestinal flora.

It can be very difficult to come to terms with how something so small and invisible to us can wreak so much havoc until you understand you are in a mutually beneficial relationship with your intestinal flora (now called the microbiota).

We need to learn and understand how to keep our intestinal microbiota (flora) healthy as we age.

A healthy person can take a course of antibiotics, perhaps the tenth in their life, and have candida overgrowth, or dysbiosis.

Even after they have replenished the flora only partially but not completely they can still stay somewhat healthy.

What allows that person to stay healthy can be a variety of things.

Probably the most important could be that they have a strong immune system, strong organs, some regular yogurt eating, avoidance of sugar for most of their life, and replenishment of the intestinal flora with probiotics quickly.

Others can also have great energy circulation, excellent command of their emotions, lifelong nutritious food intake (for example eating cruciferous veggies), adequate and regular vigorous exercise, a healthy attitude to stress, good sleep, and a balanced lifestyle.

The only manifestation of candida overgrowth could be smelly bowel movements, slight constipation, or slightly poor sleep, probably for just a while.

But the bowel flora must be replenished quickly, and properly.

What Causes Candida Overgrowth to Become a Candida Infection?

Candida overgrowth becomes a Candida Infection when the immune system begins to be slowly poisoned, the organs begin weakening, warming energy in the body begins reducing and needing replenishment and the thyroid and/or the adrenals begin to malfunction.

People with a Candida Infection often have poor circulation and cold hands and feet.

One of the reasons is because Candida's toxins affect the thyroid profoundly.

Once this circular downward process begins, the infection becomes locked in controlling cravings and the symptoms become very pronounced and may get better or worse with the seasons.

At some point in this illness, you may realize that you need some sophisticated help.

That is usually when you understand that you need what really works and that is Energy Healing supplements!

The above downward process of losing your health could take place in 2-10 years until noticeable symptoms result.

The three main factors that I believe determine the timeline to this process manifesting are the Energetic strength of the Liver, Kidneys, and the Spleen.

Energetic Signs of Organ Imbalance/Depletion

When the energy flow of any of these organs is imbalanced or low enough, you may get Energetic symptoms such as:

  • burning eyes (liver-energy),
  • food in the stool (deficiency of the warming energy in the body - called Yang energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine), Spleen Yang Deficiency, Kidney-Yang Deficiency.
  • weak will and ringing in the ears (kidney deficiency),
  • weak digestion (weakened spleen),
  • women: premenstrual syndrome, mood swings (liver deficiency)

So, to get out of the "Candida Infection Grave" you need Energetic help for the organs and glands.

By now you are probably wondering, so what do you use to Heal Candida?

If Antifungals and probiotics don't work by themselves, then what do you use?

You need a complete program that addresses the root causes and contributing causes with the right supplements. Several highly resonant Bio-Energetic Herbal Supplements at once!

My job is to find you the right supplements, to help you proceed step by step to complete wellness!

Usually a person who proceeds to have a candida infection take hold will have had several other signs years before, such as chronic anxiety, melancholy, poor digestion, food in the stools, extreme chemical sensitivity, easily irritable, easily frustrated, prone to anger, mood swings, lack of energy, easily fatigued, cravings, trouble sleeping, etc.

The Role of the Spleen, Overthinking, Digestion, and Dampness

Let's talk more about Energy, and make the distinction between Candida Overgrowth proceeding to an Infection more clear.

Some people just have for example an Energetically under-functioning Spleen due to over-thinking, over-eating, mold exposure, or eating too many cooling and damp forming foods.

Your main symptom is usually bloating.

Other's are indigestion, brain fog, and perhaps nausea.

Sometimes you feel very heavy and tired. This is called dampness in TCM.

Thinking too much, due to studying a lot in College or University can have a profound effect on your Spleen. The Spleen also likes regular meal intake.

These statements are a result of an understanding of digestion by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Digestion takes energy. And thinking too much can cause a Spleen-Qi Deficiency.

Most people do not realize this, but people who can turn off their thoughts and who support the Spleen energetically will have better immunity and a longer life.

There's that word Energetic again. Energy Healing, right!

With some people, the obstacle to getting well is fixing the Energy of the Spleen and the Digestion.

Sometimes the Spleen has to be re-energized and rebuilt to get well.

Diet alone is not enough. Deep herbal healing is needed.

Consider that If the Energy of the Organs did not exist, there would be NO ACUPUNCTURISTS in existence! And NO Traditional Chinese Medicine!

That's what Acupuncturist do. They work on the Energy of the organs, to regain “Energy Balance” in the body.

However, I want to make it clear, Acupuncture by itself will NOT work to fully treat a Candida Infection, especially one that is deeply entrenched!

The 3lb-Gut-Flora-Giant's Power

And this is because you still have to deal with what I call the “3lb-Gut-Flora Giant”, the total flora and imbalance in the gut, which throws you around, and around, and exhausts you!

The Energetic imbalance caused by a poisoning gut flora!

The 3lb-Gut-Flora-Giant throws you all over the place deterring you from your goals.

In other words, you try to just take probiotics or yeast killers to get your gut flora balanced again, but the organ energy, adrenals strength, and immunity are not sufficient to deal with the change you want.

And you can just imagine how much energy you lose, having to pick yourself up, because the “3lb-Gut-Flora-Giant” throws you all over the place!

You get exhausted, your Adrenals get exhausted, and your Thyroid goes hypo-active! You try to get up that mountain to get to wellness on the other side, and because you barely have enough energy you cannot win against the 3lb-Gut-Flora-Giant, and you get thrown back into the misery!

In other words, sometimes to fix the gut Flora to Heal you need to take energetic herbal formulas to replenish the organs, glands so you don't get thrown off the path back to feeling well.

So, people with just a Spleen imbalance may or may not have candida overgrowth at all. They may have heavy metal poisoning causing some disturbance of their spleen, but still no candida infection. This is one of the reasons it's absolutely essential to do an intuitive vibrational reading of the proper supplements to correct the Energy Imbalance.

If you are not aware of your under-functioning spleen (which affects and implies immunity) and your dietary habits and kidneys are not strong enough to stabilize the Spleen the infection could take hold in a few short years.

One of the reasons a person could have such an imbalance is if they have traveled and spent some time eating tropical fruit.

Or they could just eat lots of imported tropical fruit in their current North American climate. Bananas imported into the U.S. are a tropical fruit mostly from South America!

Without consideration to balance and any awareness of this imbalance, some physical manifestation of ill health is bound to occur. These little details of what you eat, and the state of your organ strength, and balance are paramount to be able to get well!

Seen Miniature Little White Cotton Type Balls In Your Stool?

When I am working with a client, they sometimes see very small, about 2mm diameter whitish balls in their stool, or just come out in the toilet.

It is known that Candidiasis occurs in the mouth and genitals.

In the mouth, it occurs as white patches.

But these little miniature cotton balls that reside in the colon come out when the immune system is improved and clients are on the right supplements.

We believe that these are just hiding out in the colon as patches, not entirely pathogenic, and come out naturally.

Symptoms of the Poisonous Effects of Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth often goes hand in hand with food allergies, anxiety, nervousness, poor digestion, depression, temporary poor memory, long-term poor memory, inability to focus, yeast infections, chemical and environmental sensitivities.

Candida overgrowth can produce intense cravings for whole wheat, other yeasted bread products, fruits, fruit juices, sweets, vinegar etc.

There are many poisonous health effects and symptoms of Candida overgrowth that only a few will be listed here.  Some of these depend on your body type, your blood type, your weakest organ, or weakest gland, the presence, and quantity of Heavy Metals, the type of Heavy Metals in your body, where those Heavy Metals reside, any childhood trauma, adolescent trauma, adult trauma, etc.

List of Associated Symptoms

  • allergies or sensitivities to airborne molds/moulds
  • chemical or environmental sensitivities (a marked distaste for car exhaust, cleansers, especially ammonia-based cleaners, laundry detergent, perfumes)
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic constipation (on going too)
  • digestive difficulties:
    • weak digestion
    • food in stool
    • low stomach acid
    • heartburn, reflux (GERD disease)
    • poor nutrient assimilation
    • B vitamin deficiencies
  • emotional and mental difficulties 
    • anxiety
    • constant complaining
    • depression
    • negativity
    • panic attacks
    • low self-esteem
  • feeling cold: requires warmth
  • food cravings
  • food allergies
  • food intolerance
  • gall bladder difficulties (weakness and pain in the area just below the right rib cage)
  • irritability
  • immune system difficulties
  • liver congestion
  • mental clarity is lacking: lack of focus or trouble concentrating (often called Brain Fog)
  • memory difficulties
  • mood swings
  • nerve pain: nerves constantly bother you
  • spleen pain
  • skin difficulties: psoriasis, eczema
  • sleep difficulties: unrestorative sleep
  • thyroid difficulties
  • urination:
    • frequent
    • night time urination
    • inability to hold urine (candida toxins)
  • viral infections are easily acquired
  • weight difficulties - unexplained weight loss,
    or trouble gaining weight

Some of the most common physical Causes of Candida are the continuous use of antibiotics, birth control pills, eating too many acid forming foods, and eating too much, refined sugar.

Chronic Stress, Emotional, and Mental Healing

Chronic emotional stress (both internal and external) is also a significant difficulty because your digestion will become significantly impaired, and therefore more toxins, as well as incompletely digested food, would end up in your gut, probably forming mucoid plaque, and feeding pathogenic flora.

Achieving excellent digestion and assimilation are two of the keys to eradicating chronic Candida.
Becoming a master of your emotions, and being in touch with your emotions, expressing them appropriately, but also not making assumptions are important components of Emotional Healing.

Without any needed Emotional, Mental Healing a person with a chronic infection may go around and round in circles frequently doing more cleanses until finally realizing the candida cleanses are not going to solve the infection.

Summarizing some of the above points, Candida Albicans is usually not the root cause of your ill health. Candida Albicans is usually a manifestation of other more deep-rooted health difficulties. 

That is not to say that Candida, meaning the imbalance in the intestinal flora, should not be treated to bring relief quickly.

It should, and usually as quickly as possible, but in the long term, you should look for more deep-rooted health difficulties to bring long lasting relief and therefore complete Healing.

The deeper long-term difficulties, like Heavy Metal Toxicity, Adrenal Insufficiency, Kidney Weakness, Spleen Weakness, or Liver Weakness are Healed in Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan. (VRSP)

My teacher, the late Reverend Hanna Kroeger said that when Candida is chronic that we should look for other causes.

Contributing and Root Causes [25 of Them]

  1. Adrenal Insufficiency or Underfunctioning
  2. Ant-Acid Drugs, Intake of Over-The-Counter or Prescription Drugs for Heartburn  (Acid-Blockers reduce stomach acid) 
  3. Chemical exposure (affects your detoxification pathways)
  4. Colon Toxicity
  5. Dietary Imbalance In Acid-Alkaline nature of diet: (throws your body chemistry and intestinal chemistry off)
  6. Detoxification is Slowed (MTHFR Defects)
  7. Digestive Imbalance (Low stomach acid)
  8. Emotional or Mental Trauma
  9. Emotional or Mental induced Immune Suppression
  10. Exercise is Insufficient
  11. Food Intolerance
  12. Heavy Metal Poisoning - usually Mercury coming from Amalgam Fillings
  13. Imbalance in Emotional Mental, Spiritual aspects of life
  14. Kidneys Weak
  15. Liver Weak
  16. Meridian Congestion
  17. Mold spore exposure - Living in a Home/Apartment which has a large quantity of Mould Spores in the Air
  18. Parasite Infection. i.e. Roundworm infection
  19. Relationships are Toxic, Dysfunctional Relationships with Family Members
  20. Salt is Wrong Type (does not contain Trace Minerals)
  21. Spleen-Pancreas Malfunctioning (Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis) causing Incomplete Digestion
  22. Stress-Induced Immune Suppression
  23. Sun Exposure Lacking
  24. Thyroid dysfunction
  25. Water Type is Wrong: Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water or Distilled Water (De-mineralized) on a long term basis

There are usually one or more of the above causes contributing to this fungal infection.

Unraveling and Healing these causes of a Candida Infection takes time, and necessitates a prioritizing Healing plan.

That prioritizing Healing plan is called a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan - VRSP.

Getting the Symptoms Under Control Quickly

To get the symptoms under control quickly you must:

1. Stop Feeding the Yeast with bread, yeasted products, grains, pasta, potatoes, starchy vegetables, nut-butters, sugars, fruits, or other sweets. Avoid artificial sweeteners too.

2. Eat a Candida Cleansing Diet with sufficient protein, and vegetables. This diet feeds you and avoids feeding the Yeast.

3. Ensure a functioning colon by consuming more fiber or a special supplement to help the colon.

4. Avoid foods you may be intolerant to.

5. Take Digestive Enzymes to help you digest your food.

6. Ensure Clean Air: avoid working or living in an environment where chemicals, perfumes, poor air circulation, mold spores exist.

7. Determine if your personal care products are too much for your body to detoxify and disturb your immunity.

8. If it's the Summer Time get some therapeutic sun, slowly building up.

9. Drink only Spring Water, preferably delivered (not just filtered tap water).

You may notice that there is a thin white coating on your tongue in the morning, and as you eat and nourish yourself during the day, it gets better.

At night if your immunity is not strong enough, and you are sleeping in a room, where you have to detoxify more than your body can handle, you will find the same white coating on the tongue in the morning.

Make sure you are not being exposed to formaldehyde at home or where you sleep.

Ensure the fire-retardant chemicals used in your bed are not an issue either.

And you will probably have terrible sleep. This is the infection causing this, and you need to keep the room as clean of chemicals as possible.

We give more instruction on how to do that if you decide to work with us.

A Happy Client after a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan and 5 Months of Supplement Work with the Systemic Formulas to begin Healing Candida: Sick for 30 Years!

R.F., Male, 37 years old, NY

I worked with Salvatore for the last 5 months, and during this time I was able to heal a number of scary physical problems that I believe were beyond the capability of all doctors I've seen to heal successfully.

I have been ill and getting worse since childhood because of long treatments with oral antibiotics. Some of the main symptoms included major bloating and gas, chronic headaches, nausea, vitamin deficiencies, and an inability to gain weight even though I was always too thin. I had long-standing pain in my left side associated with digestion that was so painful for so long that I developed scoliosis because of it more

Five months later, my health is much better. We used a large number of different supplements, mainly from Systemic Formulas which are of the highest quality. The Ga Adrenal formula helped to heal my adrenal fatigue much faster than I thought possible more

Read the full testimonial by RF here.

The Truth About Die-Off Reactions

Yet more information that you need to know that can prevent you from healing the infection!
Maybe even the most important information!

Have you ever had die-off reactions or felt ill -- malaise after taking strong yeast killers?

Most other practitioners of Natural Medicine say that one of the steps to getting rid of the Candida Overgrowth Infection is using yeast killers.

When Candida or Yeast in the intestinal tract is destroyed by taking yeast killers, however, the Candida may release heavy metals.

The clever Candida microbe "mops" up the heavy metal mercury as it grows, so when it dies, the heavy metals get released.

This heavy metal release is very detrimental to your long-term and short-term health.

This release is why we do not use yeast killers in our programs to immediately reduce the overgrowth in the intestine.

This heavy metal release along with the dead yeast cells can cause serious die-off reactions.

You normally would not feel the heavy metals moving around after killing the yeast, except if they get slammed into your kidneys. If that happens you would definitely feel the kidney pain because of the die off.

Your body will also have to deal with any die-off toxins after killing the Yeast. This by itself can cause die-off reactions.

When it comes to Detoxifying Heavy Metals from the body it is done extremely carefully because these are usually the most difficult plans.

Our plans involve easy oral detoxification of mercury and other heavy metals.

If you have ever gotten constipated during a Candida cleanse, this may be a sign that your liver is overburdened, and that one or both of the colon and small intestine are toxic, and that you have energetic difficulty with the colon, liver, and you should proceed more slowly. Your liver was likely overburdened with the die-off.

In actuality, most of the time a strong yeast killing cleanse is undertaken the die-off can cause bodily reactions.  Careful attention to these mood swings, mental changes is warranted.

These symptoms may be the release of heavy metals previously bound by the Candida.

More fatigue during a Candida Cleanse is one of the most pronounced symptoms of Heavy Metal release or inability to handle die-off.

You may also have

  • anxiety acute
  • burning on urination
  • constipation
  • depression temporary
  • excessive mood swings
  • sleep loss

In this case of excessive and undesirable physical and especially mental and emotional reactions from a Candida Cleanse, it is best to stop cleansing and seek a Vibrational Reading to reenergize, rebuild and heal the organs and glands.

See A Real Reading

We rebuild and re-energize the organs (particularly Liver, Kidneys, and Spleen) and glands before doing any kind of Candida Cleanse. It can also be done concurrently.

We also check if your colon needs any work and ensure we rid your body of excess mucoid plaque that is hampering the detoxification process and over-burdening your liver.

Your colon may also need to be further tonified.

The period of rebuilding depends on the person's level of weakness, and where the weaknesses are. Whether you will be able to perform a deep colon cleanse to completion depends on the strength and energy of your organs and glands too. A deep colon cleanse is not always the best route, and may not always be recommended. A full vibrational reading is recommended to determine a plan.

Candida Overgrowth Acquired From Childhood

Here is a scenario in which Candida overgrowth is acquired from childhood: Due to stress in the home life and snacking on too much junk foods containing sugar, and colon clogging white flour ("emotional eating"), Candida begins overgrowing in the intestinal tract.  Poor digestion may result in intestinal parasites taking hold (another infection).

Poor digestion creates a cycle of poisoning. It is the "internal" "emotional" stress that causes a suppression of the immune system.  An ear infection requires the use of one or two courses of antibiotics.

The antibiotics cause the "bad critters" to outnumber the "good critters" and leave the flora in your intestines in a disordered state (called dysbiosis). Your kidneys and liver are too weak to process the excess toxins. With continued dysbiosis, your liver and kidneys become weaker.

At one time you were in a state of delicate balance, and you may now be in a state of chronic imbalance. The stage is set for a life of misery.  Usually, chemical sensitivities result, and also a weakened and poisoned nervous system. Most children and young adults are not even slightly aware of their bodily functions much less what a vibrant level of Health is. Awareness is the key to Healing.

The longer you have had Candida, the longer you will need to be careful with your diet and follow an immune rebuilding program. 

More information on long-term effects of candidiasis.

Powerhouse Steps We Take with Clients To Restore Health & Eradicate Candida

To bring you back to perfect health, we take several steps in our supplement plans (VRSP's) to ensure success.

  • Step 1.  Eat a diet high in vegetables, with good sources of protein, and avoid offending foods.  Take some supplements to keep yourself adequately nourished (e.g. B-Vitamins).
    Calm the Yeast down, and stop feeding them.
  • Step 2.  Detoxify Any Heavy Metals
  • Step 3.  Support the Colon: Tonification and Cleansing
  • Step 4.  Improve the Digestion by Supplementing the Spleen
  • Step 5.  Take Probiotics to crowd out the yeast
  • Step 6.  Support the Kidneys and Liver
  • Step 7.  Heal any Leaky Gut
  • Step 8.  Work on strengthening the innate immunity with the most Resonant Supplements.
  • Step 9.  Thyroid and Adrenals: Rebuild and Re-energize
  • Step 10.  Reintroduce fruit or other foods as Healing takes place.

Each of the Steps above can be repeated, or take place concurrently with one of the other steps.

In each step, it is necessary to find the right dosages, the right resonant supplement, and the length of time that supplement needs to be taken.

Each step is represented as a Stage in a VRSP. Stages are usually between 15-45 days.

As the immunity is improved, diet can be more relaxed, and suggestions to improve it are given.

When we work with a client, there are no protocols.

Each VRSP (Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan) is unique for that client.

Learn More about VRSP's

Learn More about the Vibrational Readings.

Each Client is provided with at least 2 hours of client intake when they decide to work with us. This allows us to take a thorough history, and understand the environment and any obstacles to you getting well.

Yeast Killers are Not Used: Rebuilding and Re-energizing Are

We do not use yeast killers to kill off Candida in the gut and cause reduced organ energy, and die-off because the result is detrimental to your long-term health and can also disrupt your life.

In addition, yeast die-off reactions due to low liver-chi or an insufficiently functioning liver are often troubling, can set you back, and can make you feel horrible.

Candida Fungal infection is also checked among other infections in a more sophisticated 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading.

Rebuilding and re-energizing are the most important physicals aspects of becoming well because it restores the immune function and helps you feel better quickly.

Most supplements on the market are not able to rebuild your organs or glands properly and are a waste of money.

Most supplements are geared towards cleansing and providing nutrition. Cleansing always reduces organ energy.

We do not force cleansing because cleansing will further reduce organ Energy, but we rebuild and re-energize and that provides the energy to naturally detoxify as the organs and glands regain their strength.

We use professional supplements with the highest resonance.

About Me: The Practitioner

Hello, I'm Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano, and I wrote this web page.

My Natural Health Practice is called Hanna Kroeger Healer, because I'm a Healer, a long distance Natural Health Practitioner, and I was trained by Reverend Hanna Kroeger who helped many people avoid medical disease.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger created one of the first herbal formulas to stop Candida from multiplying, and one of the first Herbal Energy Formulas.

Reverend Hanna helped people when no one believed they were ill, and people were sent to see a psychiatrist because no one understood Candida Albicans overgrowth caused depression and anxiety.

So about me: I'm a past Candida Sufferer who self-healed himself with his own Intuitive Vibrational Reading Supplement Plans using the right supplements. I started out with Naturopaths, and other Healers back in 1995, retrograded at least twice, and finally fell into a deeply entrenched infection. No one helped me create anything lasting except for what I did for myself with the right supplements.

I tried to get it under control with diet, but the infection kept plaguing me. Diet alone would not work.

The one thing which saved me from having a lot more illness was reading books, about why people were sick with multiple chemical sensitivity and really understanding there were a lot of people who were really sick out there!

So I curtailed my exposure to chemicals abruptly, any and all kinds and of course eating out, and socializing where I would be exposed to airborne chemicals. I really had no choice. I couldn't drink beer with my friends anymore. Sounds familiar?

I still remember what it was like having the Candida Overgrowth Infection...

I now help many new people every month who have a Candida Infection get well!

When It is Very Difficult to Eradicate a Candida Infection

When a Candida Infection is very difficult to eradicate there are several reasons.

I've already gone over the energy organ and gland healing that is necessary, and I've also discussed the avoidance of die-off, the heavy metals released, and heavy metal detoxification needed.

You have to take the right supplements, enough of each of them and have enough of them at once to get better quickly. You need a plan to get you out of the infection or you will not feel better quickly enough.

Here are a few other steps we use to help someone get well more quickly: precise diet modification:

1. You Are Eating Offending Anti-Fungal Foods

You may think that eating onions and garlic are going to help you kill off the Candida, and get well sooner, (even when used with or without additional anti-fungal herbals), but if your body is not able to digest them properly, or is intolerant to them then they will have a negative impact.

Die-off is still die-off any way you cause it, and if your body cannot handle it, it will only make you worse.

It is important to know which foods should not be eaten.

These could cause you to become low stomach acid or continue to be low stomach acid.

2. You Need To Rotate Foods, Eat New Foods, and Remove Intolerant Foods

To keep yourself from becoming intolerant to new foods, and reduce intolerance to your current foods, you should rotate foods, and try some new ones.

Of course, you may also need to remove the intolerant foods for a while.

These steps also relate to #3: Low Stomach Acid.

3. You have Low Stomach Acid

Your stomach acid is not up to par, and you need to rotate foods.

This is also one of the reasons you may need to use newer foods that you have not tried before.

This gives your body a rest, and the Candida cannot become accustomed to you eating something you think is beneficial to you but is not.

Getting rid of the Candida but also ensuring adequate stomach acid naturally may be the only way to release the infection quickly, even with the best supplements.

Rotating foods means eating them on Day 1, and then on Day 4, 5 or 6 again.

Need An Expert Program Tailored Just For You To Get Better Quickly?

Have you tried to do the candida cleanse diet, and taken supplements to eradicate it, but you still don't feel your best?

Do you wish you had expert direction and an anti-candida diet just for you?

Having trouble finding the right supplements: probiotics, antifungals?

Tried the medical route, but know that there is something more you need to improve properly?

Are you someone who values their time, works full time or wants to return to work asap?

Or are you a busy parent who takes care of your family and also doesn't have a lot of time for tests, half-days off, driving around, over and over again?

Are you sick of doing the candida diet?

Want a way of working together which allows you to continue your busy life and responsibilities and get well at the same time?...

A complete supplement plan and any needed food choices/avoidance plan given to you?

Are you comfortable communicating with email?

Are you comfortable working with someone long-distance?

Want to have professional supplements drop shipped directly to your door and save time?

Want to ensure you have all the information you need to get well?

Want to work with someone who knows what it's like, got well, and can coach you through it?

Want to get all the steps right from the start?...

Because you want to ensure you don't go backward degrading your health in the process!

Do you want to avoid any die-off reactions, feeling sick in the process and perhaps disrupting your life?

Do you want to take a few short months to see extraordinary results, rather than perhaps years trying to do it on your own?

Are you experiencing other illness at the same time, and want a comprehensive program to deal with the overgrowth/infection at the same time?

We provide Vibrational Reading Supplement Plans that provide step by step guidance and the right supplements for your own unique case to get well quickly.

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Investing in Your Health and a VRSP

Many people invest in vacations, furniture, great clothing, daily cups of Latte, and coffee, but do not invest sufficiently in their health.

It's a true statement that we don't because if we did we would not end up having chronic diseases, and relying on medicine, when heart disease is still an epidemic.

I've been through the Candida Overgrowth problem for over 10 years before I healed it, and I learned a lot...

Enough that I wanted to become a Natural Health Practitioner and help people with this malady and more:

But no one ever told me that I would need to invest a good deal of money and time when I was sick and to get going right away.

It was always as if I was expecting one product to fix everything, and it never did. Sounds familiar?

I expected it to just go away by itself.

I just wanted to be well as soon as possible.

There is no one product to fix this complex malady.

Then one day I realized that I never did spend enough money on fixing my Candida Infection because no one ever told me it was not going to be cheap.

Value is value, right.

No, in the middle of 2006, I just decided, and probably subconsciously that I was going to spend as much money as I could to get well from this infection.

And a couple of years later, after struggling, and struggling with diet, and the Candida heevie-jeevies of craving sweats all the time, I made it through.

Isn't the most painful part when you eat something, and then your wishful thinking is countered by your body saying, that was an "oops"!

And then it could affect your mood, and your ability to go to the bathroom easily the next morning.

Nope, it was not easy, that is for sure.

But no one every told me how much of an investment of my time, and money I needed to put in to Heal this infection.

Do you know all the obstacles you have in your body to curing this type of malady?

What happens if you don't get on the right path, take the right supplements, get the right diet information and fully invest in your desire to be well right away and full heartedly?

Maybe you will be more depressed, have more anxiety, and require an anti-depressant medication?

Your adrenals could become more fatigued, and you will also have more anxiety.

Your immune system can get further depleted...

You will have more symptoms of energy imbalance.

You could gain more fatigue and lose the ability to focus so you can continue to do your current job, or get that promotion you want.

You could become more chemically sensitive, and travelling on an airplane or even a coach, train with many people and indoor air pollution could cause you to get even more sick and delicate.

But you can get over all those obstacles with a full supplement plan and coaching to get well again.

It's as easy as one stage after the next.

Be the person who has the best health of everyone you know!

Come out of it all as the person who shines knowing very well that health must kept and nourished and that you learned what it takes to be well.

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