Healing GERD, Acid Reflux, Heartburn

How Do I Get Rid of Heartburn, GERD, Acid Reflux?

Are you fed up with the heartburn, late night sleep disturbances, having the gastroscope put down your throat, and being told you will have to live with your limited diet of foods?

Do you think that having GERD is normal?

Want to Heal GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux)?

GERD can be healed completely! You will not have to avoid fatty or fried foods, peppermint, whole milk, oils, chocolate, creamed foods or soups, cheeses that you love, citrus (oranges, grapefruits, mandarin), nuts, etc. Not a single one of them after you have Healed the GERD.

As you may know GERD is a serious disease which often needs medical attention. If you have GERD, most likely you also have the H. Pylori infection too, and a poorly functioning immune system.

Do you have Ulcers as well? Fed up with needing constant medical attention. Told you would need to take medication for the rest of your life? Not so!

Have you taken the H. Pylori antibiotic cocktail and gotten worse on it? Is your sleep now worse than it was before?

Hanna Kroeger Healer understands what GERD feels like, how painful it is, and how difficult it may be to Heal, but it can be Healed!

Drugs For GERD

The pharmaceutical drugs that most people with GERD are taking are very powerful and needed drugs, but consuming these drugs on a long term basis can have some very serious long term health consequences.

Reducing your stomach acid is not the long term answer! Especially when the majority of people have low stomach acid (hypo acid)!

Unfortunately the medical system in America and Canada can only offer treatment for GERD. Gastroenterologists are completely helpless when it comes to Healing GERD.

A Natural Approach to Heal your Digestive Disease

The American Gastroenterology association estimates that 1 in 4 people have had gastrointestinal (digestive) difficulties severe enough to disrupt a normal lifestyle. There are most certainly many more people who have heartburn who are medicating themselves with OTC drugs (over the counter drugs) available in the typical America or Canadian pharmacy.

A Class of these drugs are called proton pump inhibitors. They are drugs like Nexium, and Prilosec, often called the "purple pill" drugs. Taking these drugs and not understanding or avoiding Healing can lead to further serious disruption of your life years down the road.

Yet another class of these drugs are called H2 Receptor antagonists, a popular one in America and Canada being Pepcid.

What are Some Atypical Symptoms of Heartburn?

Heartburn and regurgitation (when partly digested food comes back up) are fairly typical symptoms of GERD. However, there are also atypical signs that may not allow you to be diagnosed with GERD properly. If you become aware of these signs, you also need a Vibrational Reading to begin you Healing immediately!

These digestive signs include asthma, chronic cough, laryngitis, hoarseness, chronic sore throat, dental erosions, and chest pain that is not heart related.

Aspiration Means Acids Going Into the Lungs, Bronchi

When acid comes back up the esophagus and even a slight amount goes into your windpipe towards your lungs, that is a type of aspiration.

Aspiration Acid Reflux Requires PPI's

It is Hanna Kroeger Healer's opinion that people who have aspiration caused by acid reflux even to the slightest degree need to be on PPI's (proton-pump inhibitors), the most powerful and the most effective type of anti-acid medication, especially in the short term quick effectiveness category.

It is therefore prudent in Hanna Kroeger Healer's opinion to seek medical diagnosis and treatment by a physician or gastroenterologist in this particular acid reflux case and probably others as well. The case being written about here is when there is aspiration, i.e. acid going up the esophagus then back down your windpipe into your lungs. Then seek a Vibrational Reading for complete Healing. Ensure that the PPI you are given will work effectively within 12 hours.

Get approval for this regime from your physician or gastroenterologist: You will need to be on a daily dosage, the first few days take a double dosage, morning and evening, and then therapeutically take the PPI at night before bed for maximum effectiveness. Do not take the minimum dosage recommended on the package.

If you have a physician or Gastroenterologist:

  1. Please get their approval and specific recommendation (schedule) for taking the double dosage (if you have aspiration).
  2. Please research the PPI medications, and the different dosages they are given in, in your State or Province.
  3. Please research the availability of the medication of your doctor's choice and the dosage at your local pharmacy for long term consumption.
  4. Please take into consideration the possibility of reactivity to food dyes on any tablets, capsules when taking the PPI's or any other drugs you are taking.
  5. Please see your physician first, unless you can get an appointment with the Gastroenterologist quickly enough
  6. Please keep in mind that there are certain drug interactions possible with PPI's or H2 receptor antagonist drugs.

In America, you may also seek these drugs OTC, but Hanna Kroeger Healer recommends you be under the expert supervision of a Gastroenterologist. Therefore seek an endoscopy and consultation with a competent, and reputed Gastroenterologist for therapeutic treatment and to diagnose other concomitant diseases especially of the esophagus.

It is worth noting that your ability to purchase drugs under your health plan or medicare may not provide you with a cost effective choice to obtain the drug of choice you and your doctor, or gastroenterologist recommend. Purchase the drug of choice but only if it's the drug of choice for long term use.

What's Happening in Your Stomach [Gut]?

What's happening in your GUT?

Do you feel like you have a duodenal ulcer, or the lining of your esophagus is being eroded?

Do you often feel a burning sensation in your esophagus?

These are both serious symptoms which need to be looked after and Healed.

If you have tried to get help and you have not succeeded, then you have arrived at the right place for Healing.

Other Glands Play a Role in Digestion

Can you imagine that the thyroid and the adrenals can play a part in you ability to digest food properly? Then you can understand that when all your organs and glands work much better your stomach and gut will Heal. True Healing means that the difficulty does not come back. Stress also plays a very large role in whether your digestive system can Heal!

Complications due to Taking GERD drugs

There are some symptoms of taking GERD drugs long term. GERD drugs are in two categories: PPI's (Protein Pump Inhibitors) such as: Nexium (esomeprazole), Prilosec (omeprazole), Protonix, Aciphex, or the second class the H2 blockers: Pepcid (famotidine), Tagamet (cimetidine), and Zantac (Ranititadine).

Candidiasis is a Long Term Symptom and Cause of GERD

One symptom of long term use of GERD drugs is Candidiasis, an overgrowth of a fungus like organism in the gut which can then poison your immune system and implant in your gut lining. Normally stomach acid keeps this fungus from growing in your intestine.

Candidiasis, being an insidious infection which frequently occurs on a long term basis, reduces organ energy, and causes more toxins to be detoxified by the liver. Anything that irritates your liver can irritate your gallbladder, and further weaken digestion. Candida can also disturb the stomach acids which are needed for digestion.

Do you frequently get heartburn only at night? This situation may be a low stomach acid digestive difficulty. It may be difficult to realize but the majority of GERD sufferers have low stomach acid, and not excess stomach acid as we are normally persuaded by TV commercials.

Other Long Term Health Difficulties of GERD Drug Use

Long Term GERD drug use, especially of the proton pump inhibitor drugs, can cause an increased incidence of infections. Yet another known long term side-effect is the increased incidence of osteoporosis, and increased risk of hip fractures. Using these drugs can reduce mineral absorption.

Reasons for Acid Reflux

Here are a few:

  1. The Sphincter muscle at the bottom of the Esophagus does not close properly
  2. Liver congestion and weakness
  3. Gallbladder congestion and weakness
  4. Pancreatic Congestion
  5. Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes are Low
  6. Viral infections
  7. Heavy Metal Poisons
  8. Your Stomach is under-active, and therefore does not produce enough acids (hypo acid). So reducing acid produces more difficulty.
  9. You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome
  10. You are chronically constipated
  11. You Eat too late at night
  12. Food Allergies
  13. Food Sensitivities
  14. Dysbiosis of the Flora (Good Bacteria) in the intestines
  15. Chronic Candidiasis
Medical science can only offer treatments which reduce or eliminate stomach acid and which do not regulate or improve any gastric secretions in the stomach.

The Difference Between Treatment and Healing

It is important to understand the difference between treatment and Healing. Medical science is about treatment. Treatment in current day medicine as of this writing has hardly anything to do with Healing. Treatment can lead to Healing. Treatment can be Healing. All too often Treatment and Healing are two different objectives.

Treatment and Healing Hardly Overlap

If you are a visual person, who understands concepts more easily with a visual image or picture in your mind, consider that Treatment and Healing are two different circles which can overlap. This is set mathematical theory. Remember set theory in high-school or University.

It is Hanna Kroeger Healer's opinion that at this time the region of overlap for Healing and Treatment of the many diseases that are common for people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s is so small, probably less than 1/1000 % (one, one thousandth of a percent) that it is negligible. Hanna Kroeger Healer believes that most people think of medical doctors as Healers, but there are very, very few doctors who are Healers, another very negligible overlap. These comments are about positivity, awareness, being realistic, and focusing on Healing rather than a pessimistic attitude.

There are most certainly medical diseases which when considered on their own in the visual picture above (the two possibly overlapping circles) over-lap with the two sets overlapping a great deal. Thus there are surely medical diseases which can be Healed with current standard of care treatment.

Much treatment with acid reducing medications, either over the counter or by prescription will only make you worse over the long term, and may not do much to heal your esophagus, and intestinal lining in the short term either. However prevention of serious disease at any stage is warranted and very wise.

Internal Symptoms of Healing For Acid Reflux Patients

There are a few foods which can help with healing some of the duodenal ulcers, and there are most certainly several types of meals (with specific food components) which can provide the body with the nutrition it needs to heal a stomach erosion or duodenal erosion. An erosion is considered an ulcer if it resides in the duodenum.

Purple Cabbage Juice for Healing Stomach, Duodenal Ulcers

Cabbage Juice, fresh, purple or red cabbage is perhaps the most effective, and the most difficult to take because of the pain of Healing after oral consumption. That is healing pain. Mix with carrot juice, and some ginger for more effective Healing. If you have ever had a small wound, or even a cut, and felt the sting of it being sterilized and beginning healing, you will understand what is happening in your stomach because of ingesting the fresh purple cabbage juice combination. Red cabbage may work just as well.

Carrots for Healing Duodenal Ulcers

Carrots, well cooked is the food of choice on a long term basis for Healing duodenal erosions not stomach erosions.

What Does a Stomach or Duodenal Ulcer Feel Like?

Internally there is a burning every time you eat some foods. This is a "passing" burning, rather than a Healing burning.

Time Line To Heal GERD

Due to the high probability that GERD is actually a catch-all medical diagnosis for a combination of several under-functioning organs, and glands, heavy metal toxicity, damage to the intestinal lining, and lack of proper lifestyle modification, lack of bowel tone, it can take up to 2 to 3 years to fully heal the GERD. This is especially true if you have been taking pharmaceuticals for several years, even if you are currently not taking them, and if you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, etc.

Tendency of Recurrence of GERD

The tendency to recurrence of GERD is very high, especially when there is involvement of the mind in stress, and lack of bowel tone, and insufficient chewing of food. GERD is a chronic medical disease.

The tendency for recurrence of GERD even after Natural Healing and therefore Natural Treatment is also very high seasonally because there are most surely underlying TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnoses, which also have to be Healed. Certain TCM syndromes show up more pronounced in a particular season. Depending on your body energies, proper sleep, exercise, your residence location, garden and trees surrounding your property, lifestyles, these syndromes can become more pronounced as the yearly seasons pass.

Frequent airplane travel can also cause a TCM syndrome to fully manifest.

In TCM, a single medical disease can have one of many different TCM diagnoses. Again, its important to Heal the TCM Syndrome to fully Heal the GERD.

The Symptoms of TCM Syndromes often become seasonally manifested, or more pronounced seasonally. Most likely there will be a month at the beginning or end of the season where the GERD may come back.

For example, you may have gone through a process of Natural Healing for 1 year and felt fine, but because of your diet, lifestyle, place of residence, quality of food, regular eating, lack of eating in season, lack of deep enough Healing, not listening to nature calling the GERD will come back in 2-3 years, and likely catch you completely off guard again!

Our thoughts also do affect our body's energy patterns!

Depending if you have traveled by airplane much, and had the same typical diet which would typically be the case if you had not moved to another state or country where your diet would change, then the recurrence may happen later rather than sooner.

It is also possible that if you went to a foreign country for several months and because of the new diet, your symptoms could get better. Returning to your regular, even natural local diet brings the symptoms back in full force sometimes almost immediately.

Thus it should be obvious to the intelligent reader that Healing GERD is a long term process, and requires a long term commitment and careful decisions concerning lifestyle decision to continue to Heal on a month to month basis.

What Fundamentally Causes GERD?

It is Hanna Kroeger Healer's opinion that GERD is caused by the following things:

  1. Lack of Sufficient Exercise
  2. Lack of Regular Exercise
  3. Lack of Listening to Bowel Evacuation ("Nature Calling")
  4. Underfunctioning Colon
  5. Underfunctioning Stomach
  6. Lack of Regular Meals
  7. Eating Too Late At Night
  8. Lying Down Too Early After Eating
  9. Eating Too Quickly (e.g. On The Run, Or At The Table)
  10. Not Chewing Food Quickly Enough
  11. Food Sensitivities (Eating the Same Foods Too Frequently)
  12. Lack of Drinking Pure Spring Water
  13. Underfunctioning Liver
  14. Underfunctioning Gallbladder
  15. Heavy Metal Intoxication

Hiatal Hernia is not necessarily a cause of GERD. One can have hiatal hernia and not have GERD, but perhaps some heartburn occasionally.

Avoid the Avoidance Food List

If you want to avoid the avoidance food list, i.e. stop avoiding having to eat citrus, or other foods which can aggravate your reflux disease or cause heartburn, Hanna Kroeger Healer can help you.

Have you had heartburn for so many years that you do not even hardly recall it being there until you eat that combination of foods that causes the acid reflux to really hurt? Or do you wake up at night because of some food that you ate which disturbs your digestion?

Healing is not an overnight strategy, but requires a plan, a vibrational reading.

Are you willing to exercise and do what it takes to Heal your GERD/Heartburn with discipline and patience?

Begin a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan with Hanna Kroeger Healer Today!