Healing Sleep Difficulties

Do you have difficulties with sleep?

Sleep loss and sleep deprivation are way up on the list of lifestyle issues which can and eventually will cause much health difficulties if not prevented or solved.

Chronic Sleep Loss is Sleep Deprivation

Sleep loss and therefore sleep deprivation is responsible for poor decision making, poor judgment, car accidents, increase in colds and flu's, loss of work, poor performance at work, allergies, and weight gain as well. Sleep deprivation is when sleep loss or poor sleep become chronic and there is then a deficit in brain function. 

Sleep deprivation is a an extremely serious difficulty. Long term sleep deprivation can lead to mental health difficulties as well as immune difficulties, and chronic infections which can cause physical tissue damage.

Hanna Kroeger Healer will speak about some common sleep difficulties also with an eye to achieving deeper sleep, and to help people before the sleep difficulties become sleep problems.

There are three classes of sleep difficulties, two of which Hanna Kroeger Healer will speak about in this article:

  1. Inability to Fall asleep
  2. Inability to Stay asleep
  3. Poor Quality Sleep
"There are no small difficulties when it comes to sleep, inability to fall asleep, inability to stay asleep, and poor quality sleep. Every detail is important! "

Inability to Fall Asleep

There are some basic lifestyle issues, which can prevent someone from easily falling asleep.  You have a lot on your mind.  You are stressed out about work.  You do not give yourself enough time to fall asleep and relax.  You watch the news before you go to sleep and you are wound up, and anxious about some of the difficulties you noticed.

Some basic things which everyone can do to help them fall asleep easily is to leave yourself enough time to sleep and to feel tired physically when you are ready to go to sleep.  Having a quiet and dark bedroom is fundamentally important to good sleep.

Also some of you may be sensitive to morning light getting in your bedroom and thus wake up very early, especially in the summer time such as at 5am or 6am.  In this case there are two solutions to the light sensitivity issue: get darker drapes, and wear an eye mask to bed.  Eye masks are commonly black-clothed and shaped in a figure eight. An eye mask is put over your eyes and is kept there by elastics that wrap behind your head.  You may have often see them on TV shows when people are blindfolded in order to be surprised.  They are inexpensive costing only a few dollars.  Getting used to them may take up to two months.

Therapeutic Exercise to Help you Sleep Better

You may work in the office or move around a lot during your daily chores at home or at work, but this is not the same as vigorous therapeutic exercise.  Vigorous therapeutic exercise needs to be long term exercise for at least 45 minutes each session.  Building up to that length of time is essential.

Exercise is recommended at least 3x per week in order to help you sleep.  Begin slowly at first.  Less can always be more, especially if your body is prone to inflammation.

Other forms of slow exercise, such as stretching, yoga, tai chi are also highly beneficial!.  Picking the important type of correct exercise that vibrationally enhances your total well being is important.

"Exercise is a powerful healer when performed on a long-term basis."

In Hanna Kroeger Healer’s vibrational readings, there is such as thing as Neglect of Exercise. Neglect is one of the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health.

In other words, you can have a Deficiency of Exercise, just like you may have a deficiency of a mineral or vitamin, or a deficiency of protein in your diet. Just like a deficiency of a vitamin or a mineral can take a long time to manifest in symptoms and disease, a deficiency of exercise, the right amount, the right type, and the frequency can also manifest in disease. 

If you are thinking of taking a sleeping pill, as an easy way out, I would encourage you to think of using exercise as a long-term healer.  You may have a deficiency of exercise, and not a deficiency of a sleeping pill! Most people do! In fact when you have a deficiency of exercise, you may end up taking many pharmaceuticals, end up with poor digestion, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  Our bodies are meant to be physically used.  Sitting at a desk all day or in a car all day can be counter productive to maintaining your health.   This possible loss of health has to do with lack of physical exercise as well as lack of energy circulation through your body.

"In our society in America we are currently more concerned with quick fixes, rather than long term sustainable lifestyle changes that can keep our bodies healthy.  This is a concern with the sleep difficulties."

Its probably fundamentally right that many of use do not get enough exercise, and some other experts say it is a cause of the obesity epidemic in America.  It can take up to 2 years to receive the full benefit of regular exercise.  And there are many benefits of exercise, physical, emotional, and mental!

Sleep improvement can take up to a year. There are some timing issues I would like to mention concerning when you perform exercise, and the type of exercise. 

Some people prefer to do vigorous exercise before going to sleep but it may be more appropriate to exercise about 6 hours before falling asleep.  That’s different than when you go to bed as opposed to when you fall asleep.  If however, your schedule can only accommodate early morning exercise or noon time exercise, rather than after work exercise that would be fine. 

Its essentially important to pick the right exercise whether it be vigorous, such as running, jogging, weight lifting, power walking, aerobic, martial arts, or slow moving as in yoga, tai chi, walking, palates, etc.

Digestive difficulties and Sleep Disturbances

Are digestive problems preventing you from falling asleep?  Most of the time your physical body has a profound influence on your mind.  Do you know about meridian energy pathways that are invisible and feed your organs and glands their energies?  Without going into the whole meridian clock, I will focus on probably the most common time with respect to going to sleep: from 11pm to 1am.  If you are having difficulty falling asleep during that time then you probably have at least an energetic disturbance with your gallbladder meridian.  If this energy disturbance proceeds you may later have a disturbance of the functioning of the gallbladder itself.   If you have a mal functioning gallbladder that in itself is a cause of an energetic disturbance which may affect other organ systems in the body.

The gallbladder is a sac that holds bile manufactured by your liver, and hides behind your liver.  Its on the right side of your body as is the liver and behind  your last rib.

Ever noticed when you eat fatty foods, too much food, or food too close to bed you end up having difficulty falling asleep, even sometimes having to wait until 2am, or 3am to fall asleep?
During 1am to 3am it’s the liver that gets disturbed and can cause you to wake up as well.  The meridian clock I referred to earlier has 2 hour increments associated with organ pairs.

Some people amazingly enough always wake up at the exact same time every night.  At either 2:40am, at 3:20am, or at 4:40am.  These are just some random times.

Waking up during the night (Inability to fall asleep)

That leads me to discuss waking up during the night.  Sometimes you eat a food which does not cause you inability to fall asleep but actually causes you to wake up during the night.  As I already discussed this can happen between 1am and 3am during the liver’s recharging time, but also during 3am and 5am which is the lung's time.  People who have a lung disturbance will wake up continually during this 2 hour time and stay awake for the duration of this time period, only able to go to sleep at 5am.    It could be the snack food you ate before going to bed, or that frozen food, or tv-dinner which has preservatives in it which your liver cannot process.

Whatever food you ate before dinner may contain msg (monosodium glutamate), or artificial food coloring which your body cannot process.  Whatever it is – its best to avoid it.  Make food from scratch. Even a type of seemingly healthy yogurt with “modified corn starch” in it can cause you problems.

There is also the possibility one or several foods that you are sensitive too when combined in one meal can cause you sleep difficulties. 

I believe that sleep difficulties along with waking up unrefreshed is one of the early barometer signs of a body tending toward ill health.

Some people also cannot eat yogurt or drink milk anytime before bed without it causing sleep difficulties.  In this case the sleep difficulties can be tossing and turning at night, lack of deep sleep, and so on.  These difficulties are more related to the quality of sleep which really means how deeply and refreshing your sleep is.