7 Physical Causes of Ill Health

New Heavy Metal Poisoning, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chemical Poisoning, Sleep Difficulty, Pain, Viruses

A, Female, 42 years old, January 2017

I found Master Healer Salvatore searching the web to find help with my health which is at an all time low. I have made contact with him feeling like I didn't know which direction to turn with my illness, which has been going on for over 12 years.


When I first collapsed in 2014 and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks having many tests done., the medical doctor was clueless as to why I was so fatigued and weak, just that he knew something was affecting my body but he couldn't find it.

So I was told to go home maybe it was a virus and let it wear its way out of my body. I was getting worse and so ill and not getting any answers I went on a complementary route to find answers...

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Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan (VRSP)

Heavy Metal Cleansing Incorrectly Done, Sleep Difficulty, Yang Deficiency, Sudden Cognitive Impairment, Skin Rash, Inability to Feel

A, Female, 27 years old, USA, January 2016

I had been seeing a Naturopath who had put me on a cleanse to detoxify from heavy metals. During the cleanse I got very ill with a small rash that progressed rapidly to cover my entire body within three weeks of treatment. The agony of the rash was unbearable causing me to have countless sleepless nights of itching and burning.


He seemed to be the only one who finally could give me an answer and solution as to what was going on with me.

I felt a huge surge of relief and inspiration. We worked together diligently on my health condition and slowly but surely within two months, all my symptoms went away and I finally felt myself again. I could get back to my work, sleep normally, go to the bathroom without the use of harsh laxatives, and simply could go on with my life.


Master Healer Salvatore is an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner, very dedicated ...

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7 Physical Causes of Ill Health + Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan (VRSP)

New Mood Swings, PMS, Chronic Fatigue, Poor Sleep, Candida Troubles, Brain Fog, Lymphatic Congestion, Tooth Pain

N., Female, Age: 47 years, November 2015, 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health + Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan

A few months ago I found Salvatore from his website online.

I had done a candida cleanse/liver flush by my self and I gotten quite unwell. It was a act of violence upon my body.

When I read his site it made sense to me that there is no one size fits all cleanse and that if the body is weak such hardcore cleansing can lead to disturbance and weakness.

Salvatore did the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading for me and has followed and supported me all the way through the slow gradual, non-violent detox of my body.


I sleep much better. Previously I used to have so much heat in my body I would wake up from it!

The candida symptoms have gone. My skin has stopped being very dry. I look and feel so much better.


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Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan (VRSP)

Candidiasis, Blood Type B Diet, Uncontrolled Candida, Flu, Systemic Candida Infection, Parasites, Veganism

Alexandra, Female, 31 years old, Maryland, USA, July 2015

I am a 31 year old female as I write this testimonial.

I have worked with Salvatore for about 4 months on my health issues and so far I have seen a lot of improvement.

Back in 2008, all of a sudden I started experiencing all kinds of scary issues with my health.  I remember that summer I graduated from college in engineering so I was under a lot of stress not only getting my licence but also about making decisions about my future. After graduation I came home to my parents to get my paper work ready; I was getting ready to come to the USA.…

When I started living in the USA I visited a physician explaining to him what I was going through and after some testing he figured it out I had parasites. With all of those symptoms and living at my parents farm that made sense.

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Candidiasis, B12 Deficiency, Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism, Sleep Difficulties

R.F., Male, 37 years old , New Jersey, NY, June 2013

I worked with Salvatore for the last 5 months, and during this time I was able to heal a number of scary physical problems that I believe were beyond the capability of all doctors I’ve seen to heal successfully.

I have been ill and getting worse since childhood because of long treatments with oral antibiotics. ....barely living on 3-4 hours of sleep nightly and trying to cope with the horrible anxiety I experienced every night. ... diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, and Adrenal Fatigue. I knew I was in trouble when my body rejected the Armour thyroid prescribed by my integrative physician.

It was then I realized that allopathic medicine couldn't help me. I searched for weeks to find an effective healer. I was drawn to Salvatore's program because of his understanding that candidiasis and other related issues are healed more by fixing the immune system and imbalances in the body rather than the standard protocol of an all-protein diet and anti-fungals.....

Five months later, my health is much better. ...

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Candida Infection Healing, Sleep Healing, Fatigue, Lethargy, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Heavy Metal Detox, Colon Healing

A.K., Male, Age 23, August 2011


I am writing this testimonial out of the gratitude I have for the incredible healing I have received on all levels, but I am also writing it to give a well-rounded understanding of what healing with Hanna Kroeger Healer Salvatore Crapanzano is like and what can be achieved.

I am 23 years old young man as I write this. Despite my young age I have had my fair share of health difficulties. I found Salvatore after having suffered for 3 years of a variety of health difficulties. I have worked with Salvatore for a full year, so I believe I will be able to give an accurate and detailed description of working with the Hanna Kroeger Healer.

The Sickness

Four years ago I went to see a homeopath for health difficulties and discomforts that now seem quite mild in comparison to what I went through later. I had some bloating, hot flashes, irritableness and I seemed to require few more hours of sleep every night than did others of my age. The complete symptom picture resembled menopause so much it would have been funny if I wasn’t dealing with those symptoms every day. After two hours of interviewing the homeopath instructed me to take 1 LM potency homeopathic Phosphorus every day. I did not know it then, but it was the faithful day that started it all.

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Candida Infection Healing, Spleen Healing, Menstrual Cycle Healing

M. M., Female, Age: 28, Massachusetts, April 2012

Hanna Kroeger Healer helped me turn my health completely around in a matter of months. My body had gotten to such a state that no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to improve my symptoms, let alone heal what was actually causing them. I had an inkling that I probably had a systemic Candida infection, and had been combing the internet for Candida cleanses that worked, made sense to me, and resonated with my holistic perspective on health.

A Naturopath recommended I look into a candida cleanse by Hanna Kroeger, because, she said, Hanna Kroeger’s candida cleanses were personalized to best address your individual situation. In researching that, I found the Candida article on this website, and the explanation offered on how to heal candida - particularly, that one must address the emotional underpinnings of the infection to ensure it will not come back - was both completely unique in all the candida cleanses I’d read so far, and it felt genuinely authentic in that it could actually heal me of candida, for good. I also deeply appreciated how comprehensive the healing program was (it addressed diet, exercise, etc), how open-minded it was (all healing modalities are considered, from lifting weights to acupuncture to reiki sessions), and that it asked me to ultimately take responsibility for my own health and healing process by committing to a healing plan and agreeing to modifying certain behaviors, such as flying, for the duration of my recovery.

I went to Hanna Kroeger Healer with a number of disconcerting ailments. Most prominently, miserable digestion. As in, I couldn’t eat anything without bloating, severely. And I’d spent half the summer not having voluntary bowel movements for, no joke, 3-4 weeks at a time. In addition, I suspected I had a candida infection, and while I had been trying to work with the Body Ecology Diet to gently eradicate it from my system, I honestly had no proof that I was making any progress and was losing my faith, and my discipline, to remain on that fairly restricted diet. I also had developed a rather severe acne situation, likening my face to a caricature of my teenage years, during which I’d gone on some intense anti-acne medications (Acutane, tetrycycline, you name it) to help my poor soul out. And lastly, I’d mysteriously missed my period for 3 months in a row, and I was starting to develop an odd pain in my left side, right about where my left ovary would be. Needless to say, I was a bit frazzled with all these physical ailments coming together all at once, and I desperately wanted help. I wanted the help of someone who could absolutely, positively could help me heal my body - for good. Not merely remove my symptoms, but help me actually heal.

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Thyroid Healing/Chronic Fatigue/Sleep Issues/Candida Troubles

A. H., PA, USA, Feb 2012

In August 2011, I was traveling abroad and became very sick. After several doctor’s visits and multiple medications which offered little relief and in fact, made my situation much worse, I contacted Salvatore at the Hanna Kroeger Healer website. I had made a decision that I wanted to heal my body, not treat the symptoms. Doctor’s did not know what was wrong with me with was very frustrating. Salvatore has been instrumental in this process. He has empowered me to be more in tune with listening to my body. Today, I feel fantastic, very healthy not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally. He is extremely patient and available to answer my many questions through the stages of healing. I have only begun this journey but I know that the end result will be worth it and I have only him to thank for it.

Candidiasis, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Ulcer

L.M. Female, 38 years old , Toronto, ON, June 2010

I would like to begin my Testimonial by saying that “Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano” (Hanna Kroeger Healer) has helped me immensely since starting his program at the beginning of May 2010.

I have had a long history of about 10 years or more of health issues regarding “Candida Albicans” throughout my Digestive Tract, Heavy Metal Toxicity (I currently have about 12-14 mercury fillings in my mouth) and Hormone Imbalances that are caused by the above health issues. I have searched and tried many different Naturopaths and Alternative Medicine doctors over the years in order to help me with my various health issues and have had no success. I was with a particular Naturopathic doctor that specialized in the removal of “Candida Albicans” from ones system and did the program for about a year and a half. In that year and a half, instead of feeling better and trying to completely eradicate the Candida Albicans from my system, I became and felt so much worse and developed a Duodenal Ulcer in the process of it all. The reason for the development of the Ulcer was the supplements I was prescribed to take during the program and the improper monitoring while taking them.

Everyday that passed during the Candida Albicans program, I felt worse and could not figure out why. I was suppose to be feeling better seeing as I had been on the program for so long. When describing my horrible symptoms of pain and burning in my left Ribcage that was emanating into my back and the severe acid reflux along with the constant shooting pain down my left arm, my Naturopathic doctor at the time advised, I was feeling a “Herxheimer Effect” (meaning ones feeling of the effects of detoxification) due to the detoxification of the “Candida Albicans” yeast cells being killed off in my system and that it would eventually pass; obviously that did not happen.

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7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Readings

Thyroid Healing, Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Issues, Candida Troubles, Parasite Infection

A. H., PA, USA, Female, Age: 44 years, July 2012

I began this journey of healing back in August of 2011. I became sick after a trip to the Bahamas. I was in and out doctor’s offices and emergency rooms. They treated me for symptoms but really didn’t know why I was so sick. I became very frustrated, primarily because I was having reactions to the medication, which led to more medications. It was then that I decided that I needed to change my thought process —healing naturally without the use of medications. I started doing some research and my sister mentioned I should check out the Hannah Kroeger website. I contacted Salvatore, a Master Healer and Natural Health Practitioner trained by Reverend Hannah Kroeger and I never looked back.

Besides being so sick, at that time, I had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 20+ years. My initial goal, during this healing journey, was to get well overall but I had a strong desire to discontinue taking the thyroid medication-Synthroid, which I felt wasn’t really helping at all.

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Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Migraines, Severe PMS, Bloating

C.V., Nanaimo, BC

I decided to have a Reading by Salvatore.  I had not told him anything about myself.  He did the reading at a distance when I gave him permission. After considering the information in the reading, I became really impressed with the accuracy."

After only two months of following my program, I have found the results to be incredible.

I had been suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle, migraines, severe PMS and bloating for 2 weeks a month for the past 20 years.  At this point on my program, my cycle has returned to normal, I have no more bloating, and the PMS has greatly reduced.  I also feel better in general.  I look forward to continuing my program and clearing any further causes of Ill Health.

A.F., Nanaimo, BC
"...Thanks so much again for all your help so far in working on my health. I can’t believe how much my well being has improved since I first met you. It’s incredible, really. I have just come to that realization yesterday when I really noticed that I am feeling much better and more capable in dealing with stress in my life. My body feels more at ease with everything and mentally I am doing better, too. So thanks again."

Flower Essence Readings

L.B., Nanaimo, BC
"I had a Flower Essence reading with Salvatore.  I was really impressed with the information that I received! He hit it right on the nail with myself as well as my son!  The information helped tremendously!"