Healing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

What MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Is

Multiple chemical sensitivity is a debilitating and invisible illness that results in a person’s body being unable to process or detoxify normal everyday chemicals.

These chemicals can be simple everyday use items such as scented soaps, perfumes, colognes, shampoos, creams, carpet cleaners, and laundry detergents. Cigarette smoke, fireplace smoke, and burning of other substances are also great offenders that should be avoided.

Car exhaust, and the smell of gasoline fumes are also high up on the list of offenders. Car exhaust also contains formaldehyde.

People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental illness feel from sick to extremely sick after exposure to offending substances. Their lungs may hurt. People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity cannot usually go to malls or other department stores because they will feel sick. The reason is the off-gassing of numerous chemicals in the air from manufactured goods irritates their body, usually feeling it in their lungs the most.

There are many symptoms that people with MCS exhibit.

  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Candidiasis
  • Irritability, Easily angered, Mood swings
  • Food Allergies and Avoidance of Foods due to reactions
  • Mould Allergy or Mould Sensitivity
  • Reactions to Chemical Exposure
  • Lung Pain
  • Weakened Digestion, Chronic Constipation, Food in stools
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Unrefreshing or disturbed Sleep
  • Lack of Deep Sleep
  • Sinusitis, Runny Nose, Nose Bleeds
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Hypothyroidism

First Symptoms or Signs of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple chemical sensitivity is not an illness that comes on suddenly. It can take years to develop the full blown debilitating symptoms. Each person is unique and there can be so many different causes. Multiple chemical sensitivity is often an illnesses of congestion.

Unfortunately, mcs is not like a bruise you get that is permanent and is visible and then becomes of concern. Some people with multiple chemical sensitivity in its early stages may not realize the strong bodily aversion or “reaction” they have to irritating scents, strong scented chemicals and difficulties sleeping at night.

The difficulties sleeping at night may increase when your body becomes more toxic. I believe most people who are chemically sensitive are also extremely sensitive people.

Undigested Food in the Stool a Sign of Yang Deficiency

One of the first and I think the most important signs of the possibility of multiple chemical sensitivity is undigested food in the stool. This is because such a sign indicates a spleen-yang deficiency, and often a kidney yang deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therefore chemical sensitivity is often caused by these yang deficiencies.

I recommend that if there is even a small amount of food in the stool, then you should seek a vibrational reading immediately. However most people are not accustomed to looking at their stool. Black stools may be a common medical indication of internal bleeding, such as most commonly a duodenal ulcer.

However, food in the stools may not be a symptom of medical disease and is therefore not medically diagnosable. We in our current society of Health Care in America and Canada are used to going to see the doctor when there are significant disturbing symptoms such as persistent fatigue or persistent abdominal pain.

Multiple Chemical Sensivity and The NO-ONOO Nitrite/PeroxyNitrate Free Radical Cascade

Most people know about the free radicals of the body.

Dr. Martin Pall, discovered that cellular diseases, mitochondrial diseases are responsible for numerous medical diseases: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity or environmental illness.

Nitrite (NO) is a free-radical that is normally used in the body to kill pathogens, like viruses and bacteria.

However, In times of chronic stress the body’s tissues can create a viscous cycle of tissue damage by recirculating NO to ONOO (peroxynitrate) and back to NO in 22 different ways. This recirculation is called the NO-ONOO free-radical cascade.

Dr. Martin Pall did research to determine which nutrients the body requires to stop the cascade.

Systemic Formulas® which is a leading wellness supplement manufacturer in USA ushered into the 21st century a new herbalomic formula to stop the NO-ONOO cascade and repair mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). The formula is called EPIC™.

EPIC is a cutting edge formula that addresses one of the deepest causes of people’s health issues today – chronic, cellular localized free-radical inflammation and damage to the mitochondrial DNA. It applies nutrition where it is so desperately needed—inside the cells. As our cells overcome negative environmental influences, so does the body. EPIC is an important formula to help the cells reduce mitochondrial damage and function more optimally.

EPIC is definitely one of the formulas needed to heal multiple chemical sensivity.

Other things that need to be addressed are the yang deficiency, detoxification, liver and gallbladder congestion, and congestion in the meridians, parasites, and intestinal permeability.

Formaldehyde the Great Offender

One of the most offending and prolific chemicals in everyday use is formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is contained in cigarettes, and the off-gassing of particle board, car exhaust, carpeting, and many more sources.

Formaldehyde is also a chemical used in building materials.

It may also be used in dry cleaning among other chemicals.

Off-gassing means that chemicals that are used in manufacturing and construction of any kind become volatile, and tus enter the air as a gas.

Depending on the amount of fresh air, and the quality of the air circulation in a room, or the home, the concentration of volatile chemicals can begin to harm a person. Babies are much more susceptible to these chemicals because they are smaller, are growing, and are often closer to the offending chemicals.

An example is when a baby crawls on the carpet floor where the chemicals are at their highest concentration. Carpets can contain an incredibly complex soup of chemicals used in manufacturing.

Causes of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

As a Healer and Practitioner of Natural Healing I know that there are a few causes that are responsible for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

  1. Weakened Adrenal Function or Adrenal Fatigue
  2. Under functioning Adrenals
  3. Heavy Metal Poisoning
  4. Weak Kidneys (Kidney Deficiency)
  5. Kidney Yang Deficiency, Yang Deficiency
  6. Weak Spleen, Spleen Yang Deficiency, Spleen Qi Deficiency
  7. Infections
  8. Parasites
  9. Chronic Emotional Stress (may be just in the past)
  10. Trauma (Physical, or Emotional)
  11. Congestion specifically Meridian Congestion
  12. A workplace or home with poor air circulation
  13. Environmental Toxicity
  14. Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)

The result of all these is a weakened immune system, and detoxification pathways that do not function adequately to excrete chemicals from the body. Weakened kidneys often show up with the symptoms of ringing in the ears specifically after an exposure to chemicals.

There is no doubt that a person with multiple chemical sensitivity needs to completely avoid all exposure to offending substances, and seek to relax, regroup, and rest. Knowledge is a necessity in preventing exposure to offending substances and allowing Healing to happen.

What Not To Do If You Have MCS and You Want to Get Better

Do Not Do a Parasite or Candida Cleanse

Many people want to get better with MCS right away, because life is difficult, and lonesome, and you want to try to get well quickly.

But more often than not, this will ultimately backfire in a very bad way, with at least a temporary setback.

If you have mcs, there is one thing you ought not to do, and that is do a Parasite Cleanse, or take herbs to kill Candida whether you have it or not.

Indiscriminatanly taking herbs to kill parasites, or candida overgrowth in the bowel, neglects that fact that your organs are weak to begin with and you have a deficiency disease.

Anyone who recommends you to take these kinds of kits right off the bat does not understand the implications of having the mcs illness.

I personally do not recommend to any of my client that they take these kits, even with a person who is borderline mcs, much less full blown reactive.

There are highly likely to make you even worse!

All MCS people have much rebuilding of the organs to occur.

This can take at least a few months.

Do Not Do an Amalgam Filling Removal

You may suspect that the mercury from Amalgam Fillings is the cause of your illness, and you may want to remove them all right away.

It may not even be safe to remove one of them!

It is very easy to find a dentist who will do that for you.

It is also very easy to get even sicker and cause organ damage from doing an Amalgam filling removal.

Even if properly done with a Biological Dentist and strict percautions, the mercury burden of your body can increase and tip you into even more ill health.

This is called going from the Frying Pan and into the Fire.

It is much safe, and more effective to do a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan, and get better with the proper supplements from organ rebuilding, and re-energizing, than just straight detoxification.

Read More about Proper Amalgam Filling Removal and Detoxification.

Many people also do improper mercury detoxification with inadequate nutritionals, insufficent supplement intake.

Here at Hanna Kroeger Healer, we do sophisticated, oral heavy metals detoxification.

How Long To Heal Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Healing multiple chemical sensitivity is not a short-term task. In fact it may take up to 6 months to stabilize the body, and see major improvement, but first improvements can be seen in 3 weeks with the correct supplements.

These time-frames typically can be achieved for vibrational readings where all supplements and the program are vibrationally resonant with the person.

Also, the environment the person lives in must be as free of chemical exposure as possible. Life must unfortunately be curtailed for a certain period to prevent relapses and go forward in Healing.

In order to Heal multiple chemical sensitivity it is necessary to only drink Artesian Spring Water on a long-term basis.

Fasting is also contraindicated in multiple chemical sensitivity due to the fact that most people with multiple chemical sensitivity have weakened organ energy, and suffer from a Chinese Medicine diagnosis called deficiency.

Healing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity requires a great deal of patience. There is always a great deal of congestion, energetic imbalances, broken detoxification pathways in the body in people with mcs, and Healing those difficulties can take a great deal of time.

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