Candida Cleansing Reactions: Yeast Die-Off Reactions and Low Liver-Qi (Chi)

Undesirable Yeast Die-Off Cleansing Reactions

Undesirable yeast die-off reactions are a common occurrence with people with chronic candidiasis. Yeast Die-off reactions are also called Candida Cleansing Reactions. Since Hanna Kroeger Healer receives frequent search engine requests for information regarding the reason behind yeast die-off reactions:

  • Why do yeast die-off reactions occur?
  • What do I do about these candida cleansing reactions?
  • Do I stop the cleansing or the yeast killers because of the cleansing reactions?
  • Am I getting better?
  • Why am I more emotional, moody, more chemically sensitive?
  • Why do I feel weak?
  • Why am I constipated?
  • Are heavy metals being released into my immune system?

These excellent questions and more require a dedicated web page for more information. So here it is!

The Worse Months To Cleanse Candida

First of all, January, February, and March are the worst months to cleanse candida. If you cleanse during these months, you will most likely be relying on your liver-qi (liver-energy) and also kidney-energy to provide you with the energy to help detoxify any die-off toxins. Liver-Qi is pronounced as Liver-Chi and is the way to preferably discuss and write about Liver-Energy (i.e. Qi is equivalent and pronounced as Chi).

Stronger Yeast Killers, Stronger Die-Off Reactions

The stronger the yeast killers the worse the die-off reactions.

Most likely if your reactions are somewhat debilitating, and making you weaker, your kidney and liver-energy are already low. Your liver will be unable to process the yeast die-off toxins, and you will most likely get further constipated, may experience mood swings, and also disturb your sleep.

Waking up in the middle of the night during liver recharge time (1am - 3am) is also a sign your liver-chi is not flowing properly or is insufficient.

A disturbance during this time is a sign your liver is not able to detoxify the toxins from cleansing Candida in the intestines. Cleansing needs to be much reduced, or most likely stopped to allow the liver to rebuild. Rebuilding the liver requires Vibrational Energetic supplements and a Special Vibrational Reading.

Hanna Kroeger Healer also believes most people experience pronounced or noticeable constipation during these months irregardless of chronic candidiasis. There is a tendency towards constipation especially when eating foods containing white sugar. Many foods contain white sugar. Many supermarket bought bakery items contain sugar.

Why January, February, and March are the Worst Months

The reason January, February, and March may be the worst months to cleanse Candida for a particular person is because the season prior to Spring is when there is the lowest energy to provide your liver with its supporting energy.

If there is nothing to support your liver energy, you will reduce it, and reduce the organ energy of other organs.
Most supplements including most herbal supplements do not provide energy for cleansing but they do support and thus create the process of cleansing. Cleansing supplements use up your energy for cleansing

Most supplements therefore do not rebuild and replenish as well as cleanse.

Dandelions grow in the "spring", because they "spring" to life with liver-energy just the same way your liver should. If your will becomes weak during cleansing in these months, then you probably have reduced your kidney-energy as well or your kidney-energy was low to begin with.

Winter Months Charge Kidney-Qi (Kidney-Energy)

In the winter months, your kidneys are charging up, and if you cleanse during any of the months of November, December, January, February you will reduce your kidney energy. Your kidneys also feed your liver. Again, your "will" power may be reduced because kidneys are about "the will."

How to Replenish Liver-Energy in The Winter?

The Best Time To Replenish Liver Energy in The Winter

The best time to replenish liver energy in the winter months is the early morning: 5am, 6am, 7am etc. Getting up early and going for walks, or practicing stretching in fresh air is one way to replenish liver energy. The best way to replenish liver energy though is with medical liver-chi qong.

Additional tips to Avoid Reducing Liver-Qi

  • avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or after shaves
  • avoid being exposed to perfumes, colognes, after shaves
  • avoid dying your hair
  • reduce your use of scented products
    • purchase unscented, hypoallergenic, laundry detergent
    • use unscented soaps
    • avoid fabric softeners
  • avoid strong scented cleaners -- use natural cleaners
  • avoid the olive-oil, grapefruit, or lemon liver cleanse
  • avoid deep fried foods, or fried foods
  • avoid air fresheners
  • avoid sleeping or resting in stuffy rooms

How can I tell how good my liver energy is?

One way is to look at your nails. Your liver's health is reflected in the quality of your nails, how smooth they are, if they glisten, if they are sturdy, and lack of any ridges. If cleansing is working, your nails will get smoother, and softer to the touch, and this means your liver tissue integrity is improving. The quality of your nails will also improve during the spring.

Burning Eyes is a Sign of Low Liver-Qi.

In TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine the eyes are connected to the liver. It is therefore natural that some eye disease are created by liver difficulties and liver diseases. The kind of burning that indicates low liver-energy is at the corner of the eyes.

Eat deep green leafy-vegetables such as bok choy, baby bok choy, gai-lan, and other chinese vegetables to increase liver-chi. Eat green zucchini. Wear green clothing.

Getting Out of a Die-Off Reaction Crisis

Here's what to do to improve your cleansing of candida:

  • eat more fibre rich vegetables with some protein, and some herbs
  • eat a high protein diet with success
  • avoid eating raw food or juicing vegetables
  • drink pure artesian spring water
  • exercise gently or vigorously if possible in fresh air outdoors
  • practice tai-chi, qi-gong (chi-gong) with fresh air
  • rest, relax, and wait it through
  • avoid constipating foods
    • potato chips especially ruffled
    • corn chips, any variety

Best Fruits for Constipation

Two of the best fruits for constipation are grapes, and oranges. Note, due to their sour nature, they also reduce liver energy. Red grapes, or blue grapes may be best, although the blue grapes can be quite sweet and increase blood sugar too quickly.

Remember top listen to your body, and especially your liver.

Increasing Kidney-Qi (Energy)

Foods To Increase Kidney-Qi

To increase kidney energy, eat blueberries, blueberry pie, high-quality blueberry jams (avoiding fructose, or jams with plain sugar). Eat blueberries and high quality yogurt for a double benefit. Blueberries are good for the brain and memory because the kidney energy feeds the brain. This is called energetic medicine.

If it seems like a contradiction to eat something containing sugar such as jams, know that avoiding colorful foods is one of the fundamental reasons to get worse with candida. Not eating colorful foods like jams can further reduce organ energy. There are few blue or purple foods that are vegetables, and as previously mentioned these increase kidney-energy.

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