How To Use Wild Oregano Oil

  • Wild Oregano Oil is very cooling
  • Not recommended for people with mcs (multiple chemical sensitivity)
  • Not recommended for people with a kidney yang deficiency
  • May not be appropriate for colds and flus when the exterior is an issue

What Is Wild Oregano Oil

Wild Oregano Oil is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic oil usually ingested in liquid drop format. Excellent brands can be purchased at your local health food store. This web page discusses how to use wild oregano oil properly and how to avoid the pitfalls. Oregano oil usually comes pre-mixed with extra virgin olive oil in a dropper container. Carrier oils other than olive oil can be used.

How To Use Wild Oregano Oil


In practice Wild Oregano Oil is taken orally. It can be swallowed with some water, however special care must be taken as it crosses the throat when swallowed. Also special care must be taken for the length of time the wild oregano oil stays in the mouth before being swallowed.

Place Wild Oregano Oil Drops Underneath the Tongue

Wild Oregano Oil can be placed temporarily underneath the tongue. This placement allows the oil to get into the body quickly. Then after about 10 seconds, drink some warm water, mixing in the wild oregano oil remaining in the mouth with the water, swishing the whole mixture (recommended), and then the whole mixture is swallowed.

Some types of wild oregano oil are very “spicy hot” and must be taken much, much more carefully especially as it crosses the throat after being swallowed. Sometimes wild oregano oil can be more comfortably taken on an empty stomach when it is the hot type.

Use only a maximum of 10 drops at a time. You can take more in a few minutes after each dose.

Here's an example of how to take Wild Oregano Oil. Never take more than 10 drops irregardless of the concentration of the carrier. 10 Drops is an Adults dosage.

You can always take more after a few minutes to keep up the concentration and get enough drops for the dosage to be therapeutic. With enough of a therapeutic concentration in the blood stream and the correct Wild Oregano Oil, a flu virus can be killed before it takes hold.

Again: Take a few drops, and then put underneath the tongue if comfortable. Then wait 10-15 seconds, and drink some water, and then swish the water around in your mouth, and then swallow carefully.

Vibration of the Oil Determines What It Best Works Against

The vibration of the Wild Oregano Oil is important, otherwise it could not actually function well enough to thwart a specific kind of infection. Truthfully some brands of Wild Oregano Oil are better suited for certain kinds of infections, e.g. viral as opposed to bacterial.

For example, some wild oregano oil is better for a viral infection than a bacterial infection. If you know how to dowse, or intuitively determine the dosage of the number of drops of Wild Oregano Oil, you can thwart a harsh viral infection before it takes hold in your body. In fact, it’s possible to thwart a flu virus before it takes hold in your body. But you must acquire a quick enough therapeutic dosage, soon after acquiring a viral infection in order to thwart it.

Using Wild Oregano Oil For Thwarting a Flu Virus

As previously mentioned, the Vibration of the Wild Oregano Oil will determine whether it will work as an anti-viral. The second consideration when thwarting or treating a flu virus is the therapeutic dosage.

Therapeutic Dosages of Wild Oregano Oil For Just Acquired Flu Infection

When using the appropriate wild oregano oil, therapeutic dosage means that you have ingested a certain number of drops, and then you ingest more drops after a certain number of minutes, and then perhaps again after that. This is the therapeutic dosage for acute (just acquired) cases of a flu infection whether you have symptoms or not.

In this case, of helping your body deal with the flu infection, after taking sufficient Wild Oregano Oil, you may experience a very mild but noticeable die-off reaction. This, again, is the acute or just acquired case when the flu virus has not taken enough hold in your body and there are probably no symptoms, or very minor symptoms.

Using Oregano Oil Within A Flu Infection

Hanna Kroeger Healer recommends that people who have the flu as determined by a doctor, a nurse, or their own symptoms use Wild Oregano Oil as an anti-viral to shorten the duration of the flu symptoms. In this case, several drops every 2 hours may shorten the length of the flu.

Symptoms of the Flu

According to virologists, the flue comes with several telltale symptoms. Chief among among them is a fever, cough as well as aches and pains. Influenza often knocks you off your feet, so much so that you become confined to bed with a fever and don't feel like getting up and moving.

Other symptoms of the flu are:

  • sore throat
  • headache
  • muscle aches
  • joint aches
  • vomiting, and diarrhea (can be just gastroenteritis)
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite

Using Wild Oregano Oil Does Not Guarantee Future Viral Immunity

Using Wild Oregano Oil to thwart any type of flu virus before it takes hold in your body may not guarantee that you will have future immunity to that flu virus.

In other words, if you successfully kill the flu virus in your body using Wild Oregano Oil and especially if you feel the mild die-off reaction, your body may not have immunity against that flu virus. That lack of immunity means you could become re-infected in the future.

Recommendations For When To Use Oregano Oil

Hanna Kroeger Healer recommend that people intuitively test themselves on a daily basis especially during influenza season, to see if they have an infection.

This daily testing is especially needed in influenza season after they come home in the evening from work, social gatherings, shopping at the local supermarket, visiting the mall, etc.

For men, and women, coming home from the local health club or gym, it’s also advisable to use Wild Oregano Oil.

It’s also advisable for people who work at hospitals or who visit a hospital to keep some on hand.

Hanna Kroeger Healer also recommends taking Wild Oregano Oil as a preventative before going on an airplane.

Brand of Wild Oregano Oil for Strep or Staph Infection

Hanna Kroeger Healer has used a certain brand of Wild Oregano Oil in the case of a Strep or Staph infection. In Canada this Wild Oregano Oil is available under the name brand of Joy of the Mountains.

What If Your Oregano Oil Does Not Work For A Bacterial Infection

If your wild oregano oil does not begin to work, almost immediately (i.e. within hours) and you have a bacterial infection, it’s Hanna Kroeger Healer's opinion that you should seek medical attention and Anti-Biotics for the infection, especially if you have a high fever.

Use Warming Herbs While Taking Wild Oregano Oil

If you feel cold while taking oil of oregano, it may benefit you to take warming herbs such as cinnamon twigs, cinnamon powder, ginger, ginger powder, garlic gloves, cloves. Some of these can be encapsulated and ingested with water. For example you may find, cinnamon powder, as well as ginger powder at your local health food store. You can purchase empty capsules there as well.

These warming herbs can help balance the cooling effects of Wild Oregano Oil.

Note: Oregano Oil is a cooling supplement, and if you have a Yang Deficiency or an aversion to cold, you should seek the care of a qualified Dr. of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Oregano oil can depress the yang energy of the body. In particular during the period 2 weeks prior to and after the Winter Solstice taking Oregano Oil regularly can leave you with a Yang Deficiency.

Balancing Colder Foods During a Flu

Most people may eat more fruit during a flu, such as oranges, apples, bananas. But these fruits are cooling as well, and they are best balanced with warming food, and herbs. This balancing is especially needed in colder climates where the fruit purchased is out of season.

Long-Term Use of Oregano Oil

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Energy Therapeutics of a herb gives a multitude of information not obvious from its single or complex chemical contents.

Each herb or oil has distinct qualities such as taste and temperature and other properties.

Wild Oregano Oil goes down feeling “hot”, but internally it is cooling. Most anti-viral’s are cooling.

Whatever is cooling internally can acclimatize you to a hotter climate.

Since wild oregano oil is native to the Mediterranean, then you could get acclimatized to that climate if you use it long enough, or if there are too many cooling foods in your diet.

In practice this is highly unlikely, but the long-term use of oregano oil depends more on your kidney’s being able to provide warmth to your digestion, i.e. to counteract the cooling effect of the oil.

People with Candida, and MCS (multiple-chemical-sensitivity) or other infections can use wild oregano oil carefully, but in practice their kidneys and other organs are not working well enough to use it on a long-term basis. So, the difficulty could go away temporarily, such as for example in the Summer you will feel better, but when the Fall comes around the difficulty such as candida will come back.

Without knowing whether the kidneys, stomach and the spleen are working properly, and removing congestion in those meridians associated with these organs, actually the spleen-pancreas meridian, wild oregano oil can only be used sparingly.

An Example of a Balanced Formula For Bowel Tonifying

When a formula is used on a long term basis, it must be more energetically balanced to your body and the climate, the season, your diet, and your activity level. With the Vibrational Readings performed by Hanna Kroeger Healer, if a formula is to be taken on a long-term basis, for example for the bowel, then other formulas may be used at the same time to balance it’s effect.

Some formulas are good on their own for some time.

For example, one of the best lower bowel tonics is the LBT3 from Wild Rose College. It contains warming herbs which balance the cooling herbs used to tone the bowel.

Note that toning the bowel is different than a laxative effect even in herbal form.

Wild Oregano, A Better Anti-Viral

It is Hanna Kroeger Healer's belief that Wild Oregano Oil is a far superior Anti-Viral than it is Anti-Bacterial, or Anti-Microbial. However, the method of ingestion can make a difference, for example, whether Wild Oregano Oil is ingested in capsules, or swallowed with water.

A Better Anti-Fungal Oil Combination

If you for example have a fungal infection, due to the use of anti-biotics, then a better oil combination may be Fung-E-Clenz by North American Herb and Spice.

Published: July 5, 2009

Updated: Nov 7, 2009, Dec 17, 2012