Why Does Eating Ice Cream Cause Ill Health or Heartburn?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020by Salvatore Crapanzano, C.C.Ir., B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc.


Have you eaten a bit of ice cream only to find that several hours later (or maybe within minutes), you have found you have heartburn? Maybe some other symptoms?

Ice Cream can be a cause of heartburn, due to its sugar content feeding pathogenic yeast in the gut, ingredients not being easily processed by the liver, toxins being ingested into the body, low stomach acid, and food-combining no-no's!

If you have occasional heartburn only due to ice-cream consumption, your diet may be lacking in sufficient magnesium (explained below), or you may need more magnesium to create the stomach acid imbalanced by the ice-cream consumption. It may not be only ice-cream but other dairy products that cause the same episodes.

What causes the heartburn?

Before I tell you why you have heartburn, let me tell you other symptoms that can be caused by eating store-purchased and packaged ice cream. A bit of depression or melancholy, an edgy feeling of the nerves, hyper-excitement,  stomach ache, headache, difficulty sleeping, odd bowel movements the next day (foul smelling, and floating), constipation, and facial pimples or acne.

Trouble falling asleep may also be an issue. This is due to inflammation in the gut.

Another very subtle symptom the next day is that the urine smells, is darker, and it does not bubble when looked at in the toilet. That lack of bubbling is due to the acidifying action of the ice cream in the body. In other words, you need to alkalize as soon as possible. Fruits, spring water, dried figs, vegetables.

Why Does Eating Ice Cream Cause Heartburn?

Commercial Ice Cream has a lot of hidden sugar in it. It is hidden because when you eat it cold you cannot taste it. Try leaving a little bit of it at room temperature until it melts, and see if you can taste the sugar then.

Ice cream causes heartburn because your body is not able to process the large amount of sugar in it, the fats, and possibly any other ingredient which has a very long odd chemical name. Ice cream may also have polysorbate 80 in it. You can search on the internet for information on this additive, which some consider dangerous. Any additive needs to be processed by your liver.

Also, even though the individual ice cream can have ingredients that you may think are ok, the combination can also be very difficult to digest or process. The liver would need to process the combination of ingredients.

Ice Cream Contains Calcium and Causes Magnesium To Become Out Of Balance

By far the most important reasons that the ice cream's calcium content may cause heart burn is because of the indigestion caused by too much calcium absorption and insufficient bodily magnesium.

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, a world-wide expert in Magnesium, it's role in health promotion, and signs of deficiency:

1. Acid reflux. Spasms of the lower esophageal sphincter at the juncture of the stomach can leave the sphincter open, causing acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or heartburn.

The Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) or value, keeps the acidic contents of the stomach from going up and burning your esophagus after a meal.

Note the general principle here would be that magnesium deficiency in the diet causes the calcium in the cell to be unregulated by sufficient magnesium. Meaning calcium which entered a cell stays there too long. Calcium enters the cell for a muscle contraction, or a nervous impulse. After such an action occurs, magnesium helps active transporters pump calcium out of a cell.

2. Indigestion. The gastric proton pump that acidifies the contents of the stomach for proper digestion is dependent on magnesium.

Is it any wonder the Nexium ™, Prilosec ® the purple pill, and other strong acid reducers in this class called Proton-Pump Inhibitors are a popular remedy for acid reflux!

Holding off on Antacids, OTC drugs, might be a good idea when you have this type of acid reflux or indigestion because they would only cause more magnesium deficiency long term.

Low stomach acid (medically hypochlorhydria) can lead to malabsorption of carbohydrates, which in turn leads to a build up of gasses in the stomach. Increased intra-abdominal pressure occurs pushing the stomach contents up, irritating the esophagus with acid. See the hidden causes of heartburn and gerd, by Chris Kresser.

Your Liver Creates the Heartburn

In another scenario, It is the liver that is responsible for creating the heartburn because it dumps the toxins it cannot handle into the stomach which then get’s agitated. Once the stomach is agitated, it causes the heartburn.  If your liver were strong enough, and you ate reasonably well most of the time with good nutrition, then you would never feel any symptoms.

Eating Ice Cream as Desert Is Also A Food Combining No-No!

Another reason related to your liver being over-burdened is that eating ice cream after a meal is a food combining error!

Food combining rules require that sweets not be mixed with a meal or eaten shortly thereafter because this can cause food to just sit in the stomach and cause slowed digestion, and indigestion. Sweets including deserts usually contain sugar, berries, sweet fruits, even healthy sugars.

You may notice a difference in the severity or duration of the heartburn if you eat ice cream as a meal (that is alone), or you eat it as a desert shortly after a meal.

Pay attention to your digestion and the digestibility of the combination of foods at your meals.

Did you know that melons should be eaten alone and away from meals? That is a food combining rule!

If you have been following food combining for many years to improve digestion, and you digestion is still sputtering, then you need to find deeper causes of your weak digestion.

Ice Cream Can Also Fatten You Up

Ice cream can also fatten you up, because the body cannot process the additives, it would place them in your fat cells. So, it is not just the calories that cause fattening.

It is also possible that the ice cream can have a label saying that wholesome ingredients are used, but that is far from the truth.

Sugar in Ice Cream is The Big Culprit Feeding this...

Ice cream has a lot of sugar. The sugar is hidden because of the cold and enjoyable taste. If you have flatulence after eating ice cream then you likely have an imbalance of the micro-flora in your gut.

This is a very concerning situation. The sugar feeds the pathogenic organisms in your gut and gives you bloating, and flatulence.

Perhaps you are even feeding a pathogenic yeast in your gut which can lead to a candida fungal infection.

This fungal overgrowth requires sophisticated treatment, avoidance of sugars, simple carbohydrates and other junk food.

This is the Candida Albicans yeast-like organism.

Consuming too much sugar can lead to fungal overgrowth!

Women: Do you notice an abundance of yeast infections because of this dietary habit?

Taking an appropriate probiotic on a long-term basis, and completely avoiding sugar in it’s many disguised forms is necessary and are just few things that can be done.

The sugar in ice cream feeding the bad flora in your gut can also unmask candida-overgrowth in the large bowels. Candida overgrowth often leads to a candida fungal infection.

Learn if you have a candida-infection because Candida fungal overgrowth and infection is a very serious impending health difficulty which needs to be healed quickly to restore quality of life.

And also prevent deterioration of your health!

It is much more inexpensive to restore your organ function and immune function if you do not ignore the Heartburn and the source of it.

Do you notice if you have a chronic sinus infection, or an acute sinus infection because of eating too much sugar? The sugar in the ice cream may be feeding some fungus in your body according to researchers.

Another Cause: Low Acid Stomach

Although not my preferred reason for the heartburn causing ice cream, low stomach acid is also highly likely.

If you have heartburn with other meals, chances are you may also have food intolerances, or food sensitivities and the result is low-stomach acid on some occasions.

Low stomach acid actually gets manifested as heartburn or acid reflux after a meal.

Can Ice Cream Cause Abdominal Pain?

When ice cream causes abdominal pain, either the same day, or later, there are two reasons for this.

The first reason is that cold of the ice cream shocks your Spleen, and causes it to reflect into your stomach. The Spleen is an organ of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is often called the Pancreas-Spleen as well to indicate a western dual organ system connected by energy.

The second reason is that the sugar in the ice cream causes parasites to become active. Sugar causes inflammation, and inflammation disturbs your immune system.

These parasites would be in your small intestine, or small bowel. The inflammation just awakens, energizes, and allows them to proliferate.

To learn more about healing heartburn, or candida infection, start learning about Vibrational Readings by Salvatore Crapanzano, a Vibrational Healer and Natural Health Practitioner.

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