Why Do My Legs Hurt So Much Below the Knees?


Do your legs hurt a lot, in particular below the knees in the morning when you awaken, or at the end of your work day?

Do you lower legs hurt a lot after you've gone for a run, or jogging?

Do you feel like you can't stand all day at work because your legs hurt so much at the end of the day, and you don't understand why?

Do you notice a dull aching, throbing, or an unsual tiredness in the legs, especially the calves lower in your leg?

Do you wake up in the morning, sometimes earlier than you want and your find that your calves are hurting, and they did not feel that way the night before when you went to bed?

Do you feel that you've reached a certain age, and you find that you start to get leg pain at the end of the day, more so now because of your job, or athletic regimen?

A more serious medical reason your legs may be hurting is because you may have a blood clot, and you may need an emergency medical intervention, or medical attention. This can be the case when you have just gotten off a flight within the last 24-48 hours (especially a long one), and you are unaware of your own tendency to venous insufficiency, and you did not wear compression stockings.

In all these cases, when there is such profound leg pain, because of the noisiness of daytime life, the attention on your children you are taking care of, spouse, parent, etc the awareness does not come until you are in bed, lying horizontally in complete quiet. At this time of night, examine the health of your legs for any veinous protrussions, throbbing, adequate blood circulation, and any pain. Do this when you are lying horizontally, fully relaxed, and before you put the sheets over your body and go to sleep. This technique is so you can look at your legs, and feel them more. Having this awareness of your leg's health is extremely beneficial because you can understand the source of it. It is better to deal with your needs and the cause of the pain rather than proceed to more medically profound pathology later on in life, and need more crucial long-term medical care.

There are several other important reasons why your legs may hurt so much. Natural treatments will be examined.

For the first part of this article, I will be examining Venous insufficiency.

For the 2nd part of this article to I will be updating this web page periodically, with the following related topics:

  • my own story of staying well with a tendency towards venous insufficiency, and how I discoverd my own tendency towards venous insufficiency
  • the tendency towards blood clots for people with a tendency towards venous insufficiency
  • my own story of a painful night with an unknown bloot clot, and how it dissappeared by the next day
  • what a tendency towards venous insufficiency means, and where this knowledge comes from in the science of Iridology
  • a story of an Uncle in Sicily who was a building foreman who spent 1 month in the hospital in a wheelchair because of a blood clot, and where his tendency towards bloot clots comes from(hint it is having to do with inflammation from chemicals)
  • Hanna's perscription for Blood Clots: onions, and onion soup
  • Modern research about rutin in onions helping people stay clear of blood clots

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Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is when the venous part of the cardiovascular system, where the blood also flows, does not work optimally, and there is a genetic weakness of the flaps in it. The venous system is responsible for the returning of blood to the heart. It does not work on a pump as the arterial blood system works.

Characteristics of the Pain

The pain of this disorder is very easily discernable and has certain characteristic patterns. It is evoked in certain circumstances. The pain of venous sufficiency often makes your legs feel like they are 2-3 times their actual weight. It is usually a throbbing pain.

Walking and standing for prolonged periods

When you have walked for an hour or more or been on your feet in a stationary position for a while, you will likely get pain in your lower legs if you have a tendency towards venous insufficiency. Often times there is no real pattern to this, because walking or standing does not always cause the pain. Sometimes it can be a long game of tennis, or even a short one on a particular day.

People who have to stand for their job such as hairdressers, supermarket employees, restaurant workers, etc are in my opinion at the highest risk of developing difficulty with the venous system.

It is advisable not to have a career in these professions because of the tendency to pain. You may be better off sitting at a job, or working at a job, where you get to sit for an hour, and then arise for certain tasks. I met a hairdresser once who had to use herbals from Italy every day, when she was started to live in Toronto again. This was an eye opener to me when I had become studied in Iridology. This kind of pain is probably more common than we think, and since we still have a tendency to ignore this type of pain, since it is not a dire pathology, we don't figure out what the source is, or what to do abou it.

So, when you have pain in your lower legs, especially below your calves. you will feel like massaging the area when you get home. The pain is throbbing, and takes hours to go away. Sometimes the pain stays for many hours, and the only way for it to stop is to lay down on your bed and go to sleep. You may wish to slightly elevate your leg to help with blood flow.

Antioxidants, and antioxidant drinks can help. There are many berry mixture powders available on iherb.com.

Consult your medical doctor to ensure you have venous insufficiency, and rule out other causes. Your medical doctor can tell from the veins in your legs, and their protrusion even when you are in your 30's that venous insufficiency is becoming evident.

It is not necessarily true that venous protrusion in your legs, is caused by the tendency to venous insufficiency though. It can be caused by other factors.

Sometimes this pain happens on only one side of the body as well.

Because of the possibility of portal vein hypertension

Inflammation as a Cause of Leg Pain, Venous Insufficieny

Cellular inflammation all over the body, can be what causes the pain in the legs in the morning as well, and causes the values to malfunction.

Where does the cellular inflammation come from?

One source is indirectly from a parasite infection, such as roundworms.

Parasites, specifically roundworms can cause dampness in the body.

Another source is chemicals in the environment.

Eating red meat can also cause inflammation.

Thus the usage of anti-oxidants, and the right celluar healing supplements, and a cellular healing diet.

The Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears helps reduce inflammation in the body.

C-Reactive Protein may not be a good indicator of the type of cellular inflammation we are speaking about.

C-Reactive Protein is more a long-term indicator of inflammation, and may take too long to rise to indicate this difficulty.

If you cannot get rid of the leg pain, and have tried many doctors, diets, supplements, we encourage you to Request a Get Acquainted Session to see if we can help you.

Constipation causes Venous Insufficiency

In fact constipation is also one of the root causes of congestion of the arteries as well as the veins. Constipation in the form of plaques in the lower bowel can also cause pressure on the veins which are returning blood from the intestines. These veins meet up into the large vein, called the portal vein which goes to the liver.

Any pressure or constipation, chronic, or parasites in the intestines may cause Venous insufficiency. See the web page Do I Have Parasites or Intestinal Worms? for more information on knowing whether you carry parasites.

Spleen Disorders in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Spleen organ system governs keeping the blood within the arteries and veins. It's the qi, chi or energy of the Spleen (spleen-pancreas) system which can have an effect on the pain in the legs as well. The spleen meridian runs along the inside of both legs up to about the knee area.

When there is congestion in the spleen meridian (energy congestion) there could be some pain at certain points in the meridian where acupuncturists often insert needles to regulate or balance the qi.

See an acupuncture chart of the spleen-meridian.

Usually when the Spleen is imbalanced, there would be digestive issues as well. More damp forming foods, such as milk, yogurt, cheese can cause the spleen to weaken it's energy. Overthinking, overstudying, or worrying too much without expressing concern about something specific, or clearing one's assumptions can degrade the health of the spleen.

Spleen meridian congestion, and imbalance can show up as a tendency to dampness in the body, and this may aggravate or be the source of the pain in the legs, especially when there is a heavy feeling.

We have already mentioned that a parasite infection can be the cause the dampness as well.

How To Help the Venous System Heal

The venous system needs nutrients just as much as the arterial system.

In addition cleansing the whole cardiovascular system will include the venous system as well. Careful attention to a staged Vibrational Reading is warranted. In this case, the use of the Kroeger Herb™ Circu-Flow™ Formula may be warranted.

A comprehensive vibrational reading can help heal long-term health difficulties arising out of venous insufficiency.

Remedies Specific for the Veins

Horse chestnut seed

Horse chestnut seed extract tincture is one of the best remedies for chronic venous insufficiency. In fact it is very effective, and listed in the The Complete German Commission E Monographs Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines. It is a well researched herbal extract with scientific study.

A. Vogel's Venaforce Liquid and tablets is an excellent product.

Venoforce Liquid Available in Canada at AVogel.ca/

Also in Canada A.Vogel Venaforce® Extra Tablets for Varicose veins

Available in America: Venaforc® in Tablets at A. Vogel USA.

Warning: Horse chestnut seed Extract is very unpalatable in liquid format. Use honey or take with food to mitigate the taste in the tincture..

Many other retail stores carry the Vogel Herbal Formulas in America.

Antioxidant and Berry Formulas

Certain herbal formulas may also be highly beneficial for venous insufficiency. Berries, such as blue-berries may provide anti-oxidants and other phytochemicals which are highly beneficial to the veins.

Part 2 of the Article:

My Own Story:

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