Why Do I Feel So Tired When I Travel And Come Back Home?

When you travel for business or personal reasons, and you have traveled enough of a distance, once you are home you could get very tired, and feel very fatigued. It is almost as if gravity just doubled for you, and you are twice as heavy with the same amount of body mass.  And then you may be unable to get out of bed so easily in the morning.

What kind of travel causes this fatigue?

The travel could be in a car, train, or by plane. It is the distance that matters, and the speed with which you arrive at your destination.

Car trips, or ferry trips are also included, especially when they are a long-distance trip.

It is usually upon arrival home from your return trip that causes the difficulty in generating energy.

Most everyone is familiar with the jet lag and the resultant difficulty adjusting to a shift in time zone with jet travel. Jet lag disturbs your ability to sleep. Some techniques using melatonin have been developed to adjust faster to a shift to a newer time zone.

According to medical science, the circadian rhythm or 24 hour biological clock of your body is temporarily imbalanced. It relies on the light-dark cycle to adjust itself, and therefore your body is not able to adjust instantaneously to the newer time zone.

Long-term travel across several time-zones is extremely stressful to the body including mentally, and physically, perturbing the balance of meridians and the thyroid and adrenals.

Your body feels very odd in a time zone where the day-night cycle is very different, so your ‘internal clock’ needs resetting.

However, did you know that you could travel from north to south along the same time zone, and have a disruption in your ability to generate energy as well? The resultant difficulty may occur when you are in the destination city, but also when you return to your home.

Even if you traveled by land for 2-5 hours to a new destination, when you returned back home, you would then end up not being able to generate the energy to keep your body straight and upright.

In other words, you are “wiped out”, bed-ridden, feel very heavy, and have low energy. Some of these symptoms may also be due to a malfunctioning spleen-pancreas (as in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine), but on this web page I am discussing those symptoms caused by an underfunctioning thyroid or adrenals gland.

All this disturbance to the circadian rhythm relates to the way the human body adjusts to a shift in longitude as well as latitude, but may also be a result of a perturbation on the body from the sudden change in atmospheric pressure in the new environment.

Think about this for a moment. Jet lag was discovered to result from the rapid movement of a human body from one time zone to the next because of jet travel. They key is rapid un-natural movement.

We can travel long distances even in 2-5 hours with a vehicle on the highway. And the human body is not accustomed to adjusting to the new environment or even subtle climate change when there is a deficiency of chi, or a weakened thyroid or adrenals gland.

In other words, the weaker your body in some respects, the more you could be weakened by travel temporarily. And the stronger your body, the more travel you could tolerate without any supplementation, or pro-longed rest.

The point is we are in a constant balance with the environment.

Now, I will explain in a crux what happens when you come back.

It is either weakened adrenals or a weakened thyroid that shows the disturbance to energy generation in your body.

Even though someone may not have adrenal insufficiency, or be hypothyroid medically, they can experience this fatigue, albeit temporary. The fatigue could last 2 weeks however.

Again, this is prolonged fatigue upon arrival in a new destination and back where there is no time zone change, or where there is jet that is not across time zones, but north south.

However, there must be sufficient distance traveled, and depending on the state of the thyroid gland, some kind of maximum distance must be exceeded. Some tolerable distances could be 70 miles and some can be much larger.

Some people cannot gain a proper functioning thyroid gland, or adrenal glands unless they limit travel to a certain radius within the home. This is a reasonable but unscientific and common sense method of ensuring the thyroid or adrenal gland heals

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