Why Does Candida/Fungal Infection Come Back Again?

Why does Candida or a Fungal Infection Come Back Again?

Here are a few of the top reasons a Candida Infection comes back gain.

  1. You never healed the adrenals well enough
  2. You did not address the energy balancing needed for the liver or kidneys (e.g.) Liver or Kidney Tonification
  3. The spleen is weak and needs rebalancing with herbs and/or acupuncture
  4. The probiotic you used was not resonant with your intestinal needs
  5. The program you used to Heal Candida used the principle of killing the candida in your gut with yeast killers, without any consideration of your organ or gland energy over the long-term.
  6. You have heavy metal toxicity which was never addressed

The majority of supplement programs that are marketed to eradicate candida overgrowth from the gut are grossly ineffective.

Let me say that again, they are grossly ineffective.

They are grossly ineffective because they never address the energy deficit of the organs and glands that creates the complex of candida symptoms in the first place.

Let me explain it to you this way: if you went to sleep and magically you woke up with your bowel flora completely balanced, and any leaky gut healed, but you never addressed the energy imbalances in your organs, your body would still be hospitable to a candida infection, and you would still not feel well.

In reality your immunity is determined by the strength of your adrenals, thymus gland, your thyroid gland, and your liver and kidney working well too.

Candida Overgrowth and Candida Infection

In my Healing Practice, there is a distinction between candida overgrowth and candida infection. A candida infection is a fungal infection which has taken hold in the body. It is more difficult to eradicate because there is usually a lot of long term work to be done. That is not to say you would not feel well as soon as possible.

Programs which are used to kill candida and recolonize the bowels with better flora so the candida can't come back fail to recognize the physical and emotional energy imbalances in the body.

Those physical and emotional imbalances are a very good fit for the candida infection to stay in your body. Like the key that fits and unlocks the door to poor health. Most people want to be well and have the key that unlocks the door to great health.

Is one or two supplements enough to Heal Candida?

So, if for example you address the adrenals, can you get out the malaise of candida if you take a probiotic at the same time? Considering that most Vibrational Reading Supplement Plans show about 5 supplements to take at the same time to begin with, the answer is usually a resounding No. The supplements must be taken correctly, the dosages found out correctly, and the number of days must be correctly given.

Why Die-Off is a Sign of More Ill Health To Come

When you take natural health products to kill candida you are asking your body to deal with the yeast die-off in some way. In that case of yeast die off, the most important organ of elimination becomes the liver, since the die-off goes up to the liver from the colon.

You are asking your liver which is probably already over-burdened to detoxify the die-off. Not a good idea.

In reality, the best method to get rid of yeast is to take a probiotic and then support the liver and kidneys, and adrenals and immune system as well. A slower but deeper healing. A Vibrational Reading shows the bio-energetic natural supplements that need to be taken.

Many people take the Candida cleanses, and then a few months later they feel the malaise again. They feel the depression, the inability to get out of bed early in the morning, and perhaps you feel the candida toxins robbing your body of energy.

A candida infection inhabits a body which has several energy imbalances and began to grow in a body which had energy imbalances to begin with. The Candida infection then takes hold.

But before the Candida infection took hold, your liver energy was reduced, your sleep became disturbed, and you began to feel some fatigue. Slowly the infection crept up on you insidiously. Your immunity went down as the candida overgrowth increased, whilst you continued to eat carbohydrates without restriction.

In some people the infection takes a hold over a period of several years.  Candida toxins then cause anxiety, weak will, poor sleep and poor adrenals function.

Some people do not have a Candida infection per say, but candida overgrowth and their health is still not too good, and not so terrible either. These are people who usually have a strong constitution and kidneys, but with a weak liver.

A Candida infection is more difficult to get out of because it is literally like being shackled in your own body of ill health. Most cleanses take the approach of trying removing the candida infection whilst not understanding the long-term healing of the body. If you remove Candida without healing the body, the Candida infection stays put. You may feel better temporarily, but it still stays put.

These are also people who can have a few beers once a week, and then recover over the weekend. Perhaps they have excellent regular exercise habits, or stronger kidneys to begin with.

The determining factor of whether they will get a candida infection, can be: their diet, the supplements they use, the strength of their digestion, and the regularity of sexual intercourse.

Improper regulation of sexual intercourse, such as too frequent intercourse is a cause of candida taking hold. Since most people’s regular diet are not correctly attuned to their body’s needs, and there are several organ imbalances, most people end up with some form of disease later on in life. Candida just happens to be one that starts with an imbalance in the intestinal flora.

Exercise can be important in Healing Candida.

A Candida infection would not take hold in a health body with a very good and therefore resonant diet. But sometimes diet is not enough.

Seasonal Changes Associated with Malaise

To further explain the fundamental organ energy deficit which fuels Candida infection, let’s look at the seasonal transition effects which cause the Candida to come back and the symptoms which show it is back too.

Some people with a Candida infection usually feel worse in the Winter time, and at this time your will becomes weaker.  The reason is because your kidney energy is being used up, and no liver energy is being given to you by mother earth. Another reason is you are now indoors more. You are breathing in more chemicals.

Liver Energy Upsurges in Spring Time

In spring time, which is the time when liver energy is abundant in your hemisphere, people with candida overgrowth or infection bothering them begin to feel better.

The reason is that all of a sudden your liver energy upsurges; nature just plugged into your liver and fed it some energy! As it begins to grow, you feel better!

Spring time’s liver energy begins earlier in the year than the usual March calendar date.

When you look at the definition used above of the liver-energy upsurging, it usually starts sometime in February, and people start feeling better in early February.

For someone who roller coasters up and down with malaise, in spring time, the liver-energy increase could feel like an exhilarating climb to the highest point in a roller coaster ride. You feel good again.

For women, with lowered liver-energy, and candida overgrowth, when the liver-energy increase happens, you could feel much better “hormonally”. Your menstrual cycle could temporary show improvement as further hormones are cleared from your blood stream by the liver.

Usually people with Candida feel better during this time as well because the colon will work better too. However if there is leaky gut a person will never quite feel well enough.

So, every season change, there is a change in your energy profile, inside your body, like a miniature universe rebalancing itself.

Some people need more Spleen Energy, and some people more Kidney energy. It all depends on the particular person.

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