Why Are Intestinal Parasites Difficult to Get Rid Of?


There are a variety of reasons that make intestinal parasites such as tapeworms, or roundworms, or whipworms difficult to get rid of. And make no mistake they are extremely difficult to get rid of, because of many holds on the body, with toxins.

Although the title of this page is Why parasites are difficult to get rid off, the title may very well have been why do parasites keep coming back, or how to effectively cleanse parasites, or why did the parasite cleanse fail?

How To Get Rid of Parasites

If you have tried to get to rid of the intestinal parasites in your gut and you have not succeeded, there would be one or more reasons from the list below that need to be addressed in some order before succeeding.

Reasons For Not Getting Rid of Parasites

  1. Internal Cold, Digestion has been eating too many cold foods
  2. Gallbladder is weak
  3. Liver is weak
  4. Toxins from the parasites have weakened your digestive system
  5. Heavy metal poisoning makes them impossible to get rid of
  6. Toxins from the die-off are not properly processed and overload your immune system
    1. Your liver cannot handle them
    2. Your gallbladder gets further weakened because there is an auto-immune response against it
  7. Your digestion is weak, e.g. you need enzymes to process food
  8. Your kidney's are weak
  9. The weak kidney's show up as weak will when you cleanse, and further sensitivities
  10. Your spleen is weak
    1. You are weakened further by the parasite cleanse, in other words, your legs, arms, and whole body feels weak because of the muscles being controlled by the spleen
    2. Your chi circulation is weak. When your spleen is weak, the chi, ch'i or qi circulation will be weak
  11. Your body is inadequately mineralized
  12. You are drinking poor quality water or water that does not vibrationally resonate with your improving health.
  13. Your diet feeds them further
    1. you eat too many farinaceous foods (foods containing flour)
    2. cinnamon rolls, pastries, cookies
    3. white bread
    4. pastas
  14. You eat greasy or fried foods which parasites love and disturb your liver.
    1. Baked fish sticks, or battered fish are greasy foods and parasites love them.
  15. Your did not kill the head of the tapeworm for example, and the chunks keep growing back
  16. Your parasite cleanse did not last a long enough time, allowing the eggs to hatch, and then these mini-worms to be killed.
  17. You have other microscopic parasites which need to be killed first, such as amoeba, etc which are higher priority
  18. You have viral infections, chronic low-grade which need to be dealt with first
  19. Your mental thoughts are not on well-being
  20. Your mental thoughts are difficult to control because of the chemicals excreted by the intestinal parasites, e.g. tapeworm
  21. You need to take herbals for the nerves to balance the autonomic nervous system, and the central nervous system
  22. Your colon needs healing or tonification, which can take 2-3 months of intensive work (then remove impactions).
  23. Your diet is not sufficiently attuned to your blood type.
  24. There is insufficient bowel flora to keep the parasites out
  25. You are inadvertently feeding them by not following the principles of Natural Healing with Food Combining
  26. You have one or more tapeworms, e.g. fish tapeworm, beef tapeworm, and or pork tapeworm
  27. You and your partner keep re-infecting each other.
  28. You keep traveling to a foreign country and get re-infected from the water supply
  29. You do not take adequate protection when gardening
  30. You have pets, e.g. cats, and dogs which provide parasites; even though they do not sustain themselves in your body they keep the ones that do sustain themselves more deeply locked
  31. Your sleep is disturbed and usually further disturbed by the parasite cleanse.
  32. There is congestion in your meridians
  33. There is congestion in your lymphatic system
  34. You do not exercise sufficiently, or over-exercise
  35. Your vitality is poor
  36. You are taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug
  37. You have mold toxicity
  38. You are addicted to mycotoxin containing foods
  39. You are exposed to a great deal of emotional or mental stress
  40. The environment you sleep in does not contain enough fresh air
  41. The supplements you are using are negative to your body
  42. The plan you used to get rid of the parasites is not comprehensive taking all needed organ support into account, as well as detoxification

Organ Weakness

In general when your organs are weak, from several years of parasites inhabiting your small and large intestine, it will make it even more difficult to get rid of the intestinal parasites.

Parasite Cleanse Exposes Weak Organs

A parasite cleanse can then expose the weakness of your organs by disturbing your sleep, e.g. tossing and turning at night (lymph system difficulties), or waking up early at 5am (colon health disturbance).

Having a weak organs is like having weak water pressure when watering your garden. Then when you perform a cleanse and you expose the weakness, you notice it. The water hose is like the meridians where the ch'i flows in and out of the organs. If there is a kink in the water hose as well, like congestion in the meridians, then you have perhaps emotional congestion, and it makes it even more difficult to heal the intestines.

Heavy Metals Toxicity Make Getting Rid of Parasites Difficult

Due to the heavy metal toxicities we have in our bodies, the disturbance they cause to our organs and glands needs to be healed first.

Consequently getting your organs and glands stronger will make the parasites more uncomfortable in living inside your body.

It would not be possible for them to live inside you because getting rid of sufficient heavy metals and strengthening your immune system will cause your powerful immune system to kill them.

Heavy metals circulating in the body make the digestion usually poor after a while, and because heavy-metals have a cold temperature, usually causing cold digestion. Cold digestion means that you are going to have to cook your foods more. You may see signs of the cold digestion via bits of food in the stool. Some foods will pass right out.

If you have improperly removed the fillings in your mouth, you may have further intoxicated yourself with heavy metals, and done nothing to reduce the heavy metal burden of your body. In fact you could have created kidney-imbalance, a TCM (traditional chinese medicine) diagnosis.

Colon and Intestines Need Tonification

Parasites such as roundworms are often in clumps, not enough to cause a chronic bowel obstruction but sometimes cause constipation on an ongoing basis, e.g. during the full moon, or new moon.

Tonification means that the colon has to be strengthened to be able to perform it's peristaltic action more efficiently, to push the feces out properly, and easily.

Drinking coffee to have a bowel movement in the morning is a pretty good sign your colon needs Tonification. Coffee is a powerful herb, with or without caffeine. Coffee may be able to help regulate the menses in women, and keep mood swings at bay as well. Thus chronic coffee intake can cover up the underlying issue in your gut -- the parasites!

People with intestinal parasites from childhood usually love and use sour foods, lemons, jams, vinegars to keep the parasites in the gut, and thus not cause nausea.

Immune Tonification

One of the best ways to tonify the immune system is through mushroom extracts. Mushroom extracts may need to be used before a Parasite Cleanse, or during to keep the immune system active.

The best way to get rid of parasites is to obtain a Vibrational Reading or Plan, and then proceed eventually to a 7 Physical Causes Reading to ensure further removal of toxins and the parasites.

When parasites are suspected when you are younger, and properly treated, life will be better.

Created: March 21, 2010
Updated: Jan 21, 2013