Why Am I Constipated?


There can be several reasons for constipation. Some can be gradually onset reflecting finally in constipation, and having nothing directly obvious to do with the colon function. The definition of Constipation here can also mean sitting on the toilet for a while, producing small bowel movements, and also straining, and producing a very dry and difficult bowel movement. But Constipation does also mean the obvious: not having sufficient bowel movements during the day.

Perhaps the best definition for Constipation is not having at least 2 bowel movements per day, especially after meals.

When there are pimples on the chin, near the nose area, you could be eating a constipating diet, an intoxicating diet, or have intestinal parasites that are feeding off of a farinaceous diet (e.g. eating too many flour based foods, like a cinnamon bun, or pastas, pastries, or other low carbohydrate foods on a regular basis. Even white rice can cause constipation.

Constipation is also caused by the the candida albicans organism overgrowing in the bowels, post anti-biotic use, and which can eventually cause gall-bladder issues, reduced organ energy causing constipation. The intestinal human micro-flora is needed for solving part of the frequent bowel movements needed during the day.

If eating a lot of yogurt helps, bring about relief, intestinal parasites, or an imbalance in the microflora could be a cause.

However, eating a lot of yogurt would not usually work in the case of a candida infection where energy healing is needed .

Quick Solutions for Ending Constipation

  1. Drink more apple juice because the apple juice causes a purging of the gall-bladder, and the vitamin-c added in to most modern day apple juices in larger doses causes bowel intolerance to be reached, and an evacuation to occur. Note this may not be a long-term solution because apple juice is acidic, and apple juice is pasteurized which means it causes inflammation in the body. Clear commercially available apple juice and NOT the natural “murky” kind may be the only one that works in this instance. Again, Be very careful and use great judgement with the acidity of this solution! If you eat a lot of cheese you may be congesting your gall-bladder, and also your liver. You may need to take a supplement containing Choline and Inositol, with meals which would help to emulsify fats. Be aware of the deleterious effect of apple juice on your Spleen (TCM), and also spiking blood sugar. People who get sleepy in the afternoon would certainly mot be able to do this.
  2. Increase mineral consumption (Magnesium): one of the other solutions to this puzzle of chronic constipation is increasing the intake of the mineral Mg (Magnesium). One of the best ways (easiest, and fastest) to obtain magnesium is through ionic minerals from such products such as the Liquid, Ionic Concentrace Mineral Drops. You may not be absorbing enough magnesium from your diet, or just not getting enough magnesium from the diet. Be aware that Magnesium is a cooling mineral. Also, minerals in high doses can be harmful to your kidneys. See Why You Need Ionic Minerals from Trace Mineral Research®, the company behind Concentrace Mineral drops. Because trace mineral human physiology may not be fully known, and perhaps especially not even known enough in modern medicine, using trace minerals, especially in conjunction with increased intake of magnesium can vastly improve constipation. However, do it slowly, in small amounts of drops. Personal experience also dictates I recommend changing the water you drink from the acidic tap water (without any change in Vibration), or RO (Reverse Osmosis Water) to pure spring water with the right vibration and mineral balance, and take the trace mineral drops while the colon is healing. Eventually you should be able to get off of the concentrace mineral drops.
  3. Listen to your Bowels, and the instinct you have to go the bathroom when it happens. If you ignore it, it goes away — it diminishes. There should be a very strong urge to go the bathroom in the morning upon awakening. When you work in the office, and ignore the “call” of your bowels, because you cannot interupt your telephone conversations, or your meetings, you get yourself into trouble.
  4. Eat sufficient protein especially in the morning. This is an odd one to explain but sometimes having protein in the morning, like some chicken breast (freshly baked preferable), or a can of salmon, or a can of sardines, after 7am (breakfast time) may cause you to have a bowel movement earlier than you think. The benefit of this protein intake is it causes bile to form in the liver,get stored in the gallbladder and gets the whole digestion going. The theory behind this is that in the morning, you may be protein deficient upon arising, but you could be also mineral deficient, carbohydrate deficient, etc, or in need. So, you may be protein deficient, or you just need more protein especially in the morning. Some people use protein shakes in the morning to get this to work. A Whey protein shake is often a good idea in the morning for breakfast as well, as long as you don’t get sensitized, or intolerant to the whey! You would need a long-term commercially available, vibrationally resonant, protein powder to provide you with this simple solution in the morning. However, 2 or 3 different kinds of protein powders may be rotated to avoid intolerance, if indicated, or for varieties sake.
  5. Take the Mover®: The Mover is a vibrational herbal formula created by Reverend Hanna Kroeger. The Mover® is so sublte that you may not think it is working. Take 3 capsules of the Mover, in the morning preferably, after getting some nutrition at breakfast time, wait 30 minutes after eating and sit on the toilet. Voilà!
  6. Cleanse your colon with Digestive Enzymes™, or Enzymes™ from Kroeger Herb. You can order them from Hanna's Herb Shop in Boulder, CO.
  7. Don't mix Proteins and Sweets, or Grains (Bread or Pasta) all the time, at every meal.
    Doing it the right way is called Proper Food Combining Which Can Aid Constipation.
     Yes. I've talked with Potential Clients which say, everyone eats bread with chicken, or tuna sandwiches, and this is not easy to do. Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano (Hanna Kroeger Healer) is of Italian origin, and we eat bread with every meal, meat or no meat, and we eat a lot of pasta. Hmm. I wonder if Italian in Italy suffer more constipation than the average person? I gave up on Pasta as a nutritious food long ago. I like it once and a while, as a carbohydrate loading food, but I usually eat potatoes for that, and can thus stay away from the Gluten. And eating bread with meat just makes the meal feel heavy all the time in your stomach, just sitting there. Faster digestion means your liver gets unburdened. In North America, we have our desert after a meal. If digestion is fast, you can have your desert about 2 hours after a meal. Otherwise, have desert as a meal, or 1-2 hours before a protein meal. Italian eat fruit after a meal. They also peel it, often. Both are not good things to do. Not following food combining is a sure way of weakening your digestion. Ever seen the HKH-
  8. Don't Eat Foods Which Contain preservatives, such as TV Dinners.
  9. Don't Eat Foods which contain artificial sweeteners. Avoid yogurt which contain these, or modified cornstarch. If you intend to use yogurt to get yourself out of constipation, then eat only plain yogurt, with some fat (yes, with fat, in other words avoid low-low fat, or non-fat), such as 2%, or 3%, or 3.9% fat.
  10. Eat fresh vegetables almost exclusively. In other words, don't eat frozen vegetables. It may be surprising for you to learn that eating frozen vegetables that are defrosted and cooked can led to constipation, but the lack of energy in these foods may be what is robbing your body of its vitality, and the vitality of your colon. Anything that robs you of the vitality of your colon, will cause constipation, and auto-intoxication. Think of veggies as alive. Do carrots have life force energy if they are stored for more than 8 weeks in the fridge?
  11. Seeing an acupuncturist can help with constipation, if the fluid system of the body is the culprit (yin deficiency), however, it can be costly and may be more easily dealt with herbal formulas to bring yin energy back into balance.

In all these recommendations above the purpose is to get yourself in touch with you body...

If you awaken, and you know that your body is feeling well, and you are in tune with the nutrition you need: protein, carbs, fats, minerals, a mineral drink a, protein smoothie, and water!, etc, and you are listening to your body, you keep staying well. You need to use your own judgement, sound judgement, and common sense to utilize these recommendations properly. Use you intuition. Develop your intuition about what you need! Sometimes the solution to your constipation is something so simple, you had no idea you needed it. For example, you could need some more cruciferous vegetables in your diet. So, eat the cruciferous vegetables that are indicated for your blood type. This web page is not really about solving constipation, it is about using sound nutritional advice, adjusting your diet, and adding in some foods, or supplements which you need to stay well. We are not meant to go and see the medical doctor when we are constipated.  A medical doctor usually wants to find some pathology (something seriously wrong with your body). A medical doctor is supposed to teach you how to stay in touch with your body, and be well, but it is not part of their profession. Instead they teach you how to eat when you have some illness, like viral gastritis. I am not writing about prevention, I'm writing about being well all the time, about having vibrant, sustainable health. We need to know how to use herbs, and supplements to stay well, to stay away from stressful situations, and eventually leave stress behind. Staying well, is the key to healing. We are meant to use herbs, herbal formulas to stay well. Everyone has imbalances in the bodies, and so we need to treat those imbalances and understand them as early as possible so we avoid the visits to the medical doctor where we are freightened, and loose control of our thoughts, and give your power away.

Lack of Fiber Not Always The Cause of Constipation

It is almost always NOT just the lack of fiber in the diet that causes constipation, although fiber is essential. Eating bran cereals, because they are high in fiber can be beneficial and may lead to a solution of regular bowel movements again.

However, because the liver, gallbladder and also the stomach can also be involved

Excess Meat Consumption Can Clog the Bowels

Constipation could be because of excess consumption of meat, especially red meat, both red meat and lamb. This is more true for blood type A, AB, but not O's. Lack of sufficient water will also cause constipation. People who eat a lot of red meat, often need it because their blood type thrives on it.

Junk Foods, and Crinkly Food Cause Constipation

Another more common constipation is eating junk foods without much fiber in them, for example, eating potato chips, ruffled potato chips, pizza, corn chips.

Corn chips are especially difficult for the colon because they probably suck moisture out of the bowels whereas moisture is necessary for increasing moisture for bowel movements.  These foods also have a sharp edge.

Rye Bread Sucks Moisture Out of Bowels

Rye bread is an also example of a food which sucks moisture out of the colon.

There is a big difference between eating a baked potato, and potato chips, even baked potato chips. These kinds of sharp edge foods are very hard on the colon. The more crinkly, and crunchy a food is, the more constipating it is. So, for example, you may have thought a rice derived snack, is ok for you, but actually it can be constipating.

The antidote to this is to eat grapes, oranges especially if you can handle the acidity. Kiwis may also be beneficial as well.

Tonification of the Colon (Large Bowel)

The most probably and important reason for constipation is losing tone of the bowels. This requires a herbal tonification formula.  The reasons for the need for this is that there has been a lack of exercise, and a lack of listening to the colon needing to evacuate. That is, listening to the "call of nature.".

Underactive Thyroid Causes Constipation

There is a natural action of the large bowel to push the matter out, which is called the peristaltic action of the colon. An underfunctioning thyroid and therefore an underactive thyroid causes a slowing of the peristaltic action.

Slowed Peristaltic Action A Result of Low Thyroid

Slowed Peristaltic action then shows up as small bowel movements in the morning, sitting on the toilet seat for much longer, insufficient evacuation, and bowel movements that occur much later in the morning.

Normal Bowel Movements For a Person Every Day

It is actually normal for a person to have 2-3 bowel movements in the day, after each large meal.  This is likely only to be accomplished when the bowels are well toned, and there is a natural squatting position on the toilet seat.

To Get A Natural Squatting Position with a North American Toilet

A small step stool which is put on the front of the toilet seat can help to move the body into a natural squatting position when the feet are put up. Both feet are put up on this toilet stool which can fit right underneath the toilet, and extends out just a foot to allow the feet to rest on it.

Mucoid Plaque Can Cause Constipation

Another Important Reason for Constipation is mucoid plaque in the colon. The presence of mucoid plaque usually causes strained bowel movements, and can cause mood swings because of it's effect on the liver.

Acidophilus Can Help Constipation

Finally, acidophilus can help constipation because it provides healthy flora or bacteria that normally inhabit the colon.  There are now many probiotic yogurts on the market.

Fruits That Can Cause Constipation

Apples and bananas can cause constipation. Apples are an astringent. Some apples may be more astringent than others. Typically eating several apples a day usually causes the colon to astringe.  In this case, the person may wake up at 5am because of colon health difficulties. However, potassium in the apples may be needed since it is mineral used in pumping muscles! And the fiber may help too. So, solving constipation may be more difficult than just taking a supplement, you may need to examine mineral intake as well as eat the correct fruits for nourishment.

Incidentally, you might think that apple juice can cause constipation since apples can. However, apple juice almost always contains ascorbic acid, and high does of vitamin-c can increase bowel movements.

Lack of Sufficient Sleep Can Cause Constipation

Sufficient sleep means between 8-9 hours per day on a continual basis. Lack of sleep can affect the body's ability to properly repair itself during the night, when it produces hormones. Deep sleep is needed each night to allow the person to feel refreshed in the morning.

Proper Breathing

Proper diaphragmatic breathing can improve the peristaltic action of the colon, and thus increase bowel movements.

How To Deal With the Complex Issue of Constipation

When constipation is more complex to deal with because of chronic bowel health issues, candidiasis, and chronic reflexing to disturb the glands, or other organs, a vibrational Reading is often needed. This is especially true when the digestion is compromised, or weak.

What most people do not realize is that the reflex points at the bottom of the foot which correlate with organs, and glands, also exist in the colon as well. 

In a Vibrational Reading, exact supplements and dosages are given to help the colon. The vibrational difference between 2 formulas can be dramatic even when both offer a laxative effect.

Remember: A visit to your medical doctor may be in order to rule out other more serious causes of constipation. This is true whether the constipation is once or twice a week or chronic.