White Pimples on the Face, Chin, and Nose: Extraordinary Causes


White pimples often crop up unexpectedly on the face. The areas of the face that Hanna Kroeger Healer will write about include:

  1. The edges of the nose, where the nose starts from the face (at the very bottom where the curved edge of the nostril starts from the skin of the face)
  2. The ends of the nose atop the nostrils
  3. The broad sides of the nose
  4. Sometimes just on the edge of the nostrils, going inside them.
  5. The chin (usually half way between the bottom lip and the edge of the chin - may be more common in women than men)

What Are The Causes

You may be surprised to learn that the cause can be related to what you ate, and what you did not eat. What do I mean by that?

Sufficient Fiber

Many people don't eat the correct amount of fiber, insufficient fiber or eat a fiber less diet, especially teenagers who eat poorly by regularly eating at fast food outlets, and drinking sugar-laden drinks which can disrupt bowel flora and the immune system. Over a long term insufficient fiber causes a poorly toned colon wall, and requires herbal tonification formulas and most likely colon cleansing as well.

So, the short answer is that these white pimples can be related to the cleanliness of the bowels.

Eating Red Meat

People who eat large amounts of meat such as red meat, and do not evacuate enough can have slow transit time — the time it takes for the food to go through the bowels. Many people have a slow transit time as evidenced by the popularity of a yogurt to increase transit time.

Do Fatty Foods, French Fries Cause These Pimples?

Often times, we mistakenly think that fat laden foods such as french fries, or potato chips can cause these white pimples. They can, however, but not for the reason of their fat content — not unless your gallbladder is weak, and is compromising the digestion of fats. The real reason is that these foods are constipating, and can disrupt the bowel function.

Ruffle chips are some of the greatest offenders. They steal moisture from the bowel. This is the key, stealing moisture.

There are other snacks which rob the bowel of moisture and can cause these difficulties. Any type of cracker, crisp, or snack looking like a cracker will steel moisture from the bowels.

For example, another less commonly known difficult item for the bowels is the popular rye crisps. It can be difficult to believe since these are often full of much fiber!

The Bowels Run On More Than Fiber

The bowels run on more than just fiber. They need minerals, and moisture laden foods, and a regular replenishment of flora. Flora are the good intestinal bacteria often called probiotics. Probiotics are contained in yogurt.

It is however better to eat rye crisps with soups, where there would be lots of liquid. Rye bread in general soaks up moisture in the bowels. So do adzuki beans, and barley.

Yogurt is an Excellent Remedy for White Heads

So, besides removing the offending foods, eating yogurt is one excellent remedy for the white heads.

Yogurts which regulate the bowel flora — high quality yogurts made without sugar, and as pure as possible are excellent. In fact eating enough pure yogurt can literally cause your body to dissolve the white pimple within several hours. The efficacy of this remedy would depend on the amount of good flora already in the bowels, and how easily you have bowel movements. Having 2 ore more bowel movements a day can only help.

High Fiber Foods, Moisturizing Foods.

A high fiber diet especially including eating oranges, grapes, and other fruits, but not apples would also help. Oranges, and grapes are excellent for the bowels.

Apples can cause constipation, or reduce proper elimination because they astringe the bowels. However, apples are a digestive after a meal. Anything which helps digestion can help eliminate toxins from the bowels.

Toxins in the Bowels

When digestion is not optimal, in situations where the stomach acid is insufficient, or you are eating foods which are difficult to digest for your blood type, toxins will result. For example, people with blood type A cannot digest red meat as well. Studying the diet for your blood type is high recommended. Also Natural Healing with food combining is extremely important.

A sluggish bowel will cause toxins to unnecessarily remain in the bowels, and possibly circulate throughout the blood. Usually such a sluggish bowel is indicative of a sluggish liver and can affect your liver as well. The 2 support each other.

A comprehensive Vibrational Remedy Plan addressing all the areas of the body needing rebuilding, and cleansing and can succeed much better than a colon cleanse. However, there are many very gentle colon cleanse formulas that are herbal based which may help.

Working On Digestion, a Higher Priority Than Colon Cleansing

It is important to keep in mind that work on the digestion may be more important than colon cleansing at first. This is the staging or prioritization of remedies for quicker healing and is due to Vibrational Resonance.

Parasites as a Cause

Ever notice that those pimples appear when there is a new moon, or a full moon? Even the smallest amount of parasites in the bowel which most people are unaware of, can result in constipation however subtle.

Remember, these pimples are an indication of constipation, or improper movement of the bowel matter, and therefore sometimes the deeper cause is parasites. More information on the web page: Do I Have Intestinal Parasites Intestinal Worms?

Pumpkin Seeds as a Test

Eat pumpkin seeds everyday, about 2 Tablespoons, and organic, and notice how you feel. Do you get constipated? Sometimes you can have diarrhea, when the parasites react. Pumpkin seeds hae anti-parasite properties.

Sometimes you will get a stomach ache. Pumpkin seeds happen to be one of those foods also good for the pancreas — the organ on the left side of your body responsible for producing digestive enzymes. Finding the correct type of digestive enzyme supplement — the correct proportion of enzymes can help with the production of the pimples.

What Iridology Has To Say About The Cause of Pimples

Iridology is the science of reading the health of the tissues of the body by examining the structure, markings, and color, of the bowel wall by examining the iris. The Iris is usually brown, hazel, blue, or brownish. The iris shows the color of the eye, and it surrounds the pupil. Surrounding the iris is the sclera.

At the edge of the iris, in most people there is a thickening of the color — this is the border of the iris. Normally one would need pictures to be taken of this area to see it well.

This thickening of color is called the scurf rim by Professional Iridologists. In the Iris of most people there is a thickening of the color there. The deeper color there indicates that there are toxins associated with a particular organ that are retained. In general this scurf rim border is associated with the skin of the body.

Interestingly enough, the scurf rim of the iris shows less toxins through the facial skin. This is a reason why toxins can affect the skin more easily. They are able to escape out. This is a good thing, but of course, there is the unpleasantness of the pimples. Professional Iridologists believe that when the skin is exposed to air and sun it will begin to detoxify naturally once again. It is the covering of the skin with clothing that causes it to be less able to naturally detoxify it's toxins. The Skin is the largest organ of elimination.