What the Egg Circles In The Eyes Mean


Do you often see little egg circles in your eyeballs when you look up at a bright blue sky or look at bright light?

Do you also see these egg circles moving in the eye after you eat a meal, especially one containing hot spices?

Stated bluntly these egg circles are a sign of parasitic infestation of the intestines. Read on to learn why?

Parasitic Infection Eggs

Parasites lay eggs when they inhabit your gut, and they lay many of them. Often when you take anti-parasitic herbs even unknowingly such as garlic, and when they are most active you will see the egg circles moving around in your eye's. The laying of eggs is a way of the parasites try to survive.

So when you do a parasitic cleanse, and you see many of them, you are trying to kill them, and they are laying more eggs.

When You Can See The Egg Circles Best

You will see them clearly when you look up at the sky, or other bright light, although natural bright light is best. If the sky is blue as in the summer or fall, this is also a very good time to see them.

Why Are The Egg Circles In The Eyes?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver's health is shown in the eyes, and in the nails. So, when your eyes are burning, or there is some disease of the eyes, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine will often treat the liver and it's associated energy meridians.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient medicine based on observation that understands the true internal energetics of the human body, i.e. that in fact energy circulation to the organs, and around the body governs the health of the organs and glands.

Since the liver is the organ of detoxification, it will remove the eggs from the circulation, and exit them from the bowels. Sometimes there are also other floating objects in the eyes, and these could be from the eye itself. You may need to see an ophthalmologist to rule other eye disorders out.

Do Medical Tests Work To Find Parasites's Eggs in the Stool

Unfortunately unless you send a stool sample to a specialized laboratory, where someone will take great care to look at your stool sample, then it is unlikely a normal medical test will find the parasite eggs, much less identify which ones you have. Such laboratories often examine the stool for signs of digestive weakness, and undigested food as well.

If you did a parasite cleanse, and felt better, but still see the eggs, even if you think you passed a tapeworm unfortunately you may not have passed the head of the tapeworm, and the tapeworm just grew back.

Is There any Regularity Associated with the Parasite Egg Circles

Tapeworms are more active on the full-moon, and it is Hanna Kroeger Healer's belief that an infection of tapeworm, such as beef tapeworm is the cause of the egg circles in the eyes.

Diet Can Have An Effect On Egg Laying

Since many people follow a diet which is not combined well, for example eating potatoes, and meat, or mixing bread and meat, the combination of foods will take a longer time to digest, and parasites will just feed off of it. To get rid of parasites for good, the digestion must be improved. Strict food combining is a long-term requirement of getting rid of parasites.

Natural Healing With Food Combining examines the many long-term benefits of proper food combining. Several good books have been written about food combining. Although it may take several months to get used to food combining, your health will be better in 6 months to a year.

Eating Food High In Sugar Can Also Cause Eggs To Be Layed

Parasites feed off of simple sugars very easily. One of the biggest violations of food combining is combining sugar and a meat at a meal. This combination really slows down digestion very significantly.

Irregardless, eating a meal high in sugar, even some toast with jam, can show these parasites eggs quite easily. Jams often have simple sugars which parasites love. Eat better jams, and pay careful attention to your digestive strength.

You May Also Notice These Egg Circles When you Eat Potatoes or Potato Chips

There is something about the high-carbohydrate content of potatoes, that feeds certain organisms in the body. Hanna Kroeger Healer is not advocating not eating potatoes, because they can be most helpful with potassium intake, and getting good copper into the body. Removing heavy metals from the body is certainly necessary to get rid of parasites, and potatos may be helpful in this respect. Note, you may have to eat several potatoes in one sitting to see the egg in the eye effect.

Potato chips are greasy, and they are also constipating. Anything that constipates, and has a fried oil quality to it will often cause the egg circles. These foods may also cause other bits of matter to show up in the eyes because these foods disturb the liver in two different ways.

Ice Cream Another Food with Hidden Sugar

Ice Cream is a food which often contains hidden sugar which you cannot taste because of it's cold nature. Try eating ice cream at room temperature or just tasting it at room temperature.

Ice cream can also disturb the digestion because of it's cooling nature. Eating ice cream after a meal as is often done for desert is often detrimental to digestion. So, the sugar content in ice cream can just keep parasites around for much longer.

Cloves Are Reputed To Kill The Eggs

Freshly ground cloves are reputed to kill the eggs in the gut when parasites are laying them.

In order to kill the tapeworm, you must kill the head which is usually attached to the intestine, however, they can also make a ball especially when you are starving them, or trying to kill them. They will just shed much of their links.

Cloves may be good for killing the eggs, but again you need to kill the head of the parasite to get rid of them for good.

Also cloves are very warming, and they enter the kidney meridian, and can cause sleep disturbances, and insomnia. You will see this tendency to insomnia on the tip of the tongue where there will be red circles.

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