What Causes Unexplained Abdominal Pain in Children or Adolescents?

Medical Testing Reveals No Answers

When sufficient medical testing reveals no answers to persistent or intermittent abdominal pain, look to roundworms for the cause of the pain.

Since there are a multitude of medical reasons for abdominal pain in children or young adolescents it is important and necessary to rule out any serious medical causes before suspecting a roundworm parasite infection.

There are other non-medical reasons including indigestion, food allergies, constipation, eating a low fiber diet, candida overgrowth, and anti-biotic use.

It is even possible for a child to have abdominal pain as a sign that he or she is not sleeping well, and not sleeping completely during the night. A medical doctor may not be able to explain the reason behind this. Also, loss of sleep may also result in headaches.

However, the underlying cause may be roundworm infection.

Deep restful sleep is important for a properly functioning immune system.

Types of Roundworms

There are a variety of roundworms, including pinworms, which usually cause anal itching at night. However, roundworms in the small intestine (small bowel) are the ones which cause pain.

Round worms which infect the human body also usually inhabit the lungs as well. This most certainly means that the child would not thrive with exercise because lung capacity to breath would be diminished.

Dietary habits of Children with Roundworms

Roundworms usually cause an increased appetite, but it is not always voracious as with a tapeworm. Fried food consumption usually satisfies the parasites.

Watch for the constant need for sugar-containing and soothing foods. Boys may medicate the roundworm infection with sugar drinks, pop, pizza, or greasy foods.

Girls may medicate a roundworm infection with cookies, sweats, chocolate bars, or other candies.

These dietary habits usually keep the worms happy, and keep them from migrating.

One additional bit of information is that some children may often eat or love sour foods or drinks because sour foods keep the worms in the gut.

However, there is an ‘edginess’ or ‘nervousness’ with a round worm infection in children or adolescents which Hanna Kroeger Healer believes can cause

  1. argumentative behavior
  2. anxiety
  3. irrational thinking
  4. lethargy
  5. melancholy
  6. depression
  7. poor appetite

Medical science has little or nothing to offer children suffering from roundworm infestation, and those with mental symptoms are often sent to psychologists, or psychiatrists to be labeled. Some may also be given psychiatric drugs which can cause serious brain degradation.

Please note Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano is not advocating or suggesting you should take your child off of medication, even psychiatric medication without first consulting your doctor. Since removal of medication can be dangerous for certain children with behavioral difficulties, always take the EXPERT advice of your child’s medical doctor or psychiatrist.

Roundworm infection is difficult to detect physically, but if you believe your child’s or adolescent’s behavior has changed, this could be the cause. Trust your intuition.

Medical Diagnoses Which May Be Associated with Roundworm Infection

Some medical diagnosis that may be associated with roundworm infection are

  1. Anxiety Disorders
  2. Mood Disorders
  3. Behavioral disorders: Conduct Disorders: e.g. Oppositional Defiant Disorder

In addition it is the opinion of Master Healer Salvatore, the owner and writer of this web site (Hanna Kroeger Healer) that a certain percentage of children who have been observed or diagnosed with behavioral disorders will go on to be aggressive in society, and can end up with criminal records.

In other words, what I am saying is that the basis of this behavior is altering brain chemistry, causing lack of judgment, impulse control, and subsequently breaking societies rules of conduct.

The type of person depends on the constitution, athletic ability, diet at home, nurturing and emotionally available parents, and a stable family life.

This kind of long term disruptive behavior would deserve a serious look for roundworm infection.

The subtleties of the effects of roundworm infection or even any other type of temporary parasite infection on brain chemistry is not known.

What Causes Roundworm Infection in Children?

Trauma, infection from the mother when pregnant with the child, contact with feces from dogs, playing the garden.

Trauma causes low stomach acid, and depending on the blood type, can cause more of the possibility of infection.

Other children or adolescents will not thrive, have fatigue, be sickly in childhood, or adolescents, drag their feet, begin medicating with sugar, be unable to stay standing for long periods of time, get tired easily, feel unable to speak, feel weak, lack will power.

Lack of will power is important because on the opposite end of children who are not aggressive or assertive are children who are sensitive and have low will power.

These are the kinds of children who could get bullied, which for introverted and ashamed children can be very detrimental mentally, and even dangerous and tragic.

Roundworm Infection Showing Up Later in Life.

The truth is that the roundworm infection may not show up until later in life when there is a lot of fatigue, but if the family is too medically oriented, although loving, there may be several medications being taken, or other physical diseases, like GERD, or chronic constipation.

Another sign of roundworm infection is dry scaly skin on the heels of the feet with no known cause (i.e. the child is not athletic or runs.)

Another further sign is the lack of mucous in the morning in the corners of the eyes. This is a sign of immune suppression. The mucous is a natural cleansing mechanism of the body much like the nasal mucous.

Roundworm Infection and Glutathione

Roundworm infections probably rob the body of the use of glutathione production which is a major antioxidant and natural chemical detoxifier of the body.

The difficulty with reduced glutathione is that it is used internally in the body to detoxify chemicals, and heavy metals. So, when amalgam fillings are added to the burden of the body, this is very dangerous and can bring the body to an even lower level of health. This is because the heavy metals will get into the tissues, and also will produce less stomach acid. Then can come candidiasis infection.

Since glutathione is an natural antioxidant the body produces, some signs of the reduces level of this is more frequent infections, more wrinkled skin, and reduced memory power (antioxidants are also important for the brain.

When the blood brain barrier is damaged, then mycotoxins from food may also cause mental illness.

Are Medications Effective For RoundWorm Infection?

In Master Healer Salvatore’s opinion, medications would not be effective against all roundworm infections because roundworms have a lifecycle and travel throughout the body. In other words, the medications may be effective for a short time, but then the eggs or larvae are still there.

Also, the die-off of the roundworm’s killing may be too much for the body to handle, and also in my opinion dangerous because of the possibility of damaging the blood brain barrier and setting the stage for mental illness.

Roundworms are most active during the New Moon Cycle, NOT the Full Moon Cycle.

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