What Cause a Chronic Sore Throat, Chronic Burning of the Throat, Chronic Clearing of the Throat?


Cartoon Man with Sore Throat

When a sore throat lasts longer than about 7-10 days, there is something that is not quite right with the body. You are not well.

The cause of the sore throat is not necessarily a cold, or a strep throat (which can be a serious infection). It could however be a lingering infection that your body cannot quite kick out.

Some people also get temporary sore throats that last only a few hours, when they are exposed to chemicals that their body cannot immediately detoxify. Those chemicals can be in a simple hand cream.

The body wanting to detoxify the chemicals can put a strain on their liver and gall-bladder, and the gall-bladder then dumps unwanted toxic bile into the stomach which causes it’s own acid reflux symptoms.

Some people get the burn of heartburn, and some people get silent reflux. Some people may have burning all the time, burning of the throat, and burning of the esophagus. Usually this cause of ill-health is gradually on-set. It can take years to show even subtle symptoms, those symptoms usually appearing in your 30’s and 40’s.

Sore Throat, Clearing of the Throat, Tickle in the Throat

Cartoon Man with Sore Throat

There are yet other people who get a temporary sore throat, or to be more specific a clearing of the throat, or a tickle in the throat when they eat a meal that disturbs their gall-bladder.

There seem to be quite a few types of throat clearing that I have noticed with people that are related to a malfunctioning gall-bladder.

Dry Clearing of the Throat

One is a dry clearing of the throat, because of a feeling that something is irritating or burning at the back of the throat, and it is usually in a very localized spot. This type of throat pain can be due to bowel problems too. It can come and go.

Wet Clearing of the Throat

The second type of throat clearing is a wet or a liquidly kind of clearing, as if some liquid is present at the back of the throat. This type of throat clearing can be a simple “uuuh, huummm”, or a longer, “uhhhh, huummm, huummm”, or a liquidly slurping sound created at the back of the throat to clear the throat. I believe this liquidly clearing is to bring the liquid back to the stomach, and keep it from going down the trachea. This type may usually occur after the first meal of the day, or any other meal of the day which disturbs the gall-bladder.

Throat Clucking Due To Mold Exposure

Another third type of throat clearing, is what I call the “throat clucking” because it sounds like a duck clucking and which occurs more frequently (such as 2-10 times per hour) and means you are being exposed to mold spores.  People who work in the office on the weekends when the air ventilation system is shut off often are usually inadvertently exposed to mold spores.

I believe most people with gall-bladder difficulties will eventually have some kind of acid reflux, some kind of burning, or chronic throat irritation.

Candida Overgrowth, Dysbiosis, or Candida Infection Causing Acid Reflux

People with a candida overgrowth or dysbiosis, or a candida infection will also likely have gall-bladder difficulties, and therefore eventually have acid reflux of some type.

Chronic Bio-Film With or Without an Infection Causes Sore Throat

There is yet another very important cause of a chronic sore throat which is at least in part due to the bio-film created by chronic infections in the body. The most well known of these chronic infections being “Lyme’s Disease”.  Many people still have these bio-films even when the infection is gone.

When a person has tried several remedies for a chronic sore throat, and these have been ineffective there are deeper causes and these can be healed with several highly resonant supplements used in a Stage by Stage determined in a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan.

Two Types of Acid Reflux: GERD, and LPR

There are two types of acid reflux, GERD, and LPR (Laryngopharyngeal reflux). LPR is not well known, and is mostly a women’s disease, being called the silent reflux. Women who are tall and slender may get LPR most often.

Medicine considers the cause of LPR poorly understood. It considers the cause of the LPR a malfunction of the upper laryngeal sphincter, that valve that keeps food going down your esophagus rather than your throat.

However, as a Natural Health Practitioner, who understands that low organ and gland energy can cause a multitude of ill health dysfunctions, the causes of LPR can be many.

Looking for one specific cause is not usually fruitful, although the beginning of the ill-health can be traced to something not working with the body: metal poisons, emotional ill-health, internalizing emotions, improper "good diet", dysbiosis of the flora in the intestines, low thyroid function, lack of exercise, long-term exposure to chemicals, improper removal and detoxification of heavy metals, or a tendency to lymphatic congestion.

Even eating a good diet, but with a reaction to mycotoxin laden foods, surprisingly “good organic beef” that is grain fed rather than grass fed, can cause a spiral of ill-health to begin.

The good news is that the gall-bladder does not have to give up and even give you some pain. It can be healed given enough supplements to support the healing.

If a person does not have a diagnosis of GERD, or LPR, the most common sign of a dysfunctional gall-bladder is chronic throat clearing, or clearing of the throat after a meal.

Candida Infection Associated with Gall-Bladder Difficulties

People who have a candida infection often end up having gall-bladder difficulties too, which can cause bowel difficulties, and also cause stomach acid reflux difficulties. Some people do not understand the cause of the health difficulty, and end up with frequent visits to medical doctors for help, never understanding the cause and end up losing their quality of life. Usually as a result of being prescribed further medications for the acid reflux.

The difficulty is that the gall-bladder is not causing any great pain, it may not have a seriously malfunctioning duct system, or gall-stones, and removing the gall-bladder would only make things worse in the long-term.

The solution to these kinds of multi-masked health difficulties begins with a long-term Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan, lifestyle changes, minimizing the offending foods, and eating more appropriate foods to sustain the immune-system.

Several things are important in Healing a body with such a complex of symptoms.

  1. Ensure adequate exercise
  2. Ensure you are breathing in enough fresh-air
  3. Abstain from exposure to all kinds of chemicals, or volatile chemicals
  4. Look at the quality of sleep
  5. Look at the quality of the air breathed in during sleep
  6. Avoidance of offending foods
  7. Judicious choice of healing foods with the appropriate energies

While supplements are an important and essential part of Healing because of their power to heal the organs and glands, education is needed to understand the consequences of chemical exposure. This education is especially important while the person is getting well.

Since scents can aggravate a gall-bladder, a closer look at the scents in the work environment, the laundry detergent used, and also the dishwashing liquid used can be warranted.

Other things are even occasional hair dying, applying nail polish, perfumes used, hand-creams, soaps, and even the toothpaste you may be using.

A malfunctioning gall-bladder is a serious concern.

How To Use Law Of Attraction To Get Well

Woman wanting to get well but picking lots of pills

About 10 years ago, in 2002, just before I became fully confident with my experiences and training and understanding of healing the human body to help people Heal, I had an amazing experience in which I used Law of Attraction to heal a chronic sore throat.

I had been wanting to become an exceptional Natural Health Practitioner, one who was rooted in practical aspects and understanding of the human body, and detoxification, special diets, and toxin free diets to heal the body.

One day in my home I noticed that I had this infection and malaise that was lingering.

The infection has been lingering at the back of my throat and I could not eradicate it for 2 weeks.

After I started thinking about this I determined that a friendly visit, I had had two weeks earlier to a local hospital was the culprit. I had been healthy, but during that visit I picked up a viral infection.

I remember trying to use the herb sage and brewed several strong cups of this anti-viral herb to remove the infection. I surely went through a period of frustration. I was very disappointed in my belief in herbs, and that sage was not doing the trick.

But then finally I made up my mind despite this mild-low grade sore throat, I was going to feel good. So, I started to feel good.  That was the key.

I suddenly felt this impulse to go to the supermarket and do some shopping for groceries.

The impulses you feel when you feel good are what Law of Attraction provides to you.

The Law of Attraction impulses could bring you to meet somebody, guide you to some book, some tv program, receive some email, send some email, or go to some web site and take action, or receive some information that is extremely beneficial to you.

When I arrived at the supermarket, I felt another impulse to go to bulk foods section, and purchase some natural peanut butter. I had not eaten peanut butter in a very long time, perhaps more than 20 years.

My parents never purchased peanut butter, and my only exposure to it was through childhood friends that lived close by.  I immediately recalled how much I loved the smell.

I then went home, and made myself several peanut butter sandwiches. I was going to really enjoy them!

Within 60 minutes of eating those peanut butter sandwiches, my infection was gone, and I was stunned.

I asked myself, "What just happened here?" How could my throat feel better after eating those peanut butter sandwiches? Nothing else worked, but eating peanut butter worked?!!

It exactly as if my immune system had been given a boost, and kicked the offender out!

I had heard about the blood type diet before this experience, but it was not until 2 months later that I came to know my blood type (A), and found out that peanuts were extremely beneficial for Blood Type A.

I then used peanuts, on a regular basis to boost my immune system. I don’t use peanuts or peanut butter on a regular basis anymore for boosting the immunity, because of their toxin content (mycotoxins), and their fat content.

I'd like to strongly caution you again, if you are blood Type A, and feel eating peanuts would be your answer to gaining great health. Most single foods are not powerful enough or balanced enough to work in isolation. While you could use peanuts to get you out of an infection, regular use of peanuts could seriously compromise your gall-bladder due to the toxins, and their fat content. After all most commercial peanuts contain mycotoxins, and can go rancid as well. Peanuts are loaded with these invisible toxins.

Chronic Low Grade Sore Throats Due To Yang Deficiency According to TCM

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, people who have chronic low-grade sore throats have a yang deficiency. This type of general diagnosis is meant to be all encompassing regardless of what is internally causing the yang deficiency.

A yang deficiency is a deficiency of the warming energy in your body. It is very common as we get older, and especially common because yang energy is used up when detoxifying everyday chemicals.

People who have a more pronounced yang deficiency can have an aversion to cold, and a love of warmth. So, you may love the hot shower, but really dislike the feeling of cold skin as you dry yourself off.

Some people have a yang deficiency because they have not eaten enough warming foods, and have eaten cooling foods, eaten too many foods out of season, or have gotten some kind of long-term infection which their body cannot get rid of.

Generally speaking since most people must detoxify something from their body, and most people need to learn to utilize foods that improve yang energy in the body, chronic sore throats are not easily fixed by improving or tonifying the yang energy.

If you have gone to see an acupuncturist, and also have taken many chinese formulas and found some relief, only to find you have plateaued, the answer is you need more sophisticated work, and maybe even a change of acupuncturist.

In all cases the causes of a chronic sore-throat can be numerous and complex, and interwoven, requiring several supplements to detoxify and replenish the yang energy at the same time.

When the proper supplements are given and in sufficient quantities, the proper yang energy of the body comes out, no longer to be used up internally, due to for example some chemical needing detoxification.

At the same time in order to easily increase yang energy, a path for any detoxification of chemicals needs to be provided, and careful attention to the opening of channels of elimination needs to be ensured. These kinds requirements for Healing are all taken care of extremely carefully in a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan.

Supplements Used in the Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan

The supplements which I use are a comprehensive set of powerful Natural Supplements, called the Systemic Formulas®. They are bio-energetic herbally based supplements that can target a specific organ or gland. The Systemic Formulas® which are manufactured in Utah, and shipped throughout the United States and Canada are often called The One’s That Work. 

View a list of the Systemic Formulas™ wellness Formulas.

Download a FAQ pdf about the Systemic Formulas™.

I also of course use the Kroeger Herb™ formulas, and Hanna's Vibropathic's when warranted, and they fully test on the client.

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