Wax Buildup in the Ears


There are many signs of kidney discomfort the body gives us.  The body tells us there are problems with kidney energy by its opening: the ears.  Kidney energy comes out of the ears.  Hearing is a function of the ears, but also fundamentally a function of the kidneys.

What is Kidney Energy (Kidney-Chi)

What do I mean by kidney energy or kidney-chi?  Most people understand the concept of electricity and that electricity is energy.  But what very few people realize is that the body's organs contain energy, and everything is energy, and energy runs and rules everything.  Energy rules your physiology.  Every disease, every mineral, vitamin, living being has an energy and therefore emits a frequency.  Each organ in your body can have a deficiency of energy, and when the deficiency gets large enough, there can be disease and pronounced symptoms.

So the kidneys run on their own energy, and when we eat food, the energy of the food we eat is distributed throughout the body to each organ. 

Each Season has its own Energy.

Each season feeds different organ energies, and some people have such pronounced imbalances that year after year when the season that feeds the lowest amount of energy to a particular organ arrives, they get the exact same symptom, or the exact same skin rash in the exact same place, or they get those warts appearing again, they get heavily constipated again, and they will have significant sleep difficulties.  If you clue into this change you will notice its your organ energy that is deficient. 

The Chinese observed energy and its transformation and circulation in people's bodies and that is why they correlated subtle symptoms of kidney energy deficiency to such things as hearing problems, ringing in the ears, wax build up in the ears. Chinese medicine is founded upon the energetics of the human body, having carefully observed realities about energy movement in the body throughout thousands of years of its development.

Foods Increase Kidney Energy

There are foods which can increase kidney energy.  They are the foods which have a black, blue, or dark red, dark blues on the outside or the inside. What I am introducing here is the concept of the Energetics of Food, or Food Cures.

Such specific foods are fruits such such as black plums, blueberries, black cherries, blackberries, black currants, dark blue grapes. Jams of these fruits are also substitable for the fresh fruits.

When kidney's are working well, your brain will work well too!  This is one reason why blueberries are a brain food. Its a fact of the body the kidney energy feeds the brain.

More information about Blueberries and Their Energetics