Do You Use Your Intuition to Achieve Better Health and Save Money?

I remember a time a few years ago, when I was attracted to eat only white eggs most of the time, and then one day while shopping in the supermarket, I had to suddenly switch to brown eggs.

I had always felt Brown Eggs to be a luxury. But I knew that if I did not buy brown eggs, that in the end I would regret it because I knew it would end up costing me more to fix the ongoing energy imbalance. I decided to purchase them, rather than thinking Brown Eggs are more expensive to buy, and I should not.

Shopping for the Right Eggs, White or Brown.

In Reality, everything has Energy, and to me eggs are a very special yin-yang energy balancer, offering me nutrition, and a balance in energy that works well long-term for my body.

It took me years to find out that eggs are a wonderful necessity in my diet, because of the Sicilian heritage of my family. Eggs were plentiful when my Aunts and Uncles grew up. I shied away from them for many years because of the gallbladder issues they could create, the mycotoxins in them, and the fact that they were highly acidifying, rather than alkalizing. I indulged somewhat in eating just the yolks, which I always found pleasurable.

Continuing along the lines of wanting to feel well and well balanced all the time, as I was eating brown eggs for many months, one day I just had to have white eggs again.

This could have been because of the Season Change coming up, and my body needed those.

I couldn't for the life of me even pick up a carton of brown eggs that day. It was as if, Arc Angel Michael himself was there, steering me clear, and pointing me to the right ones.

The point is I was listening to my intuition. My intuition rang, and I picked up, but I still was not completely sure of listening, and acting on it.

I always let my reasoning mind ask why? And I probably should not have that day.

But the desire was so strong, it was such a very strong impulse, and so I purchased the white eggs again.

To my honest dismay, I could not finish eating all the eggs in the carton, and had to go back to brown eggs quickly again. They did their work, and that was it. Money well spent.

I always loved the eggs my grandmother made me Sunny Side up when I was growing up. The yolks always looked like they were as valuable as gold itself.

My Grandparents had their own garden, and when they moved to Toronto from Sicily, I'm sure they found it fussy to have to eat local produce which was not picked fresh from a garden and had great vitality.

And buy Eggs which did not look farm fresh at all!

In recent years, really good quality eggs have made a comeback.

The whole point of this discussion is to point out the benefits of listening to your intuition about the Foods You Eat, to help your body stay in balance.

It's when the foods you eat are not enough that you need herbal support. For example, if people are needing greens like their health and vitality depended on it, then it's really their liver that needs support and balance.

Inspired By a Recent New Client

The topic of this newsletter though was inspired by a person who recently became a new client.

They were eating white eggs. When there is a Candida infection in a client, we usually have to do some diet work to ensure healing, remove some offending foods, and rotate foods.

I call this the Food Choices list. It's a marvelous thing because it puts the client in touch with their digestion, and ensures the digestion eats up the Candida in the long-term!

This is much better than giving someone some supplements and not putting them in touch with their body.

Because this way, you build sensitivity to your stomach's acid and functioning, which keeps everything bad away in the long term.

Those who want to live a healthier and longer life must do so.

Most people do not have this sensitivity to their stomach, otherwise, we would not have such huge demand for anti-acids and pharmaceuticals which stop your stomach from producing acid.

And for this client, the dowsing or intuition I picked up, showed me a negative resonance of these white eggs with the client. I was very surprised on the one hand but understood on the other hand.

The reasoning mind says the brown eggs are better, but the intuition says for balance and nutrition, the white eggs are better.

When I work with clients, I dowse, using a pendulum to guide me in making decisions, or getting answers to questions. Most of the time I'm guided by my own intuition.

My intuition is guided by my training as a Natural Health Practitioner, my experience in Healing myself, and my own sensitivity to my body.

Sometimes I have to ask some pretty complex questions about the client.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger used to do this dowsing with people over the telephone. They would call her at Peaceful Meadow Retreat at 12:00 noon Central Time, and she would answer to do a reading over the telephone to guide them to a particular product. She could also have done it with their permission when they were away from the phone and the direct connection.

I did not make the decision to enter the world of Vibrational Healing, and dowsing for Health Improvement very lightly. It did not look scientific.

However, at the time I was considering it, I was pretty astonished about dowsing for health information revealing such incredible information about what was going on in my body. I had become an instant believer!

It really just blew my mind!

Being a Natural Health Practitioner

I am not just a dowser for Health Information, or "Intuitive Reader". I am a bonafide Natural Health Practitioner. I love helping people who have Medical Disease Heal, or to prevent Medical Disease in others. I am a worldwide expert at Healing Candida Infection no matter how long it's been plaguing, or how difficult it may seem to get rid of. When the mind is willing the path is available.

I am also a Certified Iridologist, a very important science of viewing tendency to health from the Iris. Iridology and the science of Sclerology (reading the red lines from the sclera - the white part of your eye) helped convince me that there was much more going on related to the Health Maintenance of the human body than just going to the medical doctor for a check up and getting diagnosed with some disease.

Iridology helped me to understand a lot about why people get poor health, and the medical system cannot really do anything for them,when they really need Natural Treatment, and herbal formulas to support the tissues.

At that time, I already had some respect for Chiropractors before I entered my current profession, having seen one for some adjustments. I was curious to know how a chiropractor would work to improve the body's health.

It was a chiropractor in Toronto who spoke one night in front of a few people about Natural Healing who said emphatically that a Vega Machine, an Electro-Dermal Screening Device which tests people on supplements that resonate with the client was nothing more than a very sophisticated dowsing instrument. I had already known about and used a Vega Machine for supplement testing.

These Electro-Dermal Screening device usually have a small rod with a tip made of a conductive element which touches the client at some acupuncture point, and which then loops through the machine whilst picking up a vibration from the supplement on the top of the machine. It then determines the resonance of the supplement through a needle moving up, usually showing positive resonance, or going down, showing this supplement will not work well with helping the client. There is usually some audio as well to give you auditory feedback about the resonance as well. The conductive rod must touch a person's specific acupuncture point. Sometimes on the foot, and other times on the hand.

However, in the end, this Machine is only as good as the Practitioner using it to determine the plan of supplement action for the client, and the quality of supplements used.

Some practitioners do not use it. Some just use a logical course of action determined from the client's symptoms. Sometimes I do just know from having worked with many clients in the past presenting with the same health difficulties with similar history what the underlying organs are that might need support.

I certainly love the idea of this type of machine, but I love dowsing for health information and setting up a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan even more. I know that really works much better!

Intuition Requires Bodily Awareness To Achieve Better Health

Whilst intuition is like a telephone ringing in your mind, bodily awareness is the caller.

There is no doubt that there are many valuable and simple to use Natural Health Products which abound and which would benefit a person's health.

And some of them are so inexpensive and simple to use that the only requirement to get the most benefit is to use your intuition.

Let's take one example here: Apple Cider Vinegar.

I was just in a Health Food Store a couple of weekends ago, and was looking into Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and low and behold the Apple Cider Vinegar was on the bottom of the shelf just waiting for me to pick it up. I am always fascinated by how Apple Cider Vinegar contains "Mother".

I asked Law of Attraction if I could come to an even better understanding of my body, my digestion and benefit from it a few months ago. Then when the time was right, and it was in my vicinity I would pick it up to try it out.

I have always found apple cider vinegar to be very appetizing. More so than balsamic vinegar. My older brother stays well with its use. He uses it every time he eats salads since I've introduced it to him more than 20 years ago. I recently found some internet information indicating it can be used to ward off colds. I was intrigued, since my older brother uses it therapeutically, and therefore, benefits from it.

The reason I have been steering away from using it regularly is because of an encounter I had several years ago, sometime in the late 1990's, when was I looking for some answers to some stomach problems. Poor digestion is often due to low stomach acid, and can create massive amounts of nightly heartburn, and after-meal heartburn. A complete paradox. I had met a woman at a Health Conference who was delighted to tell me that Apple Cider Vinegar would help me with my stomach.

I was not fully aware of how debilitated my stomach was with the Candida proliferation at the time (some 20 years ago).

If you are relatively new to this newsletter and need to Heal a Candida Infection and don't know much about how I can help, nor how I came to Heal my own severe Candida infection and become a Natural Health Practitioner to help others, you can find that information here on SearchWarp:

I was concerned about regular ingestion of Apple Cider Vinegar, for I had a sense that this vinegar is a very powerful additive to the stomach. Increasing gastric secretions incredibly efficiently. I was concerned about developing an ulcer.

It turned out that this kind woman who recommended I try the Apple Cider vinegar did not have enough bodily awareness, and really did not find the solution to her own stomach issues. She indicated to me that she was taking the Apple Cider Vinegar every day, and it helped her.

But about 2 years later, I sadly discovered that she passed away from bleeding ulcers.

If someone were to want to use this now for digestion improvement and were a client of mine, I would certainly question the resonance of using it, what its therapeutic value would be and what it would fix. If someone were already ingesting it regularly, and doing well, there would be other questions, such as how is it helping you so much? And what Blood Type are you?

Many people who have come to me for help for Candida were already using another powerful alternative: Betaine-HCL capsules to increase their stomach acid during meals. This can also become a very difficult to use supplement. Going on it, feeling better, then having to stop it because the stomach starts to hurt, and perhaps developing ulcers.

If you Google, using Apple-Cider Vinegar to improve digestion, you may be directed to a web page from Dr. Oz's website: 7 Surprising Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Not to diminish Dr. Oz's credibility as a physician who helps people by recommending natural supplements, but in my opinion, if someone is interested in using Apple Cider Vinegar to enhance digestion, I hope they would be sufficiently in touch with their digestion, and their emotional well-being to ensure they fully feel whether they are actually helping their body.

Using something like this in the short term can help you feel better, but what about the long-term resonance or usage?

For the long-term, we have to test a supplement's usage for long-term resonance. This is one thing that I do for my clients.

Teas are another thing often requiring testing.

Teas are herbals, and herbals have energy which can bring balance, or bring imbalance.

In the end having ingested a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar a few times, I found that I could develop a stomach ulcer as well. So, I backed off on it. I did not find it an easy supplement to use.

I was not afraid of it doing any harm even in the long-term even after I stopped it, though. This is because I only used small amounts and paid attention to my body's ability to heal, and how I felt at night. I only took it once a day for a few days.

DSIR - Intergen Formula From Systemic Formulas

Also, I could use a Professional Systemic Formulas® product called DSIR™ to help heal the tissues throughout the entire digestive system if I needed it. It is a marvelous and very soothing product. It provides the nutrients specifically to activate the body's natural healing mechanism.

Systemic Formulas also has another product to take in the event that excess acid is produced called DIJS™ (Acideze). DIJS is also beneficial at resetting the rhythm of the stomach/digestive process. It is a natural Ant-Acid formula, providing quick relief for acid indigestion, and a sensitive stomach. If the rhythm is off, then your stomach might not produce enough stomach acid once food is in it, or too much stomach acid at a later time.

DIJS - Acideze Formula From Systemic Formulas

A properly functioning stomach is also essential for a properly functioning bowel.

Finishing off the discussion of Apple Cider Vinegar usage, ultimately, I am interested in using it post-workout for its enzyme potential to help bring about a quicker recovery.

What I discovered was that a one-time teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar just might be the easiest way to see if you have a duodenal ulcer, gastroesophageal erosion, poor digestion, and perhaps other things. But one must be careful not to produce too much acid in the stomach in the long-term, and throw the rhythm off!