The Energetics of Blueberries


Blueberries are an incredible food for breakfast or as a snack on a piece of bread as a jam, in muffins, and in organic blueberry pie.

This page will detail the positive energetic effects of blueberries, and explain more about their Energetics compared to western medical science’s physiological or chemical viewpoint of blueberries's effect on the body.

Using Wild Blueberry Jam Therapeutically to Show the Energetics of Food

Wild Blueberry jam is a good one for many people and Hanna Kroeger Healer recommends consuming it often. It is probably a very good jam for people who work in front of computers all the time as well because it provides kidney energy.

Proving the Energetics of Foods to Yourself

You can prove the energetics of foods by eating some high quality Wild Blueberry Jam on a regular basis. You could eat some blueberry jam on several slices of bread on consecutive mornings.

You could also try eating a ½ or a whole bottle of high quality jam first thing in the morning on its own (no bread), and then wait an hour and observe any changes in your body. Please read this whole web page before trying this for additional information.

Energetic Health Benefits of Blueberries

After you have done this sufficiently, i.e. therapeutically you may begin to notice you can think better, think more, or you could notice the wax coming out of your ears (seriously). Also, you could notice that your urination is more forceful. This more forceful urination effect is usually the quickest to be noticed. You don’t have to do this test with blueberry jam, but you could use blueberries in other forms as well. There has to be a sufficient amount of blueberries such they are not diluted with other sugars, or perhaps cereals and grains as well. A high quality fruit spread is essential.

There are two brands of fruit spreads that Hanna Kroeger Healer recommends, although there most certainly would be others. One of them is crofter's organics. Crofters is available in the US as well as Canada. They manufacture a Wild Blueberry premium fruit spread. A high quality fruit spread usually contains a natural sweetener. A natural sweetener would be organic brown sugar or other high quality sweeteners such as apple juice, or grape juice, etc.   A high quality fruit spreads should contain a lot of fruit.

Therapeutic Blueberry Jam Therapy in the Morning

In proving the Energetics of blueberries, you definitely need to make it a therapeutic dosage for several consecutive mornings during the week or also on the weekend.

Once you’ve used a minimal dosage enough, and it’s vibration is working in your body, you will see a difference.  This is especially true if your kidneys need the energy blueberries provide. Blueberries work on the kidneys energetically, and by doing so they could also help your brain energetically. The reasons for this energetic effect on the kidneys are the brain are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Different Way of Thinking About the Energetics of Blueberries

This way of thinking “energetically” is an entirely different way of thinking about how your body can utilize blueberries. This is different than considering they contain some phytochemical or compound or antioxidant that is good for your brain.

Eat Blueberry Jam in the Morning

To reiterate again, Hanna Kroeger Healer is recommending to eat the jam alone in the morning, and away from coffee and other foods. Blueberries can be used in yogurt, or in cereal. Ensure that if the blueberries are included in packaged cereal they actually are real, and not a simulated flavor. Also recommended is an all-natural cereal. An all natural cereal is one that contains grains, preferably organic, and does not contain ingredients that a 3rd grader cannot pronounce, including preservatives.

So, Hanna Kroeger Healer is recommending eating blueberries alone and in the morning first thing. Also eat them sufficiently slowly. The reason to eat blueberries as simply as possible in the morning is that proper food combining ensures optimal digestion.

How Much Blueberries To Eat in the Morning

Hanna Kroeger Healer recommends eating a small half-bottle to a full bottle of jam at one sitting for one test, or a smaller amount each day. A bottle of jam here is 235ml (typically the small size).

Perhaps consuming one bottle of blueberry jam per week would be an optimal and therapeutic dose.

If you want to eat fresh blueberries, a palm full would be the quantity to eat on a regular basis. If you purchase a fruit spread with blueberries, they must contain a lot more blueberries than sugar. A premium fruit spread is a good choice.

Ensure the blueberries are digested well.

Wait At Least 1 Hour After Eating Blueberries

It is desirable to wait at least 1 hour after you have performed this test before eating anything else because to do so would violate the rules of food combining, and perhaps drastically reduce the effectiveness of this blueberry energy test.

Additional Properties of Blueberries

Note that Blueberries can stain your teeth.

Also note that blueberries in some quantity can be astringent (make you visit nature less often) and in larger quantities can be laxative. This astringent quality may change when you cook them into a pie or blueberry muffins. Also putting blueberries in yogurt may also reduce or eliminate the astringent effect on the bowels because the yogurt has beneficial bacteria to naturally keep you regular.

Eat Blueberries Raw, Bake Into Muffins, or in a Blueberry Pie

You can also of course, eat blueberries raw, and bake them into muffins. If you bake them into muffins, you will need to load up the fruit in them. Most commercial muffins do not contain enough of the fruit to have a therapeutic effect. Use high quality ingredients.
In the summertime eat fresh blueberries with yogurt more often, or on their own. Use plenty of blueberries in the yogurt. If you have frozen blueberries, it is preferred if you cook them in a blueberry pie with other organic ingredients because cold foods can harm your digestion on a long term basis.

Blueberries Energetics Work because of their Color

Blueberries are one of the few fruits that have a wonderful deep blue color.

There are some dark grapes that have a similar color as. Often these grapes come from chile and contain a large percentage of sugars. So be cautious about that.


What Does Medical Science Say is the Reason for Blueberries Improving the Brain?

What does medical science say is the reason for blueberries positive affect on the brain?
Mostly medical science is focused on the antioxidant properties of blueberries, the anthocyanins.  The anthocyanins, which give blueberries their color, are considered a brain neuron protector.  Anthocyanins are definitely potent antioxidants.

Keep up the blueberry eating for a healthier and more vibrant life!