Circu Flow® Cleansing Needed, Clogged Arteries, Sluggish Thyroid, Candida Overgrowth

I was facing some serious issues and was searching for answers. I read Reverend Hanna Kroeger's book about cleansing the Arteries and I came across Master Healer Salvatore's name on the web.

I wanted to contact him but was wary of doing so.

I had worked up a program of my own and wasn't sure I wanted to give it up. I had already spent $500 dollars on supplements and was eager to get started.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed, I made the call.

Best thing...

We discussed my issues which were clogged arteries, sluggish thyroid for which I was taking a natural pharmaceutical but I felt that I needed an Iodine supplement, Candida overgrowth due to antibiotic use due to dental work, and high cholesterol for whichI was taking Bergamet.

What I really liked about Master Healer Salvatore and his service was that he really listened to what I had to say.

He tested me for iodine and found that I did need it and ordered me a supplement that really worked as proven by my blood work.

That was also true for cholesterol. I tested well for Bergamet and am still using it.

My numbers are very good.

I asked Master Healer Salvatore to check my Vit. D3 levels and they were on the low side.

He recommended a supplement with Vit. D3 and K2 in it and I did very well.

My Vitamin D levels rose and the K2 strengthened my bones.

Another supplement I was taking was Prevagen for the brain. He tested me and recommended it for long term use.

I used the Circu-Flow formula for 70 days, in a gradual stepped stage fashion suitable just for me.

It was not the simple, 3 caps, 3X a day with Aloe Vera Gel recommended -- that would not work for me.

We also used additional supplements with the Circu-Flow and Aloe-Vera Gel to ensure the plaque was removed.

I also had to work on my diet especially during the Circu-Flow cleanse because I had to use the Zone Diet to reduce inflammation, and ensure the plaque was removed.

That was crucial.

This was relatively simple to do, since I am a vegetarian, and I use a Garden of Life Protein Powder, I just made shakes with fruit and some Almond Milk in the right proportion.

When I started I was asked to switch from Himilayan Sea Salt to Celtic Sea Salt because it resonated better long term.

We also corrected some Mineral Deficiencies, and that was done using the Concentrace Mineral Drops.

All of my issues were addressed with very good results.

I would happily recommend Master Healer Salvatore's services to anyone.

He truly listens to you.

If you have suggestions he will test and make decisions. He makes you feel that you at part of decision making.

I like and appreciate his open mindedness. I trust him.

I am an active 78 year old woman. I go to the gym 3 days a week and walk every morning.

I am grateful for his help and will continue to consult with him.

N.O., Female, 78 years old, USA, May 2017

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