Heavy Metal Cleansing Incorrectly Done, Sleep Difficulty, Yang Deficiency, Sudden Congitive Impairments, Skin Rash, Inability to Feel

A., Female, 27 years old, USA, Acupuncturist, January 2016

I first contacted Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano because I had a history of unexplained weight gain during the summer season that would resolve itself during the winter times.

Along with weight gain, I also experienced extreme fatigue, hair loss, and bowel dysfunction from the months of May to November.

Being an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine myself, I could very well understand that my problem seemed to be related with the seasons and kidney energetic dysfunction, however, I had been unable to correct this problem even after five years of intense herbal and acupuncture treatments.

However, life so happened that I got very ill right after contacting him and it so happened that I needed his services for something more urgent than my weight gain.

I had been seeing a Naturopath who had put me on a cleanse to detoxify from heavy metals. During the cleanse I got very ill with a small rash that progressed rapidly to cover my entire body within three weeks of treatment. The agony of the rash was unbearable causing me to have countless sleepless nights of itching and burning.

Long story short this small rash ended up putting me in the hospital because I went into full anaphylaxis shock. I was diagnosed with a pretty intense form of urticaria and prescribed a very heavy dose of steroids and after one week of taking the medicine my rash finally went away but I was suffering from side effects of the medication.

I could no longer "feel" anything; no temperature, no fatigue, no emotions, no pain, nothing at all.

I also could not sleep, suffered very intense constipation, had freezing cold hands, and was unable to work because my cognitive functions seemed to have been shut down.

I went back to the hospital thinking that I may have a brain tumor or that something was seriously wrong with my health. After extensive testing, imaging and blood work, the doctors told me that they had no idea what could be going on with my health and that the only explanation was that I was suffering a side effect of the strong dose of steroids that they had given me a month prior.

I went back to my roots as an acupuncturist and tried to heal myself with herbs and acupuncture but the relief was of very short duration and within twenty four hours I was usually back in the same state as before the treatment.

I had my initial meeting with Master Healer Salvatore and he took the time to explain to me what had happened since I had started the cleanse. He explained how the cleanse was too "cold" for my body type and that as a result I suffered what the Chinese call Yang deficiency hence the freezing cold hands.He helped me understand how the algae supplements of chlorella and spirulina had actually damaged my Yang energy due to their very cooling nature. 

He seemed to be the only one who finally could give me an answer and solution as to what was going on with me.

I felt a huge surge of relief and inspiration. We worked together diligently on my health condition and slowly but surely within two months, all my symptoms went away and I finally felt myself again. I could get back to my work, sleep normally, go to the bathroom without the use of harsh laxatives, and simply could go on with my life.

Master Healer Salvatore is an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner, very dedicated and involved with the healing of his patients. I have recommended him to many people who could not get help from other health professionals and I know that I will continue working with him to maintain my health and wellness.

I am immensely grateful to have found him and to have worked with him and I would encourage anybody who is suffering from any kind of health issue to contact him and see for themselves the marvelous work that he does.

A., Female, 27 years old, USA, Acupuncturist, January 2016

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