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Alexandra, Female, 31 years old, Maryland, USA, July 2015

I am a 31 year old female as I write this testimonial.

I have worked with Salvatore for about 4 months on my health issues and so far I have seen a lot of improvement.

Back in 2008, all of a sudden I started experiencing all kinds of scary issues with my health.  I remember that summer I graduated from college in engineering so I was under a lot of stress not only getting my licence but also about making decisions about my future. After graduation I came home to my parents to get my paper work ready; I was getting ready to come to the USA.

Since I lived with my parents I helped them a lot with household duties. My parents had a small farm. About a month or two later all of a sudden I started feeling very weak.

I had very strong unexplained symptoms, my mouth was either dry or too watery, also nausea, bloating, high irritability, headaches, weakness. A few times I even fainted when taking a bath.

Very often when standing I had to sit in order not to fall down; that's how weak I was.  Even more frustrating was the fact that tests came back normal and doctors were telling me that it was all in my head because I had a lot of stress lately. My physician prescribed some vitamin B injections and that made me feel somewhat better although I still worried about my health as the symptoms did not improve a lot.

When I started living in the USA I visited a physician explaining to him what I was going through and after some testing he figured it out I had parasites. With all of those symptoms and living at my parents farm that made sense.

He prescribed me antibiotics assuring me that they will take care of all my problems. After a week on antibiotics and not feeling improvement I came back to him and he put me on another round of antibiotics. After two rounds of antibiotics all I got was even worse headaches and feeling tired all the time.

A year and half later I got a really bad flu, the first one in my life, it hit me so hard I was in bed for 6 days. I slowly started recovering from the flu but I felt that my body was not the same.

I was chronically tired and I could not think clearly; I also had a very sore throat that wouldn't heal. I made another appointment with a doctor and she put me on 10 days antibiotics to heal my sore throat. Little did I know then how badly that would affect my entire body.

Eventually the sore throat healed but not my constant feeling of being tired. About 2 or 3 weeks later I woke up one morning and as I brushed my teeth I noticed that my tongue was coated with white stuff. I got really scared. I went back to the same doctor and she actually acknowledged that I was now dealing with candida. Another prescription of antibiotics was recommended, assuring me I will be fine.

This time I didn't even finished the antibiotics because I was getting worse on a daily basis. Instead I began researching and reading all I could find on the subject of candida. I purchased self books about candida dieting and colon cleaning powders.

It's been about 7 years since then and all this time I was able to keep candida in control with various methods including colon hydrotherapy, watching my diet although not very strict at times, taking probiotics, vitamins, minerals to support my immune system, doing lots of reading. I even got myself a zapper as I read it helped a lot of people to manage candida. I've spent thousands of dollars so far trying to get better. Although I could often manage the symptoms I never got over the candida and the parasites.

In September of 2014 I changed my diet. I became vegan because I needed to help my digestive system. I had bowel movements once in 3 or 4 days, was always bloated and at this point feeling very depressed. I thought veganism would help me get better. Two months later I noticed white spots on my arms and undigested food in the toilet but I didn't give too much attention to these signs as I thought I'm doing the right thing.

I was drinking almost daily green smoothies and that probably gave me energy to be able to work but other scary symptoms began occurring. I started feeling strange pain in my lungs, in the beginning very light discomfort but as time went by it was getting worse. I also forgot to mention that two years earlier my right ear got infected and I couldn't heal it as it was due to candida as well.

As I was eating a vegan diet I made sure I was eating lots of green salads but also didn't realize that I started over indulging in carbs and potatoes. I really loved eating almond pops puffed rice, which was very sweet.

In February of this year, I realized I couldn't control my candida symptoms anymore, my tongue was constantly coated. I had a very painful right ear plus I now had a lot of pain in my lungs and heavy breathing. I got very scared. I knew at this point I needed professional help but really didn't know where to get the help as I had such a bad experience with doctors before. I knew doctors have a very basic knowledge when it comes to treating candida.

I began seeing a great acupuncturist.  Her work did help me to some point but I knew I needed more than that. I was feeling so sick I had to take a lot of sick days at my job. Natalie the acupuncturist was sending me emails almost daily with articles about candida, the diet, exercising and so on. Luckily one day she sent me one of Salvatore's article about candida. As I read his article I understood right away that he has a whole different way of treating candida compared to other protocols that I did myself before or read about it. I decided to contact him right away.

The next day Salvatore called me and we had a very long conversation about how I was feeling. He understood that I was in a lot of pain and even scared at that point. So he did a reading for me right the next day so I can begin healing asap.

I'm so glad I came across his article. I don't know what would have happen to me if not for his support and understanding about how to deal with candida. Salvatore told me that I have to change my diet immediately.

Things I ate at that time didn't help me at all. It actually made it worse. He explained to me that I can't drink green smoothies. I needed cooked, warm foods to support my spleen. He kindly went over the foods I can eat and foods that I should avoid. Being vegan I was eating a lot of avocados and cashews and it turned out that was actually a big no for me.

My Blood Type is B and Salvatore explained to me that I have to eat a diet according to my blood type. He also put me on very high protein diet since I couldn't digest a lot of other things and I needed to help my digestive system.

When I started the first stages of my healing with supplements from Systemic Formulas I was eating very few things and I had to rotate them. Since I am a Blood Type B I was rotating the cabbages, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts but also I was allowed to have some squashes, zucchini and even sweet potatoes. From the meats the most beneficial for me are lamb, goat, rabbit and fish. While it was ok to have turkey about 2 times a week Salvatore told me to avoid chicken and pork as the collagen in chicken has some agglutinating factors for my blood type. It was hard for me to adjust to this diet at first but with Salvatore's guidance I was able to make it.

He later added more choices to my diet: even fruits, which I was so happy about. During the healing process Salvatore answered all my questions and is there for support which is huge.

In May I had hay fever allergies which is now the 4th season. Salvatore selected a medication that I tested better for. He even recommended a new tooth paste: "Nara" and he said that the clove one tested best for me. I have been using this tooth paste for 4 months now and I'm very satisfied; my teeth got whiter.

So far after four months of working with Salvatore I feel so much improvement!!! The color of my skin improved, the white spots are barely visible now. My digestion improved a lot. I have a bowel movement a day. I started exercising in the morning which a couple months ago was unthinkable. My tongue got its pinkish color back. The pain in the lungs subsided. And also what used to be a terrible pain in my right ear is a slight discomfort now. I feel more happy. My thoughts are much clearer. I continue to work with Salvatore on the parasite cleanse and I truly believe I am in good hands as he has so much knowledge, understanding and patience.

With Sincere Respect,


Alexandra, Female, 31 years old, Maryland, USA, July 2015

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