Candidiasis, B12 Deficiency, Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism, Sleep Difficulties, Chronic Dry Stools

R.F., Male, 37 years old , New Jersey, NY, June 2013

I worked with Salvatore for the last 5 months, and during this time I was able to heal a number of scary physical problems that I believe were beyond the capability of all doctors I’ve seen to heal successfully.

I have been ill and getting worse since childhood because of long treatments with oral antibiotics. Some of my main symptoms included: major bloating and gas, chronic headaches, nausea, vitamin deficiencies, and an inability to gain weight even though I was always too thin. I had long-standing pain in my left side associated with digestion that was so painful for so long that I developed scoliosis because of it. Most recently, I had been awaking in the middle of the night with panic attacks, barely living on 3-4 hours of sleep nightly and trying to cope with the horrible anxiety I experienced every night. I was eventually diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, and Adrenal Fatigue. I knew I was in trouble when my body rejected the Armour thyroid prescribed by my integrative physician.

It was then I realized that allopathic medicine couldn't help me. I searched for weeks to find an effective healer. I was drawn to Salvatore's program because of his understanding that candidiasis and other related issues are healed more by fixing the immune system and imbalances in the body rather than the standard protocol of an all-protein diet and anti-fungals. Also, because he used dowsing to find the best program and diet for me. I didn't understand it or really believe it when I began, but I can see now that the dowsing he does allowed him to create an effective program for me without the need for expensive and possibly inaccurate testing. He also told me the reason for the pain in my left side was due to my spleen, something that none of my dozens of doctors over the years was able to identify. This spleen issue was a major part of our work.

Five months later, my health is much better. We used a large number of different supplements, mainly from Systemic Formulas which are of the highest quality. The Ga Adrenal formula helped to heal my adrenal fatigue much faster than I thought possible. And I had estimated it would take 2 years! The nightly traumatic panic attacks are a thing of the past —I now sleep 7-8 hours nightly. My TSH thyroid test is now squarely in normal range, and my TPO test which measures antibodies attacking the thyroid has dropped 40%. My B12 levels, which were always too low, are now high in the normal range. These are things for which doctors thought I would be on medication for life just to cover up, not actually healing them mind you, but just covering them up with pills. My digestion is also much better, I no longer have a huge bloated belly, just a normal flat stomach. My left side rib pain is so much improved that I often don't even notice it for days on end. I would estimate that it is about 80-90% better than it was when I started my program.

Salvatore’s program is by no means easy. It takes a lot of dedication, on a daily basis, especially if you have been ill for some time. The program is unique to each individual, and you really have to be on the ball about taking supplements at the right time every day and eating the right foods. Even the right water and spices are important. I might think, though, that someone who is not seriously chronically ill would have an easier time on their own unique program. But there are good aspects too. Rather than eat meat or eggs at every meal (as is the standard candidiasis protocol), I was able to eat certain kinds of potatoes, fruit, coffee, and other things. That to me is much more enjoyable and healthy than your average candida diet. I have been sick for 30+ years, so 5 months of work cannot possibly heal everything. But with Salvatore’s guidance, I have healed many things so much faster than I thought possible. It took a lot of hard work but now that my body feels a lot better I wouldn't have done it any other way.

R.F., Male, 37 Years Old, New Jersey, NY, June 2013

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