Candida Infection Healing, Spleen Healing, Menstrual Cycle Healing

M. M., Female, Age: 28, Massachusetts, April 2012

Hanna Kroeger Healer helped me turn my health completely around in a matter of months. My body had gotten to such a state that no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to improve my symptoms, let alone heal what was actually causing them. I had an inkling that I probably had a systemic Candida infection, and had been combing the internet for Candida cleanses that worked, made sense to me, and resonated with my holistic perspective on health.

A Naturopath recommended I look into a candida cleanse by Hanna Kroeger, because, she said, Hanna Kroeger’s candida cleanses were personalized to best address your individual situation. In researching that, I found the Candida article on this website, and the explanation offered on how to heal candida - particularly, that one must address the emotional underpinnings of the infection to ensure it will not come back - was both completely unique in all the candida cleanses I’d read so far, and it felt genuinely authentic in that it could actually heal me of candida, for good. I also deeply appreciated how comprehensive the healing program was (it addressed diet, exercise, etc), how open-minded it was (all healing modalities are considered, from lifting weights to acupuncture to reiki sessions), and that it asked me to ultimately take responsibility for my own health and healing process by committing to a healing plan and agreeing to modifying certain behaviors, such as flying, for the duration of my recovery.

I went to Hanna Kroeger Healer with a number of disconcerting ailments. Most prominently, miserable digestion. As in, I couldn’t eat anything without bloating, severely. And I’d spent half the summer not having voluntary bowel movements for, no joke, 3-4 weeks at a time. In addition, I suspected I had a candida infection, and while I had been trying to work with the Body Ecology Diet to gently eradicate it from my system, I honestly had no proof that I was making any progress and was losing my faith, and my discipline, to remain on that fairly restricted diet. I also had developed a rather severe acne situation, likening my face to a caricature of my teenage years, during which I’d gone on some intense anti-acne medications (Acutane, tetrycycline, you name it) to help my poor soul out. And lastly, I’d mysteriously missed my period for 3 months in a row, and I was starting to develop an odd pain in my left side, right about where my left ovary would be. Needless to say, I was a bit frazzled with all these physical ailments coming together all at once, and I desperately wanted help. I wanted the help of someone who could absolutely, positively could help me heal my body - for good. Not merely remove my symptoms, but help me actually heal.

When I began working with Salvatore, I was fascinated by how quickly and how astutely he was able to diagnose my problems and find the most effective solutions for me to use. In a matter of minutes he told me my digestive troubles were coming from an intestinal parasite that I’d had for 7 years and, as I had suspected, compromised intestinal flora due to a severe candida infection. He identified a thyroid imbalance, weak kidneys and kidney stones, and a very weak reproductive system - so weak that I was actually heading towards infertility.

Salvatore set up a 5-stage healing plan that step-by-step improved my health. We started with eradicating the parasite with homeopathics and then healing my colon with herbs. Result: I began having very easy and wonderfully regular bowel movements. Next we addressed the candida infection using herbs, and during that phase Salvatore identified that in order for me to ensure the candida infection not come back, I needed to strengthen my spleen. At the end of this stage, with the candida gone and my spleen strengthened, I found myself able to digest all sorts of lovely foods (I had been bloating from everything prior to that), and I found I had more focus and a great sense of power, which was due to the spleen strengthening.

Next we targeted the kidneys, which was a fairly quick stage, and then my reproductive system, which was the mama phase of the whole healing plan. We addressed both of these with herbs only. The result: my period, which has never -ever- been regular, became regular. They also became much shorter and lighter. Emotionally, I found myself much more balanced - like situations in which I had previously felt incredibly stressed and overwhelmed I now felt calm, capable, and focused. Additionally, my acne cleared up. I realize, now, how much my hormones had been out of balance and had thus been negatively affecting my emotional balance and my skin.

Per Salvatore’s clear guidance, I am now working with a local acupuncturist and herbalist and am on the final stretch of healing my reproductive system. He discovered, and the acupuncturist corroborated, that my low reproductive health was due to the fifteen years I spent swimming competitively as a kid and teenager. Turns out, endurance sports can really disrupt the reproductive systems in women, and the cold water can also negatively affect your uterus when you’re on your period. While not everyone has these issues, for whatever reason I did, and I am now healing beautifully. Healing my reproductive system has had a hugely positive effect on the rest of my life. I am simultaneously healing my relationship with sex, sensuality, desire, pleasure, self-worth, creativity, and manifestation issues - to say the least. These all tie in with the energies of the 2nd chakra, and they’ve all come about in the past 4 weeks as I’ve begun the final stretch of this healing phase.

If there’s anything I can say about working with Hanna Kroeger Healer, it’s that doing so has truly been a blessing. My health, and my life, have so deeply transformed in the past 6 months. I now have an incredibly strong understanding of my body, how the systems work together, how my diet, sleep, work, and exercise all affect my organ and hormonal health. I am also extremely well-equipped now, with both knowledge and experience, to be able to maintain incredible health for the rest of my life.

Something I also learned from this experience is that healing is a very individual experience. When I started this program, I believed that there were some things in life that were universally beneficial for everyone -things like kale, superfoods, or yoga - and I found out that that’s not necessarily true. Because we are all unique individuals, different types of food and different healing practices will resonate and work better for one person than another. This became really apparent when Salvatore did my food testing, and when he helped me locate the best chiropractor in my area that would work for me. From this whole process, I grown a much deeper respect for the different paths and different healing realities that we all have.

I can’t thank Hanna Kroeger Healer enough for offering the services he does. The healing I’ve experienced, in many ways, goes beyond words, as my healing has affected me on so many different levels, and in so many aspects of my life.

Salvatore’s clarity, accuracy, and wonderfully efficient healing recommendations will benefit anyone who is ready to take control of their health and healing, for now and for the rest of their lives. He truly can help you come to understand that incredible health and vitality are not only your birthright, but they can also be your reality.

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