Candida Infection Healing, Sleep Healing, Fatigue, Lethargy, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Heavy Metal Detox, Colon Healing

A.K., Male, Age 23, August 2011


I am writing this testimonial out of the gratitude I have for the incredible healing I have received on all levels, but I am also writing it to give a well-rounded understanding of what healing with Hanna Kroeger Healer Salvatore Crapanzano is like and what can be achieved.

I am 23 years old young man as I write this. Despite my young age I have had my fair share of health difficulties. I found Salvatore after having suffered for 3 years of a variety of health difficulties. I have worked with Salvatore for a full year, so I believe I will be able to give an accurate and detailed description of working with the Hanna Kroeger Healer.

The Sickness

Four years ago I went to see a homeopath for health difficulties and discomforts that now seem quite mild in comparison to what I went through later. I had some bloating, hot flashes, irritableness and I seemed to require few more hours of sleep every night than did others of my age. The complete symptom picture resembled menopause so much it would have been funny if I wasn’t dealing with those symptoms every day. After two hours of interviewing the homeopath instructed me to take 1 LM potency homeopathic Phosphorus every day. I did not know it then, but it was the faithful day that started it all.

After having taken the homeopathic for a month, my health was declining, I was beginning to have a foggy sensation in my head and acne on my back. The homeopath said it was a healing reaction and I should continue taking the phosphorus. After 5 months I decided to stop taking the homeopathic, because my health was steadily declining, although the homeopath wanted me to continue. At this point I was so severely fatigued, that every morning was a hard struggle of will to get out of bed and drag myself to school. I could not pay attention on the classes and my memory did not work, so my grades dropped a lot. The acne on my back had developed to a stage where my skin paid a striking resemblance to a tasty tomato, pepperoni and cheese pizza.

My health continued to decline even after discontinuing the homeopathic and about half a year afterwards I was still struggling to get through schooldays, but at that point I was aching everywhere and had developed a deep depression and social anxiety. My chest area was often very hot, I had hot flashes, but my hands were ice cold. My hair was also falling off at this point and my face was puffy. But the worst of all symptoms were bouts of extreme grief that usually came with the full moon. I would cry for hours to get the feeling out, and I would have these dry vomits or sometimes I would throw up in my mouth (being careful not to get it on the carpet). I was lucky to live still at home with my parents, because I was not able to take care of the usual daily chores except one or two days a week. There are plenty more symptoms I could mention if I went to detail, but I don’t really want to remember this time in detail. Suffice to say my life had turned into personal hell, and I thought of ending the suffering permanently more then a couple of times. Still I had faith I would someday regain my health. I had decided I would either find health, or die trying.

Finding Salvatore

In searching for healing, I tried different kinds of healing modalities and even was in therapy for 6 months. The biggest issues I had were with anxiety/panic, the deep depression and other emotional problems. For that reason I was mostly searching for emotional healing, and I did try antidepressants too. They made me worse. I continued the search for emotional healing for 2 years with a variety of approaches, I learned a lot, but healed only a little.

The turning point came when I happened to read an article about candidiasis. Curiously, I had all the symptoms. I continued to study candidiasis, and found out that candidiasis almost always has some deeper underlying cause. After some more searching I formed the hypothesis that even though I never had mercury (or “silver”) fillings, I could have gotten mercury from my mother while in womb and food as well, and somehow the homeopathy had triggered the candidiasis into full bloom.

I intuitively felt this was what was going on. But I was also desperate, because I realized I could not kill off the candida, because it served to bind the heavy metals, but neither could I endure to live with the symptoms I was having. I did try a candida cleanse with natural remedies like oregano oil, but within a week ended up both very nauseous and constipated. It was clear my body could not handle any cleansing.

At the point of deepest despair, while looking for ways to heal, I found the website. I was very drawn to the balanced and insightful view of candidiasis and health in general presented on the website. I was particularly drawn to the concept of rebuilding the body and organs before getting rid of systemic candidiasis and heavy metals. Yet I was also wary about the whole talking with angels thing. My world view had become broad enough in the past years of searching to include the concept of angels and communicating with them (no teacher like pain when it comes to leaving behind limited views and beliefs) but despite that, and the convincing writings on the site, I had to consider the possibility that Salvatore was another internet fraud. I had been fooled once before, it was a valuable lesson, luckily it only cost me $20.

I decided to give it a try and contacted Salvatore asking if I really had candidiasis and heavy metal toxicity in my body. He replied soon, and told me I had both, and that I was in no condition to do any cleansing at that time. Because I was both doubtful about Salvatore and my ability to pay for the healing with him, Salvatore offered to give me an hour of healing coaching for $80. I took on the offer. During the hour of speaking with Salvatore I was amazed by the way he knew so well what was going on with me without having any information about me, as well as his solid and compassionate way of communicating. I decided I would trust Salvatore, and so the work begun.

Beginning the Healing Work

I expected the healing to begin with some powerful supplements and, well, I expected a quick-fix, that was what I had gotten used to with the Western way of life and Medicine. Instead the first changes Salvatore wanted to make were the salt and water I used daily. The salt was changed to unrefined sea-salt (celtic sea salt, or gray sea salt) and because using spring water all the time would have been too expensive, Salvatore recommended I get a Brita water filter and mineral drops. Later on I have realized that healing work with Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano is not about using harsh substances to get quick results, but gentle work with natural but very effective remedies. The healing is not about masking symptoms , but finding the underlying causes and inducing permanent, deep and true healing as fast as possible. Changing the water makes complete sense to me now, because I was not able to eliminate well since I was so sick, and the tap water I was using had metals in it. Salvatore told me that one source of the heavy metals in my body was the tap water I was drinking. Salvatore also highly emphasized the value of a positive mindset at the beginning and throughout the healing when I was getting dragged down by the illnesses in my body and mind.

As soon as I had brought up how the homeopathic Phosphorus had probably started the downward spiral for me, Salvatore told me I still needed it to reverse the detrimental effects of the earlier treatment. He also confirmed my hunch about the Phosphorus having been the wrong remedy, and that stopping to take it was a good decision. He told me that the Phosphorus treatment induced chemical sensitivity and weakened my organs. He also said that the dose and frequency prescribed by the homeopathic practitioner was wrong. Salvatore kept checking my condition continually, and during the following 2 months he emailed or called me when I needed to take a dose of 1M Phosphorus. This constant care from Salvatore offered a striking contrast to how I felt alone and lost with my condition before. From the start it was clear Salvatore always had an answer, he always knew what needed to be done next, and my condition kept improving slowly but surely. Taking the phosphorus fed candida (confirming my hypothesis that the Phosphorus triggered the full-blown candidiasis), but with Salvatore’s help it was not difficult to compensate for that.

At this point in the Healing Work it was late spring, and I was beginning to have hey allergy symptoms. I mentioned it to Salvatore in an email, we discussed what medications were locally available OTC. I sent Salvatore a list of the available brands and in response – within the same day – I got a schedule for the most suitable allergy medication. The dose of the medication was considerably smaller then the dosages I had used before, but worked perfectly to keep symptoms away.

I had changed my diet just before I had found Salvatore. Despite my intense cravings for sweet food, I had stopped eating any sweet foods altogether (I’m still proud of having been able to do that :). The problem was that unknowingly I had replaced the sweet stuff with another way to feed candida - condensed meat and nuts, eaten together (a bad food combination). After stopping the sweet food I could not eat any fruit, because I would feel terrible afterwards.

The biggest change came when Salvatore provided me with my first “Food Chart”. In it, he had dowsed a variety of foods as either “yes” or “no”. Salvatore also taught me which foods to combine for best digestion.

I begun to follow the food chart to a degree, but was still eating foods outside the chart. Still, the food chart made a big difference in how I felt. I begun to experience far less indigestion, I was stronger, I even slept a bit better too. It became clear as well, that I could eat fruit, it was only a question of what fruit was beneficial for me at that time.

It was decided that locally available remedies would be used to start removing the candidiasis, and to chelate the heavy metals. Salvatore recommended a Lower Bowel Tonic to stop my constant constipation, wild oregano oil to reduce candida and a powerful probiotic to restore healthy intestinal flora. All of these were specifically tested to work for me from a variety of brands. As usual, Salvatore provided a highly detailed and accurate schedule for using them.

My mother suggested she could give me Reiki treatments to speed up my healing. I suggested that to Salvatore, and the next day I got a schedule for the Reiki. I think it’s incredible what an effective system for Healing Salvatore came up with, using only what was locally available.

I was working at a Children’s Summer Camp as an instructor for that summer. I was still very weak, and every morning feared my energy would not carry me through the working days, but with the healing schedule I was strong enough to do the work and earn money for further Healing Work.

In addition to all the other help Salvatore gave me, he also dowsed the best exercise methods and lengths of exercise for me and kept monitoring my condition on a daily basis. For example, when I was having fears and anxiety, Salvatore – with the guidance of the angels – found me a free psychological tool called PStec to alleviate many intense fear related issues. PStec was even helpful to a friend of mine. I wondered how this kind of superbly holistic healing was even possible, I had a hard time believing it even though I was experiencing it. Actually, to this day, I continue to be amazed and grateful I found this healing option.

Salvatore kept tract of my candida levels and “restorative sleep” levels by dowsing them at a distance. Once candidiasis had diminished and was under control, it was time to get something to remove the heavy metals. Salvatore recommended that I’d send him a list of possible chelators and he would then dowse which would be best for me. I only found non-natural or otherwise unfitting chelating formulas, so Salvatore went out of his way to find me a high quality Whey supplement to start getting the heavy metals out. I was provided with a chart with candida, restorative sleep and heavy metals levels to track my progress. (Note that the chart shows progress up to Stage 2 of Vibrational Reading.)

About two months after the first Food Chart Salvatore provided me with a much more comprehensive Food Chart. Because of the healing that had taken place, I was able to eat some foods that were restricted on the first chart.

Salvatore also told me to eat only foods marked “yes” on this new Food Chart. I wasn’t completely happy with the more strict eating choices – until I begun to experience the benefits of eating only the foods that suited me at that particular time. The funny thing was that even though I previously had all the variety in the world to choose from, I kept eating basically the same foods over and over again. After a period of getting used to the reduced variety I noticed I was far more creative with food and was actually eating a more varied diet then I was before the restrictions.

During the Healing Work with Salvatore I got revised Food Lists as the requirements and digestive ability of my body changed. Food items were added to the list according to my needs and specific food combinations were added as well. At the end of the Healing Work I got a Final Food List. (The Final Food List will be on display near the end of the testimonial.)

Close to the end of the Healing Work, after reading “Healing With Whole Foods”, I realized that food can be used for healing in an effective and gentle way. It also became clear how difficult it is to pick just the right foods with the right healing properties. The Food List is an ingenious way of choosing the best foods to support healing on a long term basis.

During this beginning part I had a lot of problems with my bowels. The Lower Bowel Tonic I was using helped my bowels to work, but I often had constipation and diarrhea. Our house was also under large plumbing renovation, so I could not always use the bathroom and had to go to a nearby forest to, um, deal with the diarrhea.

During this time a protrusion developed in my groin that I was sure was a hernia. I got desperate because I was weak, had the bowel troubles and then the hernia on top of it all. I even had an ultrasound scan and they said it was a hernia. Surprisingly when I asked Salvatore about the protrusion, he said it was not a hernia, and that it would heal during the healing process. Now the protrusion is almost healed, so I am really glad I listened to Salvatore and did not get the typical surgical operation for the “hernia”.

Even though this part of healing was basically just using locally available supplements to improve my health and get me through the working days, it was actually quite powerful. At the end of this healing stage I was stronger and the acne on my back had greatly reduced. The biggest improvements were that the severe emotional difficulties I had before had reduced and as my restorative sleep improved I begun to feel like I was slowly getting my life back.

The Rules of Engagement

The first part of the Healing Work described above lasted about 4-5 months. That is how long it took to really begin to understand how Salvatore works, and how to make his work easier – and (more importantly ;) more cost-effective. I found out that the Healing Work was almost like an alternative reality, after all, the concept of Vibrational Healing was almost completely new to me. Many of the adaptations I made, particularly when it comes to communication, have already proved to be very helpful also outside the Healing Work.

Reading the “The Four Agreements” is a prerequisite to working with Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano. In addition to the exploration of various psychological and emotional healing methods, I had delved deep into mystic traditions of religions and ancient peoples as well as some more or less “new age” material. I was delighted to notice that The Four Agreements summed up in a clear and practical form the most basic and important teachings that are found in the mystic traditions. I have listened the Four Agreements as an audio book twice and read the book once so far. I’ve come closer to fully integrating the teachings in my life, but I still have a long, long way to go. It is said in the book that following the Four Agreements fully will lead to personal “Heaven on Earth”. I personally believe that to be true, but in addition to that I believe it speeds up healing.

There is one agreement that Salvatore emphasizes a lot: Don’t make assumptions. It took me a while to really get this one. I can’t help but to inject my favorite quote from “The Dhammapada”: “Preceded by perception are mental states, for them is perception supreme”, which I understand to mean that the objective sensory perception provided by the 5 senses is always filtered and effected by the mental state. The mental state consists of both conscious and unconscious beliefs (assumptions) and emotions. The conscious mind only sees the filtered version of reality and takes it as the objective proof that the assumptions and emotions that originally moulded the perception are accurate and true.

So that’s how the situation in the Dire Straits song Brothers in Arms comes about:

“There's so many different worlds
so many different suns
and we have just one world
but we live in different ones”
(Moving on.)

When working with Salvatore, it is about smaller and less fundamental assumptions. Because the healing is Vibrational and at the vibrational level everything effects everything, it is better to ask then assume that exercising a certain way or taking the supplements a certain way is ok. In the very beginning I was trying to save money by not asking questions even when I wasn’t sure what to do. It did not work well for me. Salvatore encouraged me many times to ask a lot of questions to clear all of the small assumptions I was making.

Another thing I had to work on was my way of communicating. I was used to using indirect communication, and that the other person interprets what I am saying more or less between the lines. I still communicate this way with my friends, but in the healing context continuing to do that would have paved the way for many assumptions and it would have also taken Salvatore a lot of time to make sure he got what exactly I meant and wanted. Salvatore also asked me to put different topics in different emails and always respond with an “ok” to his emails so he could be certain I had gotten and understood the information he gave me.

Towards the end of the Healing Work I always took my time to formulate my questions in as direct and clear way as possible, putting them in separate emails, and asking a lot of questions to avoid making assumptions. The communication with Salvatore had become much smoother and more effective. I realized that my part was basically to follow the healing schedule to the best of my ability, ask the right questions, choose good thoughts and every now and then report back to let Salvatore know how I was feeling and healing.

The Vibrational Reading

Because of the effectiveness of the work I had done with Salvatore before, and because I had earned money at the summer camp, I had decided to do a Vibrational Reading with Salvatore.

With a very good timing Salvatore told me he was offering a Vibrational Reading with an extended time of 5 months and a discounted price.

I was overjoyed to take on the offer.

As an overall experience the Vibrational Reading was a lot more powerful healing then the work I had done with Salvatore before. The basic way it works is that Salvatore uses a computer program he developed, and his dowsing abilities to determine just the right supplements from high quality Systemic Formulas products to be used at a particular time. The Reading is also divided in Stages that have a particular objective they are designed to accomplish. The overall objective is to achieve maximum healing in a period of time.

This is the Vibrational Reading Report Salvatore sent me. It looked deceptively simple to me and I remember wondering when I first got it, how I could possibly get rid of candidiasis and heavy metals with these supplements in 5 months. I was also disappointed because I knew I had bowel plaque and did not see anything on the Reading to remove the bowel plaque.

I was about to be pleasantly surprised.

Getting the supplements was easy, Salvatore took care of everything and I soon got the package in mail. In addition to the Systemic Formulas supplements, Enzymes from Kroeger Herb™ were also used.

Locally available DDS+ probiotics were used as a part of the Vibrational Reading, which is a good example of the flexibility of the system. The probiotics were tapered, so that an optimal amount was always taken. No more, no less.

Systemic Formulas Supplements Purchased for Total Reading

5 months worth of Systemic Formulas supplements (+Enzymes from Kroeger Herb) arranged by the Stages from left to right.


The first thing about the supplements I noticed was that I loved their smell. I am weird that way, I had to smell the ones I was about to use immediately. It seemed like my body really craved them. I also remember well how the first doses of DB12 gave me a very welcome energy boost.

Because the supplements are in a whole plant form, their functions are wide and varied, but the mainly I think: BSV helped to calm my adrenals and reduced anxiety, DB12 increased digestive enzymes, CLR helped to heal my colon and the DDS+ probiotic helped to reduce candida.

This stage did not bring any phenomenal changes, but it increased my energy, and reduced my jitteriness and anxiety.


Dosage chart for Stage 2 was never created because it was so simple. I just took 2 capsules of Ga three times a day 20 minutes before meals.

Not surprisingly, my energy levels were improved during this Stage. Some days I could just feel the energy buzzing in my body. Before this Stage I felt like life was one big overwhelming chore, but as my adrenals begun to heal I felt like I could handle the daily reality once again. It was an awesome feeling!

Because of the adrenal healing I begun to have allergy symptoms. I mentioned that to Salvatore and he immediately dowsed me the most suitable medication and dose, just like before in the summer.

At the end of the second Stage my depression was lifting and the desire to live was returning. When I started working with Salvatore I was waking up at 10 to 11 am in the mornings when possible and took naps along the day. Towards the end of the Stage 2 I was waking up around 7.30 am in the morning and no longer needed naps. Not only did I have more energy, but the quality of my sleep had greatly increased.


The first dosage chart Salvatore sent me had to be changed to fit my schedule better. Salvatore was happy to do that and it was done very quickly. Stage 3 was the first time I had trouble following the schedule, largely because the Elixer Vita was a bit difficult to take at school for example. But I managed it, and I guess to balance out the complexity, the 3rd Stage felt great.

At the beginning of the Stage Salvatore told me that the Enzymes would break the cell walls of candida, killing it without any healing crises or Herxheimer reactions. In addition, the Enzymes would remove the bowel plaque I had. It was almost too good to be true once again.

The Elixer Vita didn’t only boost my immunity, but it also increased my energy. The Enzymes gave me a light feeling of euphoria especially in the beginning, that was certainly very welcome after all the pain I had experienced.

Towards the end of the Stage my candidiasis levels had reduced greatly, and as I was beginning to feel more grounded and happy, Salvatore sent me an email saying that I no longer had the systemic candida infection. I still had excess candida in my system, but the constant inflammation was gone. I begun to experience peace, and the bouts of extreme grief and anxiety that used to come with the moon were gone.

Close to the end of Stage 3, I was able to get to the gym once again and pump some iron without getting completely exhausted afterwards.

As the bowel plaque was reduced, my bowels begun to work consistently every morning, and that also increased my well being. In short, the change in my health during this Stage was considerable.


The first two weeks of the metals detox felt wonderful, it was probably largely because of the well-being achieved during the previous Stage.

After that I begun to have worries, anxiety, negativity and general depression. Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano told me that the heavy metals in my body were associated with a lot of negative thought patterns. A couple of off-days were needed during this detox as well to ease the strain on the body. Even though my condition weakened during the detox, I was still able to do what I needed to do at school and with an engineering project I was doing.

During the metals detox Stage I asked Salvatore’s help with my hair problems. I had very dry and damaged hair, and I had lost 40-50% of my hair during the years I was really sick. My hairline had receded a bit, but mostly I had lost hair evenly on the whole top part of my scalp.

I first asked if I should change the shampoo I was using. It was a seemingly high quality shampoo, but it was a typical commercial shampoo in that it had many chemical ingredients. Salvatore told me to send him a list of possible shampoos, with emphasis on high quality natural shampoos. Then he dowsed the best shampoos on the list. Within one month my hair had recovered a considerable amount of healthy shine.

Encouraged by the success I asked if there was a way to restore my lost hair. Salvatore told me his friend MaZebah Taahn had a product for hair recovery and he had already tested that I needed two bottles of it. I was supremely happy to hear this! I immediately ordered the two bottles and started using them. For the first two months I saw no results, but then I begun to see tiny hair pushing up where my hairline had receded. By the end of the 4 months of use, my hair has thickened by 20%, and everywhere these tiny hairs are growing, but they are still too small to add to the volume of the hair. It may too early to say, but looks like I will have all (or at least 90%) of my hair back!

The Homeopathic Reading

Towards the end of the Stage 3 in the Vibrational Reading Salvatore sent me an email saying that the Angels had told him I would benefit from a homeopathic reading. He said it would be well worth the cost and the effort to get the right homeopathic substance. I was wary, because of the awful first experience I had had with homeopathy.

I had learned to trust Salvatore and the Angels through experience, and so I quickly decided that I wanted to do the homeopathic reading. Salvatore told me I needed to get Carcinosin in liquid form and 10 M potency, he also sent me two optional schedules to take it because I wasn’t sure when it would arrive.

I was dumbfounded by the accuracy of the substance chosen. Salvatore did tell me it had a resonance of 100 for me, but still, reading about the Carcinosin picture on the internet, it really was a perfect match. Every last tiny detail fit my personality and the difficulties I had experienced in my 23 years of life.

After the first dose I took I felt unusually joyful and had this spontaneous roaring laughter, the later two doses were similar, but after taking the last dose I noticed, traveling on a bus, that my self-awareness (in a negative sense) was basically gone. I no longer really cared what other people would think if I did this or that, I was just doing my own thing and enjoying the ride. During the same day a girl I had noticed in a supermarket, but who hadn’t really noticed me, started flirting with me. It was a pleasurably unusual day.

Later on, two weeks after the metals detox Stage was over, I begun to have symptoms of irritableness, inflamed mouth, weak legs, headache and fatigue. Salvatore had asked himself why I was not healing, and why I had so much negativity. He told me about dysfunctions in the dynamics of my family, especially between me and my parents. I had always sensed that the relationship was “off” and not nearly as good as it could have been. But I needed the confirmation from Salvatore to take action.

I spoke about the situation with my mother and because she had followed my healing and had begun to trust Salvatore as well, my words had much more gravity then before. I knew before hand that discussing the issues with my mother – who had so lovingly given me Reiki for many weeks - would not be easy because they were so personal. But the Carcinosin had increased my ability to stand for what I believe in and so we had the conversation. That one conversation has had a truly dramatic effect on the whole family, it started a snowball effect that greatly increased the harmony and love in my family.

Salvatore told me a therapist would have kept me in therapy possibly for years to get the same results. With my experience of therapy, I could not agree more.


The whole work with Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano was of tremendous value to me. I don’t know if I would ever have been able to heal the candidiasis and detox the heavy metals without Salvatore’s guidance. It would have at least taken me many years of painful trial and error to rise from the dark swamp of depression and illness I was in.

In addition to having healed systemic candidiasis, I now have the information and the mindset that enables me to stay healthy. At the end of the Healing Work I was provided a Final Food Chart, with the optimal long term diet for my body. Many foods and food combinations were added to the Final Food Chart afterwards to increase variety, I sent them to Salvatore separately so they don’t show up on the chart. I obviously don’t have to adhere strictly to the Final Food Chart once I have healed, but it will provide a stable and strong basis for my diet.

The Vibrational Reading was clearly the most effective and valuable part of the healing experience. It’s not surprising, because that way of healing enabled Salvatore to use the highly effective system he has created.

I suspect the homeopathic reading with Carcinosin will be of tremendous value as well, given that it is related to psychological, emotional and mental conditions I have suffered all my life, but it is still too early to say because that treatment is in progress.

The Healing Work with Master Healer Salvatore wasn’t just physical healing. It is obvious in the description of the healing that Salvatore helped me greatly on the psychological and emotional levels too, but even beyond that there were so many small things Salvatore helped me with that I simply don’t remember them all, and mentioning them all would have made this testimonial way too long – I suspect it is already too long :)

This man had a lot of unusual symptoms when beginning working with me. If you think about all the symptoms you have as a candida sufferer you will only find more. It is feeling good, and feeling well-being coming to you that makes the candida healing journey possible.

In this man’s case, the candida overgrowth and heavy metal poisoning becoming a bonafide candida infection and taking hold in the body was also initiated by poor quality food for a time period as well as a root canal. The root canal was the more profound cause, and there was pain in the teeth quite often which indicated a meridian imbalance. The root canal probably being the result of a meridian imbalance in the first place, only to cause further troubles.

Some people have one cause, and some people have multiple causes of a candida infection. In my opinion this young man had several important causes, and was more severe than most candidiasis sufferers.

When the body is weakened, with blow after blow, the candida infection takes hold.

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