Candidiasis, Heavy Metal Detox, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Ulcer

L.M. Female, 38 years old , Toronto, ON, June 2010

I would like to begin my Testimonial by saying that “Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano” (Hanna Kroeger Healer) has helped me immensely since starting his program at the beginning of May 2010.

I have had a long history of about 10 years or more of health issues regarding “Candida Albicans” throughout my Digestive Tract, Heavy Metal Toxicity (I currently have about 12-14 mercury fillings in my mouth) and Hormone Imbalances that are caused by the above health issues. I have searched and tried many different Naturopaths and Alternative Medicine doctors over the years in order to help me with my various health issues and have had no success. I was with a particular Naturopathic doctor that specialized in the removal of “Candida Albicans” from ones system and did the program for about a year and a half. In that year and a half, instead of feeling better and trying to completely eradicate the Candida Albicans from my system, I became and felt so much worse and developed a Duodenal Ulcer in the process of it all. The reason for the development of the Ulcer was the supplements I was prescribed to take during the program and the improper monitoring while taking them.

Everyday that passed during the Candida Albicans program, I felt worse and could not figure out why. I was suppose to be feeling better seeing as I had been on the program for so long. When describing my horrible symptoms of pain and burning in my left Ribcage that was emanating into my back and the severe acid reflux along with the constant shooting pain down my left arm, my Naturopathic doctor at the time advised, I was feeling a “Herxheimer Effect” (meaning ones feeling of the effects of detoxification) due to the detoxification of the “Candida Albicans” yeast cells being killed off in my system and that it would eventually pass; obviously that did not happen.

I could not handle the constant pain anymore and I knew I had to STOP the program immediately and began searching for someone who could help me once again. I could no longer endure the pain and discomfort I was feeling on the program anymore and the quality of life I was experiencing. Every day that passed I never felt good and was only getting worse and worse. I felt no energy, I did not want to interact with people and getting up in the morning just to function was a huge feat. All day long I was dragging my feet and couldn’t wait to get home and go straight to sleep.

While doing my sourcing and research I came across a “Hanna Kroeger Master Healer” by the name of “Salvatore Crapanzano”. When reading his web site I was instantly drawn to his knowledgeable information regarding “Candida Albicans” and other health issues and could not believe how it all made simple sense. I was determined to feel better and had come to a quick decision to begin “Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano’s” protocol immediately. In all the years of trying to achieve better health and well being I had finally found someone who was able to provide that for me so quickly and successfully! In less than 2 months time since beginning Salvatore’s protocol, I had never felt so much better! I had explained all my health issues and where I had been to correct them and with whom. He listened to me intently and understood exactly how I was feeling. He was not happy at how much I had endured following the many different protocols and techniques with much developed fear over the years of trying to get well.

When calling and speaking to Salvatore over the telephone he assured me I would definitely feel better in a short period of time. He had done a “Vibrational Reading” on me and had assessed my health issues at hand immediately. My health issues consisted of Heavy Metal Toxicity in my body, Candida Albicans in my Intestinal Tract and told be I had developed a Duodenal Ulcer from the previous protocol I followed. He immediately knew what he had to do in order to help me feel better. I explained all of my symptoms and who I had seen in the past and what they had prescribed. He asked many detailed questions in order to better understand my issues and to achieve his accurate “Vibrational Reading” in order to help me finally feel better and get back to good health and well being.

Salvatore immediately had me begin the program within a couple of weeks and had a complete “Vibrational Healing Protocol” done up for me in no time.

Salvatore draws up his protocol in the most organized and simplest fashion possible. He promptly provided me with a detailed step by step chart directing me as to when to take my supplements at different times of the day. I was instructed to take the supplements during, before and after breakfast, lunch and dinner allowing me to be able to achieve the most out of my healing protocol. He incorporated everything in his detailed supplement charting in an organized and timely order, which allowed me to understand the protocol easily and effortlessly.

I have worked very diligently and remained focused in following his directions precisely to get the most out of my healing as quickly as possible. Keeping a strong focus, discipline and attention to detail has helped me tremendously throughout accomplishing this healing journey. It has definitely paid off in more ways than I can ever describe. My determination has brought me closer to my goal of achieving the great health I have been searching for. I now have more energy and especially feel great since I began the program. His attention to detail and intense care he has shown me, far surpasses any I have ever encountered! He takes the time to listen to my health issues at hand and tests me daily ensuring I am getting the BEST “Vibrational Healing” at all times. He is intricate and very precise with his Readings and hits it “Bang On” where my health issues are concerned. He takes his profession very seriously and is truly concerned about my continued well being at all times. He also gives me much needed advice along the way to make sure I stay on track with my program along with sustaining my constant Vibrant Health. He tests me daily to make sure he is on track with what my needs are in his “Vibrational Program”. His readings and protocols are very specific to each and every individual and I know this because my body is extremely sensitive and he has been able to help me without feeling any symptoms of malaise or pain while following his program.

Since working with “Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano”, I have never felt better and he has been the only one who has been able to accomplish this for me over the years of searching for the right doctor.

If you have read my testimonial and have been searching to feel better, have a good quality of life and get healthy, “Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano” is definitely the person to help you; as he has accomplished wonders for me and my health thus far! He is great and I cannot thank him enough for giving me my health back!

Thank you

L.M., Female, 38, Toronto, Ontario

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