Testimonial | Mood Swings, PMS, Chronic Fatigue, Poor Sleep, Candida Troubles, Brain Fog, Lymphatic Congestion, Tooth Pain

N., Female, Age: 47 years, November 2015, 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health + Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan

A few months ago I found Salvatore from his website online.

I had done a candida cleanse/liver flush by my self and I gotten quite unwell. It was a act of violence upon my body.

When I read his site it made sense to me that there is no one size fits all cleanse and that if the body is weak such hardcore cleansing can lead to disturbance and weakness.

Salvatore did the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading for me and has followed and supported me all the way through the slow gradual, non-violent detox of my body.

We are now almost to the rebuilding phase from which I expect even more energy will be the result.

Even though at first my main concern was candida many things which I had accepted over time to be a normal part of my health faded away.

For years I had experienced an always present fatigue. That cleared within 2 to 3 months.

I used to get PMS which now hardly shows itself. My period kind of happens without all the mood changes.

The brain fog has cleared, so life feels more open. I had a painful tooth which no dentist was able to help me with . I took a tissue salt to open up the lymphatic system and with that opening the tooth pain resided.

I sleep much better. Previously I used to have so much heat in my body I would wake up from it!

The candida symptoms have gone. My skin has stopped being very dry. I look and feel so much better.

So all things which were details to me have improved without me having mentioned it to Salvatore.

Yes it is not a easy path . It is a tedious process that demands to be organized, structural, punctual and focused.

In a rather short time (not just a few days) things just started to improve and then I submitted to it.

Salvatore is very involved and any imbalance is quickly corrected.

I totally get that not every herb or vitamin will resonate with my body. I was amazed that most of things I took were not resonating with my body at all.

I do feel that I am absorbing the supplements much better now.

So Yes I am very happy with the result until now. It has gotten better and better!

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