Signs Your Liver Is Having Difficulty

Signs Your Liver is Having Difficulty

There are several fascinating signs your liver is having difficulty.  These need to be detailed first before commencing on a high protein diet. These are not medically diagnosable signs but more energetic disturbance signs, that is signs that show up before any possible physical manifestations of disease. Energetic signs may also be called subtle-energy signs, because subtle-energy is not normally seen by the naked eye. Subtle-energy signs are often symptomatic, i.e. producing some kind of symptom such as constipation, or intolerance for fatty foods, or burning eyes, or pain.

The Liver's Time To Recharge is between 1am and 3am

Here then are several signs of liver difficulty:

Waking During Liver Time

One of them is awakening occasionally or constantly between the hours of 1am and 3am (the liver time).

Late Morning Bowel Movements

The second sign is a late bowel movement during the morning. This often happens when your liver energy is poor or you have some kind of infection which is disturbing your liver.  Constipation is also therefore a sign of your liver not working properly.  Constipation, especially chronic constipation can cause liver trouble, and liver trouble can cause constipation.

Trouble Getting Out Of Bed

The third sign is having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

Burning Eyes and Eye Disorders

The fourth sign is burning eyes or other eye disorders. 

Eye disorders may also be caused by liver difficulties.  This is why in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), eye disorders are often treated and healed by working on the liver. Supplements, diets, cleanses, directed toward rebuilding and restoring the liver often cause unexpected improvements in eyesight. In fact improvements in eyesight and nail softness are signs of a Healing Liver.

Mood Swings and Volatile Chemicals

The fifth sign is mood swings, anger especially, but also depression, or anxiety, each of which can come and go.

Sometimes exposing yourself to chemicals in the air such as at a mall or "smelly" store may cause your liver to complain to you. That "smelly" store contains several airborne or volatile chemicals from new products. It's like smelling a brand new pair of shoes. It's wise to avoid malls, or staying too long in dollar stores especially because of the “soup” of the volatile chemicals when healing the liver.

Here are a fe more signs related to “itis’es” and inflammation in the body:

Tendonitis Tennis Elbow On Both Sides

This pain Hanna Kroeger Healer calls “Tennis elbow without playing tennis” . It is a very strange pain because it occurs in the region where tennis elbow occurs, but can occur on one or both arms. The other strange part is that no tennis has been played at all.

This kind of pain is related to the liver because the Liver controls the tendons and ligaments. When you have chemical or foreign compounds that are in the body, after some time, your liver can show some signs, one of the first is tendonitis.

This kind of recurring tendonitis, or “itis” in general, anywhere in the body can be very difficult to find the source of the difficulty medically. The cause however is liver disturbance.

Here's an example of some of the kinds of chemicals which can cause toxicities in the body and eventually cause tendonitis: car exhaust, cigarette smoke, household cleaning chemicals, particle board off gassing formaldehyde, preservatives and natural flavorings in food.

Also when the Liver is overburdened with detoxification, or supporting medication detoxification which can cause nutrient depletion, the symptoms can show up.

For Candida overgrowth or candidiasis sufferers there can also be Liver Energy disturbances. See The Healing Candida web page for more information.


Tenosynovitis can also be related to liver energy disturbance or low liver chi. In all these “itis’es”, the liver may be unable to produce natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is related to liver energy disturbances because in the Iris, vibrationally the liver is next to the shoulder. The Iris shows the vibrational health of the organs and tissues. The shoulder pain is therefore referred pain. This is probably called non-specific pain in medicine because there is no obvious inflammation there. There can however also be an inflamed bursa (bursitis) or tendon (tendonitis) that causes shoulder pain.

There are many types of referred pain.

The Liver Is The Organ of Detoxification

The liver is your body's organ of detoxification. Whatever you put on your skin, your hair, or eat, or breath in the air in your home or at work is going to be detoxified by the liver.  Are you asking your liver to do more than is necessary everyday?

A poorly functioning liver causes great difficulty in metabolizing even herbal supplements, and when this is so, it become obvious and necessary to work on the liver first. There is always good news at the end of the rainbow.

High Fat Diet, Improper Fat Diet, Fried Foods

Eating a high fat diet for some time, can also cause difficulty. This difficulty is true because the gallbladder and the liver are referred to as the liver-gallbladder meridian in TCM. The gallbladder charges up during 11pm to 1am, and the liver from 1am to 3am.

When you eat foods that are deep fried, sautéed, stir-fried, or use super-heated oils for many years, your liver can begin to act up! Usually the first to complain to you is your gallbladder though. Most people don't know when their gallbladder is underactive or in chronic trouble until perhaps gallstones and gallbladder pain is discovered.

In today's chronic stress, and over-working lifestyle, it's no wonder that improper diets and irregular diets lead to digestive difficulties, one of the first of which is probably chronic heartburn. If you have even occasional heartburn, think clearly and honestly to yourself about what your dietary habits are really like.

Underfunctioning Gallbladder Causes Chronic Health Issues

In fact completely healing an underfunctioning gallbladder can be a fundamental cause that needs to be healed for many digestive issues, including healing chronic heartburn, and even healing other health difficulties such as healing chronic candidiasis, and healing multiple-chemical sensitivity. The Healing of these and many other difficulties are all addressed in a individualized vibrational reading.

A Underfunctioning Gallbladder may also be seen in a greasy coating of the tongue, which a medical doctor might analyze to be mucous of no pathological significance. This is usually a yellow coating, starting at the back of the mouth.

This coating is a very serious health concern.

Liver Cleanses Are Not Always Beneficial

Liver cleanses are not going to be beneficial or appropriate when your liver is not functioning properly.  Cleansing always reduces the organ energy, and that energy needs to be replenished later. Although cleansing may benefit the liver or other organs, there always need to be the rebuilding, replenishing afterward. A stronger organ always detoxifies naturally and stays stronger when it is full of qi (chi) or its own life-force.

Elevated Liver Enzymes Show Concern

When medical tests show elevated liver enzymes then you have confirmation that something is bothering your liver. Medical Doctors are usually concerned about elevated liver enzymes and recheck them. You may have the most seemingly perfect diet, and there may be some chemical(s) you are not aware of using or being exposed to on a day-to-day basis, some substance you put on your skin, or with which you dye your hair, or even some internal intestinal flora imbalance (dysbiosis) which is causing your liver difficulties.

For those with a diet not including sufficient nutrients, especially cruciferous vegetables, and irregular eating habits, deficiency of high quality protein intake, the answer to begin healing your liver may very well be in your kitchen, and cooking better meals for yourself. Remember however, Healing your Liver requires long term commitment, and vibrational reading plan.

People who have a poorly functioning liver or liver-qi stagnation will often have constipation, have mood swings, take things personally, and argue with their partners over mundane things. 

Vibrational Readings provide a comprehensive plan to heal you liver.

What Does Your Liver Detoxify On a Day-To-Day Basis?

We are constantly breathing in pollutants in our home and outdoors.  New cars give off a smell which your body is going to have to detoxify.  The liver is going to have to detoxify these compounds, and uses a complex detoxification pathway system to do so. Detoxification requires nutrients.

What You Put on Your Skin, Hair, Scalp Is Detoxified

Anything and everything you put on your skin, your hair, your nails is going to be detoxified by the liver, and is going to use up liver energy and nutrients. When the liver uses up energy to perform too many tasks, certain chemical compounds may not be excreted properly if at all. These chemical compounds can also become more detrimental to the body requiring more careful detoxification.

Do Anti-Depressants Medications Cause Liver Disturbance?

It's probably true that people who take anti-depressants and later find that they stop functioning have caused some disturbance to their liver.  Sometimes, you can start with an antidepressant medication and then you proceed to another one. Then you begin to awaken during the am hours, and you are prescribed the sleeping pill, all the while ignoring the liver disturbance. Understanding and preventing further disturbance to the subtle-energy of your liver can save you years of unnecessary suffering.

What is the Correct Diet To Heal the Liver?

Truthfully everyone should have a diet which is modified toward their own lifestyle, working environment, healing internally, supporting intestinal flora, energy expenditure, also based on your gender, and certainly many other factors.

Leaky Gut Can Cause Liver Difficulties

When Healing the Liver, there are often other organs that need Healing. Sometimes Healing the Liver will only work by Healing the Leaky gut [the lining of the gut (small intestine), and possibly the large intestine], and the pancreas (the organ also responsible for digestion). Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome can save you years of suffering and endlessly buying supplements needlessly for other seemingly unrelated health conditions.

There are many signs of liver difficulty too numerous to mention in a brief article.

Seek a Professional Vibrational Reading to begin healing the liver!