Protozoan Elimination, Sources, and Symptoms and Gut Health

Blastocystis Hominis Protozoan infection, Gut Health, IBS, and Hives

Eradicating a hidden protozoan may be the only way to completely Heal a Gut plagued by other known infections as well (e.g. Candida overgrowth).

The Protozoan Blastocystis Hominis has been found as a root cause infection in Hashimoto's Thyroiditis patients who also experience IBS, and chronic hives (Urticaria).

There are also several other common protozoans such as the the common Cryptosporidium, and Giardia Lamblia which people carry silently.

This article describes some symptoms, sources, and eradication with the Vibropathic™ kits available from Hanna's Herb Shop.

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There are several remedies created by Reverend Hanna Kroeger to eradicate these microbes that are easy to use and inexpensive

For example, the Blastocystis hominis is easily eradicated with the Protozoa Kit, Protizella Kit (para) Vibropathic™ available at Hanna's Herb Shop.

Learn How to Use the Protozoan Vibropathic's and Kits properly.

If you use these kits rather than medications to eradicate the Blastocystis you may avoid further side-effects or worsening of your health if you have a mild candida infection.

However, if you cannot take these kits even if you know that you have a Protozoan infection, or tried and they made you feel worse, then you may need a complete and herbal program to support the removal and avoid the alcohol toxins and deal with die-off.

As noted by Dr. Izabella Wentz on her web site about the downside of using anti-protozoal medications: “* Keep in mind that antiprotozoal medications can lead to a yeast overgrowth, and treatment with anti-yeast herbs... or a medication like Nystatin may be necessary to rebalance the gut.”

As an expert in treating any type of Candida Infection, I would never recommend someone take a medication such as Nystatin to remove the yeast when eradicating protozoans.

Newsletter: Protozoans and Intestinal Health: Newsletter June/July 2013

If you recently subscribed and this is your first time reading the Hanna Kroeger Healer newsletter, Welcome!

I’d like to write a short few words at the beginning of this newsletter to introduce you to what kind of information you can expect in each newsletter, and remind my seasoned readers what my Newsletters are all about.

My intention is to give you information on what Reverend Hanna Kroeger thought about disease, Healing medical disease, preventing disease, staying well and Healing the body. I will also speak of advanced BioEnergetic supplements for wellness and Healing.

In this specific newsletter edition, I’ll go specifically into Hanna’s thoughts about Alzheimer’s and Protozoans (a microscopic-parasite).

I’ll tell you now that Hanna thought no disease was incurable, and she created some amazing formulas using herbs, minerals and vitamins to help the body heal.

In also helping to point you towards thoughts of attracting Healing, in some newsletters it is important to talk about the thoughts we have, and work with your thoughts towards Feeling Good all the time, along the way to great health.

This “thought work” is really Law of Attraction Work and is meant to help you tune yourself to your own Vibration and what you are attracting or letting in to your life, specifically health wise: emotionally, mentally and physically.

Many people are speaking of ill-health and only attracting more of it, because they are in a pessimistic vibration and so are seeking answers to get better health. You can always find people who have very robust, vibrant health though, and they are the ones who Allow their Well-Being in.

In my Healing practice, I often discuss the material that is channeled from Abraham by Esther Hicks in an Abraham-Hicks seminar because it teaches about Law of Attraction work. Something Abraham might say is: “Allow your Natural Well-Being!”.  After all your, thoughts attract everything into your life, both wanted and unwanted, so you might as well learn to attract deliberately!

I also continually write about about the marvelous supplements Reverend Hanna Kroeger created, and also about the Vibropathic’s™ and kits she created to help people be well.

In this newsletter, I will write specifically about the Protozoan Kits, and related vibropathics™ and their proper use.

I spent time getting trained by Hanna in 1997 at her Ranch, called the Peaceful Meadow Retreat, in Boulder, Colorado 1 year before she passed on.

I got to know her well, and she even showed me a small machine she used to create the Vibropathic™ remedies.

Protozoans: A Microscopic Parasite Within

If you have purchased Rev. Hanna Kroeger’s book, Parasites: The Enemy Within [available at Hanna’s Herb Shop] (62 Pages Soft cover) , you may have read the section on Protozoans, and know about their involvement in human disease, in particular arthritis. Protozoans often are in the cyst stage when passed on to humans. Many people may harbor them and not know it. A Friendly Looking Protozoan Microbe

I’m sorry to gross you out, but they are often passed on by the fecal-oral route inadvertently of course, probably because someone did not wash their hands frequently enough. Giardia Lamblia is one protozoan that is very prevalent in the United States, and loves to hang out at day-care centers. It can cause damage to the intestinal lining and create malabsorption setting you up for disease.

Another notorious protozoan is Cryptosporidium, an intestinal parasite that is implicated for making people sick with acute intestinal distress several days after exposure.

There have been a few newsworthy Cryptosporidium outbreaks from contaminated drinking water which has obviously yielded disease of the gastrointestinal variety. The concentration of the Cryptosporidium was great enough to cause acute illness and widespread illness.

But what happens when there is not enough of a concentration to cause the acute illness and strong sudden symptoms like diarrhea? In other words you are asymptomatic - no symptoms?

If a Protozoan is an un-welcome and stealth inhabitant in your body, it may be only when the immune system is weakened or degraded that symptoms can result.
It is a commonly held medical belief that an infection with some Protozoans yields symptoms within a week, such as intestinal distress. And some people experience fatigue post-infection because they cannot get rid of the parasite or heal the intestinal damage. But again what are you to do if you have one of them, have no symptoms, and want to get rid of them?

My Experience Clearing a Protozoan

When I was receiving training at Hanna’s retreat in 1997, Hanna was testing people in the audience on the Vibropathic™ Kits after she discussed their use.

I tested on the Protozoan Kit...

After taking the 3 vibropathic items in the Kit for about 10 days regularly (3x a day), all of which were taken underneath the tongue, I was told to take some Vitamin-C to mitigate any die-off reaction.  Shortly after that, I remember going back to my cabin, taking one more dose before dinner, and obtaining a feeling of a very mild ‘electrical zapping’ in body within minutes, in particular feeling it in my nerves. Protozoan Microbe Eliminated

I remember thinking, “Interesting!  I have just killed these protozoans in my body that I had no idea were there and the dowsing was correct!” After that I wondered, how I had picked them up, and why my body was not getting rid of them.

I’ll tell you something extremely important I remember Hanna lecturing about Protozoans: She spoke that she believed that dementia and therefore Alzheimer’s were caused by protozoans!

Let me tell you: I’ve done Vibrational Readings for different clients who had Protozoans in general, as well as the specific Cryptosporidium in their body, and they were not aware of them in the slightest!

The Presence of Protozoans in Fresh Leafy Greens

I was inspired to write this newsletter because in March of this year (2013), the Bureau of Microbial Hazards at Health Canada published some startling news about the contamination of pre-washed, prepared, or pre-cut lettuce mixtures and individual leafy greens with Protozoans. Health Canada’s desire was probably to determine the food-borne transmissibility of these parasites and their source. Outbreaks of cryptosporidium are mostly associated with contact with contaminated drinking water, from swimming pools, farm water, and child care facilities. So, the use of water where the lettuce was farmed may have been the source of these microbes.

In England in May of 2012, an outbreak of 300 cases, showed strong evidence of association with pre-cut bagged salad products labeled as “ready-to-eat”. According to the CDC, “Cryptosporidium has the ability to cause community-wide outbreaks...” Cryptosporidium has a low infectious dose, and outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis are becoming more widespread. So Health Canada and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) are doing their due diligence in surveilling the food supply.

It is important to note the parasite viability or virulence was not determined in this study - in other words the potential of some of these microbes causing illness in some person. More research is needed to be carried out to determine the exact sources of contamination of the leafy greens. Health Canada continued to recommend eating raw leafy greens for their health benefits.

Health Canada's Surveillance of Prepared Lettuce Mixtures

Health Canada looked into the the presence of pathogens in the environment in particular from prepared, and pre-washed Lettuce. The study is the first largest of its kind in North America.

Over 540 prepared lettuce samples were studied from: Canada, USA and Mexico.  Most of the samples were from USA but purchased in Canada.

The prepared lettuces were advertised as being pre-washed, and some even triple washed.

Even so, the Microbiology lab at Health Canada found samples with Cyclospora, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. Gastrointestinal illness can result from ingesting these pre-washed and prepared salads. About 10% of the samples total were found with these protozoans. An alarming rate according to Health Canada.

  • 9 (1.7%) of the samples tested positive for Cyclospora
  • 32 (5.7%) of the samples tested positive for Cryptosporidium
  • 10 (1.8%) of the samples tested positive for Giardia.
  • Two of the samples were contaminated with two different protozoans.
  • 507 out of 544 tested samples were grown in the U.S.

Hanna’s Vibropathic™ Remedies for these Protozoan Critters

First lets not forget that there is a common Protozoan that people can pick up and it is the ubiquitous Amoeba. An Amoeba infection in humans is one which can invade the intestinal tract and can move on to other organs.

Everyone is different and assuming that a person has a reasonably strong immune system the symptoms of an infection with any of these protozoans can be vague abdominal discomfort to dysentery. What Hanna knew and what I have found is that people are often asymptomatic. One person of reasonable health can be very susceptible, while another may not be. And the virulence or damage that can be caused by one of these pathogenic microbes can vary too. Another factor is how long you have had it in your body, and how well your intestine are able to excrete them.

Lastly since these protozoans can damage the epithelial lining of the intestinal tract and the villi, it is important that after clearing them from the body, you do some rebuilding of these tissues as well.

Here is a matching and numbered list with clickable links for you to pick the appropriate remedy needed.

  1. Giardia, Guardi acqua (para) Vibropathic™
  2. Protozoa Kit, Protizella Kit (para) Vibropathic™
  3. Protozoa, Protizella (para) Vibropathic™
  4. Cryptosporidium Kit, Cript acqua Kit (para) Vibropathic™ Kit
  5. Amoeba, Meeba (para), Vibropathic™
  6. Trichomonas, Tricha ginal (fung) Vibropathic™
  7. Plasmodium Malaria, Mala plasmodin (vira) Vibropathic™
  8. Leishmaniasis, Leesh manina Vibropathic™

If you suspect you have Giardia, then you should take the Protozoa Kit along with the Guardi acqua (Giardia) Vibropathic™.

It is not necessary to wait until Full Moon, or New Moon to start any of these kits or single vibropathics™.   You can start them immediately.

Clearing of these Protozoan parasites often requires avoidance of the night shade veggies: tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant.


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