Parasites: Symptoms: Fatigue and Fall Equinox?

In this September newsletter, I will talk about what it takes to really cleanse parasites, and how to know if you have them.

Remember those infomercial's that started over 10 years ago, when they were selling Colon Cleansing products, and touting the benefits of Colon Cleansing?

There were additional formulas you could buy to purge parasites.

There is no doubt that Cleansing the Colon of impacted debris, and getting it working smoothly is absolutely essential to successful cleansing.

But how would you know that you had parasites? If you took one bottle would it work? And they did not say how the formulas worked or how long you would have to take the formula.

Upon investigation, I noticed an on-line testimonial from someone, probably a heavy meat eater that had some strange looking parasites come out upon a colon cleanse that could not be identified.

That result is not surprising! Most people have them! And they are one of the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health.

The Season Transition into Fall: Autumnal Equinox

One of the reasons I'm writing this newsletter now is that my experience as a Natural Health Practitioner has led me to understand that the transition into the fall can be the best time to know if you have the larger kind of parasites: nematodes, or cestodes (roundworms, or tapeworms).

It just seems like just as September rolls around for a few days I start getting more calls and inquiries about parasite cleansing.

Of course, it usually is because of a Full Moon, or a New Moon around that time too.

And I have to mention that the full moon on Sept 16, 2016, being close to the official Fall transition around September 22nd is a whopper too!

More Inquiries Around that Time

So, why do I get more inquiries around that time?

Woman having pain in abdomen

The reason is because people have energy imbalances, yin-yang energy imbalances, and the transition into the Fall is a transition from a Yang (summer) feeding energy time, to a Yin (fall) energy-feeding energy time.

The body does not have enough of a reservoir of these energies to cope with the transition and because of these imbalances you get symptoms.

It is like someone juggling some balls quite well, all of a sudden being put on a slow treadmill unbeknownst to them, to see what happens! Can they keep going or are they going to slip and hurt themselves?

So because your body is not able to stabilize so easily during the season transition, the parasites become much more active!

When this happens, you might notice some unusual symptoms, even slight, temporary ones.

You might sweat a little bit at night, you might spontaneously perspire, get weak, get fatigued, or you might get irritable, and become constipated.

But do you make the connection?

Perhaps your partner or someone else notices you are cranky -- parasite activity can cause mood swings!

A rash might get worse, or break out, or your heartburn gets worse.

Some people have trouble digesting certain foods because of parasites, roundworms, and these digestive difficulties become more pronounced.

It can become a vicious cycle: Parasites causing energy imbalances and drains, and then finally more symptoms.

You could also get more cravings for sweets, cookies, pasta, chocolate bars, sugars.

Symptoms of Parasite Infection

I'm going to be writing mostly about nematodes here: roundworms, like Necator americanus, Strongyloides stercoralis (hookworm), the Toxocara (Canis & Cati), and Ascaris Lumbricoides but there are many other kinds of intestinal parasites, including the nasty protozoans that parasitize humans.

Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression

Parasite Worm Asking: Are you going to get rid of me?

People who have fatigue have parasites almost certainly as the fundamental cause.

Fatigue is often confused with exhaustion. Exhaustion implies your battery of energy is full in the morning, and you are using up too much energy during the day than your body generated at night, or from rest. Chronic Exhaustion is definitely a sign of intestinal parasite infection, and I've seen it in clients before doing a parasite cleanse.

Fatigue makes you feel like your body weighs twice as much as it does. Movement of your limbs is labored, requiring more force than usual.

For example: Chronically fatigued people can't generate the energy to keep your body upright, and everyday things like taking a walk can become a real chore.

In my opinion, fatigue, whether chronic or acute is often not easily understood as a medical problem. Let me explain:

If you grow up with fatigue, and hardly have any recollection of what it is like to feel properly, having sustained energy all day long, would you realize the life-long implications of having an intestinal worm parasite?

You can't really understand what it is like to feel great all the time. And you don't understand why other people feel good, and can eat anything they want.

And besides, health degrades very slowly, to the point you don't even remember what it was like to feel top notch energy.

Health degradation sneaks right up to you over many years!

Anxiety, chronic anxiety, and chronic depression are chronic conditions I place in the same category as fatigue.

Sometimes, even when it is only a few years that you got a parasite infection, you just shrug the symptoms it off as nothing important, perhaps even because your doctor said nothing about it, but now you are starting to suspect it because your health is not as good as it was just a few years back. And you want it all back!

Another clue of intestinal parasites might be bruxism, which is teeth grinding mostly at night.

Other people might get a little bit more fatigued, more depressed.

So, some people get on anti-depressants when the real cause is always parasites, the toxins, the robbing you of nutrients, and the disturbance to your liver.

Anxiety and Depression are two sides of the same coin when it comes to the cause being parasites.

Here are some other intestinal parasite symptoms:


Whitish Tongue Coating in the morning upon awakening,

Pain underneath the Right Rib Cage that mimics gallstones,

Strange Abdominal sensations, internal wiggling movements,

Big weakness during fasting.

Parasites Rob Your Body of Nutrients Needed For Methylation

The robbing of nutrients needed for methylation and detoxification, combined with the extra burden of detoxification is what anxiety and depression have in common.

How much of an intestinal parasite it takes to create symptoms though is unknown.

Usually, symptoms happen over many years until the helminths are discovered.

There are so many symptoms that you may not find out you have them unless you have very pronounced symptoms and you are the world's great detective.

Even then, you would need someone to tell you vibrationally that you have them, and what kind you have.

Sleep Disturbances: A Major Indicator

Insomnia: Awakening and not able to get to bed?

Not all parasites cause anal tickling, anal itching, anal bleeding.

The classical health disturbance of parasite infection, however, is awakening during the liver recharging period: from 1am to 3am, or awakening during the lung period: 3am to 5am.

Usually, there is some unknown reason you awaken, but there is a disturbance to your body that causes the awakening.

Sometimes you need to get up and urinate too. A characteristic of awakening during these Chinese-Organ Energy 2 Hour Periods is that you can't get back to sleep until the 2 hour period is over.

Therefore even awakening early at 5am can be a sign of an energetic disturbance.

If the intestinal parasites are not taken care of then, later on, more profound sleep disturbances might result.

INSOMNIA, however, might be the most pronounced and obvious medical symptom of a parasite infection because of inflammation and toxins irritating the body.

Closely related and perhaps occuring earlier is awakening with unrefreshing sleep.

Abdominal pain is not always characteristic of an intestinal parasite infection!

The Second most common symptom is probably Allergies.

Some people have skins sensations too. Skin eruptions, pimples, etc.

You could also get a sensation in the eye that you have to scratch the eye in the corner, or a crawling sensation in the corner of the eye.

Some Interesting At Home Ways You Can Tell

One of the most interesting ways you can tell if you have parasites is if you eat raw or dried figs.

Figs are the highest alkalizing food you can find, with cucumbers coming after that, so they have a very strong effect on the body.

In a healthy person eating many figs would not cause any distress, but in others, they might cause a symptom to flourish e.g. mood swings.

The parasites really hate it, and then it backfires on you because your liver can't take the surge of detox, and you get some symptom.

Another way you can give them a small jolt, and tell if you have intestinal roundworms is to drink a few large cups of the Original Welch's Grape Juice in the morning before a real breakfast, and wait 1-2 hours. The Concord Grapes are the essential ingredient.

Not too cold, but slightly cold if you prefer.

Then you might have to go to the bathroom with a bowel movement, or just plain feel a little malaise.

You might feel some movement, or a “pop” in your abdomen (a good sign).

But if you look at the red lines in your eye before and after doing this, and they turn redder and thicker, you might have parasites.

If it does not work, it does not mean you don't have parasites, it might mean you don't have enough fiber in your diet and a sufficiently functioning colon, to give them a jolt.

Finally, another way you can find out on your own if you have them is by using a high potency probiotic/acidophilus supplement called Bio-K, in one large daily dose (perhaps divided), instead of small regular daily doses.

Pumpkin Seeds Do NOT WORK!

If you have ever done a parasite cleanse with pumpkin seeds, and nothing came out, what I'm about to tell you will explain to you why it did not work:

Pumpkins seeds are high in the fatty acid Omega-6, and Omega-6 feeds the body's pathway to bad prostaglandins, which creates inflammation and fat gain.

Even eggs which contain arachidonic acid feed into inflammation.

So we need balance in the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio to keep inflammation in check.

Stomach Acid Needed for Parasite Cleansing

Your stomach acid is your first line of defense against any kind of parasite infection.

Many people however, have low stomach acid.  Did you start taking acid blockers and become worse and gain fatigue?

People eating outside of their Blood Type, and over-using their stomach acid, such as Blood Type A's can just be asking for parasites.

I'm a Blood Type A, and I know what it feels like to be a Blood Type A.

I came to believe in the Blood Type diet because I ate a lot of natural peanut butter after deciding to feel good one day and got rid of a lingering infection in 30 minutes.

Just gone, after the infection lingered and I tried other herbs for 1 month! And I hadn't eaten peanut butter in over 20 years.

Peanuts are a very beneficial food for Blood Type A's, but I personally do not eat them because of their toxins.

Conversely eating outside of your Blood Type is just asking for infections to come and take hold.

I had another recent "Blood Type Diet" experience a few years ago when I barbecued some chicken thighs. I had just purchased a small barbecue. I just loved barbecuing the chicken meat so much, I just kept barbecuing and eating, barbecuing and eating, until the THIRD TIME in a ROW...

Then I hit my stomach acid “wall” and I could not eat anymore, so I stopped.

I had used up my stomach acid. I felt really strange, but I realized I was depleted. No more flesh protein for me that day.

Is Your Stomach Acid Up To the Task?

You have to be aware of your stomach acid and the digestibility of your foods to succeed in a parasite cleanse.

One of my previous clients who succeeded in cleansing her intestinal roundworm infection said she loved Vietnamese food.

That kind of appetite spark is what makes the herbs needed digestible and potent, and keeps her nourished, rather than her intestinal parasites!

It also keeps the bowels rolling well.

So, you have to get your digestion under control, and be aware of your stomach acid and the digestibility of foods.

When I work with a client to balance their digestion or strengthen it, I simply call this Rebuilding, Re-energizing, and Rebalancing.

Those of us in the natural health community know that low stomach acid is common and causes heartburn, and indigestion.

So, taking digestive enzymes long-term and using them as a crutch is not really the answer.

Getting to the underlying cause is.

Are All Cleanses Up To the Task?

Intestinal roundworms are incredibly hardy to get rid of.

In my practice, I recommend a 60 to 90-day parasite cleanse, slowly, gradually cleansing them.

There are No heroic one-day purges throwing people in turmoil. For one thing, it will backfire, and second, after all, you have a life.

Those won't work, and even a 10-day to 30-day commercial cleanse is most certainly guaranteed to waste your money.

But the one important thing I'd like to mention here is that not all formulas work properly to cleanse parasites, and they keep coming back.

And before I mention more, I'd like to say it is not about just taking the parasite formulas, there's usually more involved before you can get them out.

I already discussed inflammation above. That is why I do a comprehensive VRSP (Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan) to come up with the right formulas, something that takes at least ONE full day to do.

You can see a VRSP on-line here.

When I told you that you can awaken during Lung Energy time, 3am - 5am, and not get back to sleep again until 5am, there is a parasite explanation for that.

The reason is that some of the baby parasites, or the larva, migrate, circulating back and forth, back and forth to the gut, and unless you kill those as well as the adults, you won't fully cleanse.

So, this is another reason why commercially purchased parasite cleanses do not work.

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