Fatigue, Roundworms, New Moon, Strings/Toothpicks in Green Stool

What are those stringy things in my stool?

Do you think you have parasites? Chances are good if you are coming to this page on the New Moon, but more usually about 2-5 days after the New Moon, and you feel fatigue, depression, lethargy then you have a roundworm infection.

Round worms also affect the lungs, because they can migrate. You body will demonstrate the lung imbalance when you awaken between 3am and 5am.

A simple thing such as an anal itch can show you the roundworm infection in the body as well.

Usually however, temporary fatigue is a sure sign of round worm infection.

What Do Round Worms Look Like in the Stool?

The stool should normally be brown - golden brown.

People who have roundworm infection that invade the biliary tract, which is where bile comes from the gall-bladder and therefore the liver, will show greenish bowel movements at different times during a monthly cycle.

When you search through the fresh stool, or it breaks off in the toilet, you could see some strings, off white, that are dead roundworms. The body does not normally kill them, but fatigue is a sign of them being killed because the body is processing the die off material.

When on programs to kill the roundworms, they look like little toothpicks in the stool, and most often can look like bean sprouts, or alfalfa sprouts. They also look like long bits of white flour spaghetti.

So, if you think there is “spaghetti” in your stool, you can be assured you have roundworms. Especially when you did not eat spaghetti the day before.

Round worms become uncomfortable when you ingest warming spices like cinnamon, or cloves because these spices warm the meridians, and increase kidney-yang or kidney warmth. This then increases the power of the digestive organs, which increases stomach acid. Garlic is also another roundworm killer, and warming to the stomach/digestion, and also increases energy circulation!

So, when roundworms inhabit a cold or sluggish digestion, subsequently getting them out can be very difficult.

Consequently a roundworm infection stays easily when you eat too many cooling foods, or cold foods, and also sour foods because they are usually also cooling. These are then two reasons that commercial 30-90 day parasites cleanses can be utterly ineffective.

Sour foods however, are good to keep them down in the bowels (more precisely the small intestines), and therefore to keep them from coming up the esophagus.

How To Notice if You Have A Roundworm infection.

One way to notice if you have a roundworm infection is to drink two or more glasses of concord grape juice (good quality sulfite free), such as Welch's first thing in the morning.

The Concord grape juice does not have to be fresh.

Concord grapes may have the same effect.

Drinking it when there is a New Moon, can show you the negative effect on your body. The worms get uncomfortable.

You may end up having extra bowel movements.

The roundworms get disturbed, and in fact the nests of roundworms show up as a reddish tint in some parts of the sclera. These tints get brighter red.

The detoxification of the roundworm's own excrement steels energy from the kidneys and liver. They also rob your body of nutrients.

Getting a roundworm infection out is usually key to getting to a higher level of health.

Nails Have Ridges

An roundworm infection often shows up on the nails as ridges.

Therefore the nails are not smooth at all.

This is also a sign of them being in your body for a long time.

When there is trauma of some kind from childhood or adolescence there is usually roundworms as well.

The trauma rests in your aura, like a virus in a computer. It is cleared with Flower Essences.

Even the illness or death of a loved one, a difficult time in one's life could cause a roundworm infection.

Unfortunately the signs of a roundworm infection are not so obvious especially at first.

Indigestion is one of them.

Tasting your food over again in another.

Constipation, and weak gallbladder are other signs.

As mentioned, Garlic as well as cinnamon, and cloves are also a yang food to destroy roundworms, so you will notice wiggling or popping in the gut with their continuous use, and then the “strings” in the stool.

Note: Please do not use Cinnamon, or Cloves, in the spring or summer.

However, because the roundworms release heavy metals, there can be difficult signs of roundworms detoxification such as delusions, and temporary mood swings, and uncontrolled thoughts.

Since parasites take a very long time to cause mental illness, then medically there is absolutely no connection between roundworms and mental illness.

If you hurt yourself you often see the bruise the next day.

With a roundworm infection, you could see the “bruises” 10-20 years later.

Sometimes the only way to detect them is through a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading developed by the late Reverend Hanna Kroeger.

Second of all, medical science testing hardly ever finds roundworms in the intestines or bowels.

Some cases of biliary ascariasis have been found. Ascariasis is a type of infection with a particular worm. So, biliary ascariasis is round worms in the biliary tract and therefore close to the gall-bladder.

Malfunctioning spleen, is a also an issue. Dampness also causes fatigue, and a weakening spleen weakens digestion, and then the person has chronic fatigue. Usually allergies, and also undigested food in the stool become an issue.

Reddish Tint Associated with Heat in Parasite Infection

A reddish tint near the nails is also a sign of heat which is associated with parasite infestation. When you ingest fried foods such as fried chicken, the heat will also increase.

It is well known in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that the spleen does not like dampness.  Juices are damp forming for example.

One of the sure signs of long-term roundworm infection is the development of a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder. Although, it could also be a tapeworm infection. However roundworm infection cannot be said to cause bipolar disorder, since other things need to be addressed such as heavy metal detoxification, and any meridian pattern which requires an acupuncturist to clear.

Also, when the person does not eat yogurt on a regular basis, from adolescence the bowel flora is not well balanced, and a candida infection can result. Parasites hate strong probiotics, and lack of intestinal flora causes parasites to inhabit the small intestine more easily. Therefore, the use of antibiotics provides a two fold reason for parasite infestation because of any disturbance of the spleen.

It is possible to recolonize the flora of course. Sometimes also taking large quantities of acidophilus such as in Bio-K milk products would show the presence of the roundworms and kills some of them.

Being upset, or angry some or all of the time would just hurt your liver, and cause more roundworms to grow, every cycle. So being emotionally calm, and feeling Well are tantamount to eradicating the infection.

Sometimes roundworms exist because of chemical detoxification needed. Only when the chemicals are detoxified as well, can the roundworms be eradicated. These types of causes are shown in a 7 Physical Causes Reading.

Chemicals or unnatural compounds can mean whatever you put on your body, such as nail polish, hair dyes, makeup, creams, shampoos –anything really you put on your skin and breath in too. Even your partner’s perfume, male or female could cause difficulty because you are continually breathing it in. Even natural products could cause difficulty.

The stress response must be well controlled, and reduced in order to facilitate healing.

To get help with a roundworm infection learn more about Vibrational Readings by Hanna Kroeger Healer.

Signs and Symptoms of a Roundworm Infection

Thera are many signs and symptoms of a Roundworm Infection

Below are a few. There are many more on another web page entitled Do I Have Parasites Intestinal Worms?

Here we are talking about an adult even 18 years of age or older.

But some of these symptoms could probably occur in someone in their early teens.

  • loss of intensity of orgasm
  • bad breath in the morning
  • white coating on tongue in the morning
  • heat signs in the body
  • white pimples on the face, chin, nose
  • easily prone to rashes
  • rashes on the skin that come and go
  • red pimples on the skin, e.g. chest or buttocks, nose that come and go
  • feeling that there is something in your eye
  • burning upon urination (especially after sex)
  • loss of yellow mucous bits in the corner of the eyes in the morning.

At the beginning of Roundworm infection, you may not feel anyting other than a simple rash developing on your skin somewhere.

But then it comes and goes.

Loss of Mucous Bits in the Corner of the Eye

We normally awaken refreshed and I believe with yellow mucous bits in the sides of the eyes.

When this is gone, temporarily or chronically, during your sleep your body is likely not detoxifying properly, and rebuilding itself during the night, and you are awakening unrefreshed.

If you don't sleep well, this is an obvious sign.

A round-worm infection is the not the only reason for this loss of mucous bits in the corner of the eye.

Feeling Something in Your Eye

Twitching in the eye is not what I'm writing about by saying a feeling that something is in your eye.

The feeling that something is in your eye could be after eating some food which is low fiber, such as pizza, or just meat, or a food which goes against your blood type.

Heat Signs

Heat signs are due to yin deficiency, and usually occur later in life, for example in your 30s, or 40s.

There are some very pronounced heat signs, and some which are very subtle.

Yin Deficiency is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Diagnosis.

Roundworms May Go Hand in Hand with a Candida Infection.

Notice that the white coating on the tongue in the morning is because you have not breathed in fresh air, and if you have roundworms they disturb your immunity, and it shows up on the tongue.

In a way they are also chemical intoxication.

A white tongue in the morning could also mean you are exposed to some chemical which you breathed in from your bedroom, or are somewhat multiply chemically sensitive, and react to chemicals in your bedroom, and during the day time. Or it could be mold exposure, reactivity to fermented products. But the original disturbance to your immune system could be roundworms.

If you have a roundworm infeciton, then your liver is busy detoxifying the roundworms.

It is no coincidence that the white coating on the tongue in the morning is also a sign of a Candida Infeciton: Do I Have Candida?.

One usually preceeds the other, but which comes first probably depends on many things.

12 Minute Audio with Master Healer Salvatore on Parasite Cleansing


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Common Roundworm Parasites of Humans are:

Here are some links to the wikipedia about common Human Roundworms:

Toxocariasis is considered by the CDC as one of the top 5 neglected parasitic infections: Toxocariais at Center for Disease Control.

Toxocariasis is associated with Visceral Larva Migrans.

Visceral Larva Migrans means migration of the larvae through the host's organs.

There is also Cutaneous Larva Migrans (skin migration), and Ocular Larva Migrans (eye migration).

More detailed medical information about Larva migrans in a pdf Factsheet from [Center for Food Security and Public Safety: Iowa State University] by: Spickler AR, Murphy MD. December 2013 (Last Updated)

See a well organized table of the List of Roundworm Parasites Infecting Humans on WikiPedia

Further scientific information and lifecycle: Nematodes Roundworms of Man

Infection with a parasitic worm in a human is often called heminthiasis, and the parasitic worms of humans are called helminths.

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Preparing me for the possibility that I might feel terrible, given that I was already dealing with periodic exhaustion, Salvatore did the best he could to prepare me for what was to come and was always there as a support, if needed. But the fact was, I felt great throughout the whole process! I did feel some of the strange things he described in my abdomen as I continued, but it was tolerable. I just stayed focused on my goal (healthy body) and my body being wiped clean of parasites. It’s such a relief knowing that they are gone!!!!

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  • some of my facial wrinkles were gone (I actually look visibly younger),
  • the edema (swelling) was gone,
  • the hair growth around the crown of my head was no longer grey but my own natural color,
  • my nails were stronger,
  • I lost 12 pounds in the process
  • my appetite diminished a bit.

I think what was really noticeable is the mental fog was gone. I didn’t even realize I had it until it went away. My mind seemed more mentally sharp with improved memory. Another interesting observation about my improved health as a result of the parasite cleanse was that I noticed a lightening of the color of my Iris! 

What really blows me away is we accomplished all these things by changing my diet some what, using supplements, using the power of attraction (staying focused on health) without medications that causes crazy side effects.

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