Parasite Cleanse : Intestinal Roundworms Real Results

I've never really written about what an effective true intestinal worm parasite cleanse is like but this seems like the right time, since a client finished a very powerful cleanse, and achieved superb results!

I get a lot of people visiting my web site each month looking for information on whether they have a parasite in their system. Usually for roundworms, commonly called hookworms, whipworms, pinworms, the scientific classification being: nematodes.

The usual suspect is they see these stringy looking things in their stool. And they are smart about it, and looking for some answers!

Those strings in their stools look like bean sprouts, or semi-pliable double-long toothpicks.

I believe it’s specifically because these people look at their stools that they become curious, and detect them. Maybe they feel some crawling sensations as well!

And these are the lucky people who actually can see something come out! It could be they have really good digestion, or are using a lot of garlic, maybe even pumpkin seeds, eating only a little bit of meat, and have a high fiber diet. Just by accident something comes out at just the right time! Perhaps they heard the pop in their stomach.

Of course you can only use a lot of garlic in the winter, and cold spring months, otherwise, you are going to exhibit heat signs which will make you very miserable in the hot summer.

Parasites rob you of energy, or chi, and the yin-energy. Yin energy is stored in your body and keeps you cool. And since the yin-energy is the moisturizing energy, that keeps you cool in the summer, along with eating some fruit, eating garlic to try to kill parasites, will only cause you heat!

I always wonder what kind of cleansing have they done? To determine if they have parasites, or not. I mean, it could be the people who are visiting my web site have done some kind of 21 day cleanse, maybe even a 90 day cleanse. And if they are really, really lucky they see something come out, get a popping noise in their stomach, or a begin to poop a lot. Most people expect to see something come out. But most of the time some of these parasites just get killed inside.

But the real question is of course, what kind of Parasite Cleansing actually works? And do parasite cleanses get rid of all of them? So, I'll explain it to you here along with some signs of roundworms! And I have to explain to you how hard roundworms are to get out too! Very, very hard to extinguish! They just keep coming back, like the bad person in a horror movie.

What was interesting was that when I put these web pages up, I started to see many more people looking for information on and around New Moon.

That is because the round-worms are more active during the New Moon, and NOT during the Full Moon.

And of the people who have intestinal worms, most people would have roundworms. Roundworms are hidden, but tapeworms are even more hidden!

When I did my training with Hanna, she recanted what she had always said "that parasite cleansing should be started around the Full Moon". I'm actually pretty glad I was privileged enough to hear her then, when she changed her mind.

The thought was that they were more active during the Full Moon.

But actually they are active all the time; It is probably because of the slight pull on our bodies that weakens our kidneys, and having weakened kidneys over time, that the parasites appear to be more active during those times. In other words, the moon affects us whether we have parasites or not.

Let me tell you something: Round worms are hungry all the time. But they usually are gnawing for food at 5am in the morning. They give you a hunger pang!

Another thing, I learned from my training to become a Kroeger Practitioner, was that parasites take on the vibration of their host.

Hanna herself wrote a book about several of these critters, and it is called: Parasites the Enemy Within.

My research at high quality health conferences in Toronto, also taught me that parasites are stealth (well-hidden). When I heard a parasite expert say that I was really shocked. To think that doctors never ask patients about the possibility of parasites, but people still have them? I don't know about you, but that is pretty shocking to me!

At one presentation, another person in the audience asked a famous Torontonian Alternative Physician, do the medical tests indicate you have parasites?

And the answer was an abysmal NO! We were talking about protozoans which disrupted digestion and elimination.

Most medical doctors such as this one I'm writing about get a lot of seniors for patients, who have given up on their regular physicians, and who have the money to spend on some expensive testing and diagnostics, which becomes pretty useless, time-wasting, and of course, money-wasting. They want to have better health, but they wait until they are in their 60s to look for answers! That is when the chronic disease has been around for a few years. Usually joint problems.

People are better off just spending some money on Hanna's Protozoan kit. It costs less than $30.

So, of course, at that time, I started to think, lots of people should be doing a parasite cleanse.

Another thing Hanna also taught me is that if parasites don't come out, they can cause Cancer later in life.

She also taught me that Parasites hate minerals.

And They will gobble up your vitamins!

During the time in the 90's when I was just starting out my Natural Health Career, many people were raving about doing parasite cleanses. These cleanses normally included Black Walnut Hulls, Cloves, and Wormwood. Did you ever do one of these, and nothing came out? Did it work for you?

Parasite cleansing soon became a must for supplement manufacturers to create new herbal products, because other practitioners were pushing parasite cleanses, and many people wanted to do them.  Many people started doing colon cleanses, and a parasite cleanse was a nice “add-on”. So, many supplement distributors, and supplements manufacturer got on the band-wagon and started making parasite cleanses. A 21 Day Cleanse, and a 30 Day Cleanse. Nobody seemed to want to tell anyone the truth about how long you had to be on a parasite cleanse! Did anyone actually know?

Hanna herself, created two formulas in her Kroeger Herb line to kill the parasites. For roundworms, the formula is Rascal, and for the Tapeworm, the formula is the Wormwood combination.

Let's not forget that Hanna has formulas for all kinds of Flukes as well.

Round Worms Are Really, Really Not That Easy To Kill!

Seriously. Round worms in the gut are very, very difficult to all kill. Emphasis on killing all of them. They are the most ubiquitous intestinal worm. That is no marketing hype. That is what I say from experience and learning. I'm also writing from talking to people, doing intuitive readings for people, and telling people they have them, when they had no idea! None whatsoever. You'll see from the testimonial shortly below what I mean!

When I did my research at a Toronto Health Expo, another practitioner, who used Colonics and was also an Iridologist (studies the state of the tissues from seeing patterns of texture and color of the Iris) told me that the roundworms are often nested together when they come out, like a birds nest. And guess what? That is pretty smart. Huddling together to stay strong and causing constipation! And Stealing your nutrients too. That is what makes them look like a bunch of bean sprouts packed together!

Maybe this is why most people have 1 Bowel Movement a day, rather than 3!

Could this also be why as people age, many people get constipated, and then have to take something to get regular?

All the while the roundworm infection is hidden.

That huddling makes them even tougher to remove.  Most of the time, they just look like toothpicks in the middle of the stool!

But if you have ever seen them in the stool, whether you were doing a parasite cleanse, or not you should be congratulated!

So, let's talk about this: do you really think a 30 day parasite cleanse is going to get rid of all of them?

Not really. That is more marketing, and short term money making, rather than true health restoring, because after-all, investing in doing a 60-90 day cleanse and having to pay much more does not make it as initially attractive does it? And the costs involved in a supplement plan does not even mention any rebuilding necessary before the parasite cleanse! Like detoxification! Rebuilding means re-energizing, and restoring organ and gland function.

Most people when given the choice to pay a little, or to paying what actually works would choose the better more sophisticated alternative, even if much more costly.

To do a parasite cleanse, you should have everything working and as much as possible, and be free of heavy metals. Hanna's herself promoted chemical detoxification to rid the body of them permanently too.

Is could be possible to get them all out in even 30 days, that is if you have strong digestion, you've just discovered them, you are probably a blood type O, do not eat much meat, and they have not been there long. But realistically this is very, very unlikely. Because most people have under-performing digestion which keeps them stuck.

One reason, they are difficult to kill is that as a bunch die, a bunch more hatch, and circulate. I'm sorry if this sounds gross, but that is the truth.

How Can Roundworms be Detected?!

First of all, do yourself a favor, and don't go to your doctor and tell them you think you have roundworms!

They will most likely look at you as if you need a psychiatrist, and you are imagining all those sensations in the abdomen, or any crawling sensations around the abdomen.

Round worms are the most difficult to detect, but their presence are easily confirmed by looking at the quality of your nails, if there are ridges on them, and if they are not smooth. Digestive problems may be the number one complaint. But you know what, roundworms just never go detected. They get you to eat sugar, and they get you to eat fried foods (even potato chips), and other things bad for your bowels. And then Roundworms create heat. Inflammation, belly fat, weight gain, blood sugar dysregulation problems!

Because parasites bother your liver all the time, you could end up having liver disturbances, which means, depression, mood swings, and possibly other mental problems. Headaches, could be one of them. I believe that people on Serotonin Reuptake pharmaceuticals, may have roundworm infections more likely than a need for a pharmaceutical.  And this is the way Hanna would think: that someone taking a drug just needed to find the cause!

So, anyways, A Professional and Effective Parasite Cleanse, can take a lot of bottles of the right herbs. In fact, it can take 60-90 days, and sometimes more, to kill them if you travel a little while you do the parasite cleanse.

What are Some of the Signs/Symptoms of A Parasite Infection?

For women, roundworms can prevent you from having balanced hormones. This is because your liver is busy dealing with them, rather than cleansing your hormones.

What I want to convey to you is that whether you are a man or a woman, roundworms can cause a lot of hidden problems, and you can have just one of them, or several of them.

It can be a non-specific non-diagnosable problem. Nothing too serious.

Personally I believe one of the signs is rough skin around the heels of the feet.

Hanna believed there were markings underneath the foot, to indicate the presence of parasites as well.

I believe it all depends on your genetics, and lifestyle what symptoms roundworm infection in your body can cause. But again, it also depends on how long they have been around! Until you found out they were there!

Your regular diet too! Your positive mental attitude. A positive mental attitude, increases digestive power. There's the power of the mind working for you.

If you have had any pets at home, you may have them as the source as well. Sorry, if you have a pet, but that is the truth! And it could be some that are transferred and don't stay in you, or some that do.

This is what happened to the client of mine who gave me a testimonial below.

She had a cat, more than 10 years ago, and picked up a round worm infection from the cat.

Diseases Associated with Roundworm Infection

I really believe that many diseases are associated with roundworm infection – especially chronic diseases because of a reduction of nutrition.

One of my more even firmer beliefs is that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has its roots in having a round worm infection added with heavy metal poisoning.

I also believe this cause of Chemical Sensitivity manifests specifically in people who do not get sun exposure regularly in the summer, while growing up, to boost their yang energy. I can't overstate this enough, about getting regular sun exposure. We may still be a very sun phobic society because of the skin cancer scare.

I also believe that nephrotic syndrome, and nephritic syndrome are two medical diagnosis (not specifically a medical disease, such as kidney disease) which people with roundworm infection may also have. Also, flukes in the body may be associated with other non-specific medical syndromes.

Since medical science is more rooted in studies, to create a correlation, I cannot say definitely about this being a "medical" truth. It would be only anecdotal evidence. I certainly can't perform a double blind study to help people remove parasite worms, that have multiple chemical sensitivity. These people are quite sick, and rebuilding would be necessary for several months before parasites are removed.  One size does not fit all.  No parasite cleanse intuitive reading will be the same for any client.

The big catch all with a parasite infection, is that chronic fatigue may eventually come on! And the usual medical work up, finds, you can guess, nothing wrong!

For some people it is sleep that is eventually disturbed and is a first sign.

But the onset of sleep disturbances is so slow, once the balance is tipped to very disruptive sleep, you then realize you have a big issue to deal with, and you may be in a panic.

Another more common way that roundworms can get in, is via a trauma — a car accident for example, which really disturbs your body.

The trauma is the cause, but it is actually our digestion getting sub-optimal after the trauma, that actually causes the roundworms to get in and take hold.

And finally, I always remember what Hanna said to me about Candida Healing: that when Candida is chronic, there almost always is a parasite infection underlying it.

Testimonial from a Client Done a 4 month Parasite Cleanse

Parasite Cleanse for Roundworms, 4 month Cleanse Ended Sept 30 2014,
Parasites Determined from a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading,
Step By Step Plan created from an Intuitive Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan

Andrea AH., Female, 46 years old, USA

A few years ago, I was traveling to an Island. While I was there, I became really sick. Upon returning home, I went to many doctors and was prescribed multiple medications. Although tests were done, they could not figure out what was wrong with me. The medications caused my body to have a terrible reaction requiring additional medications; it was an endless cycle that I was desperate to stop.

I was feeling so frustrated with my doctors.

Please don’t get the wrong impression, I appreciate what doctors are capable of, I’m married to one, I just wasn’t getting well.

I’ve been working with Salvatore for the last three years, this past September 2014.

He completed a 7 Physical Causes reading and over the course of time, I’ve been clearing causes including yeast, issues with my kidney’s, thyroid, thalamus, liver and round worms etc.

Being a working mother with 2 children, I’m quite busy. I also suffered for several years from chronic edema (retention of fluid), which came and went. It would show up in my ankles, and I also could see by the way my wedding rings would fit.

I’m 46 years old. I coped by putting my legs up at night when I relaxed. There were also some blood tests done over a year ago, and there was concern I had nephritic syndrome.

This summer, Salvatore started me on a 4 month journey toward health — a parasite cleanse for roundworms!

Preparing me for the possibility that I might feel terrible, given that I was already dealing with periodic exhaustion, Salvatore did the best he could to prepare me for what was to come and was always there as a support, if needed. But the fact was, I felt great throughout the whole process! I did feel some of the strange things he described in my abdomen as I continued, but it was tolerable. I just stayed focused on my goal (healthy body) and my body being wiped clean of parasites. It’s such a relief knowing that they are gone!!!!

I’m finished the parasite cleanse, finally. I feel fantastic and healthy.

Here are some crazy, wonderful things I noticed along the way:

  • some of my facial wrinkles were gone (I actually look visibly younger)
  • the edema (swelling) was gone
  • the hair growth around the crown of my head was no longer gray but my own natural color
  • my nails were stronger
  • I lost 12 pounds in the process
  • my appetite diminished a bit.

I think what was really noticeable is the mental fog was gone. I didn’t even realize I had it until it went away. My mind seemed more mentally sharp with improved memory. Another interesting observation about my improved health as a result of parasite cleanse was that I noticed a lightening of the color of my Iris! 

What really blows me away is we accomplished all these things by changing my diet some what, using supplements, using the power of attraction (staying focused on health) without medications that cause crazy side effects.

Salvatore has taught me to be more in tune with my body and how the environment affects it. I couldn’t have done it without him and his vast knowledge. Thank you Salvatore for being amazing and this wonderful service that you provide!

Andrea AH, 46, Female, USA

Submitted October 2014

My Comments on the Testimonial

First I want to thank Andrea for graciously providing the testimonial, and allowing me to discuss her results to help others like you really understand what an effective parasite cleanse really is like.

First let me say, that although Andrea did not mention it, she was pooping a lot, and her sleep was disturbed.

The cleanse involved stopping, and starting a parasite herbal formula (for roundworms) and letting them grow again slightly to get rid of the adult worms in the next round. The formula used was one of the Professional vermcidal Formulas from Systemic Formulas® manufactured in Utah.

When I first spoke with Andrea mid-way in the cleanse (after 2 months) about her results, she was very excited about the changes she noticed. And they were totally unexpected on my end. But I knew from her results that she was getting them out!

Specifically, the small portion of her hair reverting back to the normal color, meant that her kidneys were improving in health. They were previously showing signs of an imbalance.  Traditional Chinese Medicine says that premature gray hair is a result of imbalanced kidneys. So, this is a very, very subtle sign because of it is only slight. Because this gray hair was gradually onset, no-one was the wiser of the cause.

The other reversed anti-aging sign of her wrinkles disappearing was a big one too!

Remember how I told you that parasites, especially roundworms steal your body's life-force? This accounts for exhaustion, but there is more!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cosmetic acupuncturists can use facial acupuncture to reverse the signs of aging: facial rejuvenation!

Since the life-force or chi according to Traditional Chinese Medicine ends up last up the face, boosting it with cosmetic acupuncture will improve the look of the face!

Another saying of Traditional Chinese Medicine is “A person's appearance is a manifestation of their internal health.”

So, since the parasites were mostly cleared at the half-way mark, the life-force that was recovered could go up to the face, and make the face look better again!

If you are interested in cleansing your body of intestinal parasites, such as roundworms, I invite you to learn more about whether I can help you, and Request a Get Acquainted Session!

This web page was first published as a Newsletter on November 18, 2014.