Pain in the Inside of the Thigh, Very Localized

If you have pain in the inside of the thigh, which is atypical, with no known medical cause, you likely have meridian congestion.

The acupuncture meridians transfer energy to the organs of the body and have exits and entrances at different points on the body.

The pain in the inner thigh is typical of Spleen meridian pain.

It is a dull, very localized pain, which comes from just below the surface of the skin. It feels like someone is pressing their thumb very hard into your inner thigh.

If you have ever had acupuncture, or seen it done, the acupuncturist only inserts the needles just slightly below the skin. The acupuncturist sometimes has a goal to relieve congestion and strengthen the flow of energy.

The Energy flow is invisible, as are the meridians.

Getting back to the Spleen meridian, the Spleen organ in TCM encompasses both the western spleen, and the pancreas. The meridian passes on both sides of the body. It goes down a fairly straight path coming close to the ankles.

Pain can occur in SP9 to SP6. The notation SP refers to the meridian, being the SPLEEN, and the number refers to the opening and where it is on the skin and inner thigh. The Spleen meridian takes a particular pathway through the body. Some people believe it to be the most important meridian in the body.

Search google for ‘diagram of spleen 3 meridian’ to find a Spleen meridian diagram and the exact locations of the points.

Also view this video on Medical Stomach and Spleen QiGong to visualize the pathway of the Spleen Meridian.

This type of Spleen Meridian pain can be a serious concern and needs to be dealt with right away.

If you are being exposed to chemicals or working in a chemical factory, or even a department store, or clothing store, shoe store, it would be wise to leave that job.

The Spleen Meridian can only heal when there are no chemicals being required to be detoxified. If the spleen meridian is disturbed, the stomach is often an issue as well. There are always chemicals in the air, and one of the most insidious is formaldehyde off gassing from desks, and cabinets.

Also, the Spleen meridian often needs a ceasing of the thought process, i.e. over thinking causes consumption of spleen energy and more congestion.

Foods that increase spleen energy are yellow zucchini, apricots, apricot jams, and other yellow foods.

For help in healing the Spleen Meridian, seek a professional Vibrational Reading from Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano, Hanna Kroeger Healer.

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