Gems of Wisdom Found Using the Four Agreements

As a Master Healer I have chosen the path to follow the Four Agreements myself for the last 6-7 years to end my own suffering.

Honor is exceptionally important to me.

I believe with Honor all good things can come to you, and allowing them to arrive is necessary too.

As a conscious practitioner of the Law of Attraction, I attract exceptionally intelligent clients, and exceptionally honorable people to my practice.

As a Master Healer, I attract clients who are going to manifest as Healers and therefore Heal their lives!

I believe to fully reap the benefits of following the Four Agreements you must have great honor in your life. And then you need to exceptionally honor the Four Agreements. It's a circular process building up your honor!

The Third Agreement is Don't Make Assumptions. Avoid Making Assumptions!

One of the reasons I require clients to follow the Four Agreements is to exit out of suffering and help build and provide a path to Healing with no bumps, no true difficulties.

The Four Agreements when followed sufficiently will clear a path to your Healing, and ensure you stay on that path!

The Four Agreements are still not yet easy to follow! Healing in North America was not easy as well but now it is easier!

Although the following statement may seem immensely funny, a few weeks ago, I realized I had made an assumption.

I would need to ask my potential clients, "If you follow the Four Agreements, will that be enough to ensure you stay on a path to Healing and complete the reading."

I am wise enough to know that people need wisdom to Heal their lives. The complete the reading part is the one I am currently concerned with.

I am also wise enough to know that if this Earth is to continue Healing then we need to continue to establish synergistic relationships with each other and with the Earth.

In my own personal life, I am also a student of Dr. Wayne Dyer's school of wisdom. I have been listening to Dr. Dyer discuss The Power of Intention recently and have begun integrating the 7 Faces of the Power of Intention into my own life, in my own Healing, and in my Healing practice with clients.

One of the faces of the Power of Intention is Kindness.

In fact what I recently learned is that there are people who can remain sick for the rest of their life, and probably attract serious illness because they do not understand an act of kindness, and therefore they do not allow that energy into their being.

In the Power of Intention PBS special (DVD still probably available) Dr. Dyer said that acts of kindness have been shown to increase serotonin, that wonderful hormone we have in our body which psychiatrists and medical doctors know is responsible for mood elevation.

If a person is chronically depressed, their serotonin levels in the brain may be too low. Probably every illness has an associated deficit of serotonin. And serotonin creation, activation, and use is probably much more complex in its involvement in staying healthy than we commonly know at this time.

What some people may not obviously know is that serotonin, or more precisely the abundance of it is responsible for increased energy as well.

Want to live a long life? Want more easily achievable energy, or want to Heal depression in yourself, or in someone else who is depressed?

Perform many acts of kindness! Receive acts of kindness. Ask other people to perform acts of kindness for you. Even very simple acts of kindness like giving someone a shopping cart for free without asking for the deposit back. The boost in serotonin, and your energy will be worth it!

Sometimes, you may think that your situation of Health, or your need to complain about something you do not like, or some other situation perceived as being negative do not seem like acts of kindness. But imagine if you were to Heal that "medically incurable" condition even if it took 2-3 years.

I want my clients to Heal. I attract clients to manifest as Healers and Heal their lives!

Imagine that a complaint taken seriously and acted upon may help someone reduce their workload allowing them to become better able to do their job, not to mention the thousands if perhaps not tens of thousands of people who may receive benefit from that one act of kindness! A shift in perception is all it takes!

Even saying, "Good Morning", or "Good Day" to a stranger are simple acts of kindness! Profound acts of kindness!

It is not always easy to be a Healer especially at the beginning, but after a while, you will have no true difficulties. You will enjoy your life more!

Maybe after a while all your daily interactions with people will be filled with acts of kindness!

The Third Agreement is Don't Make Assumptions. Avoid Making Assumptions!

We make assumptions on top of assumptions and when we make assumptions we dishonor our own integrity, our own energy system!

I'll give you an example I think is very important for people who work for others.

I've experienced relationships with people who in their jobs may have done dishonorable things, more so probably against themselves.

I asked myself this question recently, "Why is there so much dishonor in the world?"

One reason I came up with is that people make assumptions! It may even be the only reason.

I believe people assume that just because they work for someone else, some care home, some doctor, some corporation, some part of the government that they may be required to be dishonorable, to do dishonorable acts to continue to be employed, or to continue to receive their salary.

So, what do you do if you have made that assumption? You clear it!

I visualized in my past having worked for companies where I could have asked these questions to clear several assumptions.

"Would I have to be dishonorable in any way to keep my employment here?"

"Would I have to be dishonorable in any way as part of my work duties?"

Ask the question, and then do not make the assumption that you have asked enough questions!

Said another way, "Can I continue to be exceptionally honorable while I work here?"

In my past, I can remember I worked in at least one place that eventually probably showed dishonor to a person that worked there. They were mistreated and were let go.

I believe that assumptions were made, and because of those assumptions, dishonor resulted!

If someone were going to work for a new person, or renting space for a new business, etc, then I would say ask those questions.

Ask the question, "Is this an exceptionally honorable business?"

Ask to see if you will need to be dishonorable.

I think there is no one who is going to say YES.

If a current or possible future employer says YES, then do not make the assumption that you cannot persuade that person to see that honor is the only way to GREAT HEALTH.

Honor, honor, honor! Becoming exceptionally honorable is the way to keep your Health, Begin Your Healing, Put yourself on a Path to Healing, and Stay There!

With Love and Gratitude,

Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano

Hanna Kroeger Healer

Originally Published: August 25, 2008