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Are Your Adrenals Up to the Task of Life?

Many of us have a good amount of stress in our lives. And it is the resilience of your Adrenal Glands that dictate whether we continue to thrive or we succumb into fatigue, other illnesses, or just compromised health.

Adrenal burnout which can be called Adrenal insufficiency, or adrenal depletion, is not really a medically diagnosable disease.

Remember it is your doctor's job to diagnosis serious pathology -- some serious disease which means something has got to be seriously wrong.

You may think you are getting older, but it is in fact the Adrenals which need help, and herbal or energetic support. Our daily life dictates we support them periodically, especially if we are under a great deal of stress.

Woman Having Trouble Getting Out of Bed

Your Adrenal's Health will either help you sleep well, and recharge during the night, or if weakened and exhausted will put you on a path to ill health.

If you are not awakening with refreshing or restorative sleep, then it may be your Adrenals which are in need of support.

It is our Adrenals that rise up to the challenge and the stresses in our lives no matter how small. That is why they are called the flight or fight gland.

One of the prerequisites for having vibrant health is fully functioning adrenals.

Adrenals that do not perform at their best are like trying to start a car to drive, and trying to immediately accelerate up to 50MPH, only to find the car does not get any higher than 20MPH and chokes because the engine cannot run that fast.

Your Energy Production is stifled.

Your ability to think is not as sharp.

This applies to both men and women. Some people have memory issues, and do not know why. These are called cognitive impairments.

Because adrenal exhaustion, can occur slowly and insidiously it is better to find out that your adrenals are under functioning and tune them up before you get burned out.

It is better to find out before you may have some secondary issue such as leaky gut, or a candida infection set in.

Sometimes we end up whipping our adrenals up to the task in the morning with multiple cups of coffee. We become oblivious to the signals our body gives us. We don't know that there are alternatives that work, and quickly.

Some people with weakened adrenals also need to have coffee throughout the day to stimulate energy production, but especially in the morning to get going. Sooner or later the use of stimulants will cause a degradation in energy production. Your adrenals will be exhausted and in dire need of help!

Other Causes of Adrenal Exhaustion

There is also sometimes a Triggering Event, or a trauma in life which sends a person into a spiraling chaos of ill health with a myriad of symptoms. This situation of ill health is caused by the adrenals calling out for help.

We are all different humans beings and we perceive things differently. It is often times our perceptions of a stressful event that makes it stressful to our psyche.

So, for example being regularly stuck in traffic, and the way our mental thoughts perceive this stress, can have an equal effect on our excess adrenal hormone output.

It's not just the deadlines we have to meet too that can cause us to ramp up the internal stress.

Over-Training or Over Exercising a Sure Way to Get To Burnout

Exercising vigorously many times a week for weight-management or training can be a stressful physical disturbance to your own body that it must cope with.

This over-training can be a subtle, but a chronic stress to your body, hidden from your mind.

Even if we exercise every day to keep the "fat" away if you don't sleep properly and have under-functioning adrenals, the fat can keep getting put on.

Exercise should feel good afterwards, but when your adrenals are weak to begin with, any kind of extra physical stress can weaken them even more.

Unfortunately, we don't have a red light on the treadmill which starts blinking trying to tell you: “You are stressing your body out too much for your Adrenals to cope.”

Get Healthy Sleep To Heal the Adrenals

Are you the type who goes to bed late, at irregular times, and then tries to awaken early to be as productive as possible, workout and work as many hours as possible each and every day?

Are you a mother that is always on the run -- go, go, go tending to your children's extracurricular activities, holding down a job, being a full time wife, as well, and depriving yourself of sufficient rest and sleep?

Lack of sufficient sleep is also perceived as a stressor to the human body.

It also raises large barrier to healing the Adrenals if you don't have regular sufficient sleep and rest, not to mention creating a path to easy weight gain.

Download and Take The Adrenal Questionnaire!

Answer each of these 20 Adrenal Stress Related Questions and Score Yourself for Adrenal Health!


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Getting the Adrenals Healed and Up To Peak Performance

About 3 years ago, I suddenly found myself feeling not so right when I was working at my desk one morning.

The condition seemed to just happen over night!

I felt I was not at my best, easily remembering things, and struggling a little.

My nerves were off a bit, and I wanted to get my effortless memory recall back pronto.

I could not immediately pin point any precipitating exact amount of chronic un-relenting high stress which meant that my adrenals could need support. So I was not instantly sure about the cause.

I had taken the Ga - Adrenal Formula from Systemic Formulas several years before as part of a complete Vibrational Reading for myself.

It was quite a number of years, maybe 5 or 6 since then.

Ga-Adrenal Formula from Systemic Formulas

I decided to test myself to see if Ga was needed by my body. Sure enough Ga - Adrenal tested highly positive for me: highly resonant!

I was quite astonished. I could not believe how my Adrenal Fatigue had just snuck up on me like that!

However, after some more thinking, I was not surprised since we do need to take herbs to stay well, and working away I had somehow neglected my adrenals.

The Adrenals seem to wait a long-time until telling us we need to fix them!

And I definitely needed a tune-up!

I decided I wanted this fixed ASAP, even if I had to take 20 pills a day.

I was both excited and anxious to see this get fixed very, very quickly. That was my intention...

I did in fact test on about 20 capsules of Ga - Adrenal per day, in divided doses.

I remember in the first 3 days, I had almost gone through one whole bottle of 60 capsules of Ga.

I kept taking the Ga, and kept wondering how soon I was going to feel right again.

CALM formula

The Systemic Formulas are powerful, yet gentle acting formulas to bring organs and glands back into balance. The Ga - Adrenal formula is a tried, tested and proven herbal based formula that has been around some 30 years!

It is still years ahead of its time and so easy to use.

For the first few days of taking them they just do their subtle work, and it often seems like nothing is immediately happening.

However, towards the end of the total number of days of the particular formula dosage needed - sometimes in the last few days, you get the results, and then you discontinue the formula.

And that was what had happened to me. I was fine in about 1 week, and I was also very grateful I had enough Ga on hand to start right away and finish quickly.

In a modern day practice to also provide relief from the emotional/mental effects of stress on the brain and body, we use more modern formulas formulated to help like CALM!

Summing it up, if you don't feel fantastic, and rise and shine every morning, to a new glorious day, because you don't feel the Energy to run your life, then your Adrenals may be in need of assistance and rebuilding.

Don't wait to find out they are worse! Get them healthy again today.

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