Natural Healing with Food Combining

Daily Dietary Choices Can Impact Health

There are some daily simple things a person can do that are considered Natural Healing and which are really powerful over the long term possibly preventing and Healing many ailments.  Dietary choices are very important and on a long-term basis eating the right way will have a great impact on your health and can prevent disease.

What is a Dietary Methodology

Dietary methodologies are ways of eating where you make decisions like how many times a day you eat a meal, whether you snack, ways of combining foods in a meal, ways of picking foods or food groups, or avoidance of certain foods, or food families.  A Dietary methodology is not a diet whereby you restrict calories.

Most probably everyone is more conscious nowadays of having good quality protein at almost every meal, and of looking at the percentage or quantity of protein, carbohydrate, and fat at every meal as well. The types of fat you eat are also extremely important.

Basic Rules To Eating Well

There are some basic rules in eating well such as eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (mostly fish) several times a week, keep your protein intake up, keep your saturated fat intake low, and add a little bit of good fat such as E-V-O-O (Extra-Virgin-Olive-Oil) to every meal.  Omega-3 Fatty Acids reduce inflammation in the body and help your brain. Another basic rule is avoid white sugar and its many inconspicuous bad cousins: glucose, glucose-fructose, corn syrup, etc.  Another good rule is to avoid white flour products, white bread, pastries, etc.  These are very constipating.

Everyone is different and needs different ratios of carbohydrates to proteins at a meal.  However, everyone needs fats, and some people need a higher protein diet.

Stick With the Proper Diet Methodology

Whatever diet methodology you choose, its important to stick with it and ensure that it resonates with your lifestyle.  There are many eating methodologies, some which have received a lot of public attention and interest.

Examples of some well known Diet methodologies are the Zone Diet, the South Beach Diet, a Low Fat Diet, a Low Carbohydrate Diet, a Rotation Diet, the Vegan Diet, the Vegetarian Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Raw Food Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the 5 Element Chinese Diet, and Food Combining.

What This Article is About: The Benefits and Simple Rules of Food Combining

Some simple rules of Food Combining will be discussed here along with the great benefits of following this eating methodology on a long-term basis.

Natural Healing Requires Discipline

Practicing Food Combining is practicing Natural Healing.  Natural Healing requires discipline and focus on a long-term basis to get the results you want; just as for example any exercise program needs a long-term basis to truly reap the benefits.

There is no stress involved in following food combining! You can do it on your own time and take as long as you like to master even a few rules.

Food combining is about making simple decisions about what you put in your meals. With great excitement Food Combining and its profound benefits are examined in some detail in this newsletter.

How Do You Feel After a Meal?

What needs to be considered after eating any meal is do you feel good, full of energy, and can you sustain your thinking skills?  Or is your blood sugar yo-yoing, and you feel like you want to eat just 30 minutes after you finish your meal, feel weak, tired, lethargic, sleepy, or feel like you just cannot think straight?

If after a meal, you feel weak, have bloating, feel weak digestion (such as for example a heavy feeling of food in your stomach), feel light headed, pass considerable gas, have acid reflux (heartburn), are mentally foggy then you may considerably benefit from Food Combining.

Food Combining can also be used to help heal the liver, sleep better, loose a little weight, get better skin, heal viruses, manage yeast infections, manage chronic candidiasis and just about feel better in many cases and in many ways.

Food Combining Naturally Cleanses, Heals, and Unburdens Your Liver

When you heal and cleanse the liver ever so gradually by naturally following Food Combining your eyesight can also improve dramatically.  Your thoughts could be clearer and come to you more easily. Unburdening your liver is what Food Combining is fundamentally about! The benefits because of this fundamental fact can be extraordinary.  The get these benefits can take some time and patience though.

Some Simple Rules of Food Combining

Here are a few simple rules of food combining: The first one is

1. Do not mix a simple carbohydrate with a flesh protein.

For example, avoid combining any of these in a meal: fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes with chicken, beef, turkey, or fish.  Mix vegetables with flesh proteins instead.

2. Avoid mixing whole wheat bread, or other grains with these same flesh proteins.

As well avoid combining sugar or sweets with these flesh proteins.

Are you thinking yet, well almost everything you eat is going to be a food combining no-no?

Do you love your pasta with meatballs or pasta with chicken?  Enjoy them as usual, but try to make some of your meals address food combining rules 1/3 of the time. This will allow you to get enough benefit and experience to see what is really possible and how you feel if you eat more properly food-combined meals.

If possible it's much better to eat your potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes on their own with some EVOO. Eat your pasta with vegetables. Use egg noodles for the pasta.  One other thing is try not to drink so much during a meal. This is especially true for you guessed it: high-sugar containing pop.  Remember that things like ice-cream can contain lots of hidden sugar that you can probably only taste if the ice cream gets to room temperature!

What Happens When You Make Food Combining Errors

Lets examine what happens when you mix these kinds of no-no foods, like pasta and meat.

What really happens is your digestion is slowed, and in fact your body uses up more energy digesting these foods than necessary!  But most people may not feel the difference and therefore not be aware of slowed digestion until you have tried food combining a few times, and even for a few months.

Food Combine Only 1/3 of Your Meals For Starters

Even if you food combine only one third of your meals, soon enough you may want to food combine many more meals because eating becomes lighter and you can have more energy for a very little investment.  Practicing food combining can allow you to digest your meals faster, and reduce the wait for your digestion to finish.  If your digestion finishes faster, you could go off for some vigorous exercise or go to sleep a lot more quickly.  A little planning can reap a lot of time and avoid discomfort!

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets are Food Combining Diets

It's interesting to note that eating Vegetarian or Vegan are naturally Food Combining Diets.  Inherently following these vegetable and grain based diets with the possibility of some eggs may be the real reason there are so many benefits to being Vegan or Vegetarian.

Longevity and Food Combining

Several years ago, there was a TV news program that talked about how people who ate fewer calories live longer.  Eating fewer calories to liver longer is not advised.  But Food Combining is!

Food Combing takes the weight off your digestion, and goes with its natural flow. It's a natural anti-aging diet.

Mixing Fruits and Proteins During or After a Meal

Lets look more closely at this food combining no-no: mixing fruits with proteins and examine how you would typically feel after your first food combining meal.

You don't necessarily have to cook a meal combining a sweet fruit and protein, for it to be a no-no, since also eating some fruit (typically sweet fruits rather than acid fruits like citrus) right after a meal can bog your digestion down as well, and quite a bit.

In some cultures eating a fruit right after a meal is the norm.  It's like the North American custom of eating a nice desert after your meal! The effect can be the same: greatly slowing down your digestion!

Can you recall eating some nice juicy piece of fruit or desert after a satisfying meal, and feeling like you just asked your digestion to run a marathon?  It's TRUE! You just really slowed down your digestion and demanded more energy from your body! This mistake could even greatly disturb your sleep.

Most people's digestion begins sputtering after they reach their 30s and especially 40s. If they have been making so many food combing errors and mixing too many different kinds of foods, daily Food Combining becomes a necessity.

The "Leaning-Over-Syndrome" can indicate Poor Digestion

Professional cooks often have weaker organs after decades of cooking because of combining so many different foods in meals, and this is readily seen when they have what Hanna Kroeger Healer calls "leaning-over syndrome".  They have to lean over the counter and support themselves all the time with their palms on the counter.  They are too weak to stand upright by themselves.

You can also see some people with the "leaning-over syndrome" when they are in supermarkets shopping. They are the people who have to lean over their shopping cart all the time.  This is again "leaning-over syndrome", and is probably most common in the elderly who love to cook and bake.  They have probably combined sweets with proteins for so many years that their digestion is very, very weak.

Weak Digestion Means Weak Muscle Tone and Poor Strength

Believe it or not strong digestion is actually connected to the strength and tone of your muscles and to the ability to use your brain effectively.  So having strong digestion can increase the tone of your muscles! And conversely weak muscle tone and poor strength can indicate poor digestion!  These are common problems in the elderly when poor digestion is probably the norm.

How Can You Feel After Your First Food Combining?

When you practice food combining the first few times you can expect to feel a little odd because your meals digests so fast! You can feel as if you actually did not eat anything!

Ask anyone who can remember what it felt like when they switched to a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, and they will tell you about that empty feeling. It can take some getting used to fast digestion. The reason for this "empty digestion" feeling is that you have the expectation that slowed digestion is tied to feeling full and getting excellent nutrients. But actually the opposite is true! The faster you digest, the more nutrients you get, and the less toxins are created!

Slowed Digestion Means More Toxins

Unfortunately slowed digestion means more toxins, and a reduction and lack of digestive energy. You may have the inclination to stop that quick digestion by grasping for desert, fruit, or bread once you may start food combining a few meals.  But this will slow down your digestion and give you that full feeling again which is not what you want.  If you have that inclination to slow your digestion you are really having cravings. The toxins of your normal slowed digestion are partly responsible for those cravings.

Food Combining Gives Energy Back To Your Body

Food combing gives energy back to your body, which it can use to Heal. 

Food combining is like putting away some money in your bank account every month for many years.

That process requires discipline, some planning and focus. After several years you start seeing the growth in wealth because of the interest and discipline of putting that money away consistently.
Practicing Food Combining is one of the free natural ways to live better and longer, and practicing just a few of the rules is so simple!

Some More Benefits of Practicing Food Combining Long-Term

When you practice food combing for several months don't be surprised if your thyroid and adrenals start working better, you are naturally more regular, loose a few pant sizes, have better eyesight, and can think better as well.  Also don't be surprised if after following food combining your bad hair days are reduced, and your nails become smoother too.  To really improve and possibly eliminate bad hair days eat more good quality yogurt.

How Long Until I Feel Some Benefits?

Depending on how weak your digestion is or the amount of demand on your digestion and toxicity created with the current way you eat, noticeable benefits can arrive in as little as 3-6 months.  For most people in their 40s this time-line is probably true.

But for some, achieving the necessary benefits can take much more time.  This is because going through several cycles of the same season while practicing food combing may be necessary to heal a weak organ.  It is not unlikely that great benefits for some will only arrive after 2-3 years. These are people who have very weak digestion and lots of ailments.  However, herbal support to heal the organs is warranted in many cases for those with weak digestion combining Healing synergistically with the Seasons.

Following Food Combining Strictly

How quickly the benefits of Food Combining arrive also depends on how strictly and consistently you follow even a few simple rules of food combining. The time-line to benefits also depends on any disease you may have and on how long it takes to improve your liver's integrity.  Your body is going to use the energy you've freed up for what its own priorities.  Food combining is a naturally detoxifying diet that you can and should practice everyday.

The Most Exciting Benefits of Food Combining

One of the most exciting benefits of food combining is it gives you a direct opportunity to be more in touch with your digestion.  This is especially valuable when you eat the wrong foods and your digestion begins to speaks up loudly.  Food combining can literally save your life by putting you in touch with your body!

It's my hope that if you practice food combining even some of the time that you would stop any unknown and hidden Heart Disease.  Being in touch with any signs or symptoms of any Heart Disease and the inflammatory process that can cause Heart Attacks in your body hopefully will be a result of following food combining and achieving stronger digestion.  This need is especially true for women because according to common medical thinking the signs and symptoms of Heart Disease in women are probably still too subtle and unknown to be noticeable in the early stages of Heart Disease.  It would not be surprising if practicing Food Combining for a good length of time would arrest and even possibly reverse any dormant Heart Disease.

So When Do I Eat Fruit And Sweets?

The aspect of eating fruit deserves some more attention.  Instead of eating fruit during or after a meal, it's better to eat it before the meal.  That means about 45 minutes before a meal.  Sweets and desserts can follow the same rule.  Of course this is relative.  Most people normally wait some time after a meal to eat a dessert.  When following Food Combining for some time you will realize when your digestion is faster, and you can eat the fruit or dessert several hours after a meal without slowing your digestion down.  But keep in mind that eating a fruit, sweet or dessert even one or two hours after a meal may not give you the benefit of food combining until your digestion is fast enough.

The Exceptions To Food Combining

There can always be exceptions to following food combining or any diet methodology.  Some people will not do well on a food combining diet, and must mix carbs with protein to slow digestion down.

Also some kinds of apples can also be eaten after a protein meal.  These apples are usually the tart ones.  The general rule is: If it increases stomach secretions then it's good for you, but timing is very important. Listen to your digestion and experiment a little bit with how you feel with food combining.

A Bit of My Own Experience with Diet Methodology

Recently I noticed that when I ate a meal containing red meat if I also also ate one or two royal gala apples 30 minutes after I finished the meal I achieved a rather large and unexpected increase in energy!  This was because of the increased vitamin B-12 absorption due to these tasty apples making my stomach produce more acid and aid digestion.    Eating apples after a meal to aid digestion is where the old saying, "An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" comes from. However, this improvement in absorption works for me because I am Blood Type A. Eating red meat is not natural to me and I normally do it only about once a week.  By the way, if "An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away" is true, then perhaps "Following Food Combining may just keep The Doctor, Far Far Away".

I also eat several kinds of different jams on a weekly basis, because the color and tartness of the jams feeds different organs energetically. I often eat them by themselves, or on whole wheat bred, but not on rye crisps. Eating colorful jams is part of a Chinese 5 Element Diet.  I notice a couple of times a week that I benefit  from eating a sweet several hours after a meal.  This is especially true after a high-protein meal.

There is good reason for eating some desserts like pies but they are better off eaten alone before a meal. If pies are made from scratch and naturally sweetened they are highly recommended.  And I've had some very nutritious  blueberry pies!

Remember to always enjoy your meals!